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NOTICE: Roundtables are presently closed. If you have an agenda point, post it in the forums.

Roundtables are meetings held on the #KHWiki-noticeboard IRC channel every 1st Friday of the month at 7:00pm Wiki Time (UTC 0) (if the meeting is cancelled, or cannot be held due to an inadequate amount of staff, the meeting will be moved to the second Saturday of the month, at 9:00pm Wiki Time). These meetings are to discuss the current situation and the future of our Wiki. Any user is invited to the meetings. If you have any questions, or want to point out a problem about the wiki, you can come and be listened to. Below are the logs and summaries for the meetings already held:

Meeting 1, March 05, 2011 Summary[1][edit]

  • Copyleft - copying/pasting from -> khwikia must have permission from this wiki.
  • Old wiki will link back to the new wiki.
  • Affiliates should link to the new wiki.
  • No affiliation to the old wikia
  • Monaco is needed
  • A small group of users should keep the community portal/Traverse Town updated
  • Heartless Manufactury is a go.

Meeting 2, March 06, 2011 Summary [2][edit]

  • Images auditing should be done as following:
  1. {{delete}} template for fanart images and duplicated images.
  2. {{bad name}} template for images that don't follow the naming standards.
  3. {{betterpic}} template for non-.png or non-animated.gif images.
  • Article auditing should be as the following:
  1. Compare articles from both wikis by coping & pasting the Wikia article to the wiki one and clicking "Show Changes"
  2. If any change is spotted, they should be added in selectively based on what looks appropriate.

Meeting 3, April 09, 2011 Summary [3][edit]

  • Featured article - Dragoon
  • Card articles;
  1. Card: space will not be deleted, consolidated, or added into mainspace.
  • Heartless Manufactory;
  1. Its purpose is to get users with issues with each other to work together so that they understand the other users are indeed useful.
  2. Serious disputes or arguments impacting the wiki (edit wars) - staff get involved
  3. Less serious - staff involvement optional.
  • Auditing progress
  1. Cardspace not needed
  2. Userspace not needed
  3. Mainspace almost done
  4. Imagespace still needs work
  5. Somebody really needs to check the progress and see what still needs to be done
  • Avatar Menu
  1. DTN, ENX, and ShardofTruth - Scratch Cards
  • Monaco needs to be the default skin

Meeting 4, May 07, 2011 Summary [4][edit]

  • Featured media
    • Nominated media may not have a watermark
    • Featured media will now be changed more than once a month, every ten days.
  • The audit still has a long way to go before completion. Work on the imagespace needs to be stepped up, and work on the mainspace must continue as usual.
  • Users who do not contribute much in the Heartless Manufactory task given to them will not have their warning removed until they do legitimate work.
  • Users may begin working on ideas for redesigning the main page.
  • All off- site accounts must be used for official wiki business.
  • Walkthough: space will be created.
    • Wiki sponsored walkthoughs
    • Sorted by world.
  • Competent users who are on the social IRC channel must also be on the noticeboard, and should not ignore those asking for help.
  • Decisions made during non- official IRC meetings need to be made public on the wiki before they can take effect.

Meeting 5, June 04, 2011 Summary [5][edit]

  • Trinity Archives: Trinity Archives to include information of recent game announcements and important wiki happenings.
  • Offsite links:DeviantART removed of offsite accounts, YouTube used for guides and boss battles, Photobucket to hold offsite images, Twitter to work as similar to Trinity Archives and Facebook to send out messages to users easily.
  • Image renovation: Image conversion taken on as part of the forum.
  • Roundtable decisions: Decisions on roundtables happen as soon as possible.
  • Plans after audit: Cleanup and image renovation.
    • "Thank You" Template made and posted on each user's user page.
  • Mirage Arena: Ownership of Mirage Arena handed to LapisScarab and Erry.

Meeting 6, August 07, 2011 Summary [6][edit]

  • Savings on the wiki: File saves will be uploaded to filesharing sites and linked to under userspace.
  • Featured media methoding and ties: Featured media will include both tied files, using <choose> and <option> parameters.
  • SEIWA progress: SEIWA meetings will be held to hold such issues as this.
  • Logging will be done by Sapharus if she is present, otherwise by any other person. Summarizing will be done by Erry.
  • Walkthroughs: Issue moved to Forum as there is a possibility of hosting it off-wiki.
  • IRC rules: Unsettled, to be discussed later.
  • Status on image renovation: The filespace needs a large amount of work, mainly on moving pages to their correct names, purging jpgs, and transpareticisng.
  • Orphaned pages: Database problem, may need Porple's help. Apart from that, work is to be started on that.
  • Unadmining of members and new group for delete/move rights: Neumannz will contact Kryten for new group.
  • Moving roundtable to a new date: New forum thread to be made to make final forum decision.

Meeting 7, September 03, 2011 Summary [7][edit]

  • Staff member activity: Members contacted about inactivity.
  • Walkthrough images: Images will be allowed under Category:Walkthrough images, however this it not to be abused.
  • Walkthrough status: Currently awaiting format discussion at Forum:Walkthrough Format, after that is done we can start walkthrough space.
  • New forum for data: Admin needs to create forum and then a layout for requests and putting out information.
  • Image renovation: Still lots of images that need to converted, project page made to hold list of images.
  • GrandPyromania: Contacted via KHWiki YouTube channel, awaiting response.
  • ErryK as OP: Pending conclusion, awaiting DoorToNothing's response.
  • Backup list of articles to be featured: Many articles need to be edited to qualify, Clean up of the Month being removed to allow for Main Page suggestions.

Meeting 8, October 08, 2011 Summary[8][9][edit]

  • ErryK, yet again, not being reopped until further rethought opinions of community.
  • Redlinks will be changed gradually when we end up reaching them.
  • End-of-year ideas to be discussed by the staff at a later date.
  • Agreement between Keyhole and Kingdom Hearts Wiki will be written at a later date when all people involved are present.
  • Main Page renovation will be discussed in this forum.
  • DoorToNothing will consult Kryten about videos in the Walkthrough namespace.

Meeting 9, November 05, 2011 Summary[10][edit]

  • Plan for walkthrough pages is within logs, walkthrough-only images will be made for multi-character boss battles.
  • ErryK to be reopped before community decision, however deopped if community requests he be deopped.
  • Kryten or Neumannz to be given founder status on IRC channels.

Meeting 10, May 05, 2012 Summary[11][edit]

  • Talk of Operation Super Merge will tell is whether we continue or stop it entirely, depending on the views of the community.
  • Affiliates have been taken into consideration in to further our connections and to add to our traffic.
  • The situation with the Wikia wiki will be kept as is.
  • The IRC channels will be kept as is until the purge by freenode occurs, in that case we will go under the channel #seiwa-KHWiki and a temporary channel will be made for roundtables or any other wiki matters.
  • A namespace for Form: will be made to take care the current situation with the form pages, such as Form: The Grid to compliment the Data Forms included in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.

Meeting 11, July 21, 2012 Summary[12][edit]

  • List of differences will be made on a separate page using the suite template.
  • Maps will be included on a separate page using the suite template.
  • The abbreviations featured in Dream Drop Distance will be used.
  • And the KHWiki shall not merge with the TWEWY Wiki as they are similar to the Final Fantasy cameos.

Meeting 12, September 01, 2012 Summary[13][edit]

  • A new page, image requests will be added to the wiki allowing people to have certain images made transparent, find higher quality versions or replaced with new ones.
  • TWEWY is not canon with KH3D.
  • Form:<World Name> will merge back into the world page in an appearance section, Form:<Character Name> will stay.

Meeting 13, October 06, 2012 Summary [14][edit]

  • Regarding the timeline, it is being revised on the talk page, however a few things here and there are missing but it should be based off the ingame journals and minimal info from the scripts.
  • For the time being,TWEWY is not canon, similar to the Final Fantasy characters. Shibuya exists within the Kingdom Hearts universe but is not the same Shibuya, as in alternate universe. However Nomura makes the final decision.
  • World articles will be splitted into two pages, one with the story and descriptions, another with treasures, portals, trinities, etc.
  • The Kingdom Hearts (series) page has no depth on 358/2 Days, so it should be added.
  • The templates will all be changed to say "Antagonist" instead of "Villain", due to the controversy between the definition of the latter.
  • A Keyblade War will not be held this year, as it is simply too late for any organized event, next year however, is possible.
  • Things such as LGBTQ, religion, politics and the like can be discussed as long as no insults are thrown. You can casually talk about something as long as nothing is in offense. Additionally, we discourage the act of pushing your beliefs onto others.
  • The parsers used in links, page names and templates are located on the Image Policy page.
  • Nothing has been said on SEIWA, so that issue will be moved to the next month by default.
  • A forum will be made regarding the merge with The Keyhole, as the site lacks the users to continue their side of the merge. The forum will be seeking people who can help on the other side.

Meeting 14, November 10, 2012 Summary [15][edit]

  • SEIWA is currently in the works of adding a new Wiki to the alliance, anyone wishing to help with this may contact Erry.
  • Pages for Tetsuya Nomura, Yoko Shimomura, Takeharu Ishimoto, Tsuyoshi Sekito, Utada Hikaru, Shiro Amano and List of VA's will be made, and a collective "Square Enix" page detailing the company.
  • Staff cleanup moved to next month.
  • Twitter account requires an extra hand due to it being run by a single member. YouTube will remain on standby until a user offers their services to record, Erry is saving up to buy a 3DS capture card to record KH3D gameplay.
  • All old form pages to be deleted immediately.
  • End of Year Event sign-up closed, volunteers contacted to add info and list of goals being made. Further info will be available on the 15th.

Meeting 15, December 08, 2012 Summary [16][edit]

  • Chitalian8 will be removed off staff and Troisnyxettiene and EternalNothingnesXIII have been warned of their possible removal from staff.
  • Majority of userboxes will be removed with the exception of language, gender and game accomplishments among others.
  • Featured media and articles rules will remain as they are.

Meeting 16, January 05, 2013 Summary[17][edit]

  • Staff policy introduced and being developed over forum.
  • Quote pages for various characters will be created depending on how important they are to the series.
  • End of Year Event conclusion resolved.

Meeting 17, February 02, 2013 Summary[18][edit]

  • Staff pages will be created for Tetsuya Nomura, Yoko Shimomura, etc.
  • Staff policy will be decided even further in the next roundtable.

Meeting 18, March 02, 2013 Summary[19][edit]

  • A quarterly newsletter will be further discussed within users.
  • Dream Eater format and the staff policy will be continued in the next roundtable.

Meeting 19, April 06, 2013 Summary[20][21][edit]

  • Staff policy has been finalized and is present here, additionally with finalizing the details, two of our staff have been demoted; one to moderator and one to regular editor. Reason as to why this is is to be disclosed soon.
  • Dream Eater format will be dealt with between Erry, TheFifteenthMember and MateusinhoEX.
  • Let's Play organized for next month, will feature Erry, UnknownChaser and Sora1995.

Meeting 20, May 10, 2013 Summary [22][edit]

  • Podcast will be recorded every 3 months, bundled with magazine and uploaded to wiki as .ogg. Erry, Neumannz and Chaser will be part of the recording team.
  • Two pages will be created for lists holding staff and voice actors/actresses that will link to Square Enix Wiki and Wikipedia, respectively.
  • A page will NOT be created due to our longstanding policy of omitting trivia as much as possible.
  • Time Travel, both forms from Dream Drop Distance and II will be described on the Universe of Kingdom Hearts page.
  • LP is to be discussed later, among Sora1995, Chaser and Erry.
  • A page for minor characters will be created.

Meeting 21, August 02, 2013 Summary [23][edit]

  • Kingdom Hearts χ cards will use a naming schema based on whatever is picked from here.
  • New let's play to be scheduled.
  • MateusinhoEX's templates to be implemented.
  • Traverse Town is the most complete Game: article, as such it is the best example so far for Game: articles.

Meeting 22, September 08, 2013 Summary[24][edit]

  • Magazine is dropped in favor of a much easier approach with a podcast. A forum will be opened to recruit people to host it.
  • Let's Play discussion moved to October.
  • Erry will help the Keyhole with any issues regarding the site layout and what not.

Meeting 23, November 14, 2013 Summary[25][edit]

  • Manga images are approved to be put into character galleries.
  • Walkthrough: space to be revived, a forum thread is being made to accompany this.
  • Walkthrough will be added to sidebar, and suite template.
  • FM content will be added into walkthroughs.

Meeting 24, April 04 and 11, 2014[edit]

Meeting 24 (Part One), April 04, 2014 Summary[26][edit]

  • .gifs will be tabbed together in the lead for ability articles with many gifs. Their maximum size will be 300px and file size should be restricted to make sure gifs run when resized.
  • Format for manga articles has been decided:
    • On chapter articles, images of the front and back cover will be added to the infobox, similar to what's done for enemy articles.
    • The "List of KH chapters" page will be re-done in the style of wikipedia.
    • The actual summary information will be added to the volume pages, under the "Overview" sections. Again, this is taken from wikipedia as an example.
    • Naming will mainly use the YenPress titles, but with redirects for the Tokyopop titles. On the volume pages, however, both publication names will be noted in the template.
    • KeybladeSpyMaster will handle all templates,
  • A site notice will be broadcast over the wiki to encourage users to nominate and vote at the featured articles and media.
  • With ByzantineFire's help, we will deal with DisneyWiki's unlicensed images ourselves. Complaining to Community Central will be kept as a last resort.

Meeting 24 (Part Two), April 11, 2014 Summary[27][edit]

  • Neumannz will help Erry with the Mirage Arena.
  • Staff issue dismissed.
  • Furious Volley will be its own page for the sleight, and Furious Shout will be its own page for the differently named abilities.
  • Magazine/podcast to be revived and discussed with Keyhole on forum. Competition planned but to be discussed next month. Association with a KH news site is in the plans. Rework Traverse Town. Review wiki projects, create new ones. Create forum to assign people to certain projects.
  • Waiting for new materials to create new theme.
  • DisneyWiki formatting will be handled by KeybladeSpyMaster and TheFifteenthMember, alongside DisneyWiki staff.
  • Let's Play will be revived and each game will be recorded and uploaded onto the wiki's YouTube channel.
  • All galleries pertaining to KH Wiki's images on DisneyWiki will have a template at the top to show that KH Wiki content has been used.
  • Trinity Archives opened up to regular editors, however must have 250 edits total (negating userspace edits).

Meeting 25, May 02, 2014 Summary[28][edit]

  • Methods of how to incorporate KHInsider into our news feed will be looked into.
  • Affiliations with Disney Wiki will be reconsidered once they finish undergoing their reforms.
  • A forum post will be made to discuss competition possibilities.
  • This is a reminder that all users should check out all "MegaProject: Arise" items, including the main page revamp.
  • New featured user medals and banners will be made.

Meeting 26, June 06, 2014 Summary[29][edit]

  • KHWiki does have an email but we need to retrieve the password. If we manage to find it, we can share with the Keyhole. If not, we go without and use the YouTube, Twitter and FB accounts.
  • A retired staff page will be made.
  • Clean up of the Month will return as part of the Traverse Town Project.
  • Affiliating with Hardyt3kyoyo has been approved. Affiliates with and Kingdom Hearts Media has been declined. TheFifteenthMember will ask the Kingdom Hearts Answers Wiki and Square Enix Answers whether they are still interested in affiliation. We will further discuss affiliation with Ratchetpedia with its founder.
  • Finer points will be discussed next roundtable with members from KHInsider.
  • The podcast and lets play are still scheduled for release.
  • The FM2+ icon will be changed to the proper FM2 icon.
  • After a vote, it was decided that the policy concerning unreleased game icons will remain the same (we wait until the game is released).

Meeting 27, July 04, 2014 Summary[30][edit]

  • Affiliation with The Keyhole will be proposed to the staff at The Keyhole.
  • Talk sprites for Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories will be handled the same way as the sprites for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. They will be named the following way: File:Character (Talk sprite) # GAME.png.
  • Suggestion for "Fannotation", "Wikia Fan Media", and "Fan vs. Critic" videos has been rejected for lack of staff able to edit said videos. The suggestion will be discussed again if a user joins that is willing to edit said videos.
  • A forum will be created for people to sign up as staff to manage the Mirage Arena. Currently on that staff is Pea14733 and KeybladeSpyMaster.
  • The Kingdom Hearts Wiki's Twitter account will be revived. Xion4ever, Pea14733, and KeybladeSpyMaster will maintain the wiki's Twitter account.
  • The Chain of Rewards will be added to Traverse Town and go about as follows (NOTE: Chain of Rewards counts total edits):
    • 100 edits = Mirage Arena
    • 150 edits = Featured media
    • 200 edits = Featured articles
    • 250 edits = Featured user
    • 300 edits = Magazine
    • 350 edits = Trinity Archives

Meeting 28, August 08, 2014 Summary[31][edit]

  • A forum will be opened to collect ideas for the End of Year Event. The event will be done in cooperation with the Keyhole.
  • Due to an apparent lack of interest on their end, the affiliation proposal with Kingdom Hearts Insider is dropped. If there is a significant interest from the wiki or a proposal presented from Kingdom Hearts Insider, it will be considered.
  • Staff that will be temporarily inactive must notify the wiki staff beforehand. Inactivity will result in loss of staff rights. Staff Members who go inactive for unexcused reasons must be active on the wiki for two months before recovering rights. Staff members whose inactivity is excused or who notify the wiki beforehand can recover their rights immediately upon returning to the wiki. Both Troisnyxetienne and KrytenKoro will have their rights removed. Because he notified the wiki, KrytenKoro will be able to receive his rights upon returning to the wiki, but Troisnyxetienne will have to follow the probation procedures for not notifying the wiki beforehand.
  • Any issues with the mobile version of the site should be posted on the mobile issues forum
  • Affiliation with is accepted.
  • Projects under Forum:Updating our Projects will be listed separately in Merlin's House. Any other projects can be listed in the Vacant House.
  • Because of the special relationship with them, a banner will be created on the wiki's affiliates page for The Keyhole.
  • Transcripts will be moved to the walkthroughs. When appropriate, the pages can be linked-to in a "See also" section.
  • A forum will be opened to determine limits on the Quotes-namespace.
  • Maps will be added to a gallery under "Settings and Areas". Other unused files will be determined as needed or not at a later date. Audio files will be taken care of along with Project: Music.
  • An article will not be created for the Kingdom Shader or any of the game engines or consoles. The Kingdom Shader information will go under Development on the Kingdom Hearts III article.
  • We will accept all sprites from Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories. They will be added to their appropriate galleries. In addition, the sprites EternalNothingnessXIII asked about on this forum will also be added.
  • Trident Anchors R, G, and B are separate Heartless and will be treated as such.
  • Erry has announced his temporary retirement.

Meeting 29, September 05, 2014 Summary [32][edit]

  • The Magazine and Cleanup of the Month will be added to the Community section of the sidebar.
  • A forum will be opened to determine whether the wiki needs additional staff to help with projects and the release of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX
  • TheFifteenthMember will contact the four other wikis that make up the Square Enix Independent Wiki Alliance on behalf of the wiki to propose to disband SEIWA and become regular affiliates.
  • The Kingdom Hearts Wiki will assist the DisneyWiki in attributing any articles and images on the DisneyWiki taken from the Kingdom Hearts Wiki. While the Kingdom Hearts Wiki does not oppose to the rewriting of said articles, it will not pursue said task. However, any user from the wiki that chooses to help in the rewriting of said articles is free to do so.
  • The staff policy as currently outlined in KHWiki:Staff policy is accepted as-is. The items in question were determined by TheFifteenthMember and accepted.
  • An additional week has been added for proposing ideas for the 2014 End of Year Event.
  • Logo 5 (as proposed in Forum:Kingdom Hearts Wiki Theme 2014) will be the wiki's default logo. The Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX theme can be implemented immediately.

Meeting 30, October 03, 2014 Summary[33][edit]

  • End of Year Event will be determined between final two ideas, listed on the Event forum. Users must vote immediately, and a sign-up page will be created.
  • The Kingdom Hearts Wiki will attempt to join the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance (NIWA)
  • Userboxes will be created for the trophies for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX and Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX
  • Following TheFifteenthMember's proposal, ability sections for characters will be rewritten in prose format, describing the several abilities of each character. It will follow the general format seen here
  • A sign-up page will be created for users to sign up to record videos for the wiki from the several games. They will be uploaded to the wiki's YouTube account. If necessary, and only after users have had the chance to sign-up, the wiki can ask its YouTube affiliates for help with this project. The videos in the Game:-space will be replaced with these new videos.
  • The temporary alliance will be formed, and the several wikis involved will be informed and asked to join. A separate meeting will be held at a later time to discuss the issue further with the several wikis.
  • This is a reminder to use the Template:Aboutfile when uploading files from here on out. It appears automatically when uploading, but needs to be filled out. In addition, the template will be added to any files in Special:Unusedfiles.

Meeting 31, November 7, 2014 Summary[34][edit]

  • The wiki will ask GrandmasterArcturus to do a trial LP for the wiki, with users from the wiki commentating on it. A forum will be created for users to sign up if they wish to participate. Following the trial video, the wiki will consider whether to host the LP in that manner. UnknownChaser is in charge of this.
  • KeybladeSpyMaster is elected to the position of Administrator.
  • Pages for the individual music pieces will be created in a similar manner to the Enter the Void page. It will include Appearances, Composition, and Albums. An infobox will be created, and will feature as an image the game logo of the game it appears in. The only exception to this is if the piece is an album-exclusive piece, in which case the album cover will be used, as is the case for the Piano Collections. Categories for the pages will be in the manner of Category:Music in <<game>>. Cutscenes included in the "Appearances" section will link to the appropriate game. The List of Kingdom Hearts series tracks will be moved to The Keyhole, where it will be completed.
  • Because of the recent revival of the Square Enix Wiki, staff articles will be hosted at the Square Enix Wiki. While the SE Wiki continues its restructuring, the Kingdom Hearts Wiki will continue to link to Wikipedia.
  • The policy on voice actors stands. The Kingdom Hearts Wiki does not list voice actors for characters without official confirmation.
  • The mention of the Riku look-alike in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance shall be generalized to reflect the lack of confirmation as to whether or not that is the Riku Replica.
  • The Kingdom Hearts Wiki's 2014 End-of-Year Event will feature both maggosh's and ANX219's ideas, running simultaneously. The competitions should be organized over the next month so that they are ready by December 1, 2014.
  • Affiliation with the Spanish Kingdom Hearts Wiki is approved.
  • Project: χ (Key) is approved. Pages on items, key items, events, etc. should be created.

Meeting 32, December 5, 2014 Summary [35][edit]

  • A KHWiki:Podcast page will be created to host the podcast episodes.
  • The idea for a community of Kingdom Hearts wikis and websites will be kept in mind, but will not be pursued at this time.
  • The End of Year Event is going smoothly, nothing else needs to be added or changed.
  • The Mirage Arena will continue to be hosted as is. With the help of additional and continual nominations, a match can be held every week, and the Arena will run smoothly.
  • Advertisement for questions for December's podcast will be handled on the wiki's site notice, on the wiki's Facebook by Pea14733, and on the wiki's Twitter by KeybladeSpyMaster
  • A collapsible and colored box will be considered for the site notice for the purpose of attracting more attention to it.
  • The wiki will continue to use the fan-posed Action Renders, so long as there are no official action renders from Square Enix.
  • Lists for cutscenes by game will be created to replace the collapsed lists in Theater Mode

Meeting 33, January 2, 2015 Summary[36][edit]

  • Operation: Keychain will be further discussed on the wiki, once KeybladeSpyMaster finishes setting it up there.
  • Neumannz will talk to Cyberman65 to check if our affiliation is still standing, Master Riku the Bloody will talk to Erry about a potential revival to our affiliation talks with KHInsider.
  • The KHWiki:Let's Play page is fine as it is.
  • This is a reminder that the wiki's signature policy is still in force. Signatures should clearly state one's username, and images should be no bigger than 17px. Comments are still allowed, if desired, but usernames are a must.
  • Users will be involved with Neumannz in covering Kingdom Hearts coded.
  • The wiki's magazine title images will be hosted on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki to avoid problems with external sites moving image locations around (AKA Wikia).
  • Xion4ever and TheFifteenthMember will ask around for people to join in the Let's Play.
  • Xion4ever and EternalNothingnessXIII will make a forum to deal with a system on how to officially title articles on the wiki.
  • The Royal Radiance Award for the Mirage Arena will be postponed until any potential move of the Mirage Arena is resolved.

Meeting 34, February 6, 2015 Summary[37][38][edit]

  • A forum will be created to decide if EternalNothingnessXIII should have his rights reinstated.
  • Walkthroughs will be restarted by those who can and are willing to create them.
  • When there is a short-enough subject, a navigation template may be created. Otherwise, a list page will be created. In regards to accessories, a list will be created for all accessories as opposed to a navigation template.
  • Reaction commands will be covered in appropriate enemy pages in tables with headers as follows: Reaction Command | Description | Trigger. Appropriate .gifs from the Special:Unusedfiles will be added as well.
  • Users can and are encouraged to create guides for newer users and link them in the Moogle Workshop in Traverse Town. Guides that have already been made should be added as well.
  • Operation: Keychain will be worked on throughout the year. Please be sure to check with KeybladeSpyMaster, Chainoffire, or Xion4ever on what can be done.

Meeting 35, April 3, 2015 Summary[39][edit]

  • There won't be a specific amount of Staff required in the staff policy. The staff policy is implemented as otherwise rewritten
  • Operation: Keychain items postponed due to lack of attendance from both wikis.
  • KHWiki Editors involved with the magazine should consider options/ideas for us to work with the Final Fantasy Wiki for a special section/page in the Magazine.
  • KHWiki:Mobile page can be created
  • Due to lack of additional sources of proof, Kingdom Hearts: Fragmented Keys will not be created on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki.