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Mission Complete!

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Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross]
Mission Complete!
Theme Notes.png
Arranger Tsuyoshi Sekito
Composer Tsuyoshi Sekito
Length 0:49

"Mission Complete!" is a musical composition by Tsuyoshi Sekito that appears in Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] and Kingdom Hearts Dark Road.


"Mission Complete" is the victory theme for battles in Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] and Kingdom Hearts Dark Road.


"Mission Complete!" is forty-nine seconds long. After a brief introduction lasting about two seconds, the piece begins an eight measure pattern that smoothly loops for the remainder of the piece.

The introduction of the piece uses the primary "Dearly Beloved" motif, while the remainder of the track is an original composition. The eight measure pattern is split up into two smaller lines, with the second half echoing the melody of the first in a call-and-response manner. The melody is played by flute and bells. A steady snare drum line and syncopated orchestra hits drive the piece forward, with tambourine and synthesized vocals providing additional backing. Overall, this composition is upbeat and triumphant.


Mission Defeat

While not a direct variation of "Mission Complete!", the unnamed mission defeat theme in Kingdom Hearts Union χ parallels the victory jingle. Like "Mission Complete!", it quotes the main melody of "Dearly Beloved". However, this motif is placed at the conclusion of the track rather than the introduction. In addition, the order of the lower notes has been reversed, creating an unsettling tone that contrasts the familiar fanfare of "Mission Complete!".


Echoes of Mana victory fanfare
  • The main looping melody of "Mission Complete!" appears in the victory fanfare of Echoes of Mana, another mobile game developed by Square Enix.