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List of unnamed tracks (KHVC)

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The following is a list of music tracks introduced in Kingdom Hearts V CAST. The game's soundtrack was composed by Ian Livingstone. As the soundtrack has never been released in an official album, the names used here to distinguish them are taken from the internal file names and the titles used by Livingstone.

Training Level Obstacle Course[edit]

Training Level Obstacle Course

This is the field theme of the Obstacle Course, the game's tutorial. It is a calm and cheerful composition. The piece is led by piano, with synth pad, harp, and glockenspiel providing accompaniment.

Swashbuckler's Island[edit]

Swashbuckler's Island v02
Swashbuckler's Island v03

This is the field theme of Swashbuckler's Island. Livingstone composed two different versions, although "v03" was ultimately unused in the final game. The first version has a strong and forceful tone. The main horn melody is supported by orchestra hits from brass, tambourine, timpani, and strings, while the second section briefly switches to a string melody before looping.

In contrast, the unused version is upbeat, although it maintains the adventurous feel of the original. The melody it taken by a penny whistle, with accompaniment by accordion, bass, acoustic guitar, and muted cymbals. Fiddle and tango accordion join in the second half of the piece, and the entire composition is played over the sound of seashore waves.



This is the field theme of Wonderland. It is a short composition, with each loop lasting about ten seconds. The whimsical flute melody is supported by piano, pizzicato strings, marimba, and harp.



This is the field theme of Agrabah. It uses exotic instrumentation, similar to "A Day in Agrabah". The melody is played on shakuhachi, with instrumentation also including koto, bass, strings, and congas, as well as tambourine in the second half of the piece.

Sleeping Beauty[edit]

Sleeping Beauty v02
Sleeping Beauty v03

This is the field theme of Maleficent's Castle. Livingstone composed two different versions, although "v03" was ultimately unused in the final game. The first version is quick, yet foreboding. The composition centers around quick harp arpeggios and a simple recorder melody. Other instrumentation includes strings, piano, celesta, and sparse drum kit.

The tempo is notably slower in the unused version, giving it a more mysterious atmosphere. Here, the arpeggios are given more focus and are played on celesta, with violins and violas taking up a new melody. Accompaniment is provided by pizzicato strings, harp, cellos, choir, flute, and cymbals.

Death Music[edit]

Death Music

This short piece plays upon Sora's defeat. It incorporates elements of "Training Level Obstacle Course" with a darker tone, conveying an empty or lonely atmosphere. The melody is played on piano, while strings play the harmony. Instrumentation is rounded out by tubular bells, synth pad, and bass drum.


The Keyblade
Happy Music
Bad Music
Magic Alert

There are four short jingles, each under five seconds in length. The jingle referred to as "The Keyblade" is mysterious in tone; "Happy Music" is cheerful, "Bad Music" is menacing, and "Magic Alert" is curious.