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Applause, Applause

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"Prepare to scream!"
—Jack, when using Dance Call

Applause, Applause (アプローズプリーズ Apurōzu Purīzu?, lit. "Applause, Please") is a limit that appears in Kingdom Hearts II. It allows Sora and Jack Skellington to perform the limit, Dance Call.


In Kingdom Hearts II, Applause, Applause is an action ability exclusive to Jack Skellington. It is a Limit Command that costs 3 AP to equip and all MP to execute. The limit begins with Dance Call (ダンスタイム Dansu Taimu?, lit. "Dance Time"), in which Jack and Sora spin together as one unit, similar to a top, dealing damage to enemies they touch. Afterwards, they alternate between two attacks that are available through either the Attack or Reaction Command slot. Downbeat (ダウンビート Daunbīto?), sends Jack to shoot ghosts at the top of the spinning formation while Sora fires bats from the bottom. The ghosts and bats deal area of effect damage. In the second attack, Synchronization (アップリズム Appu Rizumu?, lit. "Up Rhythm"), Sora and Jack switch positions and projectiles. After five alternations, the finishing move, Finale (フィナーレ Fināre?), becomes available; powerful ghosts and bats surround the duo, as Jack sends Sora flying into the air, releasing sparklers when he lands. While the Limit is active, the duo can move around freely. The limit can be cancelled early through the Stop (やめる Yameru?) command in the Limit slot.

Learning Applause, Applause[edit]

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

  • Jack Skellington has Applause, Applause as a default ability.