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FPS Mode

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FPS Mode
(FPS FPS?, lit. "FPS")
FPS Mode in Kingdom Hearts II
Attack Element Power Drive Value Deflect Finishing
Balls Attack icon Physical x0.01[KH II]
x0.25[KH II FM]
Firecracker Physical x0 X
Summon Gauge Cost 2[KH II]
Limit Gauge 10s[KH II]
5s[KH II FM]

FPS Mode, short for "First Person Shooting", is a limit that appears in Kingdom Hearts II. Together, Sora and Chicken Little can shoot projectiles at enemies.


In Kingdom Hearts II, FPS Mode is a limit exclusive to Chicken Little. The limit changes the camera to a first-person shooter perspective and reconfigures the Command Menu:

  • X (Circle in Japanese releases) - Balls (ピッチング Pitchingu?, lit. "Pitching") are shot at the targeted enemy at high speed, dealing minimal damage and causing them to be briefly stunned. They can also knock targets into the air if the target is susceptible.
  • Square (Triangle in Japanese releases) - End (やめる Yameru?) causes the limit to be cancelled prematurely, switching control back to Sora instantly.
  • Triangle (Square in Japanese releases) - Firecracker (クラッカ Kurakka?, lit. "Cracker") are fired in front of Sora, stopping enemy movement by rapidly stunning them.

During the limit, Sora can move around freely, albeit at a slower pace, and he is not able to be harmed. The targeting reticule can be aimed using Right Stick, and lock-on can be used to keep the reticule centered on a target.

While seemingly very weak by itself due to having only two attacks which both deal miniscule damage, FPS Mode's true strength lies in Sora's ability to follow-up on the limit's attacks. FPS Mode's invulnerability can be used to great advantage when coupled with its duration and free movement. End can then be used to instantly cancel the limit at any point, which includes while Balls or Firecracker are in use. As a result, the generous stagger inflicted unto enemies by the two commands allow a seamless transition into Sora's own attacks. When wielded in this manner, this makes FPS Mode's functionality in-line with Chicken Little's purpose as a Summon used to create openings.

Learning FPS Mode[edit]

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

  • Chicken Little has FPS Mode as his limit.