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With new Kingdom Hearts games having been released in Japan, we know information from those able to read and translate Japanese has come filtering into the wiki. As we have a number of members who wish to remain "unspoiled" until the game's American and European release dates, a spoiler policy regarding new games will be in effect. In addition, this policy will address the inevitable language changes that will occur when the official English release drops.

Read and digest the following information. Then you can get all giddy because a new Kingdom Hearts game is coming soon! Hooray!

Posting new game information

1. Articles that contain information regarding the new game's plot must have spoiler tags in the appropriate place. If the article is simply about an item or gameplay element and does not reveal any plot, it does not need the tag. Failure to mark an article in an appropriate fashion will net a warning the first time, and then count as a strike against the editor for each spoiler.

2. If the article entirely deals with the plot of a new game: Place the spoiler template for the appropriate game (Template:Spoiler) at the top of the page, before anything else as you would with any template. Remember, pictures can be spoilers as well! Template:Spoilerend for articles such as these are not needed.

Example: Aqua is new to the Kingdom Hearts series, so her article will likely deal with large portions of the Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep story. Therefore, it will need Template:Spoiler at the top; Template:Spoilerend should then be placed at the bottom of the entire article or "Story" section.

3. If a segment of an article deals with the plot of a new game: Place the spoiler information into its own section or sections within the article; do not mix it with current information for the time being. In addition, the Spoiler template (Template:Spoiler) must be placed immediately after the section header, as well as Template:Spoilerend at the end of the new information.

Example: Riku has made appearances in more than one game, and is confirmed for Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. Therefore, a new Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep section needs to be made in his article to deal with his part of the story in the game. The Spoiler template goes right after the "Story" section header. Likewise, at the end of the "Story" section, Template:Spoilerend should be added.

4. All spoiler tags must remain in place until two weeks after the end of the last regional release date. As of now, it is likely that the European release will be last, and so tags will remain two weeks after the games come to our European editors. After that, all bets are off, and tags can be removed. Removing a spoiler tag before time is up will give you a warning; three warnings, and a banning will follow.

Posting translations

As we're all eager for new information, the Kingdom Hearts Wiki will bend its official stance slightly and allow reasonable, literal fan translations of game elements until the official English language release of the games. Most of the characters have official English names at this point, so this will almost certainly apply more to weapons, items, and other smaller details. If you put an unofficial translation in an article, please mark it with Template:Translation so it can be altered appropriately when the official English release comes out. Also, please remember to post a screenshot on the talk page, as a source for your translation.

Be warned that this rule will only remain in effect as long as it is used reasonably. Don't give something a new name because you think it sounds cooler; if the kana say the name of the weapon is "Happy Fun Clown Blade", write "Happy Fun Clown Blade", not "Fiery Soul Sword of Neverending Torment". (Rest assured the official English translation will probably be something less silly anyway. Probably.)

If edit wars take place over terms, particularly if they are over something stupid such as a single letter or a minor formatting difference, the parties involved will first be warned, and then receive strikes. If a moderator or administrator rules that something is the final version of a name, then it remains the final version unless you can present a reasonable argument to change it. Once official translations are out, the appropriate terms will be changed.