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This is a continued declaration of inactivity. Long story short: Real life adult grind. I still check in here every now and then, but I am no means active. If you wish to contact me please do so through the Wiki's Discord channel; I do check in there daily. I haven't forgotten you guys. I just don't have the time to be active on here. I am sorry.

Hey there. Welcome to my user page. I am an admin on this Wiki, meaning you can: ask me to delete images, ban jerks rule breakers, and move pages, amongst other admin things. Feel free to leave a message over on my talk page if you need assistance in editing or just want to say hey.

A note

@_@ This user has been a member of the Kingdom Hearts Wiki since June 23, 2009. (Gosh, she's old!)

After some serious thinking and review of old pages, I’ve realized that a lot has changed since I first arrived. And, to be quite honest, I think it is for the better. We’ve come a long way, guys and gals, users and non-users. We have gone from about 1,000 articles in the mainspace to over 3,000. We have seen several different waves of our community come and go, but, in spite of it all, we’ve still managed to keep this place running. We’ve encountered many problems, but have always found a way to overcome them.

So...Yay for us! Congratulations! Give yourself a pat on the back! Whether you know it or not, you have contributed to this wonderful Wiki’s history. Let us look and remember the past as a reminder of what/where we used to be. However, let us not be consumed by it. You can look back, but don’t step back. Always keep moving forward.

I believe that…

(in no particular order)

  • Every user, regardless of what age, intelligence/skill level, and experience, can contribute to the Wiki.
  • There is always work to be done on the Wiki.
  • The Wiki is what its user base makes it. Easily put and understood: If we, the users, suck, the Wiki is going to suck. If we, the users, work together, the Wiki is going to be great. It is a team effort by all members, both staff and non-staff.
  • Wiki Commandment: Thou shalt always assume good faith.
  • Staff members are nothing more than users with larger to-do lists. Their opinions do not surpass or cancel what anyone else has to say.
  • Editing a Wiki should be fun. “Fun” is defined as a healthy mixture of work and play, with a little more emphasis on work. But, we should always remember:
  • Wiki is not serious business. For real. Folks, we edit a Wiki…about spiky-haired people running around with keys
  • The Golden Rule of Editing: Quality > Quantity
  • One does not have to be a staff member or high ranking user to be of use. A user’s editing career isn’t determined or kick-started by how many edits they have or their official title on the Wiki.
  • Each and every individual user has something special- something that only they can do- to contribute to the Wiki.
  • Apologies are proper formalities, but are otherwise useless. Don’t apologize, fix the problem.
  • If you have time to make excuses, you have time to work.
  • If you don’t have time to work, you sure as heck don’t have time to make excuses.
  • The world and/or Wiki do not owe you anything. The world was here first. The Wiki was here before you joined and will still be here after you ultimately leave.
  • Unspoken thoughts on problems- both editing and community wise- are counterproductive and should be avoided at all costs. Someone ticked you off? Go talk to said user(s) and talk it out. Someone reverted an edit you spent seven hours on? Go ask them why. Just, whatever you do…Do not respond with violent or hateful slurs.
  • A user gains support, respect, and recognition from their peers solely by how mature, hard-working, and flexible they are.
  • Seek compromise or solutions, not domination or problems. We go for consensus, not votes or who can best use the thesaurus.


What will I edit?

I edit a variety of pages, though most recently I’ve been tackling/manning the music, manga, and image renovation projects. Due to inactivity you'll often find me cleaning our image space or archives of our user/Wiki space. In my beginning days, I filled in the Days missions/weapons, props, and Moogle shop articles. I am also a makeshift personality and story section writer. Although I work more in the image and template sections, I’ll edit just about anything.

Other random [Kingdom Hearts] stuff about me

  • First user at the Kingdom Hearts (English) Wiki to use the Skinny Inversed talkbubble template.
  • Channel Operator (OP) on #KHWiki-social/#KHWiki-noticeboard.
  • Images: Turns out, I'm good at finding images. If you ever want a specific image/group of images, just ping me on my talkpage...or see the huge list of images.

Noteworthy links

Miscellaneous user space

I finally did it...

Special shoutout to Riku the Bloody for the image!
My personal/friend userbox is:

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To use it type in: {{User Xion4ever}}.




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