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Operation: Keychain is a joint operation by Chainoffire, Xion4ever, and KeybladeSpyMaster. It is a plan of work for the year 2015 to increase traffic and recognition to the Kingdom Hearts Wiki and The Keyhole. Operation: Keychain is open to expansion at any time.



  1. What worked from MegaProject: Arise? What got attention across the wiki?
    1. Home Project, which revamped the Main Page.
    2. Press Project, which launched the Magazine and Podcast
    3. Traverse Town Project, which revamped the community portal
    4. Let’s Play Project, which launched the wiki’s Let’s Play series
  2. Why did they work?
    1. They were largely aesthetics or other things not heavily-tied to game information. They were able to be completed whether we had the game or not. They were also all community-oriented
  3. What remained from MegaProject: Arise? Why didn’t it get finished?
    1. Previous projects, which weren’t finished due to a lack of users with consistent access to all the games or with time to play the few games they do have.
  4. What should we do to get projects that were left incomplete to be completed?
    1. With more users, we have a greater chance of having at least one user playing each game or having access to each game at any given time, which will increase our capabilities to fill out and complete these projects.


VERSION 2.0 (May 2015)

What worked from the original form of OPERATION: KEYCHAIN?

  1. Excited editors and users to action
  2. Listed all the things we wanted to accomplish

What didn't work

  1. Lack of direction
  2. Lack of immediate action. Maybe better job at actually acting on the items?


From the OPERATION: KEYCHAIN - VOLUME 2 - document.


"[The Kingdom Hearts Wiki] attempts to document all things related to Kingdom Hearts, from elements of storyline to gameplay... the community of the [Kingdom Hearts Wiki] has striven to be the most professional and comprehensive Kingdom Hearts resource in the world"

(from KHWiki:About on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki, retrieved 30 May 2017, bold added). 


"Regrettably, the Kingdom Hearts Wiki is not doing well in accomplishing its purpose. Traffic on site has slowed down considerably, and this is taking a toll in the wiki's ability to cover the content from the series, especially with the monumental and changing news from both Kingdom Hearts III and Kingdom Hearts χ. What the wiki needs now is more volunteer editors to add to the number of hands involved, allowing the content to be covered completely with less need for any one of us to be on site a lot of time. The community exists; they can be found on the forums and pages of sites like KHInsider, KH13, reddit, and IGN. We simply need to help our wiki turn the traffic this way, and the wiki’s purpose details well how to best do that. This intends to organize efforts to do just that

OPERATION: KEYCHAIN was organized at the end of 2014 to help organize the work of the wiki for the year 2015. OPERATION: KEYCHAIN - VOLUME 2 - is written to establish a vision for the Kingdom Hearts Wiki in order to help the wiki accomplish the elements listed in its purpose. Bringing the focus back to the wiki's purpose, Operation: Keychain – Volume 2 – (OKC0.2) is meant to direct our work as editors to fulfill our purpose." 


In order to accomplish our purpose, the wiki must focus all it's efforts to: 

  • Be recognized among others as a resource for information on the Kingdom Hearts series. 
  • Be professional 
  • Be comprehensive in its coverage of the Kingdom Hearts series. 

All of the wiki’s rules, projects, and goals should be able to come back to these ideas. Our main goals, as a wiki, should be based off of these. 


Our goals for the Kingdom Hearts Wiki should be agreed upon as a whole. The following is a proposal for goals for the immediate future: 

  • Increase traffic to the Kingdom Hearts Wiki 
  • Increase number of active users and staff 
  • Increase reputation of the Wiki as a reliable resource 
  • Increase efforts to organize and finish projects to "document all things related to Kingdom Hearts"  

The Wiki should discuss and decide upon goals as a whole, regardless of whether they are these goals or not. Because the wiki is community driven, all users who can and want to should be allowed to participate in voicing their opinions on the direction the wiki takes in all matters, provided they remain within the scope of the wiki’s purpose.  


Provided the wiki accepts the proposed goals above, the following lists how we intend to carry out those goals. Each has a listed objective that ties the plan back to the wiki’s goals. Each of these are short term, and action can be taken within a month of approval to implement these goals. Assignments should be made shortly after agreeing on the plans, to insure they are carried out.

Kingdom Hearts Wikiverse

  1. GOAL: Improve inter-website collaboration, trust, co-operation, and unity; increase inter-website traffic through site promotion 
  2. New website? 
  3. Members of the Wikiverse are more than just sister-sites with links to each other on some obscure page. The ideal is a constant promotion of KHWV as a whole and of each individual website. 
  4. Collaboration/projects? 
    1. More participants on the magazine 
    2. Guests on podcast

Content Improvement

  1. GOAL: Improve the content coverage of the Kingdom Hearts Wiki 
  2. Suspend and remove/take-down ALL wiki-organized projects (See Merlin's House in Traverse Town Portal). Discuss the progress of these projects, their priority, and the details of their needs. Determine whether to continue with the project, or to temporarily suspend it. Re-organize project pages with instructions and new project leaders and add a re-sign up for the page. 
    1. 24-Hour Wiki Blitz: For 24 hours, the wiki works on a specific project. This could be enhanced by promoting it on the wiki's social media accounts. 
  3. Video 
    1. Full game walkthroughs 
      1. Walkthrough space which allows for greater attraction/attention to the Walkthrough text 
      2. To differentiate from the Let's Play, these should be without commentary 
    2. Videos for individual battles, uploaded to YouTube Channel 
    3. Promotion through Social media 
    4. Live-streams? 
    5. Users to help us out with this 
      1. GrandMasterArcturus 
      2. Everglow??? 
      3. Cyberman65??? 
      4. Others?

Site Improvement

  1. GOAL: Improve the Kingdom Hearts Wiki as a website itself in order to appear more professional and complete 
  2. Policies 
    1. Gather and sort out all the policies into different pages, with a main hub under KHWiki:Policy 
    2. Update, revise, and/or clarify existing policy pages that are outdated. 
  3. Site Appearance
    1. Increase the sense of reliability and trust in the Kingdom Hearts Wiki by updating the site layout to a more professional and modern layout 
    2. Principles: A layout that is modern and professional in appearance while giving us the flexibility and feel of a wiki. The new layout should make it clear that anyone can edit the site, so editing functions should be clearly visible and easily usable (intuitive). It should make using the wiki as a resource for information comfortable. The new layout should make searching for and finding new content easy. Interacting with the community and joining the wiki, as well as help and policies, should be easy to find. Finally, it should replace the other themes as the default, but the others should remain as options onsite.



  1. GOAL: Increase opportunities for editors to interact with each other, and give a life to the wiki's community. Also provide opportunities to promote the wiki and its content 
  2. Magazine
    1. Advertise the magazine. Part of the purpose of the magazine was to see if we could get people to want to join the wikis to participate in the magazine 
  3. Podcast
    1. Professionalize the podcast 
    2. Advertise the podcast on all possible social media sites. Get more people excited for each episode. Get discussion on the episodes. 
  4. Forums 
    1. Increase/revive the use of the wiki's forums. 
  5. News 
    1. News extension to the Wiki. Perhaps through affiliation of an existing news site, or by expanding the Trinity Archives (the latter would be more daunting and difficult). The fact is that many people would rather know what's coming up over what is in released games. We ought to put emphasis in covering recent news, and use that coverage to advertise our coverage of game content/strategies 
    2. Coverage of Kingdom Hearts events. We need to figure out where users live relative to Kingdom Hearts events, and the capabilities of these and other users in attending these events. We should also encourage users to cover events for us.  
    3. Identify access to Kingdom Hearts events (Comic Cons, TGS, etc.) 


Networking: Social Media and Affiliates

  1. Affiliates 
    1. GOAL: Work with other sites and groups to promote the wiki. 
    2. 3 kinds of affiliates: 
      1. Wikiverse: Affiliates through the Kingdom Hearts Wikiverse 
      2. "Party" Affiliates: try and collaborate with sites for inter-website promotion, like the Kingdom Hearts Wikiverse. Includes YouTube (I.e. promote YouTube playlists/walkthroughs on Facebook/Twitter). 
      3. Regular/Standard affiliates: Regular linking on the Affiliates page. 
    3. Go through current list of Affiliates and try to determine who still wants to affiliate with us and who doesn’t 
    4. Add more affiliates, especially those that can collaborate with us or help us accomplish our purpose 
      1. Websites 
        1. KH13 
          1. Have them become our official news site? Perhaps a merge is in order? 
        2. Kingdom Hearts Insider 
        3. Destiny Islands 
          1. If we wanted and were able to, we could take some sort of hold/involvement in this news site, which has slowed down in activity over the last year, at least in comparison to its coverage of Kingdom Hearts news up to the release of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX. We could make it essentially our own by contributing articles and advertising them 
        4. KH-Vids 
        5. SQEX.INFO 
          1. Seeing as this girl is a translator (we need more of those) and is able to attend many of the events, I think we should look into this one. It appears the site may have been hacked. In any case, it is now a pornographic site, and no longer updates or posts Kingdom Hearts or other Square Enix news. 
        6. Final Fantasy Wiki 
          1. Repair relationship with Final Fantasy Wiki 
        7. KHWorld Forums (Spanish) 
          1. Expand the wiki into other languages? 
        8. Others? 
      2. YouTube 
        1. Cyberman65 (check if affiliation still valid, and if we can get anything out of this) 
        2. Everglow 
        3. Others? 
  2. Social Media 
    1. GOAL: Improve the presence of the Kingdom Hearts Wiki and promote its content through social media 
    2. Current pages 
      1. Facebook Group 
      2. Twitter Page 
      3. YouTube Channel 
      4. DeviantArt Page (shared with The Keyhole)
      5. Google +
      6. Facebook Page 
    3. How can we improve the presence of the Kingdom Hearts Wiki on social media? 
      1. Facebook: Change the focus of the Facebook Group to be more towards editing users, while the Facebook page could attract Kingdom Hearts fans, whether they edit the wiki or not. The Facebook page could promote posts that are published to the group 
      2. Twitter: We're doing a pretty good job as far as our Twitter goes. Most of our daily games go on without much issue 
      3. YouTube: Pretty much solved if we solve the videos issue. Basically, we need a much bigger presence on YouTube. The podcast is doing pretty good at that, but with only one video a month, and none of our recent videos being game-related, the podcast isn't gonna cut it. 
      4. Deviant Art: Does this work? How can we improve the use of this page? Perhaps tie it with Naminé's Sketchbook (Page 11 of the Magazine)? Also, if we decide to do something with this, we need to update it tremendously. We haven't updated since KH3D's launch. 
      5. Instagram: Can we use this? Kingdom Hearts has a ton of media, much of which is on the wiki. Can we use Instagram to our advantage there? ANX219 has expressed interest in staffing this account. 
      6. Google +:Probably set up to use just like Facebook and Twitter
      7. Tumblr: The Keyhole now has a Tumblr. Should the Kingdom Hearts Wiki have a Tumblr?