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This article is about the recurring ability.
You may be looking for the Dream Eater attack.

(ファイアボール Faiabōru?)
Gif of Fireball
Attack Element Power No. of Uses
Fireball Magic Command Fire 1.0 80 times
(ファイアボール Faiabōru?)
Fireball KHUX.gif
Attributes Target Gauge Cost Damage
Magic Upright All 2 SN++: x12.44 - 18.68
SN++: Deals 4 hits. 1 turn: M-Medal STR +4500, SP ATK B +200%. Gauge +5. Damage+: Higher HP.

Fireball is a technique that appears in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded and Kingdom Hearts Union χ. It allows the user to launch several fireballs at enemies.


In Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, Fireball is an Overlay command in the 3D Shooting segments. It can be acquired by picking up a red power-up and lasts for 80 uses. The firing rate of the fireballs can be increased by holding X.

In Kingdom Hearts Union χ, Fireball is a special attack that targets all enemies. It costs 2 special attack gauges to perform. It fills 5 special attack gauges and inflicts more damage the higher the user's HP.

Special attack Rarity Base •• ••• •••• ••••• Hits
Fireball +6 7★ x12.44 - 18.68 4

Special attack Player Buff Target Debuff Duration
+6 +6
Fireball Magic-Medal strength +4500
Special Attack Bonus +200%
1 turn

Learning Fireball[edit]

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded[edit]

  • Data-Sora obtains Fireball by picking up a red diamond-shaped power-up during a 3D Shooting segment.

Kingdom Hearts Union χ[edit]