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Eternal Session

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The initial attacks of the Limit, Last Saber and Dark Cannon.
"You're gonna lose it all!"
—Riku, when using All's End

Eternal Session (エターナルセッション Etānaru Sesshon?) is a limit that appears in Kingdom Hearts II. Together, Sora and Riku can use the joint attack, Session.


In Kingdom Hearts II, Eternal Session is an action ability exclusive to Riku. It costs 3 AP to equip and all of Sora's MP to use. The limit begins with Session (セッション Sesshon?), in which Sora and Riku perform a rapid flurry of attacks. Then, Last Saber (ラストセイバー Rasuto Seibā?) becomes available in the Attack slot, in which Sora and Riku rapidly stab an enemy with their Keyblades, and Dark Cannon (ダークカノン Dāku Kanon?) can be used as a Reaction Command, allowing the duo to fire a barrage of dark orbs at enemies. Afterwards, Sora and Riku turn their backs toward each other, and the next phase of the Limit begins. Overriding the Attack command, XIII Blades (XIIIソード XIII Sōdo?, lit. "XIII Swords") has the duo summoning thirteen swords to perform a spinning slash attack. Replacing the Reaction Command, Master Hearts (マスターハーツ Masutā Hātsu?) involves Sora and Riku coating their Keyblades in an aura and slashing opponents together. In the final phase, All's End (オールオーバー Ōru Ōbā?, lit. "All Over"), can be used, in which Sora and Riku's Keyblades float side-by-side in energy orbs that reel in enemies before exploding. During the limit, Sora can move around freely. The limit can be cancelled early through the Stop (やめる Yameru?) command in the Limit slot.

Learning Eternal Session[edit]

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

  • Riku has Eternal Session as a default ability.

Other appearances[edit]

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance[edit]

During the game's opening FMV, Sora and Riku are seen using the Master Hearts portion of Eternal Session against Xemnas.