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Not active editing-wise. Will respond to questions on the IRC. Okay peoples?

Anyway, things to know about me:

  • I love rock and metal and will horribly rage the hell out of you if you don't.
  • I'm generally disagreeable. Live with it.
  • I hate people who want to be Japanese. It annoys the hell out of me.
  • Beyond all that, I'm actualy a nice guy. Maybe.
  • I play the guitar, don't diss guitars near the Hexxy.
  • I don't tolerate idiocy. Get it?
  • [14:56] <DTN> TOTALLY NOT HUMAN SWORD. [14:56] <DTN> Hexedmagica does not have a sword, and will sword anyone who says he does to death with his sword.
  • [15:14] <DTN> Then, once the community realized how awesome it is, they shall appoint Doorsey as the selector of featured media, along with Hexedar. [15:15] <DTN> And then ALL SHALL BE LOST TO AQUA AND ROOM CORE!
  • [15:22] <OavatosDK> What will you do next? Ban me on the KHWiki?
  • *Hexedy then proceeds to ban Oavy for 5 seconds*