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This media policy is meant to provide a set of standards for the uploading and use of various media files on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki. This policy not only betters the organization of media files, but aims to make them better in quality and usable in many situations.


All images must be uploaded as either .png or .gif file formats. When uploading an image, make sure that it is of adequate quality; avoid uploading an image if it is too blurry or hard to make out. Images such as renders, logos, or single-item artwork should be uploaded with a transparent background. You may use Adobe Photoshop or GIMP to remove backgrounds or convert files to the appropriate format. Do not use Microsoft Paint for this, as it doesn't have the ability to remove or retain transparency. If you are using a program to save create files in .gif, make sure to render them in the "Pattern" style, which optimizes quality. Screenshots from the games should be taken directly from the game, and should not be uploaded with any form of trademark or watermark on the image. Merchandise and product images may have trademarks on the items if the image is the official product image.

At all times, use officially-released images. Do not use or upload fan art or user-altered images of any kind, except those altered to remove white backgrounds.


Music files should be uploaded in the .ogg or .oga file format. Upload only 30-second snippets of a music track. Exceptions may exist for tracks that require a longer excerpt to better illustrate the piece, but these should be discussed on the appropriate track article's talk page before uploading. Do not upload entire tracks, as this may violate copyrights. Such tracks will be marked for deletion.


Videos should not be uploaded to the wiki. Instead, videos may be uploaded to YouTube and embedded on articles. You do this by using the wikitext tags {{#widget:YouTube|id=video_id}}. Videos should be of appropriate quality; do not embed videos that are too blurry or poorly recorded. You may embed videos to demonstrate strategies for defeating certain enemies and bosses, as well as all official trailers. Review the Manual of Style before uploading videos. You may also record videos specifically for the wiki, which can he uploaded to the wiki's YouTube channel. Talk to a member of the wiki staff for information on how to do this.

File names

The wiki's file organization system, called File Names, is meant to help organize the various media files uploaded to the wiki. It was formed shortly after the current image policy above was. As images were being converted from low quality .jpg files, an idea came to tag them with proper names that make give a sense of organization and makes searching for images easier. The format is basically File:(subject) (world (if applicable)) (game).png.

  • Example: A render of Leon from Kingdom Hearts II should be uploaded as "Leon KHII.png".

In the case of character renders in worlds such as Timeless River, Space Paranoids, Halloween Town and Pride Land, the world names are incorporated in image names in the form of initials.

  • Example: A render of Sora in the Pride Lands should be uploaded as "Sora PL KHII.png".

Screenshots from cutscenes should be named using the following scheme: cutscene name, chronological ID (first image from that scene, etc.), game ID. Trailers should be named by the event name, trailer, chronological ID, game ID.

  • Example: An image presently saved as "Aqua meets Kairi.jpg" should be converted and uploaded as "File:Magic to Keep Kairi Safe 02 KHBBS.png". The names of the cutscenes can be found on the Theater Mode page.
  • Example: An image from the Kingdom Hearts III trailer shown at E3 2013 should be uploaded as File:E3 2013 Trailer 01 KHIII.png

File name tags

This lists all the file name tags used on the wiki.


  • KH - Kingdom Hearts
  • KHFM - Kingdom Hearts Final Mix
  • KHCOM - Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
  • KHRECOM - Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories
  • KHII - Kingdom Hearts II
  • KHIIFM - Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix
  • KHD - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
  • KHBBS - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
  • KHBBSFM - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix
  • KHC - Kingdom Hearts coded
  • KHREC - Kingdom Hearts Re:coded
  • KH3D - Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
  • KH3DHD - Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance HD
  • KHHD - Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX
  • KHIIHD - Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX
  • KHX - Kingdom Hearts χ[chi]
  • KHUX - Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ & Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross]
  • KHXBC - Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover
  • KH0.2 - Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage-
  • KHIII - Kingdom Hearts III
  • KHIIIRM - Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind
  • KHDR - Kingdom Hearts Dark Road
  • KHMOM - Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory
  • KHML - Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link
  • KHIV - Kingdom Hearts IV


World Wiki Square Enix
100 Acre Wood HAW PO
Agrabah AG AL
Arendelle AR FZ
Atlantica AT LM
Beast's Castle BC BB
Candy Kingdom CK SR
Castle Oblivion CO ZZ
Castle of Dreams CoD CD
Christmas Town CT XM
Country of the Musketeers CotM TM
Cy-Bug Sector CS HD
Daybreak Town DbT DB
Deep Jungle DJ TZ
Deep Space DS LS
Destiny Islands DI DI
Disney Castle DC DC
Disney Town DT DC
Dive to the Heart DttH DH
Dwarf Woodlands DW SW
Enchanted Dominion ED SB
End of the World EotW EW
Game Central Station GS CS
Halloween Town HT NM
Hollow Bastion HB HB
Keyblade Graveyard KG KG
Kingdom of Corona KoC RA
La Cité des Cloches LCdC ND
Land of Departure LoD DP
Mirage Arena MA VS
Monstro MO PI
Monstropolis MP MI
Mysterious Tower MT YT
Neverland NL PP
Niceland NI NL
Olympus OL HE
Olympus Coliseum OC HE
Port Royal PR CA
Pride Lands PL LK
Prankster's Paradise PP PI
Radiant Garden RG RG
Realm of Darkness RoD ES
San Fransokyo SF BX
Scala ad Caelum SaC BT
Space Paranoids SP TR
Symphony of Sorcery SoS FA
The Caribbean TC CA
The Final World FW EW
The Land of Dragons LD MU
The Grid TG TL
The World That Never Was TWTNW EH
Timeless River TR WI
Toy Box TB TS
Traverse Town TrT TW
Twilight Town TwT TT
Wonderland WL AW