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Complete Compilement

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"Running executable!"
—Tron, when using Setup

Complete Compilement (フルコンパイル Furu Conpairu?, lit. "Full Compile") is a limit that appears in Kingdom Hearts II. Together, Sora and Tron can use the joint attack, Setup.


In Kingdom Hearts II, Complete Compilement is an action ability exclusive to Tron. It costs 3 AP to equip and all of Sora's MP to use. The Limit begins with Setup (セットアップ Setto'appu?) in which Tron calls forth streams of data code, after which Sora flings the Keyblade in the air, damaging enemies. Afterwards, two attacks can be used. From the Attack slot, Cluster Code (クラスタコード Kurasuta Kōdo?) causes the duo to send out a wave of data at short range. while the Reaction Command, Burst Pulse (バーストパルス Bāsuto Parusu?), causes the duo to open a computer grid and create digital cubes that attack opponents far away. The finishing move is Reprogram (リプログラム Ripuroguramu?), where Tron uses Sora's hand to send out a mass of digital cubes that rapidly fly around the air, causing heavy damage to enemies that touch them. They continue to seek out and attack enemies for a while after the limit ends. During the limit, Sora and Tron are attached to a disk that can be moved around slowly although it is unable to jump. The limit can be ended prematurely through the Stop (やめる Yameru?) command in the Limit slot.

Learning Complete Compilement[edit]

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

  • Tron learns Complete Compilement after accessing the DTD.