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Journal:Getting to work....
Kana 伝説アクア
Name LegendAqua
D.O.B April 10th
Title "LegendAqua, Decimatrix of Magic"
Nicknames M'lady, The Puzzling Aqua, Legend of Aqua, Aqua and LA
IQ Infinite * 100
Weapon Stormfall
Dual Weapons No Name and Void Gear
Battle Style Magic based attacks then reel them in and go on the physically offensive (defend if necessary)
Attributes Water and Pure
Trained Under Aqua and Remedial Lessons with Master Eraqus
Spells Raging Storm, Magnega, Thundaga, Mini, Megaflare, Seeker Mine
Summons Sebastian Michaelis, Vanitas copies, Famfrit
Favourite Kingdom Hearts Ice Cream Flavours Royalberry and Donald Fizz
Royalberry KHBBS.png
Limits Ultimate Evanescence XXVII and Heaven's Hour
Pet Stormfall Stormfall KHBBS.png
Sig stormfallsigright.png KUROSHITSUJI AQUA stormfallsigleft.png (changes every time!)
Status FREE!!!!!!!
Currently Playing.. Dissidia 012 (Revisit), Kingdom Hearts 2 (Walkthrough), FFVII
IRC Nicks PhantomhiveDemon, Bankai-LA, PandoraHeartsLA, LenaleeLA, LenaleeLoverLA, Road-LA, L-LA, LCie-LA, Erza-LA.
Main Theme Doubt & Trust (Main)
Innocent Sorrow (Alt)
Brightdown (Alt 2)
Battle Theme Ft. (Main)
Feista (Alt 1)
Towa no Kizuna (Alt 2)

The reason for my username?

Ok so since Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep i've mostly played you guessed it Aqua, she is at Lv 63 Standard Mode, has beat all optional bosses and has around about 93000 munny. Her report is at 100% (and the first one to do it). She has the most versatility out of all of them through the Mirage Arena and the final boss. So in no doubt that i chose Aqua in my name and Legend would be from that i'm frugding awesome with her and has the best deck command combos.


Ok so when the PS2 was first released i bought kingdom hearts and Jak and Daxter, Jak and Daxter played it for a week then finished it, however playing kingdom hearts made me play it for almost 200 hours. Then when Kingdom hearts 2 was released i instantly bought it out of sheer "wanting to know what happenness" and guess what, played it for another 200 hours. Finally i bought Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep and clocked it and have Blank Points. I have played over 300 hours of BBS and still going (KH-BBS Walkthrough). I consistently replay boss fight over and over and also replay entire storylines over and over my stats are

  • replayed Kingdom hearts storyline: 4
  • replayed Kingdom hearts 2 storyline: over 15
  • replayed Kingdom hearts Birth by sleep storylines: 2 for each character
  • replayed Ansem final fight: over 25
  • replayed Xemnas final fight: over 50
  • replayed Vanitas fight 2 with aqua: over 25
  • 1000 Heartless fight: over 15 times, best time in 5 minutes

So as you can see i'm a huge fan of Kingdom Hearts and also a huge fan of Final Fantasy


  • Get to 1000 edits.
  • Get to 2500 edits.
  • Get to 5000 edits.
  • Get to 10000 edits
  • Get to 25000 edits
  • Clock KH-BBS
  • Clock KH.
  • Finish KH2 Storyline x15.
  • Finish KH:CoM
  • Then try to start and finish KH2 walkthrough ehhhh.....
  • Be a Featured User

My Keyblade


Weapon: "Tsunamifall"

Abiity: HP/MP Absorb and HP/MP Drain, While using this keyblade, enemies HP/MP will be constantly depleted and transferred over to the wielder.

  • Strength: +6
  • Magic: +9


I have so many userboxes that i had to encase all the userboxes in a box, open it up and see all my userboxes!!!

Show LegendAqua's Userboxes
en This user is a native speaker of English.
M6fcWBx.png This user is a fan of Aqua.
userkuckiki.jpg This user fights Hollows alongside Shadow.
Crown (Silver) KHIIFM.png This user had an audience with the mighty King of the Darkness.
Ending 03 KHII.png This user and their good friend Darkheart3 are inseperable.
UserRoxas02.png This user is a good friend of RoxasNobody, who knows originality is for chumps.
This user battled their way through the End of the World to reach FinalRest.
roxas4roxas.jpg This user sits on top of the Clock Tower to eat Ice-Cream with their good friend Roxas.
Heartless Emblem.png This user is lost in the endless darkness of CaelumLucisCaliga.
Future Heroes 01 KHBBS.png This User is a friend of the Australian Hero, Axeken.
Simba-Roar-Userbox.png This user is a friend of Soxra and just can't wait for him to be king.

LegendAqua's Magic Pulse
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