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KeybladeSpyMaster's Gadget Lab
Snowflakes-transparent-background-png.pngWelcome to my Gadget Lab (i.e. Sandbox)!snowflake_large_blue_crystal_T.png
Here is where I test things I plan to propose/add to the wiki's content. The Gadget Lab extends over several pages.
  • Gadget Lab - This page. It tests minor things that will be implemented to other pages.
  • Project Pages: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - Seven pages where I test entire pages of content. Usually, they are used to test bigger projects, such as changes to the Main Page or Traverse Town.
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Gadget Lab

Gadget Lab

Project Page 1 - Project Page 2 - Project Page 3 - Project Page 4 - Project Page 5 - Project Page 6 - Main Page - Project Page 8

Gadget Shelf


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List of tasks and projects I'm currently working on (Edit)
Frozen Pride KHIIFM.png Task List Kingdom Key D Keychain KHII.png Operation: Keychain 0.2

Kingdom Hearts Music Selection

The list of tracks from the Kingdom Hearts Music Selection (Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Collector's Edition. 1 Disc.


01. Dearly Beloved 02. Destiny Islands 03. Traverse Town 04. To Our Surprise 05. Go for It! 06. Deep Jungle 07. Winnie the Pooh 08. A Day in Agrabah 09. Monstrous Monstro 10. Under the Sea 11. This is Halloween 12. Pirate's Gigue 13. Hollow Bastion 14. Fragments of Sorrow 15. Guardando nel buio


16. Lazy Afternoons 17. Working Together 18. Scherzo Di Notte 19. Waltz of the Damned 20. Fields of Honor 21. The Underworld 22. Monochrome Dreams 23. Bounce-O-Rama 24. He's a Pirate 25. Arabian Dream 26. Spooks of Halloween Town 27. What A Surprise?! 28. Adventures in the Savannah 29. Byte Bashing 30. Deep Anxiety 31. Sacred Moon 32. The Other Promise

Notes 13: Kingdom Hearts Concert and Orchestra

First Breath

Exclusive Back Story Dialogue (Official translation from the album, posted originally on KH13)

Naminé: Don't worry. You might forget about me . . . but with our promise I can come back. Yes. One day the light--it will be ours, and it will bring us together. And then--I'll be in your heart.

Sora: Right. Forgotten--but not lost.

Lingering Will: Aqua . . . . Ven . . . . A Keyblade? Who are you? I know you. We've met before, way back when. No, that wasn't you. You're not the one I chose. Where is he? Xe . . .ha . . .nort . . . . Is that you? Xeha . . . nort . . . . Xehanort!

Lingering Will: That's it. your Power That's what I felt within you. The power that connects to Aqua. And to Ven's heart.

Terra: Where am I . . . ?

Naminé: In your memories. Traces of you were lost, so I found you through memories belonging to those you've met in the past.

Terra: Who are you?

Naminé: I'm Naminé. It's nice to meet you. I'm a witch who can control peoples' memories.

Terra: A witch?

Naminé: Right now you're bound to two memories. One belongs to you, the other belongs to an unspeakable darkness--

Terra: . . . Master Xehanort.

Naminé: Your heart will soon encounter a familiar light. You must make sure she isn't lost to the darkness. You must guide her.

Terra: Her? You mean Aqua? I'm not sure what I can do to help, not like this.

Naminé: You must fight, Terra, like the others. You mustn't let your heart melt into darkness; follow your true memories, and you'll reach the light. She's headed there, too--to the same place. You must believe in promise, just as she continues to believe in you.

Terra: Aqua. Ven. One day I'll--I've never forgotten our promise. Never. I will keep fighting.

Selection from the Kingdom Hearts Concert - First Breath - Album

  • Current listing from's coverage of the concert. I don't know the exact track listing...


  1. Destati
  2. Dearly Beloved
  3. Traverse Town
  4. Hand in Hand
  5. Journey of KINGDOM HEARTS
  6. Lazy Afternoons
  7. The Other Promise
  8. Another Side


  1. Gearing Up-Shipmeisters' Shanty-Blast Off!
  2. Destiny's Union
  3. The Unknown
  4. Musique pour la tristesse de Xion
  5. The Power of Darkness
  6. March Caprice for Piano & Orchestra

World Tour

Source: The GamersJoint. Please note that the text has been translated, but a complete transcript is not currently available.

Kairi: I didn't get to say hello, but did Master Yen Sid tell you? I'm training to become a Keyblade wielder. Before this, all I could do was wait for you to come home from your adventure But now I'm working hard so I can do my part to help

The wizard Merlin has magical powers that can affect time, so I don't have to worry about that here. Isn't that amazing?

Lea's training with me. He apologized to me over and over again. "It's alright," I'd say, but he'd keep on apologizing...

At first, I was a bit scared, but as we trained together, we started talking to each other. I found out Lea also has a best friend he wants to save. I felt like he's not a person that I can bring myself to hate...

I catch him staring at me sometimes. When I ask why, he says he's not sure, but that there's something he needs to remember.

Your journey is all about helping people- those you haven't crossed paths with yet, and those you already have. They all need your help.

I know it won't be easy, but I hope you'll always be Sora, happy and cheerful. Because your smile will save lots of hearts.

Xion: On the day you first called my name, it made me feel like I had a heart. If I hadn't met the two of you, I wonder how my "everyday" would've been.

Day by day, repeating the days which were the same as every other, Even so, The red, setting sun, The taste of ice cream, Those days when nothing happened were the most precious to me.

All of it is my treasure.

Thank you for calling out my name. Thank you for inviting me to the clock tower. Thank you for picking up shells for me. Thank you for coming to bring me back Thank you for letting me be your friend. I wish...those same old days could have continued on longer...

We wanted to go to the sea...

Selection from the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra - World Tour - Album

Concert Program

  • HIKARI - Kingdom Orchestra Instrumental Version-
  • Dearly Beloved -KINGDOM HEARTS II Ver.-
  • Destati
  • Organization XIII
  • Twinkle Twinkle Holidays
  • Treasured Memories
  • The World of KINGDOM HEARTS
  • Fate of the Unknown
  • Threats of the Land: KINGDOM HEARTS Battle Medley
  • Heroes and Heroines: Characters' Medley
  • Lazy Afternoons~At Dusk, I Will Think of You...
  • Vector to the Heavens
  • Wave of Darkness
  • Daybreak Town: The Heart of χ
  • The Other Promise
  • Let Darkness Assemble: Final Boss Battle Medley
  • Passion -KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version-
  • Fantasia alla Marcia for piano, chorus, and orchestra

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This page details the history of the Kingdom Hearts Wiki.[1]


The KHWiki logo

The Kingdom Hearts Wiki was founded on April 1st, 2006 by Riku5464 as part of the Wikia community. Although he was not active for too long, his beginning edits and ideas laid the framework for the newborn database. There weren't many editors or articles in the beginning months of the Wiki's existence, but eventually a group of users from the Final Fantasy Wiki hopped over and began actively editing the site. The website started off very slowly with only a small group of editors actively working on the site, establishing rules, writing articles, and doing all kinds of things. These editors worked hard and the site's popularity grew, increasing both the encyclopedia's content and userbase. These users started editing, each contributing to the Wikia in their own way. And so the Wiki grew, with each year bringing more users and information. The encyclopedia thrived. Like most wikis, it constantly faced issues and disagreements[2][3][4], but the encyclopedia continued to expand on all accounts.

The wiki grew uninhibited for many years, until Wikia began imposing features upon its communities. Although the community on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki repeatedly disabled these features, Wikia continued to implement changes that impacted the quality of the wiki's content. The greatest of these changes came in late 2010, when Wikia introduced a skin that shifted focus from information to advertisements[5]. This became the final straw, and led the wiki to seek private hosting.[6][7] This resulted in the beginning of The Split. On February 9th, 2011, the wiki moved to the site, sparking the creation of the Square Enix Independent Wiki Alliance.[8] Starting late 2011, discussions began to reorganize both the Kingdom Hearts Wiki and the now-rebranded Wikia site, The Keyhole. The Merge, as it was later referred to, began in early 2012.[9][10] In February 28, 2014, the wiki moved to site domain was changed to

Both The Split and The Merge tended to divide users on both sites, but eventually, a handful of fresh users began to populate both wikis. These users sought to revive the place and reunite the two communities. In 2014, the Wiki launched MegaProject: Arise[11][12], a project aimed at helping organize efforts to increase more users at both the Kingdom Hearts Wiki and The Keyhole. The implementation of MegaProject: Arise saw the launch of the Wiki's magazine, The Twilight Times; the Wiki's podcast, The Round Room Podcast; and the Wiki's Let's Play. The following year, Operation: Keychain was launched[13][14], an even more ambitious scheme that aimed at increasing unity between the Kingdom Hearts Wiki and The Keyhole and boost the internet's interest in the franchise in general. As a result, in early 2016, the Kingdom Hearts Wikiverse was created as a community of Kingdom Hearts-related websites.[15][16][17]

Since its creation, the Kingdom Hearts Wiki strives to be the most professional and comprehensive Kingdom Hearts resource in the world.


A timeline of events on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki[18]:


  • 1 April: The Kingdom Hearts Wiki is created.
  • 30 November: Scottch launches the Wiki's Community Portal as a place to organize the Wiki's expansion, which he takes lead in. The page is the fore-runner to Traverse Town, the Wiki's current Community Portal.



  • 12 January: The Wiki's Featured Articles project begins and Sora becomes our first Featured Article
  • 24 January: The Kingdom Hearts Wiki receives a spotlight on Wikia
  • 24 March: New Staff - XienZo becomes the Wiki's first Moderator.
  • 21 May: New Staff - BebopKate and XienZo become Administrators. Xienzo becomes the first Moderator to be promoted to Administrator
  • July 2008: The Wiki's Featured Media project begins, and File:Kingdom Key KH.png becomes the first Featured Media file.
  • 3 October: The Wiki's Featured Media project becomes open to voting by all editors of the Wiki. The first editor-voted Featured Media file is File:Star Seeker KHII.png


  • 9 February: The Wiki reaches 1,000 articles.
  • 25 March: New Staff - Troisnyxetienne, Guardian Soul, and Ultima The High Seraph become Moderators
  • 12 May: The Wiki receives its first affiliate,
  • 5 June: The 100,000 edit on the Wiki is made by Ultima the High Seraph on the Roxas page
  • 7 July: New Staff - Ultima the High Seraph and Guardian Soul become Administrators.
  • 10 July: The Wiki launches its Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Channel on #Wikia-kingdomhearts
  • 29 August: New Staff - KrytenKoro and Urutapu become Administrators.
  • 23 September: Several members release a tribute video to Wayne Alwine, voice actor for Mickey Mouse, who had passed away the September prior.
  • 28 October: After being used for over a year as a central wiki organizing page, the Wiki's Community Portal Traverse Town is remodeled into Districts and organized into the role it serves today as a directory to important pages on the Wiki.
  • 19 November: Naminé's Drawoff, the Wiki's first End-of-Year Event, is launched.



  • 9 February: The Kingdom Hearts Wiki moves to
  • 21 February: New Staff - As a result of the move, new staff were elected. Porplemontage, who helped move the site, became the site's developer, and Neumannz and KrytenKoro became the new Bureaucrats. NinjaSheik, DoorToNothing, ShardofTruth, Xion4ever, Maggosh, EternalNothingnessXIII, Urutapu, Ultima the High Seraph, and Troisnyxetiene became the first Administrators. Erry, LapisScarab, LevL, and SilverCrono became Moderators on the new, independent Wiki. BebopKate was added as an Administrator several days later.
  • 5 September: New Staff - To help with the continuing migration onto the new site, Erry, The Inexistent, and Sepharus become Artists.


  • 14 January: New Staff - Soxra becomes an Administrator
  • 29 January: New Staff - Chitalian8, LegendAqua, and UnknownChaser become Moderators. Maggosh becomes a Bureaucrat.
  • 5 February: The Wiki's first bot account, KHWikiBot, is created.
  • 12 February: New Staff - FinalRest becomes a Moderator.
  • 1 April: The Wiki's April Fool's Joke, Kingdom Hats and the Horseless Headless Horsemann, is published.
  • 9 August: KrytenKoro attended the Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance launch event in New York on behalf of the Wiki.


  • 1 April: The Wiki organizes and launches MegaProject: Arise
  • 1 July: As part of MegaProject: Arise, the Kingdom Hearts Wiki and The Keyhole publish the first issue of the Wiki's new magazine, The Twilight Times, and the new podcast, The Round Room Podcast.
  • 4 July: The Wiki's Twitter account is revived, which would lead to the launch or re-organization of the Wiki's social media accounts.
  • 5 July: The Wiki's Main Page is revamped to its current appearance, and introduces the use of Game Portals.
  • 8 November: New Staff - KeybladeSpyMaster becomes an Administrator
  • 16 December: The Wiki publishes its first Let's Play episode, with help from GrandMasterArcturus


  • 2 January: The Wiki launches Operation: Keychain in co-operation with The Keyhole.
  • 1 April: The Wiki publishes its annual April Fool's Joke, Kingdom Hearts -3D HD ReMIX-. Additionally, a prank issue of the Wiki's Magazine was published before the actual issue went live the following day.
  • 26 August: New Staff - Chitalian8 becomes a Moderator.


  • 19 February: New Staff - TheSilentHero becomes an Administrator. Chainoffire and TheFifteenthMember become Moderators.
  • 1 April: The Kingdom Hearts Wiki turns ten years old.
  • 12 April: The Kingdom Hearts Wikiverse is formed by the Kingdom Hearts Wiki, The Keyhole, and Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ Wiki, with proposals to the Kingdom Hearts Fanon Wiki and Kingdom Hearts Answers Wiki made.


  • 9 October: The wiki's End of Year event begins with the first ever Union Cup Tournament. A Trivia Quiz is posted in November in connection with the event.
  • 19 December: The wiki's Discord server, an extension of its current social media outreach and forum and IRC coordination efforts is formed along with The Keyhole.


Help and Policy Navbox

Navigation for the Help pages and Policies for new users.


KHUX Timeline

Based on information from Kristi from the Wiki's KHUX party.

Kingdom Hearts χ Timeline
Quest The icon for Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover KHCHI icon.png KHUCHI icon.png KHUCHI icon.png
The Master of Masters gives Ava a list of the five leaders of the Union Cross, with one name marked in red for the one that is to get the copy of the Book of Prophecies
Ava tells Ephemer about the Union Cross and the leaders, and he sets off to the sleeping world.
555 Gula hides in District 7 After fighting Ava, impersonating a different foreteller, the Player is invited to join the Dandelions and learns that Ephemer has joined. The Player refuses. Ava is then shown instructing the Dandelions not to participate in the Keyblade War and informing them that the day's training would be special because it would be in the Realm of Sleep
A few months later, the Player is found in the Badlands.* The Player visits the Castle of Dreams and Enchanted Dominion.*
??? There's a shadowy effect in the scenes before fighting Aced
Fight against Aced. Ira appears and stops the fight. Fight against Aced. Ira doesn't appear in KHUX to stop the fight.
Player faints from the fight and rests in his room, where Skuld and Chirithy appear and mention that Ava has gone missing. The Player awakens in his room and wonders if he saw a dream.
666-670 Strelitzia is introduced and is seen being given a book for the Union Cross. She seeks to help the Player join the Dandelions and is struck down mysteriously.
The Player awakens and meets with Gula in District 7. He explains the Lost Page to the Player while Ava speaks to Luxu. Luxu reveals to Ava the identity of the traitor, and they fight, causing the bell of the tower to ring and signifying the start of the Keyblade War.
The Player faces the Nightmare Chirithy again.
The Keyblade War
Ephemer and Skuld take the Player with them. The Player awakens in Enchanted Dominion.
BEGIN UNION CROSS; Skuld and Ephemer appear in the Keyblade Graveyard.
Quest 670 Chirithy, Ephemer, and Skuld discuss the Union Cross and the Player's dreams.

*There appears to be a contradiction where, after the cutscene where the Player chooses not to join the Dandelions, the game shows the end of the war, claiming it occurred a few months later. The game then goes back "a few days ago" and shows the fight with Aced from Kingdom Hearts χ. The scene then says "a few months later" again, with the war then starting, followed by another flashback to "a few days ago", showing the conversation between Luxu and Ava. Thus, there's a contradiction on whether the time between Luxu and Ava's conversation was a few days, or a few months, with the game claiming a few months from the conversation to the war, but only a few days from the war in reverse to the conversation.

Affiliate remake

The following is a list of affiliates, websites, organizations, and individuals who have graciously decided to link back to the Kingdom Hearts Wiki. These may be sites we work with to better coverage of the Kingdom Hearts series, sites that display other aspects of the fandom community, or simply other wikis we're proud to be partners with in the great wide Internet. We're always looking for more people to work with; if you or your site are interested, please leave a formal request on our Requests page!


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Wiki Alliance (NIWA)
Final Fantasy Wiki Kingdom Hearts Planet

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Project Flyer for Traverse Town

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Timeline of the Kingdom Hearts series

KHCHI icon.png The Master of Masters gives five of his six apprentices a copy of the Book of Prophecies and subsequently disappears. Luxu, the sixth apprentice, also disappears with a black box.
The remaining five apprentices begin to gather light upon learning of an impending darkness and a potential traitor among them.
Discord and chaos among the five apprentices and their unions leads to the Keyblade War, where all but few, known as Dandelions, are defeated.
Between Kingdom Hearts χ and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Xehanort, as a youth, is approached by Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, and receives the power to travel through time.
After fulfilling his purpose in the future, he subsequently returns to Destiny Islands. Although he's forgotten his role in the future, a desire to explore the outside world grows and he begins to seek a way to leave his world.
Xehanort and Eraqus train and become Keyblade Masters.
Master Xehanort becomes interested in the Keyblade War and the χ-blade.
In his search to summon Kingdom Hearts and the χ-blade, Xehanort chooses Ventus as his apprentice.
BBS icon.png Frustrated that his apprentice cannot fight with the darkness, Xehanort extracts the darkness from Ventus's heart and creates Vanitas.
Xehanort takes the comatose Ventus to Destiny Islands. Ventus's heart connects with that of the newborn Sora, who mends Ventus's heart, allowing him to live. Xehanort then takes him to Master Eraqus, while Xehanort continues to train Vanitas.
Aqua, Terra, and Ventus train under Master Eraqus. The former two take the Mark of Mastery Exam under the supervision of Eraqus and Xehanort. Aqua passes the exam, while Terra fails.
Vanitas confronts Ventus and warns him about Terra. After receiving counsel from Master Yen Sid, Eraqus sends Terra and Aqua to other worlds to protect the Princesses of Heart from the Unversed; Ventus leaves after Terra, and Aqua is tasked with bringing him home.
Xehanort meets Maleficent and tells her of the Princesses of Heart and Kingdom Hearts. Maleficent takes Aurora's heart and tricks Terra into thinking he did it.
In Radiant Garden, Aqua places a charm to protect Kairi, who inadvertently receives the power to wield the Keyblade when she touches Aqua's Keyblade.
After fighting against an Unversed together, Aqua confronts Terra about the rumors both she and Ventus had heard about his actions in other worlds. During the altercation, both Terra and Ventus leave, disappointed in Aqua apparently spying on Terra.
After fighting Braig, Terra is declared a Keyblade Master by Xehanort.
Terra chooses Riku to succeed him in wielding the Keyblade.
Ventus learns that Xehanort wants to use him to create the χ-blade, and Xehanort tells him that Eraqus knew the whole time.
Xehanort kills Eraqus after Terra fights Eraqus for trying to destroy Ventus. The Land of Departure is consumed by darkness.
Aqua, Terra, and Ventus confront Xehanort, Vanitas, and Braig at the Keyblade Graveyard, where Xehanort attempts to transfer his heart into Terra and Vanitas attempts to fuse with Ventus to form the χ-blade, thereby summoning Kingdom Hearts.
With the help of Mickey, Aqua defeats Vanitas, while Ventus defeats him from within his heart. Terra's Lingering Will defeats Terra's Xehanort-possessed body, which ends up in Radiant Garden. Ventus's broken heart reaches and rests within Sora's.
Aqua leaves Ventus in the Chamber of Waking and transforms the Land of Departure into Castle Oblivion.
Aqua confronts Xehanort, who continues to fight Terra's heart within. After attempting to free him, Aqua rescues Terra from the darkness, but is lost to that same realm herself.
Braig finds Terra-Xehanort in Radiant Garden, who has lost all his memory except for the name Xehanort, along with Aqua's Keyblade Armor.
Between Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts The icon for Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A Fragmentary Passage- Ansem the Wise and his six apprentices, including Xehanort, begin studies and tests on the Heart in an effort to understand the darkness and be able to protect against it. Soon thereafter, Ansem ends the experiments.
Xehanort and the other apprentices begin inhumane experiments on others, and Xehanort documents their findings under Ansem's name.
The six apprentices betray Ansem and banish him to the Realm of Darkness when Ansem learns about and attempts to halt the additional research.
Xehanort recovers his memory as Master Xehanort, and with the Keyblade, takes the hearts of his colleagues, turning them into Nobodies.
Ansem, Seeker of Darkness and Xemnas each attempt to create Kingdom Hearts in their own way. Xemnas and the Nobodies of the other apprentices form Organization XIII, while Ansem seeks the hearts of worlds and uses Maleficent to gather the seven Princesses of Light.

Aqua finds that several of the worlds she had visited have fallen to darkness.

KH1 icon.png Sora, Kairi and Riku build a raft and prepare to leave Destiny Islands to see what lies beyond.
Destiny Islands is attacked by the Heartless and is destroyed. Sora wakes up in Traverse Town alone.
Sora joins Donald Duck and Goofy, who are searching for King Mickey, who had recently disappeared.
Riku joins Maleficent, who tricks him into thinking Sora doesn't care for him and Kairi anymore.
Maleficent, Riku, and Captain Hook find a comatose Kairi, having lost her heart.
Riku takes the Keyblade from Sora when the party arrives in Hollow Bastion, revealing that he was the one chosen to wield the Keyblade all along. Donald and Goofy follow Riku in order to comply with King Mickey's letter.
Sora confronts Riku and reveals that his friends are his power, giving him the strength to retrieve the Keyblade from Riku.
A disembodied Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, appears to Riku and explains why he lost the Keyblade. He then enters Riku's heart and takes control of his body.
358 icon.png Roxas is created as a result of Sora's sacrifice for Kairi. Xemnas finds Roxas in Twilight Town.
REC icon.png Naminé is created as a result of Sora's sacrifice for Kairi. The Organization finds Naminé in Castle Oblivion.
Kairi's light brings Sora back to the real world.
King Mickey finds Aqua and explains the situation with the Heartless. Together, they find the Kingdom Key D.
Sora, Donald, and Goofy confront Ansem at the End of the World, where he opens the Door to Darkness. Ansem is defeated.
In order to allow Mickey, Riku, and Sora to close the Door to Darkness, Aqua attacks and is taken back into the Realm of Darkness by a Demon Tide.
Sora, Donald, and Goofy, along with Riku and King Mickey, seal the Door to Darkness. Destiny Islands is restored, and Sora leaves Kairi there to begin his search for Riku and King Mickey.
Xion is created and is introduced to Organization XIII.
Ansem the Wise escapes the Realm of Darkness and begins to go by DiZ
Sora, Donald, and Goofy find Castle Oblivion and meet some of the members of Organization XIII. Marluxia uses Naminé to manipulate Sora, attempting to use him to overthrow Xemnas and take control of the Organization.
Riku awakens in the basement of Castle Oblivion and, guided by Mickey's voice, begins to fight his way up to the main floor.
Axel is sent to purge traitors from the Organization at Castle Oblivion.
Sora defeats Marluxia and Larxene in order to rescue Naminé. Having lost his memories on the way up the floors of Castle Oblivion, Sora goes to sleep so that Naminé can restore them.
Riku defeats Lexaeus and Zexion as he attempts to the lingering darkness within his heart. He meets DiZ, and with King Mickey, sets out to help wake Sora up.
Naminé and DiZ move Sora to Twilight Town; Sora's recovery comes to a halt.
Riku confronts Xion and advises her to leave Organization XIII.
Xion leaves the Organization, having become frustrated with Riku's comments and her own memory relapses.
Roxas leaves the Organization.
Axel captures Xion after she attempts to join with Sora
Xion, reprogrammed by Xemnas, fights Roxas to absorb him and loses, resulting in her disappearance physically and from everybody's memory
Roxas attempts to free Kingdom Hearts to get Xion back; Riku defeats Roxas and takes him to Twilight Town so Sora's memories may finish being restored.
KH2 icon.png Roxas lives his final week in Twilight Town while Naminé finishes restoring Sora's memories within Roxas.
Roxas returns to Sora; Sora awakens in Twilight Town.
Master Yen Sid informs Sora, Donald, and Goofy about the status of the worlds and the existence of Organization XIII.
Maleficent returns to Hollow Bastion.
In an attempt to bring Roxas back, Axel kidnaps Kairi.
Mickey informs Sora, Donald, and Goofy that the Ansem they fought the year previous was actually an imposter, the Heartless of Xehanort. His Nobody, Xemnas, appears and is revealed to be the leader of Organization XIII.
Sora confronts both Maleficent and Xemnas in Hollow Bastion, leading to the Battle of the 1000 Heartless.
Mickey finds Ansem the Wise, disguised as DiZ, and they talk about Ansem's plan to encode Kingdom Hearts.
Sora reunites with both Kairi and Riku.
Ansem's attempts to encode Kingdom Hearts fail and the Kingdom Hearts Encoder is destroyed, restoring Riku's true appearance and exiling Ansem to the Realm of Darkness again.
Sora and Riku face and defeat Xemnas. They return to Destiny Islands.
KHC icon.png Mickey has Jiminy's first journal digitized to attempt to find the source of a mysterious message.
Mickey, Donald, and Goofy are mysteriously brought into the Journal
The Journal is taken by Maleficent; Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Data-Sora rescue the Journal and defeat Maleficent and Pete.
After the data is erased, Mickey returns to the Data-World to help Sora investigate a new world.
Mickey and Data-Sora journey through Castle Oblivion and find Naminé, who reveals that herself, Roxas, Xion, Terra, Aqua, and Ventus need Sora's help to return.
Mickey writes a letter to Sora, Kairi, and Riku.
Aqua meets Ansem the Wise in the Realm of Darkness
KH3D icon.png Sora and Riku begin the Mark of Mastery Exam.
Lea, Ienzo, Even, Aeleus, and Dilan awaken in Radiant Garden.
Sora and Riku each confront Ansem, Xemnas, and Young Xehanort throughout the Mark of Mastery Exam.
After Maleficent and Pete attempt to gain access to the Data-Worlds by attempting to kidnap Minnie, but are thwarted when Lea intervenes.
After sealing all seven keyholes, Sora finds himself in The World that Never Was, where Xigbar and Young Xehanort put him into a deep sleep, plunging Sora into darkness.
Riku arrives in the Castle That Never Was and attempts to rescue Sora with Mickey. Master Xehanort is revived and explains his plan to pit thirteen darknesses against seven lights. Xehanort attempts to make Sora one of the darknesses, but is foiled by Donald, Goofy, and Lea.
Riku rescues Sora from the darkness within his heart and awakens him. He retrieves the hidden data from the data form of Ansem the Wise.
Between Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance and Kingdom Hearts III

Kairi and Lea begin their training under Merlin.

Mickey and Riku set off to find Aqua

Sora, Donald, and Goofy set off for Olympus Coliseum


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