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Your user account is a special privilege. On the Kingdom Hearts Wiki, everyone is open to have an account and contribute to the ever-growing encyclopedia on the Kingdom Hearts series. This User Account Policy is designed to describe the basic rules on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki, as well as the general consequences for disregarding them, and is a starting point for the wiki's policies and rules.


Rule Number 1

There is one rule that is most important on the wiki, and the main expectation from which all others derive: Respect. We expect respect from you in this community. You can expect respect from this community. Respect is fundamental to the entire project here; without it, we cannot accomplish anything.

As you contribute to the wiki and meet people, there will certainly be times when you will disagree with a policy here, a decision there, or a person's ideas for an article. Above all else in those inevitable confrontations, you must demonstrate respect towards those you disagree with. We each must agree where we can, compromise where we can't, and work together to build the most professional and complete Kingdom Hearts encyclopedia.


Main articles: Help:Editing and KHWiki:About

If you contribute to the Kingdom Hearts Wiki, you may add only official information on the Kingdom Hearts series. This means that if it's in the games, published in a manual, or mentioned in an interview, it's official and permitted on the wiki. Do not add anything that is purely speculation or a personal opinion.

Do not add content that is offensive or derogatory on the basis of sex, race, religious beliefs, age, nationality, or sexual orientation. Do not add content that is pornographic in nature, graphically violent, or otherwise is uncomfortable to readers.


Main articles: KHWiki:Media policy and Help:Images

Images and audio tracks may be uploaded to the wiki, in accordance with the wiki's Media Policy. Images must be official and in a .png format. Audio tracks should be no more than 30 seconds and be in a .ogg format. Only officially released media may be uploaded to the wiki.

Do not upload fan art, including your own. This includes images that have been edited from their original form to highlight certain objects or characters in the image (exceptions exist in a case-by-case basis; please consult the Media Policy or a member of the staff). Do not upload videos.

Plagiarism and References

Plagiarism is prohibited on the wiki. You may not add information to the wiki that has been taken from another website, including other wikis like Wikipedia, without including an appropriate attribution to the source, preferably in the Edit Summary.

The wiki's content may be copied in accordance with the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) License. Please remember to attribute the wiki when reusing content. Many users have made great efforts on the wiki to build each article, which can be seen on each article's history logs.


Spam is strictly prohibited on the wiki. Spam is defined as large amounts of content with the purpose of selling a product, or adding content mostly featuring links for people to click on, often leading to sites that download malware or feature obnoxious ads. Linking to your other sites is okay; linking to pages that cause damage, financial or otherwise, is not. Users who add spam, whether to articles or to their own userpage, will be banned immediately.


The wiki has several forums, found at Forum:Index. Please keep the content of the forums appropriate for each forum board. As with articles and your userpage, do not post content that is offensive, pornographic, or graphically violent.

Forums are archived after they are inactive for a set period of time. At this point, they are archived for referencing purposes. Do not post on an archived forum unless the information you post is somehow relevant to the archived forum's topic, there is new information related to the topic, and it is urgent or necessary to recall the previous discussion in order to add your information. For the most part, you can create a new forum.


You are expected to show respect to those elected as members of the wiki's staff. They each have every intention, as ever user does, to improve the wiki, and they lead the community in accomplishing its goals. A member of the staff does not have authoritarian say in what goes on with the wiki; the community as a whole often discusses and votes on rules and formats on the wiki.

If you feel a member of the Kingdom Hearts Wiki staff has violated site rules or is unilaterally imposing their will, you may express your feelings in the Heartless Manufactory forums, or to another member of the wiki's staff or another experienced user. Action should be taken according to staff disciplinary guidelines found in the Staff Policy. Do not engage in attacking the staff member (See Personal Attacks).

Personal Attacks

Personal attacks, defined as any statement meant to offend another user or users, to harm their reputation, or to diminish their efforts or contributions to the wiki, are strictly prohibited. They will be dealt with the affected parties and the offending user(s), with another administrator mediating as follows:

  • The affected user should notify an administrator. Do not retaliate with attacks of your own. Their offense doesn’t justify yours.
  • An administrator will warn each offending user, placing the {{WarningPA}} template on their talk page.
  • Both the offending user and the affected parties must resolve their differences, according to the decision of the administrator involved. This may include reporting to the Heartless Manufactory forums and working together on a specific topic or assignment.
  • Repeated offenders will be dealt with according to the General Discipline guidelines.


General Discipline

The primary purpose of disciplinary action is:

  • Protect the wiki, its content, and its users;
  • Help the disciplined person improve and contribute effectively.

To that end, the following guidelines are in place for dealing with those who refuse to contribute to the wiki according to the expectations outlined. The wiki generally practices a Three-Strikes policy: a user may make the same offense three times before being blocked or banned, as the case may be. Note that the guidelines are followed on a case-by-case basis, and some incidents may not require multiple warnings.

  • An initial warning is placed by an administrator on the offending user’s talk page using {{Warning}}. The user is given the opportunity to explain their behavior and commit to change. This template should be placed only by an administrator, or by a user who has been authorized by an administrator.
  • A second warning may be placed using {{Warning2}}. This should be done if the user ignores the initial warning and persists in an inappropriate behavior or escalates such behavior. Only administrators are authorized to place this warning.
  • A final warning is placed by an administrator using {{Warning3}} when behavior continues to escalate and a block is imminent.

After a third warning, a user who continues in unacceptable behavior can be blocked or banned by an administrator. The action taken should be in relation to the offenses:

  • A block, which is a temporary restriction of editing on the wiki, should be levied for first-time offenders who may need time to cool down after a disagreement. Blocks can vary in time, but shouldn’t be more than a few months at a time. An administrator may block a user and place the {{Block}} template on their talk page.
  • A ban, also referred to as a perma-ban, is a permanent restriction from editing the wiki. Bans should be placed on continuing offenders, those who have already been blocked, or those who have engaged in malicious behavior with no intention to change or improve. Bans are rarely, if ever, revoked. Administrators may ban a user and place the {{Ban}} template on their talk page.

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