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Just kidding!
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April Fool's!

This article was created to celebrate April Fool's Day 2015. Its contents are not official or canon, and should not be taken seriously!

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Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen.
Due to the time constraints, the business of real life, and the lack of activity from other users,the Editor-in-Chief and his three right hands, as a group, have decided to shut down the magazine. We tried to message some other users and even made a desperate attempt to get an outsite site to take over the magazine, but all of our attempts have ended but in failure. The four of us have had too many things in real life that have prevented us from not only maintaining the magazine, but also regularly editing on the wiki. As a result of this, we also are announcing our retirements.

Well shoot diddly darn. I guess it's finally time to retire. It's been a fun 4 years, but due to school, moving, and some personal big changes that are going to change my life, thanks for all the memories. I'll miss each and most of you. <3 (Aixon, you're in charge. Feed LA every hour, his treats are in the top cupboard on the left. Don't let him watch too much anime, it's bad for his health.)

The time has come to move on. It's been fun to be here over the last year and a half, but real life has finally caught up. It's sad that the magazine has to go down like this, but we can't expect miracles on top of miracles. Oh well. I truly appreciate all your support and friendship.

Also, Chain was much cooler than me.


Since my internet was down, I didn't have time to get on the IRC to chat with Chain to say what I wanted, so Chain will write my section for me. (Heck, I won't even know this exists until I'm reading this. Hi self.) I was a pretty good user. From my image editing to my clever use of explosives to my extreme amounts of patience, I was the one that made The Keyhole the site that it is today. You're freaking welcome. Also, Chain is my favorite.

This is it guys, I've ran out of steam, my two-year sprawl at this place has come to a close. HOWEVER, as one had once told me, you can make use of any hobby if you really want to so I'll be sure to mention this place for any future job/college applications (for the record, I was a bcrat here for five years...) Thanks for all the things I've learnt over the years, I'm glad to retire alongside such wiki legends... but I always thought Chain was quite queer.
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Special thanks to: Chainoffire, KeybladeSpyMaster, FinalRest, TheFifteenthMember, and MateusinhoEX.