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(オハナ!! Ohana!!?, lit. "Ohana!!")
Attack Element Power Drive Value Deflect Finishing
Shoot Attack icon Physical x0.01[KH II]
x0.2[KH II FM]
Ukulele None x0 X
Blast Attack icon Physical x0.01[KH II]
x0.2[KH II FM]
Summon Gauge Cost 2[KH II]
Limit Gauge 10s[KH II]
5s[KH II FM]

Ohana! is a limit that appears in Kingdom Hearts II. Together, Sora and Stitch can play instruments to draw prizes from enemies or shoot at them.


In Kingdom Hearts II, Ohana! is a limit exclusive to Stitch. The limit brings Sora and Stitch to the on-screen HUD and reconfigures the Command Menu. Pressing X activates Ukulele (ウクレレ Ukurere?), in which Sora uses his Keyblade as a guitar and Stitch plays his ukulele, causing all on-screen enemies to spasm and drop multitudes of orbs. Pressing Circle activates Shoot (ショット Shotto?, lit. "Shot"), where the duo blasts rays at a single enemy. These two attacks can be used repeatedly until the Limit gauge runs out. However, pressing Triangle activates a third attack, Blast (フィニッシュ Finisshu?, lit. "Finish"), which causes Stitch to blast enemies while Sora plays his Keyblade to draw prizes from enemies. Once the attack is used, the limit ends. During the limit, Sora cannot move around freely, and he is not able to be harmed.

Learning Ohana![edit]

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

  • Stitch has Ohana! as his limit.