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Discord is a free voice-over-IP (VOIP) voice and text chat application designed specifically for gamers. Programs and apps have been released for Discord on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux, as well as via Web Browser. It first released in March 2015.

Towards the end of December 2017, the Kingdom Hearts Wikiverse, comprised of the Kingdom Hearts Wiki, the Keyhole, the Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ Wiki, and the Kingdom Hearts Fanon Wiki, began operating a Discord server for editors and community members alike. Through this server, all can join and engage in socializing, chatting, and also organizing on the wikis, including the Kingdom Hearts Wiki.


  1. Be kind and civil: Please be courteous to others. Don't engage in disruptive, rude, or offensive behavior, kupo.
  2. Don't be inappropriate or offensive: Don't engage in attacking other people, especially on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, political affiliation, nationality, or religion. Don't post things that are violent, sexually explicit, or pornographic. You know, the works. If it can get you banned on any of the wikis, it will likely get you kicked or banned here.
  3. Be yourself: You are you, nobody else! Please, feel free to be yourself here.
  4. Don't spam: We don't like your spam all over the place, and it's generally not very tasty, kupo. What is spam, you ask? If your links are taking over most of the chat, or is meant to attract unsuspecting users, it's spam. To make it simpler, we're limiting off-topic linking to 3 back-to-back. Please clearly explain where your links go, especially when they're about other Discord servers. Trust us, we like talking about more than Kingdom Hearts, but this isn't a link dump server.
  5. Don't ask to be a mod or admin: Our roles here are based on our roles and responsibilities on the wikis, so don't ask. Besides, they're nothing to brag about anyways.
  6. Have fun

Server setup

There are, as of February 2, 2018, twenty-five different channels on the Discord server. Most of the channels are related to projects on the wiki, and channels can be formed, at the request of involved editors, to help coordinate other projects. There is also a channel that acts as an extension to the wiki's The World That Never Was forum.


If you have a Discord account, you can join by simply clicking here. If you do not have an account and do not want to make one, you can join the server by following these instructions:

  1. Simply go to the Discord and select "Open Discord in Browser".
  2. Type in a nickname of your choosing and verify you're not a robot
  3. You will see one of two paths from here:
  1. A tutorial will pop up. You can click to skip the tutorial, or take it if you've never used Discord before.
  2. When it asks to register, simply click on the darker background to close it.
  3. Click on the + sign on the left hand side, and select "Join a Server"
  4. Input this link:


  1. A pop up will ask for an invite link or code. Put this link:
  2. You will be asked to register your account. You can choose to do so, or simply click on "Skip".
  3. A final screen will prompt you to download the Discord Desktop app. You can do so, or simply click "Done" to finish.

Staff and Roles

Main article: KHWiki:Staff

On the Discord server, there are several roles, ir positions and responsibilities labeled. The following are the start positions:

  • KHWiki Staff: All members of the staff on Kingdom Hearts Wiki, listed with a lavender purple nickname. They can kick, mute, and ban users who disobey the rules on the server just as they can here.
  • Server Admins: Users in charge of the server and any issues with it. They can also moderate the server. The following table lists the current server admins:
the fourth upgrade of the Diamond Dust Keyblade
The final upgrade of the Sleeping Lion Keyblade
KeybladeSpyMaster Chainoffire


The Discord server has three bots: DynoBot (appearing as Tron), and UB3R-B0T (appearing as Moogle Bot). These bots help moderate the server, and are not developed or maintained by either of the wikis or the Server Admins. Server Admins do, however, have access to Moogle Bot and Chirity's settings, such as what commands are enabled or when/how Moogle Bot auto-responds. The following is a list of some of the commands that users can use with the bots.


Tron is the main moderation bot on the server, and is powered by Dyno. All commands must be preceded with the * (asterisk) character. A complete list of Tron's commands can be found here.

  • *help: Tron sends a direct message with information on using its commands, including prefix information and a link to its commands page.
  • *whois: List information on a user. Ex. *whois KeybladeSpyMaster
  • *info: Get information on the bot.
  • *serverinfo: Get information and stats on the server.
  • *uptime: Get uptime information for Tron.
  • *membercount: Displays information for the number of users on the server, including bots.
  • *rank [rank name]: Join or leave the specified rank. Ex. *rank KHWiki
  • *ranks: Displays a list of joinable ranks.
  • *roles: Displays a list of all roles on the server and member counts.
  • *roleinfo [role]: Displays information on the specified role. Ex. *rank KHWiki Staff
  • *tag [tag name]: show a saved tag, which is a block of information previously saved by an admin. Ex. *tag KHWiki
  • *tags: shows a list of saved tags
  • *flipcoin: Flip a coin.
  • *roll [optional number]: Roll dice. Define a number after the command to determine how many dice to roll, up to 5. Default is one. Ex. *roll; *roll 3
  • *rps [choose]: Play Rock-Paper-Scissors with Tron. Ex. *rps rock


Note that you must be in the voice channel to use Tron's music commands.
  • *play [url]: Add the specified song in the url address to Tron's music queue. Ex. *play
  • *stop: Stop playing music.
  • *queue list: List all the songs in Tron's music queue.
  • *queue remove [number]: Remove the listed song from the music queue. The number refers to the number found in the queue list, use the *queue list command to display the queue.
  • *queue clear: Clears the music queue.
  • *queue repeat: Enable/disable repeating the music queue.
  • *queue shuffle: Shuffles the songs in the music queue.
  • *yt [search term]: Displays information for the first result for the search query in YouTube.
  • *yt next: Displays information for the next result for the search query in YouTube.
  • *skip: Skips the song currently playing.

Moderator Commands

Moderator commands are available only to Site Staff (KHWiki Staff, Keyhole Staff, KHUX Wiki Staff) and Server Admins. Moderator commands such as mute, ban, and warn should be used in #ansems-computer or #mod-report to maintain privacy and anonymity.
  • *mute [user] [minutes] [reason]: Mute a specific user, making them so they cannot type or speak for a specified amount of time, in minutes. List the reason.
  • *unmute [user] [reason]: Unmute a specified user, allowing them to speak and type again. List the reason.
  • *ban [user] [limit] [reason]: Ban a member off the server. List the user, the time limit, and the reason.
  • *kick [user] [reason]: Kick a member off the server. List the user and reason.
  • *unban [user], [optional reason]: Unban a member from the server. Optionally list a reason.
  • *warn [user] [reason]: Warn the specified user for the specified reason. Moogle Bot sends a message with the reason for warning to the user in a direct message. The message does not mention the staff member issuing the warning.
  • *clearwarn [user]: Clear warnings for a specified user.
  • *role [user] [role]: Add a user to or remove a user from the specified role. Ex. *role KeybladeSpyMaster KHWiki
  • *role add [user] [role]: Add a user to the specified role.
  • *role remove [user] [role]: Remove a user from the specified role.
  • *role in [current role] [role]: For users currently in a role, add them to or remove them from the specified role.
  • *listmods: List all moderators and moderator roles.
  • *purge [number] [optional user]: Delete a specified number of messages from the channel, up to 1000. Optionally, remove the specified number of messages for a specific user. Purge commands apply to the channel they're typed in, and automatically delete the purge command itself without counting towards the specified number of messages to delete.
  • *purge match [text] [number]: Delete a specified number of messages containing the specific text, up to 100.
  • *purge not [text] [number]: Delete a specified number of messages not containing the specific text, up to 100.
  • *purge links [number]: Delete a specified number of links in the channel, up to 100.
  • *purge images [number]: Delete a specified number of messages with images in the channel, up to 100.
  • *clean: Cleanup Tron's responses.

Moogle Bot

Moogle Bot is a bot more for playing, and is powered by UB3R-B0T. All commands must be preceded with the . (period) character. A list of all of Moogle Bot's commands can be found here.

  • help: displays help urls, like links to the admin dashboard and the commands list.
  • .b [search query]: returns the top result from a Bing search of the term. Ex: .b KHWiki
  • .bgg [game title]: returns information on a board game. Ex: .bgg Monopoly
  • .choose [item1], [item2], ...: randomly chooses an item from a list.
  • .cowsay [text]: outputs the text in a fun cow-spoken speech bubble.
  • .define [word]: gives the definition of the given word, according to Oxford Dictionaries.
  • .expand [shorturl]: gives the full url of a shortened url link.
  • .fact: returns a random fact from the Internet. Fact being a relative term.
  • .fortune: get a fortune from
  • .g [search query]: returns the top result from a Google search of the term. Ex: .g KHWiki
  • .gamerank [game name]: returns the game ranking review of a game title.
  • .gif [search query]: gives a random gif for the term. Ex: .gif hype
  • .hltb [game title]: returns the approximate time to beat a game, per
  • .isup [site url]: checks if the given site is up or not.
  • .quickpoll: starts a quick yes/no poll using Discord reactions.
  • .quote: generates a random, previously-saved quote.
  • .roll: rolls a die. Default is six-sided, but you can change the number of sides by using .roll [number of sides]
  • .seen [username]: returns the last time a user was seen on the server
  • .shorten [url]: shortens a url.
  • .tumblr [username]: gives the last post to the given username, and a link to that user's tumblr.
  • .twitter [handle]: gives the last tweet by the given handle.
  • .uptime: returns the bot's uptime.
  • .userinfo [username]: returns some basic information for the user.
  • .weather [zip code/city,state]: returns information for the weather in the given location.
  • .wiki [search query]: returns the first result for the search query on Wikipedia.
  • .yt [search query]: returns the first result for the search query on YouTube.