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Welcome to a special edition issue of the Twilight Times, celebrating our wiki's 10th anniversary!

Page 3 - The Ansem Reports

What's new in the Kingdom Hearts world? New games? New products? You'll find it all here!

Page 4 - Unlocking the Keyhole

Take a look at what's currently happening at The Keyhole!

Page 5 - The Door to Light

Check out what's going on at!

Page 6 - The Coliseum

See who's clashing in The Underdrome and in the Mirage Arena!
Plus, TheFifteenthMember and Silver Crono face off in a high-risk duel.

Page 7 - The Keyblade Master

The Keyblade Master is written by a different user every month, and can be about almost anything!
This issue, Xion4ever, TheFifteenthMember, and Chainoffire summarise the Kingdom Hearts Wiki history all the way from 2006 up 'til the present day and TheFifteenthMember recounts what we did for our 10th anniversary celebrations!

Page 8 - Dive to the Heart

New to Kingdom Hearts or the wiki? Learn what not to do on the wiki from users' own embarrassing mistakes and see TheFifteenthMember's introduction to the broader Kingdom Hearts Wikiverse!

Page 9 - The Round Room

The Round Room hosts the Wiki's podcast! In a very special edition, the Kingdom Hearts Wikiverse members sing a classic Kingdom Hearts song!

Page 10 - Mark of Mastery Exam

Interviews, reviews and more! Find out what makes our users tick!

Page 11 - Naminé's Sketchbook

Like to draw? See some cool and inspiring fan art here!

Page 12 - The Grid

Puzzles, riddles and more! Do you have what it takes to make it through this test of skill?

Page 13 - Flick Rush

More wiki and game challenges than you can shake a Keyblade at!
Cover image provided by ShadowsTwilight, TheFifteenthMember, Chainoffire, Neumannz, Troisnyxétienne. Put together by ANX219.
Magazine edited by TheFifteenthMember
Title Image for the Ansem Report
by TheFifteenthMember

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ releases in North America!
Official app icon for Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ
Unchained χ app logo

For the uninitiated, Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ is a mobile version of the PC browser game, Kingdom Hearts χ, which chronicles events during the mysterious Keyblade War. While the Japanese Unchained χ made its debut on the 3rd of September 2015, an English release has finally made its way to North America on the 7th of April 2016! If you live in the region, you can download the app on Android and iOS from their respective app stores and try out the game now! The game is also set to come out in other territories, but there has been no word on their release dates so far.

In other Unchained χ news, the game had a big update to version 1.2.0 on the 30th of March, which focused on making changes to the UI and other aspects that fans wanted improving. This was in response to a questionnaire conducted towards the end of February, where Square Enix had asked Unchained χ players what they thought of the game. Clearly, Square listened to their opinions and took steps to make Unchained χ a better experience!

Kingdom Hearts χ servers scheduled to be terminated...
Kingdom Hearts chi Logo KHX.png
On their website, Square Enix has announced some unfortunate news for fans of the Kingdom Hearts PC browser title; the game's servers are planned to terminate this September. It is sad news to hear that players will soon no longer be able to play Kingdom Hearts χ, but that doesn't mean the end of χ! The mobile version, Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ, is now available in both Japanese and English and a new cinematic movie, Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover, is set to release as part of the upcoming title, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue. What do you think of the game's closure? Tell us in the comments section!

A new face in Kingdom Hearts χ...
Skuld (スクルド, Sukurudo?) from the 22-1 Daybreak Town story mission

Spoilers to follow:

Despite its announced closure, Kingdom Hearts χ has been continually adding content over the past months, including a particularly significant story update that introduces a brand new character to the franchise! Meet the female Keyblade wielder, "Skuld", who appears to have connections with Ephemer.

What are your thoughts on Kingdom Hearts' latest character?

The Keyblade arrives to Disney Infinity 3.0!
Magazine Issue 8 News1.png

For the uninitiated, Disney Infinity 3.0 is a toys-to-life game that mixes and matches content from across Disney's numerous properties. From Disney's classic films to Marvel and Star Wars, the Disney Infinity series has it all and on the 15th of March, the Kingdom Hearts series became the latest property to become officially included in Disney's sandbox game through a new Ultimate Unlock Keyblade.

The weapon is unlocked by purchasing every figure that has been released so far on the game. Using certain combos, the Keyblade can perform several familiar techniques from the series, such as Fire, Blizzard, Ars Arcanum, Ragnarok, and Stun Impact.

Would you like to see more of Kingdom Hearts in Disney Infinity 3.0? Be sure to post your thoughts in the comments section!

Chirithy plushy to launch in June!
Magazine Issue 8 News2.png

From the 11th of June, a new Chirithy plushy will be sold in Japan for 5,670 yen (or 49.91 dollars). It was already announced last December that Square Enix would make a plushy out of the supporting character from Kingdom Hearts χ, but only recently has it been made available for pre-order.

Previously, Square Enix has already released a number of plushy toys, including the Shadow, Dusk, Flood and Meow Wow. It seems that Sora's enemies are no longer being turned into adorable pillows to hug to sleep, since Chirithy has now broken the pattern of plush hostilities.

Are you interested in the latest offering of Kingdom Hearts merchandise?
Unlocking the Keyhole title image
by Chainoffire
Jiminy's Journal Title Image
Jiminy Cricket KHREC.png
  • World Infoboxes: It's recently been discovered that the Kana for world pages was displayed twice in the pages' infoboxes. It has been decided that the top section of kana is to be removed.
  • Affiliates: The Keyhole has gained a new Affiliate! We welcome Project Destati with a big Keyhole welcome! We look forward to what the future has to hold! Should your site wish to affiliate with The Keyhole, please contact either Chainoffire or FinalRest.
  • Keychain: The Keyhole is now reevaluating the proposals to ensure our path to the future is clear. Feel free to join in on the discussion!
  • Tumblr: Our official Tumblr site has been continuing its relentless reblogging and posting of Kingdom Hearts-related content in this past quarter! Be sure to head over to the site in order to subscribe and keep up with the latest posts!
  • Twitter: We've noticed that our official Twitter has been neglected recently. We've recently revived it, and created a new background. Be sure to tweet us @keyholewiki!
  • Staff: The staff rollcall of 2016 has now concluded! If you want to remain a staffie, you must remain active!
Tumblr Updates title
As the Keyhole tumblr enjoys sharing the creative, funny, and intriguing ideas the Kingdom Hearts fandom has to offer, we also take the opportunity to share some of our own original content. Here's what we've posted since the last issue:

Our most popular post of the past quarter is...

The Fated Place - Keyblade Graveyard

Master Xehanort talking about the fated place

various scenes of the Keyblade Graveyard

Keyblade Graveyard title card
New Users title image for Unlocking the Keyhole page
We have had a slow stream of new users joining the wiki over this quarter. Be sure to head over to the user creation log to check everyone out and give them a warm Keyhole welcome! All our new users are welcome to our wiki family, and here just a few of our wiki gnomes that we'd like to shine the spotlight on.
  • Khfan1616 joined on January 2nd, and has helped us out with our Naminé page!
  • Iampothepanda joined The Keyhole on February 12th, and has opinions on the anime Madoka Magica.

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to these users and the others who joined during this past quarter. We are always looking for new editors to come and help us out on the wiki. If you are thinking of signing up, we would highly recommend it!

Tea Parties title image for Unlocking the Keyhole
Each quarter, the Keyhole hosts a tea party for all users to get together and discuss wiki related issues. Below are important policies we have decided upon in our latest tea party forums.
January 2016 - March 2016
  • A more appropriate image for our example image has been selected.
  • The relevance and procedure of archived forums is currently being discussed.
  • The “Le” on “Le Keyhole”'s front page is to be left as “Le” and not changed to “The”.
  • A lengthy discussion concerning galleries has finally come to a conclusion! The slideshow widget is not to be used. Art will be organized with character/official art first, and then boxart. All images marked with artwork categories belong in artwork gallery sections. Merchandise sections can be added to galleries. Cropped versions of concept art sheets will be removed if full sheets are available, Screenshot subsections will be added to the main, gallery sections, separated by game. Gameplay sections will be moved to the animated subsections in the main, separated by game, gallery sections. Icon subsections can be added under the main, separated by game, gallery sections. If an item can be connected to only one character, it should be in that character's gallery. Items connected to more than one character should be in no character galleries. Finally, non-official art (fan art) will not be allowed in the galleries, despite previous allowance of such images.
  • An official color scheme (consisting of #006E56 for the header and #2A9682 for the character backgrounds) has been decided for Kingdom Hearts χ [chi]-themed tables.
  • The order for games in all templates will be as follows: BBS, FMB, KH1, FM1, 358, CoM, REC, KH2, FM2, COD, RCO, DDD, HD1, HD2, FCP, KH3, KHX, UCX.
  • We are officially affiliated with Project Destati!
The Door to Light title image
by TheSilentHero
Trinity Archives title image for The Door to Light
In case you missed it, here's the latest news from KHWiki:
  • Three of our hard-working editors have been rewarded with promotions; TheFifteenthMember and Chainoffire have been promoted to moderator, while TheSilentHero (me) has been promoted to administrator.
  • As a result of their promotion, two of our new staff members (myself included) had accidentally rollbacked edits. Therefore, it is now possible to have a confirmation screen pop up before using rollback.
  • An unexpected discovery has been made in an attempt to make our IRC channel more active! You can join the IRC channel while staying on the wiki by going to this special page.
  • To cover all information regarding Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ, we've made contact with the independent Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ Wiki to figure out how we can best work together.
New Users title image for The Door to Light page
Here are some of the wiki's newest users:
  • LeafShinobi: Joining us in January, LeafShinobi has already made several edits, including some Unchained χ stuff.
  • DarthVaevictis: DarthVaevictis made an account in January as well, and has made a couple of edits, most of which are about Real-world locations.
  • Macose: Macose joined us in March and has filled his/her user page with favorite lists and userboxes.
  • Javu2006: Also joining us in March is Javu2006, who made some improvements to the Kingdom Hearts timeline.
  • Kunoichi101: Joining us very recently is Kunoichi101, who has already made a lot of edits on quotes and music!

We'd like to welcome these users, and all other users who joined in the past months, and hope they'll keep on improving the wiki!

Here are the wiki's new policies:
  • To make it easier to keep track of discussions, the OpenTalk template has been created, which should be placed on pages with ongoing discussions.
  • All Gummi Models from Kingdom Hearts get individual pages, detailing design, materials needed, and strategy.
  • Enemy attacks will now be listed in a table. This table will contain information about the element, power, and effect of the attacks, as well as whether you can block it, how to avoid it, and other notes.
  • Due to the recent release of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ, a forum has been started to discuss how we should handle the information on the wiki. Additionally, all information about the game will be gathered here.
title image
Command Board Logo KHBBS.png

This quarter, we'll be revamping the Command Board pages. First of all, we're going to collect all the information in this forum. We also have to decide how exactly we want the pages to look. We've got Ultimania scans for all the information, but if you're not good with Japanese, you can also get the information from the game itself. If you're interested, please join the discussion on the forum page.

The Coliseum title image
Banner created by Erry for use on the Coliseum page of the magazine.

Visit the Mirage Arena to see

The Double Bracket

and many more!

The Underdrome currently closed!
The Games title image for The Coliseum
TheFifteenthMember vs SilverCrono
Mysterious Figure KHFM.png

VS image used on the Games section of the magazine.
Isa KHBBS.png



Hello there, Mr SilverCrono! Do you think you're cool?

Um, duh. Have you met me??



HAHA! You won't be cool for much longer Mr Crono.

And why is that?



You see, I challenge you to a duel!

*pulls out his YuGiOh deck and duel disk* I've been waiting for this.



Heh, put away your Kuribo, Mr Crono.

I'll have you know this is a Dark Magician Girl and Exodia deck!!



We're playing big boy games and our first challenge... Tic Tac Toe. MWAHWAHHAAH, think you can beat me? dude, yugioh is way more intense than that. Did you huff my glue stash or something?



Only a beginner to tic tac toe would say that. Clearly, you lack the appreciation you gain over playing for YEARS upon YEARS.

Who the fuck plays tic tac toe for years... nevermind, fine, let's do this.



MWAHAH! You better ready your neurons.




@_@ Since I'm such an expert, I'll let you start.

Magazine Issue 8 Tictactoe1.png



Interesting choice, Mr Crono.

*Several moves later...*
Magazine Issue 8 Tictactoe2.png



GAH! What's this! A tie?! Truly, Mr Crono, I am surprised.

*casually blows at his fingernails* I know my stuff.



Let's see how well you know your stuff. Mr Crono, do you know of a program called Microsoft Paint?

Um, duh? You and these dumb questions, dude...



Mr Crono, do you have a program called Microsoft Paint?

Who doesn't .-. Yes, yes I do.



(Mac users don't actually) THEN, IT'S SETTLED! I challenge you to a drawing contest. 120 seconds to draw a fish. Best fish wins. Got it?

I got it, but do I really have to do it...I'd rather just beat you in Yugioh or something or Naruto, I can out weeb you and out fighting game you at the same time >:D Also, isn't 120 kind of long just to draw a fish in MS paint?



Ahh, hit a nerve, have I? It needs to be a good fish :D Tell you what, you draw this fish and you can pick the next challenge. Deal?

Eh, I'm down.



Ready your MS paint! Check?




Then in 3, 2, 1, GO!
*120 seconds later*

Right on time >:D



Okie, dokie.
Magazine Issue 8 Fish2.png

Magazine Issue 8 Fish1.png



...Well, who wins?

Mine is way better dood. It's got olos in it.



My fish is a unicorn! I do like the detail in yours, it's nice. Tell you what, let's bring an intermediary into this. We'll ask them whose fish they prefer. How 'bout Grim-Ripper?




My fish is a unicorn! I do like the detail in yours, it's nice. Tell you what, let's bring an intermediary into this. We'll ask them whose fish they prefer. How 'bout Grim-Ripper?

*Seconds later...*
Grim: "the second picture, better overall"



No, I lost! Okie dokie, that was a good round, Mr Crono. I enjoyed it, perhaps you are a better artistique.




What's the challenge you have for us?

Well at first it was going to be a pop quiz, but then I realized I know all the answers if I came up with the quiz... So instead we will play the most intense game known to man... HANGMAN!



Hangman, eh? I can hang onto that idea. And by the end of this game, you'll be hanging onto dear life... What will the rules be?

One game of hangman, we take turns guessing letters. Whoever solves or guesses the word first wins the game. We have to find a neutral party to referee.



We could ask HikariKH to referee. Since you won the drawing game, I'll let you go first.

HKH: _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Let's goooo, E.
HKH: Nope. Wrong letters: E. Mistakes: Crono (1).



Oh dear. A.
HKH: Also no. Wrong letters: EA. Mistakes: Both (1).

HKH: T _ _ _ _ _ _



Aha. O.
HKH: T O _ _ _ _ _

HKH: Nope. Wrong letters: EAR. Mistakes: Crono (2), FM (1).



HKH: Also no. Wrong letters: EARU. Mistakes: Both (2).

HKH: No Ls, Crono. Wrong letters: EARUL. Mistakes: Crono (3), FM (1).



HKH: Oops, there are two Ts, my mistake. T O _ _ _ _ T.

Mistakes: Crono (3), FM (1), HKH (1).



HKH: Pretty much. And yes, there is an I.
T O _ I _ _ T.
I'm gonna stop tallying mistakes, since they're not gonna decide the game.

HKH: Nope. Wrong letters: EARULS.



HKH: No Bs. Wrong letters: EARULSB.

HKH: No Ps. Wrong letters: EARULSBP.



Neuron-tickling stuff. C.
HKH: Wrong letters: EARULSBPC.

HKH: Wrong letters: EARULSBPCK.



D. Nah, I swear this doesn't exist.
HKH: No Ds. Wrong letters: EARULSBPCKD.




HKH: No Fs. Sadly, the word does not get an F for fabulous. Wrong letters: EARULSBPCKDF.
Oh wait, it's not my turn >.<
Crono, take a double shot.

HKH: T O _ I _ H T
Oh okay, also N. Tonight.
HKH: And the game goes to Crono!
Huehue :}
I guessed N before I saw the word again, lmao.



HKH: I got an excuse to use that gif so everyone wins.
SHET, THE DOUBLE SHOT DID IT. Why does this website not list "tonight"...?
HKH: Because the internet LIES. Also, it trusts you not to use those websites.

10/10 :}
All is through ENUO, who strengthens me.



Crono, you keep your crown, you keep your artist hat, you keep your executioner hood, you keep your moral high ground, congratulations my man. I will go and farm sugar cane for many years, practising tic tac toe until our next encounter.
*shakes hand* How do you feel?

I feel...resplendent 8D



Anything you want to say to finish off?

All is for ENUO. Praise be to olos.


AND THE WINNER IS... You decide!
Head on over to the magazine talk page to let us know who you think should win!

The Keyblade Master title image
Magazine Issue 8 AnniversaryTitle.png
by TheFifteenthMember
Let me begin by popping some fireworks in case you haven't already had enough confetti in the background. Our 10th anniversary was the 1st of this April! That calls for some serious "HUZZAH!", so the KHWiki and the Keyhole have done a lot of jubilating in the past month. As proof of our "HUZZAH!"ing, this page will give you a rundown of all the stuff we've done to celebrate!

But first of all, allow me to introduce you to two images which quickly became the faces of our 10th anniversary campaign:

Magazine Issue 8 CelebrationTitle.png Magazine Issue 8 CelebrationLogo.png

On the left, the image was wonderfully drawn by Troisnyxétienne and was the icon for the KHWiki in most cases, but not all. On the right, we have the logo carefully crafted by Chainoffire that came to represent the Keyhole. These images were often used in our posts so keep an eye out for them!

On the wiki...
To begin our celebrations, let's zip around the KHWiki and the Keyhole themselves!

Site notices

We kicked off our anniversary with impossible-to-miss announcements so that all of our editors and readers knew of our milestone. Elsewhere, the KHWiki updated their Trinity Archives to report that monumental event.

Magazine Issue 8 Anniversary1.png
"Time Travel to the Past" main page

Both of our main pages received special treatment by being redesigned to mimic the style of home pages we used to have in the past. This "Time Travel to the Past" idea was originally thought of by KeybladeSpyMaster prior to his departure from the wiki, which was months in advance to the actual event.

Magazine Issue 8 Anniversary2.png

Every user who was around for the celebrations in April is entitled to a limited edition userbox, which was created by TheSilentHero. The Keyhole and KHWiki each have their own version of the userbox, sporting their respective 10th anniversary logos. If you'd like to add the userbox to your user page, click the following links: KHWiki and Keyhole.

Magazine Issue 8 Anniversary3.png
Twilight Times magazine and podcast

The main event of the 10th anniversary celebrations was a special edition issue of the Twilight Times magazine, the very pages you are reading now! The bulk of this issue is all themed on the wiki and its 10th anniversary so take a look around and read up on a very special publication of our magazine.

Some ideas were originally planned as standalone events but were eventually incorporated into this magazine issue:

  • A special "/KHWV/ sings Simple and Clean" video was proposed by Chainoffire, which is hosted in the Round Room (pg 8) in place of the podcast.
  • An art collaboration was suggested by FinalRest, which developed into Issue 8's front cover.
  • A summary of our wikis' history was put forward by TheFifteenthMember (me!), an idea that was expanded by TheSilentHero's notion of constructing a timeline. Look at the Keyblade Master piece below for the result of these ideas!

Off the wiki...
Now let's take a look at what we did beyond our websites.

IRC party

We invited all users -present and retired- to take a trip to our IRC channels at #khwiki-social and #wikia-kingdomhearts. Unfortunately, I do not have information on the latter. On the former channel, there was a pleasant turnover of people and I thank everyone who decided to pop over and chat. In addition to some of the IRC regulars, including Braviaggron, Pea14733, TheSilentHero and Grim-Ripper, many other active editors came along, such as Erry, Aixon, Draaek, Chainoffire, RoxasNobody, RoxasXIIILK and Byzantinefire. There were also a couple of retired users, Namefound and UnknownChaser, who heard about the party and joined in. (There may have been more users that were there at times that I wasn't on. Apologies if that's you and I didn't list you here.) To mark the start of the party, we updated the channel's topic to announce the beginning of the 10th anniversary, then we chatted for the rest of the day!

Social media

Through the KHWiki and Keyhole's social media handles, we managed to spread the word about our anniversary.

Take a look at some of our tweets:

We turn 10 years old today! And it's no April Fool's joke!
~Keyhole Twitter
We're turning 10 today! #khw
~KHWiki Twitter
We've been writing stuff about a boy with his giant trusty key going around the universe of Final Fantasy and Disney mashup for 10 years!
~Keyhole Twitter and KHWiki Twitter

And a shout-out to Churro from KH13 who tweeted about us, saying: The KH community is growing up in front of me. *tears of joy* *happy dad*

On Facebook, Chainoffire posted "We did it guys." with the anniversary image on the Keyhole group and KHWiki group.

The Keyhole made a tumblr post (see below) and the KHWiki duplicated it onto their Facebook page.

Magazine Issue 8 Anniversary4.png

And that's all of what we did! Did you enjoy our 10th anniversary celebrations? Tell us in the comments section!
Magazine Issue 8 HistoryTitle.png
by Xion4ever, TheFifteenthMember, and Chainoffire
The following is a brief summary of our history.
Bear in mind that is by no means complete and does not mention every single event that has happened over the last ten years.

Let us tell you a story...

Long ago- ten years, to be exact- there was a user by the name of "Riku5464". Although he is inactive now, this user would be known throughout the ages as the founder of the Kingdom Hearts Wiki. Although Riku5464 was not active for too long, his beginning edits and ideas laid the framework for the newborn database.

Although there were not many editors or articles in the beginning months of the wiki's existence, eventually a group of users from the Final Fantasy Wiki jumped across the pond and began actively editing the site. The website started off very slowly with only a small group of editors actively working the site, establishing rules, articles- doing all kinds of things. These editors worked hard and the site's popularity grew, increasing both the encyclopedia's content and userbase.

These users started editing, each contributing to the Wikia in their own way.

And so the wiki grew, with each year bringing more users and information.

The encyclopedia thrived. However, it also had its own share of problems. Despite all the challenges and problems they faced, the encyclopedia continued to expand on all accounts.

Being a Wikia, users come and go; policies change according to the current consensus; and new features are introduced and accepted or refused. The Wikia had been used to change- it is a part of life- but there was one change that was the “straw that broke the camel's back.”1 And so we went through this process known as “the split”, and not long after, “the merge.” Here's some of the forums you guys can read if you want to get some ideas about the split and merge: 1, 2, 3, 4.

As a result, the wiki forked. The majority moved to a new independent website, known as the KHWiki, while those who chose to stay at Wikia rechristened themselves as the Keyhole. As we faced our darkest era, the community crumbled down to discord and disunity with arguments or personal attacks becoming commonplace.

Then, a user by the name of Galexan gave hope to the Keyhole, in the form of a Roleplay. Many users worked tirelessly to make it happen. But, to no avail. After the Roleplay was cancelled, many users left, leaving The Keyhole almost deserted. But a few users stayed behind to clean the mess.

Eventually, many of the old users began to leave and a handful of fresh users began to populate both wikis. Having not lived through the unfortunate events of the past, these users sought to revive the place and reunite the two communities through "MegaProject: Arise", a program that encouraged the two wikis to work together for many community events, including the podcast, Let's Play, magazine and End of Year events.

Through these efforts, the community once again became one and both wikis became a more lively, friendlier place to work. A small group of editors believed that their work was not yet over so Operation: Keychain was launched, an even more ambitious scheme that aimed to not only increase the unity between the KHWiki and Keyhole further, but also establish a chain of Kingdom Hearts-related wikis and boost the internet's interest in the franchise in general. Henceforth, the idea for the Kingdom Hearts Wikiverse was born.


  • Birth of the wiki
  • New staff:
    • December 30: Hecko X, Bluerfn become sysop/b-crats
    • December 31: Azul81677, NeloAngelo, Hexedmagica become admins/sysop
  • January 12th: First featured article Sora
  • January 24th: Wikia featured in “Wikia Spotlight” (image link)
  • March 24: First moderator, XienZo
  • May 21: New admins: BebopKate, and XienZo [first mod to be promoted to admin]
  • February 9th: Wiki reaches 1,000 articles
  • March 25th: Three new mods: Troisnyxetienne, Guardian Soul, and Ultima The High Seraph
  • April 2nd: War against user images begins; all non-KH related images should be hosted off-Wiki and then linked back to
  • Days of the Advanced Wiki-markup talkbubbles and talktexttest2
  • Users: JoeKeybladeAura, Andie, SSC, DTN, ENX (then, EO), Ghostboy3000 (now LotsoBearLover), Marxel, NumberXXI, MelodiousNature, Firaga44, NinjaSheik, KrytenKoro, Troisnyxetienne, Xiggie, BebopKate, Guardian Soul, ZACH (now known as Wolf), Rocker7898, LevL, Azul, YerMom, Xabryn, AnimeBolt, OathkeeperKH, maggosh, LapisScarab,
  • IRC: “IRC Prom”
  • Users: Auror Andrachome, JFHavoc, LegoAlchemist, Malevolence Crystallized, Dan_da_Man36, SquareEnixRocks (or, SER), DemonicSaint (or, Reedemer&Destroyer), Gr8champ, Randomnessity,
  • April 1st: Sora Florida meets Hanna Montana!
  • April 1st: Inigo Montoya appears!
  • Start of MegaProject: Arise.
  • July 1st: First magazine issue and podcast episode.
Dive to the Heart title image
Magazine Issue 8 TutorialTitle.png

by a number of our wiki's very own fools, jerks and morons!
You've probably had enough of guides telling you what you should be doing. Let's be honest, the better question can sometimes be "what should you not be doing"? Ten years, this wiki has lived and you can bet that in those ten years, we've had plenty of accidents, mess-ups and squabbles (with us nearly going to war on one Earth-shattering occasion). BUT, on the bright side, history exists so that we can learn from our mistakes so without further ado, our editors shall recount their own misadventures and advise you on how to avoid repeating their errors! (Contains strong language. You have been warned.)
  • Do not post your password on the IRC - 'Nuff said. olos.
  • Do not talk sh*t about an admin behind their back - And here's the main event. Any long-runner of the KHWiki community knows that I have three arch-nemeses; auror, n00bs, and DTN. This is a story about DTN, and how beefing with him distanced me from the wiki forever.
Honestly, I don't even know how our feud started. There's about a 99% chance that, me being the annoying spamlord I used to be, I annoyed DTN, and he put me in my place by... well, annoying and teasing me right back, with seething antagonism. DTN invented the term "corno" in reference to me (Warning: Do not call me this. I will hate you. I promise.), and constantly used it as a shitty nickname. He turned all my dumb memes back on me and was just an olosjerk. But that's neither here nor there.
This story is about the DTN hate club. I was not the only member of it, nor did I start (or end) the discourse of distaste. In all honesty, while no admin is ever universally loved, much of DTN's bad rep came from the chaos that involved the inception of Oasis and the split of the KHWiki around 2011. Those were tumultuous times, and frankly, Crono was a dingus back then. (Still is!) Users were being slandered and criticized often, and I can think of at least 3 users whose OP rights were publicly contested in forums, DTN the most prolific of them all, mostly because of his satire and debatable behaviour to people. Like a new-wave Lord of the Flies, eventually we all came to our senses right before committing some sort of stupid tragedy, but...
The damage was done. Shortly after organizing the split from Wikia, many old users that were already drifting away continued to move away (or, in increasingly ridiculous situations, were persecuted in an Inquisiton-like trial I participated in said inquisition. I am not proud of that, at all.). DTN continued to work on wiki upkeep, at some point even proposing that the FFWiki split from Wikia too (a proposal that failed), but he stopped contributing almost completely by the end of 2011. For him, like many others including myself, the wiki split and the cacophony that resulted from it was too much, and drowned out any passion we had to work on a wiki for a Disney game series.
So yeah, moral of this story: don't troll your (sorta) internet friends too hard, or they'll go on with your lives and you'll spend the next 5 years of your life visiting an empty IRC channel every day in hopes of companionship. Also, don't fall asleep with your d*** in your hand. Trust me on that one.
Extra note: Just in case you don't believe me when I say IRC was SRS BSNS.
  • Do not type like a young'in (even if you are one): The Internet can be a grand place with all sorts of wonders and the wiki being the Internet, you can generally only communicate with others through the medium of text. There's no tone of voice, no gestures, no body language; the written language is what you have to make do with. With these limitations, it's easy to set yourself up for a bad impression when u type like ders no 2moro, eyyyyyy, yolo.
Such typing patterns are most common amongst the younger generations so if you are young, try to remember that most other people find that INCREDIBLY cringy to read. This is probably because people like to read text with a little voice in their mind and if you're abbreviating every word and not using good grammar, that little voice tends to be unimpressive. (Then again, that could only be me.)
You do not want to find yourself embarrassed by your younger self, cringing as you read the things you said two years ago. Like many, I joined the wiki young and probably never set a very good impression for myself. For example, here's a sample of me back in 2012:
Magazine Issue 8 TutorialFM.png
And a cringy example from the IRC (where it's not a problem to write more informally, but within limits):
 [03:16] <FM|COM> im getting 3d, its coming tommorow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
These are pretty mild compared to some of the worse things I've said, but I can't find those any more (they're lost in a sea of 1s and 0s). To sum up, be proud of the English language, use it well and impress senpai!
  • Do not plagiarise: My fellow users, by far, the biggest and most horrible thing I ever did here, was Plagiarism. I repeat, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER NEVER EVER EVER NEVER DO PLAGIARISM! Just, just watch...
Magazine Issue 8 TutorialPedro1.png

After that, I started going to the main page and the KH3D page to get some coding for my walkthrough. But stupid 10 year-old me forgot that he shouldn't keep doing mindless edits to the main page, but rather click the "Show Coding" button.
Magazine Issue 8 TutorialPedro2.png

And after that it all led up to... well... this.
Magazine Issue 8 TutorialPedro3.png
Magazine Issue 8 TutorialPedro4.png

Luckily, due to the support from the rest of the crew, I was able to recover and learned that I should stop being an idiot. But I still saw people who never recovered. The moral of the story is: Kids, if you are going to edit a wiki, that's fine, but look at it as something that's serious and that adults edit too. Yes, it can be fun, but have a small sense of maturity before you do anything stupid.
Intro to... the Kingdom Hearts Wikiverse
by TheFifteenthMember
Welcome to our special edition Intro To... column! For today, we'll take a look at the Kingdom Hearts Wikiverse, a fledgling idea that will hopefully form a structure for the KHWiki and Keyhole for many years to come! Note that the information here is only true as of the date of this issue's publication and may change in the future.
A rough diagram showing the distribution of information across the KHWV and the overlaps between wikis.

Let's get straight in. The Kingdom Hearts Wikiverse (KHWikiverse or KHWV in short) is best described as a group of wikis that collectively aims to be the ultimate Kingdom Hearts resource by offering information on every aspect of the franchise. The word "collectively" is important because each wiki has its own scope and purpose within the wider wikiverse and in order to get all the KH knowledge together, you'd have to combine all the wikis' content. While this means that readers may have to occasionally hop across wikis to reach a particular type of information, it is hoped that our separate wikis will be able to benefit by focussing on fulfilling a single aim instead of trying to cater to many audiences, which are each looking for different information presented in a different way.

A university campus is divided into various different faculties or departments, each with its own defined scope and purpose. However, no matter what department they belong to, a student would identify themselves first as a student of that university rather than a student of their department. Similarly, the Kingdom Hearts Wikiverse is a single organisation, whose community hopes to be as unified as possible. Even if a KHWV editor spends most of their time at one wiki, they should consider themselves to be first and foremost, an editor of the Kingdom Hearts Wikiverse before being an editor of their wiki.

So far, the KHWV has three encyclopedic wikis:

  • The KHWiki, which is the most comprehensive database and aims to document almost everything Kingdom Hearts. That's "almost" everything because it will only contain an overview of KHX/KHUX's gameplay elements and for these games, the KHWiki mainly focusses on its overlap with the rest of the series.
  • The Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ Wiki, which has a more in-depth coverage of Unchained χ and the browser χ.
  • The Keyhole, which is a summarised encyclopedia, focussing on the essential KH information rather than gameplay and specific details.

In addition, there are two other wikis that are a part of the KHWV:

  • The Kingdom Hearts Fanon Wiki, a non-factual wiki where fans can embrace their fandom by writing fanfiction or drawing fanart.
  • The Kingdom Hearts Answers Wiki, a Q&A where people can ask any question they have relating to Kingdom Hearts, which can range from encyclopedic to speculative topics.
On top of that, the KHWV is hoping to partner with to provide fans with an avenue to catch up with the latest Kingdom Hearts news.
The Round Room title image
In this Episode title image
In this special episode, the Roomies and other KHWV members sing a classic Kingdom Hearts song, Simple and Clean PlantB Remix. Enjoy!

Coming Soon!
title image for a "Round Room" section

Chainoffire:Chainoffire is an editor that's been here for five years. He's seen many great things happen in his time, a merge, a roleplay, the birth of a magazine, the start of a podcast, a flaming goat, but nothing can compare to the majestic voices that will fill your ears after you hit the play button. Yes, that's right folks, straight from CoFfee productions, (known as my mother's basement) is a rendition of Simple and Clean like you've never heard it before, sung by a bunch of nerds with nothing better to do with their lives. I hope you enjoy. Thank you.

Neumannz: Hey there, guys! This is your friendly neighborhood Neumannz, welcoming you to Round Room Corner! ... What do you mean a round room has no corners?! ... You get outta here! ... *door slam* ... Okay, guys, now that Chain is gone, let me say a few words. I've been kicking around on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki since Fall 2009, back in the days of Days, and I've been bureaucrat since February 2011, when we decided our landlord was being kind of a jerk and moved out. When we decided we were doing a podcast, I jumped at the chance to get involved on this kick-awesome project!

Erry: Hi there, my name's Erry and I am a currently retired Administrator on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki. I used to be one of the big heads of Project Image, or at least, I believe it to be called that. My forte is photoshop editing and gif creation, I suppose. I'd joined the Kingdom Hearts Wiki in 2011, though my first few 'unsigned' edits were 2010... of false info, ahaha. My favorite Kingdom Hearts game would have to be Birth by Sleep, and I'd joined and ran a lot of the things at the KHWiki. KHWV Sings should hopefully be something that can be done in the future, it's really fun singing some of the iconic tunes of Kingdom Hearts!

Byzantinefire: My username is Byzantinefire and the reason I chose to sing was because I enjoy singing. I also wanted to do other songs like Sanctuary! Usually, I edit the Disney Wiki but sometimes I edit or just add images to other wikis too.

ANX219: Hello! My name is ANX219. I've existed on the wiki since June 2010. I make images transparent and rename images here. I tend to show up on the wiki for two periods of the year, disappear for the other ages-- seeing as I go through various stages of interests. I am happy to participate in the tenth anniversary of our great nation, Kingdom Hearts Wiki's sing-a-long singing event. I'm going to be a k-pop idol someday.

TheFifteenthMember: Hello, hello! I am the TheFifteenthMember, an ~unpredictable~ editor at the KHWiki, who chanced his way to a moderator position. Chain asked me to lend my voice for this project and not wanting to make him sad, I set him a challenge to get five other people to sign up first, before I participate. Fortunately, the people delivered so I was happy to get involved! Bon wikiversaire tout le monde!

Pea14733: Hi there! I'm Pea14733 and I've been an editor of this wiki since 2010. Wow! It's been six years! I'm really lazy and I only edit what I'm interested in (so no staff promotions for me heh) and often it's translating Japanese for the others to put them into articles. Anyway, happy 10th anniversary, KHWiki! Here's to another 10 years!

The Mark of Mastery title image
Editors's Review of their Time at the wiki

In this article, several editors reflect on their time at the wiki so far. Each user will answer the following questions:

Why did you join the wiki?
Are there any downsides to editing a wiki?
What are some of your favourite memories on the wiki?


Why did you join the wiki?

When I was a kid, I edited the Phineas and Ferb wiki just for fun. After a while I discovered the KHWiki, (Yes, it was called that at the time) and started editing. Eventually, I started to get slightly addicted to editing, so I made my account, at the time called Pedrokingdomhearts (I know, it's a stupid name) so that I could keep editing with no strings attached.

Are there any downsides to editing a wiki?

Even though I love this wiki and have dedicated hours of my life to it, sometimes it seems to be very time consuming, especially if you're someone like me and have several other projects to attend to, such as a YouTube channel and school stuff. Time constraints are the main reason why I barely edit the wiki these days, but stay tuned, I might just be thinking of making a comeback.

What are some of your favourite memories on the wiki?

There are several great moments, including christmas gifts, birthday presents, and all sorts of signs of love from the other users, but I think the moment that REALLY made me feel happy was when I completed the Cartoonish Arena, which is currently under renovation. It was amazing to see the acceptance and love from the rest of the community. Man, I should start editing again.

Why did you join the wiki?

Well, I'm a big fan of Kingdom Hearts and wiki's, so it's only natural that I came here to steal your information and translate it for my own wiki. But after I realized that wasn't going to work, I decided to help out here instead.

Are there any downsides to editing a wiki?

You have to answer questions like these... I can't really think of any.

What are some of your favourite memories on the wiki?

Although it is still pretty recent, I really liked the forum where me, FM, and Chain got promoted. It felt really good to read that everyone thought I would make a good admin. The 2014 EOYE was also a lot of fun.

Why did you join the wiki?

It was almost six years ago, so it's kind of fuzzy. I think I just wanted a place to look at more pictures of the characters, since the idea of Disney being fused with original characters blew my nine-year-old self away. I really liked printing out pictures to put on the wall in my room, so once I found the KH Manga at the library I was ready to add to my collection. But I also had no idea there was a community that comes with a wiki.

Are there any downsides to editing a wiki?

Deadlines. Edit conflict (the heavens forbid to be heavily engaged in conversation at the same time!!). Irrational arguments (I was a serious troublemaker back then). Trying to make a difference mainspace edit and then having it not be enough to please our lord admins, the grand hammer of adminship smacks it into rollback. That may or may not be exaggerated. <end salt>

What are some of your favorite moments on the wiki?

Once I received virtual mistletoe on Christmas. That was very unexpected.
One year I was wished a Happy Festivius by a great leader. And of course, the roleplay that went down on the IRC, back when I used my phone to get on.
I've learned how to respect people older than me, and not act like a fussy kid. (In the section below I was extremely polite, don't know how that happened.)
I've met so many odd people and wonderful people. I learned how to have a good time. Especially by reading about the Goosh Goosh incident that is described by SilverCrono in this issue, who saw it all happen. (See the top 5 list!)
I have become smarter: Thanks to Pea, I, an arrogant American, was reminded a country called Thailand exists. And also to Sove, so I could brag to my friends that I had a friend in Finland. And FifteenthMember--who I swear was the only Brit that had never read Harry Potter until I walked into his life and blessed him with the saint that is J.K. Rowling.

Why did you join the wiki?

Once upon a time, I thought that all wikis were created by machines or robots. With my undeveloped mind, I could not understand how HUMANS, living, breathing people, could be the ones documenting every single aspect of every single game, film or show. Then, one fateful day, I stumbled across a discovery that would change my life forever; it was a tiny icon of a pencil next to a pleading word "EDIT". A click later and I began my journey to wiki enlightenment.

Are there any downsides to editing a wiki?

To quote the person above me, "deadlines". Having to work under the pressure of making sure things (such as this magazine) gets done can very easily suck away the joy of editing in the first place. Also, wiki politics and wiki dramas are despicable.

What are some of your favorite moments on the wiki?

There are many so I'll go chronologically. My first real memory of talking with the wiki's community was during the End of Year Event 2012, which was the period of time when I first began visiting the IRC. I was a young'un back then I still am and I'm concious that I probably drove everyone there CRAZY but generally, they all welcomed me into our little Keyblade-loving community.
Later on, I began playing Minecraft on Erry's server, which informally became the KHWiki Minecraft server since most the people on the IRC channel used to hang around on there. I had tons of fun playing with everyone on that server and I could almost write another article just on that. It was a very dynamic place with all sorts of things going on: Erry immaculately rebuilt many KH worlds in staggering detail, Sove was the ominous Master Administrator doing ominous things like prison-building, and various other users (UnknownChaser, SilverCrono, Coldasfire, Chitalian8 and Keyblade0 come to mind) mucked about with random things around the Creative world. Then there was Survival, where I'd argue with Pea about who gets the blue room. The server had zoos, cafés, memorial parks, adventure maps, economies and tons of towns. The stuff we all did was great fun.
Even in slightly more recent times, I've still been meeting new people. I've had very memorable and wonderful conversations with ANX because we share a taste in French and Clannad (and are the youngest people on the wiki) and I'm very good friends with the supreme artist and dovah-expert, Draaek. I also enjoyed all the roundtables and wiki conversations with TheSilentHero and KeybladeSpyMaster (who is sadly no longer with us).
In short, this place has some lovely people :D

Why did you join the wiki?

Honestly, I don't really know. BbS came out after I joined, and that is still the only KH game I've ever finished. Hm... It was probably just to socialize with new people. (ED: Don't be like Crono.)

Are there any downsides to editing a wiki?

You can't tell anyone, because how even? What's the point? Imagine meeting a cute girl and she asks what you do with your life. "Oh yeah I edit a wikipedia clone for a Japanese Disney crossover video game series." Have fun never talking to anyone for the rest of your life, ever.
Also, a lot of times you have to do tedious work or stuff in general that you don't like for the wiki. Of course this doesn't apply to me, because I don't do anything productive ever, but I'm sure its kinda lame for some people.

What are some of your favorite moments on the wiki?

Since I pretty much never actually enjoyed editing, I'll take this to mean my favorite memories of the IRC - to which I have to say that I am going to be making a TOP 5 IRC MOMENTS list very very soon!! Please be excited! (Editor's note: See below for said moments list!)

Why did you join the wiki?
I don't remember the exact reason why I originally joined. It was probably because I was I visited enough anyways and thought that I should do something with my pathetic life and get a hobby. saw that the site was being run by a large community rather than a bunch of robots and I wanted in! I remember always looking at the “recently updated photos” and the “quote of the moment” to see what fun things would come up.

Are there any downsides to editing a wiki?
No one knows the amount of work you put in, and you're not quite “famous” either. People on sites like Churro from KH13, Goldplanner from KHinsider, and Everglow from YouTube get a lot of attention in the KH fandom, but no one recognizes the name “KrytenKoro”, or “Neumannz”, or “FinalRest”, despite being plastered multiple places across the wiki for years and years. So basically you're doing it so that people can take it for granted. That and it's not the best social quality. You tell people you edit a wiki for fun and you mainly get confused looks. They ask you if you get paid, and then when you tell them no, then they ask you why you do it. You then realize that editing actually has no benefits, so you cry in the corner for an hour and then remember you have to pump out the next issue of the magazine with limited internet access in the middle of a snowstorm. (It was a great day.) But yeah, no recognition or understanding, and sometimes it seems like there's no point to it.

What are some of your favorite moments on the wiki?

The Roleplay was a fun time. Even though it ended up becoming unfinished, it was a lot of fun seeing everyone come up with worlds and characters and interacting with each other. I've had fun times on the IRC as well. But my favorite part is just creating relationships with other editors and coming up with projects to be done. It's so interesting how different people are just from your initial thoughts seeing someone's username. (Contrary to popular belief, I am not a flaming metal rope.) I've made so many friends on here, and I wouldn't trade the experience I've had thus far for the world. You guys have made these past ten years worth it for me.
SilverCrono's Top Five IRC Moments

#5 - The Currency of Cronopoints
Everyone who is anyone has a veritable bank of Cronopoints, and considering they're still secretly used even in the UN, it's safe to say they're better than bitcoins. Here are a few spicy instances of them being exchanged.

Console wars log.

[2012-02-05 18:00:54] <C8|SuperBowl> I'm a Yankees guy
[2012-02-05 18:00:54] <SilverCrono> <3
[2012-02-05 18:00:54] — Eternal_Scholar is from New Hampshire and can't say much
[2012-02-05 18:00:58] <SilverCrono> Jets suck even worse
[2012-02-05 18:01:01] <C8|SuperBowl> I'm indifferent to basketball
[2012-02-05 18:01:04] <SilverCrono> YANKEES PWN EVERYBODY.
[2012-02-05 18:01:08] <C8|SuperBowl> Indeed
[2012-02-05 18:01:16] — SilverCrono gives C8|SuperBowl 6,000 Cronopoints
[2012-02-05 18:01:22] <Eternal_Scholar> I'd say Red Sox are better but I jsut don't care XD
[2012-02-05 18:01:27] <C8|SuperBowl> Go
[2012-02-05 18:01:27] <Soxxeh|GivenUp> im not red T_T
[2012-02-05 18:01:28] <C8|SuperBowl> Get out
[2012-02-05 18:01:40] <Eternal_Scholar> I'm from Massachusetts!
[2012-02-05 18:01:45] <Eternal_Scholar> ;__;
[2012-02-05 18:01:48] <Dark-EnigmaXIII> ... Im not even in USA <<
[2012-02-05 18:01:49] <C8|SuperBowl> Ha
[2012-02-05 18:02:00] <SilverCrono> this halftime
[2012-02-05 18:02:03] <SilverCrono> I'm so confused...
[2012-02-05 18:02:08] <SilverCrono> Eternal_Scholar: OH HELL NAW.
[2012-02-05 18:02:15] <SilverCrono> YOU DID NOT JUST SAY RED SOX OVER YANKEES.
[2012-02-05 18:02:22] <Soxxeh|GivenUp> F---
[2012-02-05 18:02:23] <Soxxeh|GivenUp> IM NOT RED
[2012-02-05 18:02:25] <Keyblade0> XD
[2012-02-05 18:02:36] — Eternal_Scholar covers head
[2012-02-05 18:02:41] — SilverCrono takes away 300 Cronopoints from Eternal_Scholar
[2012-02-05 18:02:52] <Eternal_Scholar> I don't like sports at all! Crono's right, just don't kill me!
[2012-02-05 18:02:56] * C8|SuperBowl is now known as Chitalian
[2012-02-05 18:02:57] ⇐ Chitalian quit ( Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.88 [Firefox 10.0/20120129021758]
[2012-02-05 18:03:04] * Soxxeh|GivenUp is now known as Sox|NOT_RED_FFS
[2012-02-05 18:03:11] <Keyblade0> Ey.
[2012-02-05 18:03:11] <SilverCrono> Wasn't gonna kill ya, bro.
[2012-02-05 18:03:18] <Keyblade0> I said GO UNPATRIOTS
[2012-02-05 18:03:18] <SilverCrono> Just took some Cronopoints.
[2012-02-05 18:03:23] <SilverCrono> It's like the currency here.
[2012-02-05 18:03:29] — SilverCrono snaps Keyblade0's neck
[2012-02-05 18:03:31] <Keyblade0> Where's mah Cronopoints?
[2012-02-05 18:03:44] <SilverCrono> wait, is that yay patriots or yay giants?
[2012-02-05 18:03:45] <Neumannz> So is this a halftime show, or a vogue commercial?
[2012-02-05 18:03:49] <Keyblade0> UN
[2012-02-05 18:03:54] <Keyblade0> XD
[2012-02-05 18:04:07] <SilverCrono> Keyblade0: that answers nothing.
[2012-02-05 18:04:17] <Eternal_Scholar> Um...I think I'm going to go record my KH episode for tomorrow so I can stay alive...
[2012-02-05 18:04:17] <SilverCrono> My dad says this halftime show makes his crotch tingle.
[2012-02-05 18:04:23] — Dark-EnigmaXIII slithers away somewhere where he dont feel like an alien
[2012-02-05 18:04:25] <SilverCrono> My mom said he's sleeping on the couch tonight.
[2012-02-05 18:04:31] <Keyblade0> Ok.
[2012-02-05 18:04:34] <Keyblade0> Good to know.
[2012-02-21 16:56:22] <auror> Crono|Food: Gimme food...or gtfo.
[2012-02-21 16:56:36] — Crono|Food gives auror the burnt piece of bread
[2012-02-21 16:56:37] <Crono|Food> c:
[2012-02-21 16:56:43] — Infiniteh intercepts the damn bread
[2012-02-21 16:56:47] <Crono|Food> ._.
[2012-02-21 16:56:52] <auror> penis.
[2012-02-21 16:56:53] <Infiniteh> PASS INCOMPLETE, BATCH
[2012-02-21 16:56:58] — Infiniteh snickers
[2012-02-21 16:56:59] <Infiniteh> batch.
[2012-02-21 16:57:02] <Crono|Food> .....
[2012-02-21 16:57:11] <Infiniteh> it's a pun.
[2012-02-21 16:57:12] <Crono|Food> you just lost the 2 Cronopoints you just earned.
[2012-02-21 16:57:17] <auror> olos
[2012-02-21 16:57:18] <auror> yes
[2012-02-21 16:57:30] <Infiniteh> i don't want yer darn cronopoints
[2012-02-21 16:57:37] — Infiniteh turns around and starts crying
[2012-02-21 16:57:41] <Infiniteh> I DON'T WANT THEM
[2012-02-21 16:58:12] <auror> Cronopoints are practically worthless outside this channel, so that's irrelevant. c:
[2012-02-21 16:58:31] <Infiniteh> olos.
[2012-02-21 16:58:39] <auror> I have, like, 9 Cronopoints.
[2012-02-21 16:58:48] <Crono|Food> HEY.
[2012-02-21 16:58:56] <Crono|Food> Cronopoints are relevant in #ffwiki ...
[2012-02-21 16:58:58] <Infiniteh> 9 cronopoints?
[2012-02-21 16:59:03] <Infiniteh> that's almost
[2012-02-21 16:59:06] <Infiniteh> OVER 9.000!
[2012-02-21 16:59:12] <auror> EW
[2012-02-21 16:59:15] <auror> YOUR COUNTRY USES .
[2012-02-21 16:59:31] <Crono|Food> lolwut?
[2012-02-21 16:59:39] <Infiniteh> 1 cronopoint = .000000000001 USD
[2012-02-21 17:00:15] <Chaser> thats a bad exhange rate
[2012-02-21 17:00:15] <Crono|Food> you put the decimal point 67 places too far to the left

#4 - Various wiki relationships
In hindsight it's hilarious how many people dated each other through the wiki/IRC. Of course Internet relationships are a thing, but... these just seem especially ephemeral. (Also this is funny cuz I get rekt at the end of these logs. Nice!)

Console wars log.

[2011-06-22 20:41:30] → RikusLove joined (46a2ab21@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
[2011-06-22 20:41:37] <RikusLove> hi
[2011-06-22 20:42:31] ⇐ DoorToNothing quit ( Ping timeout: 240 seconds
[2011-06-22 20:47:12] → KKD joined (
[2011-06-22 20:47:15] <KKD> OH HAI
[2011-06-22 20:47:43] → BakaKidd joined (4c16e72c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
[2011-06-22 20:47:47] <BakaKidd> hi all
[2011-06-22 20:48:58] <SilverCrono> KKD 8D
[2011-06-22 20:48:59] <SilverCrono> BAKA 8D
[2011-06-22 20:49:07] <BakaKidd> CRONO :D
[2011-06-22 20:49:26] <BakaKidd> hey everyone,we got an annoucement
[2011-06-22 20:49:31] <RikusLove> As you all know Ive been dating Baka but um we broke up..
[2011-06-22 20:49:34] → Keyblade0 joined (4c6c279c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
[2011-06-22 20:49:38] <KKD> CRONO :D
[2011-06-22 20:49:42] <BakaKidd> hey k0
[2011-06-22 20:51:19] <Lego|ReoEva2> KKD!
[2011-06-22 20:51:22] <Lego|ReoEva2> Holy crap.
[2011-06-22 20:51:23] <SilverCrono> RikusLove: really?
[2011-06-22 20:51:24] <SilverCrono> D:
[2011-06-22 20:51:26] <SilverCrono> wai?
[2011-06-22 20:51:30] <Lego|ReoEva2> Haven't seen you in billions of years.
[2011-06-22 20:51:42] <RikusLove> SC: Yes
[2011-06-22 20:51:52] <Lego|ReoEva2> *cricket chirp*
[2011-06-22 20:51:53] <SilverCrono> wai?
[2011-06-22 20:51:55] <Lego|ReoEva2> ._.
[2011-06-22 20:52:21] <RikusLove> Ill tell everyone who im dating when he actually wants to talk...>.<
[2011-06-22 20:52:32] <UE|FFR> BakaKidd
[2011-06-22 20:52:37] <BakaKidd> ok. so ppl stop questioning
[2011-06-22 20:52:39] <SilverCrono> PM then, RL?
[2011-06-22 20:52:40] <BakaKidd> yes UE?
[2011-06-22 20:52:40] → Keyblade0_ joined (4c6c279c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
[2011-06-22 20:52:44] <SilverCrono> K0 8D
[2011-06-22 20:52:44] <BakaKidd> wb k0
[2011-06-22 20:52:45] <UE|FFR> Hi
[2011-06-22 20:52:49] <UE|FFR> Hi BK
[2011-06-22 20:52:55] <BakaKidd> hey
[2011-06-22 20:52:58] <UE|FFR> BurgerKing...
[2011-06-22 20:53:04] <BakaKidd> lol
[2011-06-22 20:53:07] <SilverCrono> olos
[2011-06-22 20:53:10] <Keyblade0_> *sigh*
[2011-06-22 20:53:15] <Lego|ReoEva2> Isn't RL dating Baka?
[2011-06-22 20:53:20] <BakaKidd> we were
[2011-06-22 20:53:20] * UE|FFR is now known as MoosEnigma
[2011-06-22 20:53:20] <RikusLove> She was
[2011-06-22 20:53:21] <Keyblade0_> Hi everyone
[2011-06-22 20:53:22] <Lego|ReoEva2> I thought everyone knew that.
[2011-06-22 20:53:24] <SilverCrono> They broke up <<
[2011-06-22 20:53:25] <MoosEnigma> Dagummit
[2011-06-22 20:53:25] <BakaKidd> but we broke up
[2011-06-22 20:53:33] * MoosEnigma is now known as MongoosEnigma
[2011-06-22 20:53:35] <Lego|ReoEva2> Gadummit!
[2011-06-22 20:53:35] <MongoosEnigma> I am not a moose
[2011-06-22 20:53:40] <RikusLove> Would you all like to know who im going out with?
[2011-06-22 20:53:46] <Lego|ReoEva2> Not really.
[2011-06-22 20:53:47] <MongoosEnigma> I are monGOOSE
[2011-06-22 20:53:52] <Lego|ReoEva2> I don't really care.
[2011-06-22 20:54:00] ⇐ Keyblade0 quit (4c6c279c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Ping timeout: 252 seconds
[2011-06-22 20:54:12] <Lego|ReoEva2> (Try 2)
[2011-06-22 20:54:13] <Lego|ReoEva2> KKD!
[2011-06-22 20:54:16] <Lego|ReoEva2> Mah man!
[2011-06-22 20:54:21] <Lego|ReoEva2> Mah brohampster!
[2011-06-22 20:54:28] <MongoosEnigma> Hampster?
[2011-06-22 20:54:29] <RikusLove> Im dating Sora1995
[2011-06-22 20:54:34] <SilverCrono> ._.
[2011-06-22 20:54:40] <Lego|ReoEva2> Who?
[2011-06-22 20:54:50] <MongoosEnigma> Oh that guy
[2011-06-22 20:54:50] <Keyblade0_> Yay for you
[2011-06-22 20:55:03] <Lego|ReoEva2> ...
[2011-06-22 20:55:04] — MongoosEnigma throws confetti
[2011-06-22 20:55:06] <Lego|ReoEva2> (Try 3)
[2011-06-22 20:55:06] <BakaKidd> yay indeed! :D
[2011-06-22 20:55:08] <Lego|ReoEva2> KKD *ping*
[2011-06-22 20:55:17] <Lego|ReoEva2> Baka is secretly spiteful.
[2011-06-22 20:55:24] <BakaKidd> not really
[2011-06-22 20:55:32] → Afteraffekt joined (
[2011-06-22 20:55:32] <MongoosEnigma> Note: SECRETLY :3
[2011-06-22 20:55:37] <BakaKidd> at first,i was sad ok? but now...i'm at peace
[2011-06-22 20:55:42] <MongoosEnigma> You wouldn't admit if it was a SECRET
[2011-06-22 20:55:50] <Keyblade0_> It's nice to see this channel alive every once in a while
[2011-06-22 20:55:52] <Lego|ReoEva2> EXACTLY
[2011-06-22 20:55:53] — SilverCrono finds it hilarious how people who break up say they hate each up,
                        but they were all lovey-dovey when they were dating
[2011-06-22 20:55:59] <Lego|ReoEva2> He wants to throttle that what's-his-face guy and then get back with RL.
[2011-06-22 20:55:59] <SilverCrono> *hate each other
[2011-06-22 20:56:01] — ErryK playing the violin
[2011-06-22 20:56:06] <Lego|ReoEva2> It's obvious.

#3 - The Great Console Wars, Christmas time 2011
The advent of the Vita and the rise of the 3DS. Tensions are high, and Cronos are dicks. (Reading this, I know why I lost my OP rights... I was a prick.)

Console wars log.

[2011-12-11 19:07:43] <Chitalian> Billy Mays is dead D:
[2011-12-11 19:08:25] <SilverCrono> no dip, sherlock
[2011-12-11 19:09:33] <Chitalian> I don't like that
[2011-12-11 19:09:41] <Chitalian> I miss him.
[2011-12-11 19:11:22] <SilverCrono> everyone does
[2011-12-11 19:11:28] <SilverCrono> let's give him a moment of silence
[2011-12-11 19:12:05] <BlackSoulBlade> We are talking Billy Mays
[2011-12-11 19:12:22] <SilverCrono> BlackSoulBlade: YOU SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTH WHEN BILLY MAYS IS BEING MOURNED
[2011-12-11 19:12:27] <BlackSoulBlade> Anything involving him + silence = Divide by 0 error
[2011-12-11 19:12:33] <SilverCrono> BlackSoulBlade: YOU SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTH WHEN BILLY MAYS IS BEING MOURNED
[2011-12-11 19:12:55] <BlackSoulBlade> YOU MOURN HIM
[2011-12-11 19:12:59] <BlackSoulBlade> I DO MY OWN THING
[2011-12-11 19:13:08] * ChanServ set +o SilverCrono
[2011-12-11 19:13:15] <SilverCrono> Do I have to bring out teh kiklazorz?
[2011-12-11 19:13:42] <SilverCrono> no? good.
[2011-12-11 19:13:42] <BlackSoulBlade> COME AT ME BRO
[2011-12-11 19:13:44] <Auror> Don't end up like ErryK. :3
[2011-12-11 19:13:45] <SilverCrono> THEN STF-
[2011-12-11 19:13:47] <SilverCrono> ......
[2011-12-11 19:13:58] <Chitalian> Yeah.
[2011-12-11 19:14:02] * ChanServ set -o SilverCrono
[2011-12-11 19:14:02] <Chitalian> Thank you, Auror.
[2011-12-11 19:14:09] <Chitalian> That stops everyone in their tracks :P
[2011-12-11 19:14:17] <SilverCrono> I was about to use teh kiklazorz and the mutelazorz, but then I remembered Erry. >>
[2011-12-11 19:14:32] <SilverCrono> ...but everybody likes Crono, so I would be safe anyway. >:3
[2011-12-11 19:14:38] <Chitalian>
[2011-12-11 19:15:26] <SilverCrono> But you know who everybody likes EVEN MORE than Crono?
[2011-12-11 19:15:30] <SilverCrono> .....
[2011-12-11 19:15:32] <SilverCrono> That's right, kids!
[2011-12-11 19:15:36] * SilverCrono is now known as Superpony
[2011-12-11 19:15:40] <Superpony> the amazing...
[2011-12-11 19:15:42] <Superpony> SUPERPONY!!
[2011-12-11 19:17:07] <Chitalian> Did somebody say Pony?
[2011-12-11 19:17:14] <Superpony> No...
[2011-12-11 19:17:18] <Superpony> somebody said... SUPERPONY!
[2011-12-11 19:17:30] <BlackSoulBlade> Then I said: X - Steal Horse
[2011-12-11 19:17:33] <Superpony> <Bystander> It's a bird! It's a plane! No...It's the amazing superpony!
[2011-12-11 19:18:17] — Tabbehalloween looks up from his newspaper at the bystander. He gives a snort and goes back to reading his newspaper.
[2011-12-11 19:18:41] <BlackSoulBlade>
[2011-12-11 19:18:45] <BlackSoulBlade> I hate eminem
[2011-12-11 19:18:46] <Superpony> "Tabbehalloween" ?
[2011-12-11 19:18:54] <BlackSoulBlade> Eminem + Touhou = good
[2011-12-11 19:18:59] <Superpony> ...halloween was two months ago, citizen.
[2011-12-11 19:19:05] <BlackSoulBlade> Therefore anything + touhou = good
[2011-12-11 19:19:11] <Superpony> ^
[2011-12-11 19:19:14] <Tabbehalloween> And I'm more festive than you are.
[2011-12-11 19:19:19] <Superpony> .....
[2011-12-11 19:19:28] <Superpony> What's that? A cry for help?
[2011-12-11 19:19:36] <Superpony> Excuse me, citizens, while I go save a city!
[2011-12-11 19:19:47] * Superpony is now known as MerryCrono
[2011-12-11 19:19:59] <Tabbehalloween> So you're a happy Chrono.
[2011-12-11 19:20:04] <MerryCrono> Who is more festive now?
[2011-12-11 19:20:07] <MerryCrono> ....
[2011-12-11 19:20:11] <MerryCrono> *Crono
[2011-12-11 19:20:18] <Tabbehalloween> You're still a happy Crono.
[2011-12-11 19:20:27] <MerryCrono> Just like Santa. :3
[2011-12-11 19:20:41] <Tabbehalloween> Or slenderman.
[2011-12-11 19:20:48] <MerryCrono> ....
                                       YOUR STOLEN GOODS ARE NOW FORFEIT!
[2011-12-11 19:20:59] — MerryCrono shoots self in the face with a shotgun
[2011-12-11 19:21:22] — BlackSoulBlade walks up to the body
[2011-12-11 19:21:33] <BlackSoulBlade> By the Nine, there's a murderer on the loose!
[2011-12-11 19:22:36] <Chitalian> I need a new nick :P
[2011-12-11 19:22:54] <BlackSoulBlade> CriminalScum?
[2011-12-11 19:23:37] <Chitalian> Nah.
[2011-12-11 19:36:24] <Chitalian> Anyone here have a 3DS? ._.
[2011-12-11 19:37:53] <BlackSoulBlade> No ;-;
[2011-12-11 19:37:57] <BlackSoulBlade> I want OoT
[2011-12-11 19:38:06] * Chitalian is now known as NoSuperman
[2011-12-11 19:38:28] <NoSuperman> Well, IDK how our site's gonna get info if nobody has a 3DS, unless someone continually watches the livestreams.
[2011-12-11 19:38:42] <BlackSoulBlade> I might get one for christmas
[2011-12-11 20:01:19] <MerryCrono> lol 3DS's are for nintenfags
[2011-12-11 20:01:23] <MerryCrono> cool kids preorder teh vita
[2011-12-11 20:01:36] <BlackSoulBlade> But 3DS gets teh KH3DS
[2011-12-11 20:01:55] <MerryCrono>
[2011-12-11 20:02:00] <BlackSoulBlade> And KH3DS gets teh Neku
[2011-12-11 20:02:01] <MerryCrono> Vita gets teh dynasty warriors
[2011-12-11 20:02:01] <NoSuperman> Lol
[2011-12-11 20:02:07] <MerryCrono> and teh Ultimate MvC3
[2011-12-11 20:02:11] <MerryCrono> and teh littlebigplanet
[2011-12-11 20:02:13] <NoSuperman> "Cool kids" pay upwards of 300$ dollars for a handheld.
[2011-12-11 20:02:14] <MerryCrono> and teh modnation racers
[2011-12-11 20:02:22] <MerryCrono> and teh uncharted
[2011-12-11 20:02:25] <MerryCrono> and teh disgaea
[2011-12-11 20:02:29] <NoSuperman> $100+ For a memory card
[2011-12-11 20:02:31] <MerryCrono> and teh new awesome IPs
[2011-12-11 20:02:43] <MerryCrono> NoSuperman: psh, I'm getting the $250 WiFi one >>
[2011-12-11 20:02:57] <BlackSoulBlade> Still borderline console price
[2011-12-11 20:03:01] <MerryCrono> and I'm pretty sure the console comes with a memory card...if not, I'll use my PSP one
[2011-12-11 20:03:02] <Sove> 3DS was the same
[2011-12-11 20:03:07] <Sove> 250
[2011-12-11 20:03:11] <NoSuperman> + Memory card
[2011-12-11 20:03:14] <BlackSoulBlade> But it got a price drop
[2011-12-11 20:03:22] <Sove> Yeah, but it was so late
[2011-12-11 20:03:23] <MerryCrono> but 3DS also had no games until OoT
[2011-12-11 20:03:34] <MerryCrono> Vita is gonna have lik 4 AAA titles on day 1
[2011-12-11 20:03:37] <MerryCrono> *like
[2011-12-11 20:03:42] <BlackSoulBlade> So did the PS3
[2011-12-11 20:03:49] → KrytenKoro joined (
[2011-12-11 20:03:50] <NoSuperman> Street Fighter was the only good game before OoT.
[2011-12-11 20:03:53] <BlackSoulBlade> But now we have Skyrim, Resistance, etc
[2011-12-11 20:03:58] <MerryCrono> PS3 is a console, doesn't count in handheld talk
[2011-12-11 20:04:10] <MerryCrono> and besides... PS3 > Wii
[2011-12-11 20:04:12] <NoSuperman> The Vita'll be the new PS3.
[2011-12-11 20:04:14] <NoSuperman> NO
[2011-12-11 20:04:16] <NoSuperman> NO
[2011-12-11 20:04:16] <MerryCrono> so you just pwned yourself again olos
[2011-12-11 20:04:18] <NoSuperman> NO
[2011-12-11 20:04:20] <NoSuperman> PS3 as a console > Wii
[2011-12-11 20:04:21] <MerryCrono> WII HAS NO SKYRIM
[2011-12-11 20:04:25] <MerryCrono> THUS WII < ALL
[2011-12-11 20:04:26] <NoSuperman> The good Wii games > Ps3
[2011-12-11 20:04:31] <NoSuperman> PS3 HAS NO SSBB
[2011-12-11 20:04:34] <NoSuperman> SO WII > ALL
[2011-12-11 20:04:38] <BlackSoulBlade> Wii also has crap CoD ports
[2011-12-11 20:04:45] <NoSuperman> Don't play the CoD ports then =.=
[2011-12-11 20:04:54] <MerryCrono> WII HAS NO SKYRIM, COD, UNCHARTED, LBP, OR MODNATION
[2011-12-11 20:04:55] <NoSuperman> Play Zelda, Mario, SSBB, No More Heroes
[2011-12-11 20:04:58] <MerryCrono> THUS WII < ALL
[2011-12-11 20:05:00] <BlackSoulBlade> Also, you can mod your Wii and put anything, and anyone you want in SSBB
[2011-12-11 20:05:02] <MerryCrono> NMH is on PS3
[2011-12-11 20:05:03] <NoSuperman> MODNATION
[2011-12-11 20:05:04] <BlackSoulBlade> THUS WII > ALL
[2011-12-11 20:05:08] <NoSuperman> IT DOESN'T NEED MODNATION
[2011-12-11 20:05:10] <NoSuperman> IT HAS MARIO KART
[2011-12-11 20:05:11] <BlackSoulBlade> BUT IT WAS ON WII FIRST
[2011-12-11 20:05:20] <MerryCrono> MARIO KART'S GRAFIX SUK BALLS
[2011-12-11 20:05:27] <NoSuperman> NOBODY CARES ABOUT GRAPHICS
[2011-12-11 20:05:29] <Sove> Mario Kart Wii was fun for a while
[2011-12-11 20:05:38] <MerryCrono> THAT'S CUZ YOU NINTENFAGS HAVE NONE
[2011-12-11 20:05:41] <Sove> But it quicly got too repetitive
[2011-12-11 20:05:46] <Sove> ^
[2011-12-11 20:05:46] <NoSuperman> *BY
[2011-12-11 20:05:49] <BlackSoulBlade> ^
[2011-12-11 20:05:57] <MerryCrono> SAYS THE PEOPLE WITH SHITTY GRAFIX
[2011-12-11 20:06:00] <NoSuperman> Gameplay > Story > Music > Graphics
[2011-12-11 20:06:06] <MerryCrono> ^bakwards
[2011-12-11 20:06:14] <NoSuperman> Then you're a terrible gamer =.=
[2011-12-11 20:06:17] <MerryCrono> and besides. WII GAMEPLAY SUCKS ASS ANYWAY
[2011-12-11 20:06:25] <MerryCrono> WHO WANTS TO FLAIL AROUND WHEN I CAN CHILL ON MY COUCH?
[2011-12-11 20:06:27] <NoSuperman> SSBB is one of the best games ever.
[2011-12-11 20:06:29] <MerryCrono> NINTENFAGS, THAT'S WHO.
[2011-12-11 20:06:31] <NoSuperman> No motion required.
[2011-12-11 20:06:31] <Sove> So, a shitty game with good graphics is a good game
[2011-12-11 20:06:32] <Sove> Right
[2011-12-11 20:06:34] <BlackSoulBlade> For Touhou, it's Music > Gameplay > Story > Graphics
[2011-12-11 20:06:35] <NoSuperman> Deep fighting system.
[2011-12-11 20:06:41] <MerryCrono> Exactly right, Sove
[2011-12-11 20:06:43] <NoSuperman> Endless replayability.
[2011-12-11 20:06:48] <MerryCrono> and besides
[2011-12-11 20:06:52] <NoSuperman> Pretty damn nice-looking FMV sequences.
[2011-12-11 20:06:58] <Sove> Still
[2011-12-11 20:06:58] <MerryCrono> skyrim has epic music, gameplay, story, AND graphics
[2011-12-11 20:07:02] <NoSuperman> No.
[2011-12-11 20:07:03] <MerryCrono> AND is endlessly replayable.
[2011-12-11 20:07:05] <MerryCrono> thus.
[2011-12-11 20:07:07] <MerryCrono> ps3 > wii
[2011-12-11 20:07:09] <NoSuperman> Skyrim does not have an "epic story".
[2011-12-11 20:07:13] <MerryCrono> LOLUFUNNY
[2011-12-11 20:07:20] <Sove> Mario Kart Wii was good until I just got pissed at its AI
[2011-12-11 20:07:20] <NoSuperman> It has a passable one which is overshadowed by the excellent gameplay.
[2011-12-11 20:07:32] <BlackSoulBlade> Knock down graphics, decrease size to the point where you can fit all of Tamriel on the disc
[2011-12-11 20:07:34] <NoSuperman> I can pwn dragons.
[2011-12-11 20:07:44] <NoSuperman> *killing Bowser, Charizard*
[2011-12-11 20:07:44] <MerryCrono> OH BTW, SSBB STANDS FOR SUPER SHITTY BAD BGAME
[2011-12-11 20:07:53] <MerryCrono> bowser is a turle, not a dragon
[2011-12-11 20:07:53] <NoSuperman> Stop being an immature prick >.>
[2011-12-11 20:07:55] <MerryCrono> >_>
[2011-12-11 20:07:56] <Sove> The AI is a blatant cheater
[2011-12-11 20:08:11] <Sove> So I just got pissed
[2011-12-11 20:08:24] <MerryCrono> in conclusion, kiddies
[2011-12-11 20:08:26] <MerryCrono> PS3 > Wii
[2011-12-11 20:08:30] <MerryCrono> Sony > Nintendo
[2011-12-11 20:08:33] <MerryCrono> Skyrim > SSBB
[2011-12-11 20:08:36] <NoSuperman> Nintendo > Sony.
[2011-12-11 20:08:37] <MerryCrono> Modnation > Mario Kart
[2011-12-11 20:08:40] <MerryCrono> [/discussion]
[2011-12-11 20:08:40] <NoSuperman> They've made the best games ever.
[2011-12-11 20:08:45] <NoSuperman> They've changed the face of gaming.
[2011-12-11 20:08:46] <MerryCrono> LOLWUT
[2011-12-11 20:08:51] <MerryCrono> Sony > Nintendo
[2011-12-11 20:08:55] <NoSuperman> OoT, SSB, SM64
[2011-12-11 20:08:58] <MerryCrono> what has nintendo made? the legend of homos?
[2011-12-11 20:08:59] <Sove> And POW, Lightning and that mofo blue shell are the worst things Mario Kart has
[2011-12-11 20:09:05] <MerryCrono> super homo bros?
[2011-12-11 20:09:05] <BlackSoulBlade> OoT introduced the single lock-on
[2011-12-11 20:09:07] <NoSuperman> Stop being a homophobe.
[2011-12-11 20:09:16] <MerryCrono> STOP BEING A NINTENFAG
[2011-12-11 20:09:17] <BlackSoulBlade> SM64 introduced camera controls
[2011-12-11 20:09:21] <NoSuperman> How about no.
[2011-12-11 20:09:29] <NoSuperman> Stop being a Sony-doucher.
[2011-12-11 20:09:37] <BlackSoulBlade> SSB introduced the fact that a massive crossover game can work
[2011-12-11 20:09:46] <NoSuperman> Sony's trying their hand at a crossover game.
[2011-12-11 20:09:49] <MerryCrono> PS3 has final fantasy, modnation, fallout, skyrim, uncharted, LBP, resistance, etc, etc
[2011-12-11 20:10:03] <MerryCrono> Wii has Zelda, Mario, SSB, Okami
[2011-12-11 20:10:05] <MerryCrono> that's about it
[2011-12-11 20:10:09] <NoSuperman> Xbox has half those games too but yeah.
[2011-12-11 20:10:11] <BlackSoulBlade> Cross out Fallout, Skyrim, and FF
[2011-12-11 20:10:19] <BlackSoulBlade> We are talking exclusives here
[2011-12-11 20:10:31] <BlackSoulBlade> And isn't modnation and LBP also for 360?
[2011-12-11 20:10:34] <BlackSoulBlade> I forget
[2011-12-11 20:10:34] <MerryCrono> oops, forgot Infamous and God of War
[2011-12-11 20:10:37] <MerryCrono> BlackSoulBlade: no
[2011-12-11 20:10:41] <MerryCrono> So.. Wii - 4
[2011-12-11 20:10:44] <MerryCrono> PS3 - 6
[2011-12-11 20:10:52] <NoSuperman> Wii has Mario Galaxy, No More Heroes, SSB, Wii Sports Resort, Mario Kart, 2 magnificent. Zelda
[2011-12-11 20:10:57] <NoSuperman> It's not quality.
[2011-12-11 20:11:01] <MerryCrono> wii loses a point for motion gaming and another for almost no 3rd party support
[2011-12-11 20:11:01] <NoSuperman> Whoa
[2011-12-11 20:11:04] <BlackSoulBlade> Monster Hunter
[2011-12-11 20:11:05] <NoSuperman> *it's not quantity
[2011-12-11 20:11:07] <MerryCrono> Wii - 2
[2011-12-11 20:11:09] <MerryCrono> PS3 - 6
[2011-12-11 20:11:10] <NoSuperman> it's quality
[2011-12-11 20:11:20] <NoSuperman> InFamous wasn't even that goo.
[2011-12-11 20:11:22] <NoSuperman> *good
[2011-12-11 20:11:22] <MerryCrono> PS3 gains a point for Kevin Butler, so Wii - 2, PS3 - 7
[2011-12-11 20:11:27] <NoSuperman> Fine.
[2011-12-11 20:11:30] <MerryCrono> MUST WE CONTINUE THIS SLAUGHTER?
[2011-12-11 20:11:45] <NoSuperman> Stop being a fucking doucher.
[2011-12-11 20:11:51] <MerryCrono> stop being a nintenfagf
[2011-12-11 20:11:54] <MerryCrono> *nintenfag
[2011-12-11 20:12:00] <NoSuperman> I could literally log this right now, get your OP rights revoked.
[2011-12-11 20:12:04] <BlackSoulBlade> How about we all stop being console whores?
[2011-12-11 20:12:12] <NoSuperman> I play both Xbox and PS3.
[2011-12-11 20:12:18] <NoSuperman> And Wii.
[2011-12-11 20:12:29] <NoSuperman> In terms of PS3 and Wii, PS3 is better as a console.
[2011-12-11 20:12:44] <MerryCrono> lolololol
[2011-12-11 20:12:45] <NoSuperman> But Wii has better titles, even if they all are first party.
[2011-12-11 20:12:48] <MerryCrono> can I stop trolling now?
[2011-12-11 20:12:51] <MerryCrono> this was fun
[2011-12-11 20:12:58] <NoSuperman> Meh.
[2011-12-11 20:13:06] <MerryCrono> I have a wii and a ps3 and an xbox, chitalibro
[2011-12-11 20:13:08] <NoSuperman> Again, I'm considering logging this.
[2011-12-11 20:13:14] <MerryCrono> Logging? For wat? ._.
[2011-12-11 20:13:18] <MerryCrono> That Wii lost? :P
[2011-12-11 20:13:22] <NoSuperman> Possible OP right removal :P
[2011-12-11 20:13:31] <MerryCrono> PS3 WOULD STILL WI-*shot*
[2011-12-11 20:13:47] <MerryCrono> but srsly, losing my ops for trolling and liking sony better? Somebody is mad~~
[2011-12-11 20:13:55] <NoSuperman> Exactly.
[2011-12-11 20:13:55] <Sove> This explains the 3DS launch pretty well
[2011-12-11 20:14:00] <NoSuperman> OPS know better than to troll.
[2011-12-11 20:14:21] <MerryCrono> D:
[2011-12-11 20:14:22] <NoSuperman> KINECT IS AWESOME wut?
[2011-12-11 20:14:24] <MerryCrono> but...trolling is fun
[2011-12-11 20:14:26] <MerryCrono> LOLNO
[2011-12-11 20:14:29] <MerryCrono> kinect isn't awesome XD
[2011-12-11 20:14:36] <NoSuperman> It's a cool piece of technology.
[2011-12-11 20:14:46] <NoSuperman> It's not good for the games, it's good for the dashboard.
[2011-12-11 20:14:50] <MerryCrono> meh. it doesn't have very good games and it isn't very responsive in my experience.
[2011-12-11 20:14:51] <BlackSoulBlade> Someone made a Kinect hack for Skyrim
[2011-12-11 20:14:55] <MerryCrono> ._.
[2011-12-11 20:14:57] <NoSuperman> E.g. saying "Xbox, Play Disc"
[2011-12-11 20:15:03] <BlackSoulBlade> With voice control
[2011-12-11 20:15:09] <MerryCrono> so BSB - Skyrim with Skyward Sword controls?
[2011-12-11 20:15:14] <MerryCrono> oh, voice control
[2011-12-11 20:15:14] <MerryCrono> psh
[2011-12-11 20:15:19] <MerryCrono> they could have done so much more
[2011-12-11 20:15:21] <BlackSoulBlade> Just without the controller
[2011-12-11 20:15:34] <BlackSoulBlade> And you can say FUS RO DAH and get a FUS RO DAH
[2011-12-11 20:15:42] <Sove> However, this explains Sony's Spring pretty well
[2011-12-11 20:15:45] <Sove>
[2011-12-11 20:16:07] <MerryCrono> oh shit ._.
[2011-12-11 20:16:16] <NoSuperman>
[2011-12-11 20:17:17] <Sove> I still think Wii U's remote is too confusing
[2011-12-11 20:17:19] <MerryCrono> NoSuperman: xD
[2011-12-11 20:17:26] <NoSuperman> Ah yes, I remember that PS3 hack.
[2011-12-11 20:17:29] <MerryCrono> olos but rly... you mad chitteh?
[2011-12-11 20:17:37] <NoSuperman> It gave the Xbox fanboys another argument against the PS3.
[2011-12-11 20:17:43] <NoSuperman> Meh, I'm a little worked up.
[2011-12-11 20:17:51] <NoSuperman> I have enough console debates with ErryK/Sove
[2011-12-11 20:17:54] <MerryCrono> calm yo stuff bro.
[2011-12-11 20:17:58] <MerryCrono> i was just keedin.
[2011-12-11 20:18:07] <NoSuperman> You're almost as unreasonable as ErryK :P
[2011-12-11 20:18:22] <MerryCrono> When I'm trolling >:3
[2011-12-11 20:18:28] <MerryCrono> but I know SSBB is awesome. I love playing it.
[2011-12-11 20:18:33] <MerryCrono> And Mario Kart is fun, too.
[2011-12-11 20:18:44] <MerryCrono> I just need LoZ:SS so I can jizz all over my Wii again.
[2011-12-11 20:18:49] <Sove> Mario Kart stopped being fun after I got pissed at its AI
[2011-12-11 20:18:56] <NoSuperman> Most of what you said is what ErryK says, just a little more caps.
[2011-12-11 20:18:58] <MerryCrono> you said that already
[2011-12-11 20:19:08] <MerryCrono> and Sove, that's why you play with friends or family
[2011-12-11 20:19:10] <Sove> And I won't even bother with the multiplayer, it's apparently full of cheaters
[2011-12-11 20:19:13] <MerryCrono> don't worry about being first
[2011-12-11 20:19:17] <MerryCrono> just get above your peoples
[2011-12-11 20:19:51] <Sove> Winnisg wasn't a problem against the AI
[2011-12-11 20:19:59] <Sove> It's just that they cheat
[2011-12-11 20:20:16] <BlackSoulBlade> Gotta love rubber-band AI
[2011-12-11 20:20:16] <NoSuperman> Not really.
[2011-12-11 20:20:23] <NoSuperman> They don't want you winning, nor do they want you holding items.
[2011-12-11 20:20:30] <NoSuperman> Ergo, Blue Shells and Boos.
[2011-12-11 20:20:39] <Sove> Blue Shell
[2011-12-11 20:20:44] <Sove> I nate that thing
[2011-12-11 20:20:46] <Sove> hate*
[2011-12-11 20:21:12] <Sove> Pretty much the reason why being 2nd is better
[2011-12-11 20:21:40] <Sove> And then you get past the leading guy just before the finish line
[2011-12-11 20:25:00] <Sove> All the items can be countered, except lightning
[2011-12-11 20:25:38] <MerryCrono> <3
[2011-12-11 20:25:47] <Sove> But dodgind the POW block and Blue Shell is ridiculous
[2011-12-11 20:26:03] <NoSuperman> MerrryCrono, that gave me a feel.
[2011-12-11 20:26:04] <Sove> POW Block is only luck and timing
[2011-12-11 20:26:30] <Sove> Blue Shell can be dodged if you use a mushroom just when the shell dives at you
[2011-12-11 20:27:04] <MerryCrono> NoSupahman: A �merry� feel? :D
[2011-12-11 20:27:26] <Sove> But there's no way to dodge that stupid lightning
[2011-12-11 20:27:41] <NoSuperman> Indeed.

#2 - My Epic Backstory
Hands down my favorite memory of the KHWiki IRC, with my insanity, various shitty memes, and of course, NumberXVMoogle. Good times.

Console wars log.

[00:14] <Randomnessity> Keep ranting Crono.
[00:14] <Randomnessity> It amuses me tonight.
[00:14] <SilverCrono> Ranting?
[00:14] <SilverCrono> About wut?
[00:14] <The17master> Crono is pedo!
[00:14] <Randomnessity> Whatever you want.
[00:14] <BakaKidd> ...gravity cat is amused!!
[00:14] <NumberXVMoogle> :3
[00:14] <SilverCrono> I can rant about pretty much everything.
[00:14] <Randomnessity> Just don't cross the line.
[00:14] <Mikazuki_Ghost> SC...don't worry. You aren't a pedo...
[00:14] <SilverCrono> Oh! Should I tell you guys about my secret clone!
[00:14] <SilverCrono> *?
[00:14]  * Randomnessity stares at Crono with the evil eye
[00:14] <BakaKidd> .....what?
[00:14] <Randomnessity> WAIT.
[00:14] <Randomnessity> What about #enuo?
[00:14] <The17master> evil clone?
[00:14] <SilverCrono> But... I wanna do it here.
[00:15] <SilverCrono> So everybody can watch out for my secret clone.
[00:15] <Mikazuki_Ghost> #enuo?
[00:15] <SilverCrono> OKAY! STORYTIEM!
[00:15] <SilverCrono> QUESTIONS LATER. STFU.
[00:15] <Randomnessity> FINE.
[00:15] <BakaKidd> XD
[00:15] <The17master> Enuo, Random's god... at least that's what Havoc told me
[00:15] <SilverCrono> Okay, anyway. I was once a soldier for the US Army, in the 1960s.
[00:15] <JFH|Brotherhood> what?
[00:15] <SilverCrono> I led the assault at the Bay of Pigs.
[00:15] <Randomnessity> ._.
[00:15] <SilverCrono> I had a secret mission to assassinate Castro.
[00:15] <Mikazuki_Ghost> \
[00:15] <SilverCrono> So, when I got to his chamber, I shot him.
[00:15] <SilverCrono> But it was a double!
[00:16] <SilverCrono> So, me and my friend Woods were ambushed.
[00:16] <Mikazuki_Ghost> Stupid cat...
[00:16] <The17master> :O
[00:16] <BakaKidd> ....hehehe *gets what crono's saying*
[00:16] <SilverCrono> Woods and the team escaped, but I was captured.
[00:16] <SilverCrono> I was sent to a Russian prison called Vorkuta for 2 years,
[00:16] <SilverCrono> *.
[00:16] == Faethin [~Faethin@wikia/Faethin] has quit [Ping timeout: 255 seconds]
[00:16] <SilverCrono> I met a Russian soldier who fought in WWII.
[00:16] <SilverCrono> Named Reznov.
[00:16]  * The17master don't know what he's saying
[00:16] <BakaKidd> crono.....u copy cat.....
[00:16] <NumberXVMoogle> Muh-Muh-Muh-Meow.
[00:16] <SilverCrono> We escaped together.
[00:17] <SilverCrono> Then... I believe I went to Vietnam.
[00:17] <The17master> shut up moogle
[00:17] <NumberXVMoogle> kupo!
[00:17] <The17master> !neats
[00:17] <SilverCrono> I reunited with Woods.
[00:17] <SilverCrono> We were drafted to fight the Viet Cong.
[00:17] <The17master> !beats
[00:17] <NumberXVMoogle> *bleeds* meo- *shot repeatedly* rowww-- *beaten to within an inch of life*
[00:17] <SilverCrono> Before we left for our mission, I was wanted at the Pentagon.
[00:17] <SilverCrono> I went, and met JFK.
[00:18] <SilverCrono> After getting the briefing (my secret mission was to stop some Soviet called... I forget.
[00:18] <SilverCrono> Anyway, we went to Vietnam.
[00:18] <SilverCrono> Wait, one sec. brb
[00:18] <JFH|Brotherhood> while Crono is away
[00:18] <JFH|Brotherhood> I shall tell MY story
[00:18] <JFH|Brotherhood> so there I was
[00:18] <JFH|Brotherhood> me and the other conspirators had decided to meet the night before
[00:19] <JFH|Brotherhood> to discuss our plans
[00:19] <JFH|Brotherhood> the boldest of us all, Julius Brutus, said that he would deliver the killing blow
[00:19] <JFH|Brotherhood> all the others agreed
[00:19] <The17master> ...this sounds awfully familiar
[00:19] <Mikazuki_Ghost> tick..tock...tick...tock. THIS IS A BORING STORY.
[00:19] <JFH|Brotherhood> it would happen when he came to the Senate the next day
[00:19] <SilverCrono> kk.. back
[00:19]  * The17master fell asleep
[00:19] <SilverCrono> STFU
[00:19] <SilverCrono> MAH STORY TIEM
[00:19] <JFH|Brotherhood> we waited at the entrance
[00:19] <SilverCrono> NO, STFU
[00:19] <JFH|Brotherhood> but Cesare didn't show up
[00:19] <SilverCrono> Okay, so we were in Vietnam. Our team was assaulted.
[00:20] <JFH|Brotherhood> we were worried he'd found oout about our plan.
[00:20] <JFH|Brotherhood> but Brutus insisted we wait
[00:20] <JFH|Brotherhood> after 5 hours
[00:20] <JFH|Brotherhood> there he was
[00:20] <The17master> oh yay multiple stories
[00:20] <SilverCrono> We left, and I went with hudson (a CIA agent) to the TET Offensive.
[00:20] <JFH|Brotherhood> Julius Cesere
[00:20] <JFH|Brotherhood> we attacked
[00:20] <SilverCrono> We found Doctor C-sometihng.
[00:20] <JFH|Brotherhood> I was the first to attack
[00:20] <JFH|Brotherhood> he guarded
[00:20] <SilverCrono> He worked with Dragovich (the Soviet guy whose name I forgot).
[00:20] <BakaKidd> hehehe i like this...*listens to both*
[00:20] <JFH|Brotherhood> Brutus pulled out his dagger and landed it right in his thigh
[00:20]  * The17master is confused
[00:20] <JFH|Brotherhood> the Roman guards charged us
[00:20] <Mikazuki_Ghost> BORING STORY!
[00:20] <JFH|Brotherhood> the others and I held them off
[00:21] <JFH|Brotherhood> while Brutus dealt with Cesare
[00:21] <JFH|Brotherhood> we defeated the guards
[00:21] <The17master> okay, now I know what JFH is telling about
[00:21] <JFH|Brotherhood> and ran over to where Brutus and Cesare were dueling
[00:21] <SilverCrono> So, Hudson and I got C-something and left, but C-something was shot.
[00:21] <BakaKidd> heck i knew what bout were talking bout..
[00:21] <JFH|Brotherhood> I ran over and landed a clean blow into Cesare's shoulder with my sword
[00:21] <SilverCrono> He talked about Project Nova, a Soviet bio-weapon.
[00:21] <Mikazuki_Ghost> Can we go to some real violence?
[00:21] <Drake|Writing>
[00:21] <NumberXVMoogle> Title -[Final Fantasy XII - Main Theme]   Description -[Final Fantasy XII Main Theme]   Tags -[ Final Fantasy XII]
[00:21] <Drake|Writing> Awe-inspiring
[00:21] <JFH|Brotherhood> Brutus took his dagger and beheaded Cesare
[00:21] <SilverCrono> I talked with Reznov
[00:21] <SilverCrono> He told me about Nova...
[00:22] <The17master> VIOLENEC!!!!! SWEET
[00:22] <JFH|Brotherhood> we fled the scene, having become enemies of the state
[00:22] <SilverCrono> It was a Soviet weapon that caused instant disintegration
[00:22] <JFH|Brotherhood> the Romans came after us at every turn
[00:22] <JFH|Brotherhood> we mutilated their corpses
[00:22] <JFH|Brotherhood> chopping off limbs
[00:22] <JFH|Brotherhood> removing heads
[00:22] <JFH|Brotherhood> stabbing them through the heart
[00:22] <Mikazuki_Ghost> Awesome.
[00:22] <SilverCrono> So we traveled to a compound where Steiner, a scientest working for Dragovich, was held
[00:22] <The17master> MOAR VIOLENCE
[00:22] <JFH|Brotherhood> they begged for mercy, but we knew the second we let up that we'd be done
[00:22] <SilverCrono> The US had orders to keep him aliv
[00:23] <SilverCrono> But he had to die.
[00:23] <SilverCrono> Him and Dragovich.
[00:23] <SilverCrono> They caused mass murder, and betrayed Reznov in WWII.
[00:23] <JFH|Brotherhood> that is when the Roman Centurion and his forces approached
[00:23] <SilverCrono> So they had to die.
[00:23] <JFH|Brotherhood> the other conspirators and I knew we didn't stand a chance
[00:23] <Dhaliarosa> ._.
[00:23] <SilverCrono> So, Reznov shot Steiner just as hudson and his men came.
[00:23] <JFH|Brotherhood> Brutus offered to stay behind
[00:23] <Dhaliarosa> >_>
[00:23] <SilverCrono> They knocked me out.
[00:23] <Dhaliarosa> O_O
[00:23] <JFH|Brotherhood> and fight them off while we escaped
[00:23] <SilverCrono> I awoke in a torture chamber.
[00:23] <SilverCrono> Numbers...
[00:23] <SilverCrono> Numbers were in my f*cking head!
[00:23] <JFH|Brotherhood> we were reluctant, but knew it was either him... or all of us
[00:23] <SilverCrono> F*CKING NUMBERS.
[00:23] <JFH|Brotherhood> so we left him and ran
[00:24] <JFH|Brotherhood> we waited 3 days
[00:24] <SilverCrono> Hudson approached, and demanded to know what the numbers meant.
[00:24] <JFH|Brotherhood> we returned to the scene
[00:24] <SilverCrono> I couldn't remember... I needed to know where Reznov was!
[00:24] <BakaKidd> BEST.STORYTIME.EVER!!!!
[00:24] <SilverCrono> We had to kill Dragovich!
[00:24] <JFH|Brotherhood> and there we found Brutus's corpse, along with well over 300 corpses of Roman soldiers
[00:24] <SilverCrono> Hudson said something about Reznov being dead...
[00:24] <Mikazuki_Ghost> STORYTIME FTW
[00:24] <SilverCrono> But he lied! Reznov killed Steiner!
[00:24] <JFH|Brotherhood> the stench was unbearable
[00:24] <SilverCrono> Hudson reveals that it was all a lie...
[00:24] <JFH|Brotherhood> but we wanted to give Brutus a proper burrial
[00:24] <The17master> PURE WIN
[00:24] <SilverCrono> Back in Vorkuta, Dragovich brainwashed me!
[00:25] <JFH|Brotherhood> so we took his body and burried him on a hill not to far from there
[00:25] <SilverCrono> He programmed me to kill Kennedy, in conjunction to Project Nova being launched on the US.
[00:25] <JFH|Brotherhood> the Romans never came after us again
[00:25] <SilverCrono> But Reznov knew...
[00:25] <JFH|Brotherhood> we fled to Espana
[00:25] <SilverCrono> He redirected my programming to kill Dragovich!
[00:25] <SilverCrono> So, I knew the truth. Project nova was hours away from being launched.
[00:25] <JFH|Brotherhood> and stayed there, knowing that WE had successfully killed Julius Cesare, and gotten away with it
[00:25] <JFH|Brotherhood> -The End-
[00:25] <SilverCrono> But the numbers said the coordinates!
[00:25] <SilverCrono> We had to stop the numbers from being broadcast.
[00:26] <JFH|Brotherhood> and that is my take on the Assassination of Julius Cesare
[00:26] <SilverCrono> We spent 2 hours tracking it down, until I deciphered the numbers...
[00:26] <SilverCrono> I recognized them!
[00:26] <SilverCrono> Back in Vorkuta, Reznov said them every night.
[00:26] <SilverCrono> Every goddamn night...
[00:26] <SilverCrono> They were in my head! I couldn't get them out!
[00:26] <SilverCrono> And.. I recognized a place.
[00:26] <SilverCrono> A name...
[00:26] <SilverCrono> Ruslaka.
[00:26] <SilverCrono> The broadcast center.
[00:26] <SilverCrono> A ship... in Cuba.
[00:27] <SilverCrono> Hudson and I, along with hundreds of troops, tracked the ship down.
[00:27] <SilverCrono> We only had 20 minutes until the coordinates for Nova to be shot were broadcast.
[00:27] <SilverCrono> We shot the ship down and found a secret tunnel...
[00:27] <SilverCrono> A secret rig under the ship!
[00:27] <SilverCrono> Hudson and I infiltrated.
[00:27] <SilverCrono> 5 minutes left...
[00:27] <SilverCrono> We came to a central room and fought for what seemed like hours.
[00:28] <SilverCrono> We came to the central terminal.
[00:28] <SilverCrono> And there was.. Dragovich!
[00:28] <SilverCrono> He took my gun. Hudson was still fighting.
[00:28] <SilverCrono> We wrestled, and I assaulted him.
[00:28] <SilverCrono> I yelled at him, for everything...
[00:28] <SilverCrono> For Reznov dieing in Vorkuta...
[00:28] <SilverCrono> For killing so many people..
[00:28] <SilverCrono> For trying to make me kill my own President!
[00:29] <SilverCrono> As I chocked him to death, I could swear I heard him say "Tried...? I succeded..."
[00:29] <SilverCrono> Hudson stopped the broadcast 6 seconds before schedule.
[00:29] <SilverCrono> We saved America.
[00:29] <SilverCrono> I blacked out, and awoke in a dark chamber.
[00:29] <SilverCrono> I was hooked up to wires, and seemed to be in a surgical chamber.
[00:29] <SilverCrono> I broke free, and looked around.
[00:29] <Dhaliarosa>
[00:29] <Drake|Writing> WHOA
[00:29] <SilverCrono> My head hurt, and I could swear I still hear the numbers
[00:29] <Drake|Writing> WHOA
[00:29] <Drake|Writing> WHOA
[00:29] <Dhaliarosa>
[00:29] <Drake|Writing>
[00:30] <Drake|Writing> WATCH THAT
[00:30] <Dhaliarosa>
[00:30] <SilverCrono> The f*cking numbers!
[00:30] <Dhaliarosa>
[00:30] <SilverCrono> I looked at the table across from me..
[00:30] <Dhaliarosa> That image is pure awesomeness!
[00:30] <SilverCrono> And I saw...
[00:30] <SilverCrono> Myself.
[00:30] <Dhaliarosa>
[00:30] <SilverCrono> I was lying there, on the table.
[00:30] <SilverCrono> It was me.
[00:30] <SilverCrono> Sleeping.
[00:30] <NumberXVMoogle> Title -[What's under Vanitas' helmet?]   Description -[What is there?!]   Tags -[ Kingdom Hearts Birth]
[00:30] <SilverCrono> I looked to the glass.
[00:30] <Dhaliarosa> You'll find the new generation of Harry Potter ---<br>/e/7/e73480a14e0d6f908062fe4516bddb25.jpg
[00:30] <Drake|Writing> Damn that's funny
[00:30] <Dhaliarosa>
[00:30] <SilverCrono> There was a glass window, unbreakable on my side.
[00:30] <Dhaliarosa> HAVE YOU SEEN IT YET?
[00:30] <SilverCrono> no exits.
[00:30] <Drake|Writing> Stop linking that for fuck's sake
[00:30] <Dhaliarosa> ._.
[00:31] <SilverCrono> And they said...
[00:31]  * Dhaliarosa ignores Drake
[00:31] <Dhaliarosa>
[00:31] <SilverCrono> "Thank you, Crono. For everything."
[00:31] <Randomnessity> CRONO, NOW IS THE TIME TO ASK.
[00:31] <BakaKidd> XD funny drake!
[00:31] <SilverCrono> "But... it's to late."
[00:31] <Drake|Writing> I know
[00:31] <SilverCrono> "You're gone too far."
[00:31] <Drake|Writing> camera hacks ftw!
[00:31] <Dhaliarosa> FTW
[00:31] <Dhaliarosa> BTW
[00:31] <SilverCrono> "Now... it's time for you to be reborn".
[00:31] <Dhaliarosa> LTW
[00:31] <SilverCrono> They had cloned me.
[00:31] <Dhaliarosa> LIFETIME WISH
[00:31] <Mikazuki_Ghost> Back in 30 or so!
[00:31] <Mikazuki_Ghost> Be right back!
[00:31] <Dhaliarosa> fuck's
[00:31] <SilverCrono> The window suddenly broke, and I was tranquilized.
[00:31] == Mikazuki_Ghost [475c7c27@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[00:31] <SilverCrono> I next awoke in my house.
[00:32] <SilverCrono> And... I didn't remember.
[00:32] <Dhaliarosa> Interesting, "fuck's" isn't a curse word.
[00:32] <SilverCrono> That was 40 years ago.
[00:32] <SilverCrono> Bits and pieces came to me over the years...
[00:32] <SilverCrono> And, last year, I remembered it all.
[00:32] <SilverCrono> And, every year, on the anniversary of the day I broke out and Reznov died...
[00:32] <SilverCrono> I stand on my balcany, watching the sunset.
[00:32] <SilverCrono> Watching for my clone to one day show up.
[00:33] <SilverCrono> For the army to kill me because of what I know.
[00:33] <NumberXVMoogle> Adola, Drake|Writing said a curse word.  The incident has been logged, and will be reported.
[00:33] <SilverCrono> For Reznov to smile at me, one more time...
[00:33] <NumberXVMoogle> Adola, Dhaliarosa said a curse word.  The incident has been logged, and will be reported.
[00:33] <NumberXVMoogle> Adola, Dhaliarosa said a curse word.  The incident has been logged, and will be reported.
[00:33] <SilverCrono> <end>

#1 - The Goosh Goosh Incident
Probably one of the most influential and infamous incidents of the KHWiki IRC. I couldn't even describe it perfectly myself (mostly bc I wasn't around for it lol), so read this and be amazed if you want to know the truth, the center, the pillar, the BIBLE of the KHWiki IRC... [1].

A Chat with SilverCrono
Interview conducted by TheFifteenthMember
In a very special interview, TheFifteenthMember chit-chats with retired editor, SilverCrono, to discuss life in the old days.
This article contains some strong language, so you've been warned.
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FM: Hello there, SilverCrono! As you know, I am the TheFifteenthMember and I'm glad to have the pleasure of interviewing you today!

Crono: *Holds up peace sign*

FM: Now, you're an interesting case because you're actually no longer active on the wiki, correct?

Crono: That is correct. I'm not active on any wiki, really :L

FM: How long ago were you active then?

Crono: On the KH wiki? least two years ago.

FM: To think, I may have joined the wiki in 2014! When did you first start editing the wiki?

Crono: Um... probably around early to mid 2011. *pauses* No, it had to have been 2010. I remember because I started editing around when Birth by Sleep came out. I started editing wikis in general around the middle of 2009, when Dissidia came out.

FM: Wow! As you know, the wiki's 10th anniversary is this April. Since it was founded in 2006, you've been present for 60% of the wiki's life. How do you feel about that?

Crono: Wow, makes me feel really old .-.

FM: I bet, but on the bright side, it makes me feel like a spring chicken! :D So tell me about your time on the wiki back in 2010-2012.

Crono: Hmm... mostly, I remember the IRC. To this day I've only ever finished BbS, so all I ever really did were lots of minor edits, wiki upkeep, gnoming, etc. (Oh, I also tried to play Re:coded, but it was literal garbage so I threw it in the trash.)

FM: What was the wiki like at the time? Is it any different to how it is now?

Crono: There were a lot more people for sure, lol, but a lot of them were really young, like, middle school and stuff. A lot of emphasis on content rather than userspace content, but... that meant when users did goof off, they were pretty wild.

FM: You mentioned the IRC earlier. Did the wildness seep to over there?

Crono: Definitely, haha. There's an entire side wiki made up of old IRC memes, a number of which I contributed to >>;

FM: Ah, I've heard of this! Are you talking about LOLHEARTS Wiki? Who came up with it?

Crono: Tabbeh, probably.

FM: Moving on, what were the reasons for you to become inactive? Is there anything you particularly miss about wiki editing?

Crono: Hmm...I think I just lost interest in the KH series, especially since there hasn't been any huge new games, besides 3D. I don't really miss the editing but I do miss a lot of the people who used to be a part of the community. Maybe it was the split, but the wiki as a whole feels a lot less populated.

FM: Maybe our luck will change when Kingdom Hearts III releases soon?

Crono: Hopefully!

FM: Anyway, let's move away from the wiki and talk about you! What sorts of interests do you have, outside of Kingdom Hearts?

Crono: I like other vidya gaems too! Final Fantasy, Trails in the Sky, Chrono Trigger... some of my favs. I also write and read a lot. I have a book manuscript I'm trying to get published and I'm working on another. I was part of the KH Fanon Wiki with my own shitty KH fanfiction, lol.

FM: A budding author in the making, good luck with that!

Crono: Thankies~

FM: I remember trying to write my own novel once, but I gave up after a month.

Crono: Never give up!! My motto is: "once u start, u gotta finish".

FM: Haha, did you finish Re:coded?

Crono: ....
Get these cameras out of my face, this interview is over.

FM: *Confetti in the air* I HAVE BESTED THE CRONO!

Crono: *Punches the cameraman in the throat*

FM: Hey, don't take it out on him!

Crono: Someone has gotta suffer with me, that game was so bad... SO BAD! ;V;

FM: Let's finish off with a few quick questions:

Crono: Sure, but don't film me for these >>;

FM: Oh, of course I won't *smiles evilly at the camera* So in one word, describe your experience on the wiki.

Crono: olos.

FM: LOL, for the uninitiated reading at home, could you explain what that means?

Crono: Anyone who wants to know about olos must join the immortal cult of ENUO.
Pros: immortality.
Cons: pretty much everything else.
(Extra pro: olos)
[In other words, I say it a lot because olos.]

FM: Extra, extra pro: unlimited Crono points?

Crono: For me, lol. Everyone else just gets a +6000 bonus for every 10 years of initiation torture they go through.
...I didn't just mention the initiation torture, did I? *stares at the camera*

FM: Viewers at home, he is only joking! He's harmless really...I hope :/ Anyway, for the final question! In THIRTEEN words, describe your current feeling towards Kingdom Hearts III. Any more or any less and I'll get the cameraman back to have his revenge.

Crono: Hm... KH3... okay. "Square, I'm tired of waiting. Give me this fucking game or people die."

FM: Oh dear. "I'm" is technically two words. I'm afraid I have to call over the cameraman... Just kidding, I'll let it go because you've been such a good interviewee for me today!

Crono: *shrugs and pulls out his chainsaw* ...Oh, okay, guess I won't be needing this :/

FM: Lovely...lovely interviewee :/

Crono: Glad I could help! ;D
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TheFifteenthMember can be found at the KHWiki, often in the geology department.

SilverCrono frequents the IRC, in case you're (strangely) interested in a chat with him.

(Note: No cameramen were **severely** hurt in the making of this interview.)
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Art compiled by TheFifteenthMember
Magazine Issue 8 Sketchbook1.png

by Troisnyxétienne
Magazine Issue 8 Sketchbook2.png

by ShadowsTwilight,
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by TheSilentHero
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by Troisnyxétienne
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Banish the Beast Title Image
A mysterious curse has been wrought upon the world of Kingdom Hearts! All the wicked foes that stand in the way of our favorite protagonists have been gifted with the power of invisibility!
Thankfully, our quick wiki editors who are skilled in the ways of magic - as all good editors are - have managed to capture some monsters, but they need your help identifying what type of beast they have found, so their un-invisiblity spells work correctly. Help us out!

Do you know who this beast is?
Magazine Issue 8 BanishtheBeast.png
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This issue's beast was captured by TheSilentHero
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I sit in a place of chitter-chatter,
Although conversation often fray,
Giving silence the chance to grow fatter.
Tell me the place in which I stay.

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Submitted by TheFifteenthMember

As winter draws near,
users from both wikis gather
to compete for fancy rewards.
Whether it is guessing facts,
or creating characters,
only one team can win.

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Submitted by TheSilentHero

What goes down, but never up?
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Submitted by Chainoffire

What started as a joke,
turned out to be very close to reality.
Was it pure luck,
or did someone use Future Sight?

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'Tis an immense task
For the pheonix to rebirth.
It needs new clothes, sport, game, conversation
And the very pages you see now.
But what is the mission?

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Submitted by TheFifteenthMember
Light Cycle title image

Every image needs to be turned into a matching word. The notes beneath the images remove or change letters in that word. For example, if it says "-a", you have to remove an "a" from the word, and if it says "a=e", you have to replace an "a" with an "e". All images on one row together form a name.
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Q) What is your favourite section(s) of the Twilight Times that you like to read?

I always enjoy reading the Coliseum debate. It's fun to read how two users are trying to convince the other of their subject's superiority.

Q) What is your favourite section(s) of the Twilight Times that you like to contribute?

I'd have to go with the wiki tutorial. It's great for sharing some knowledge about wiki things with others, and people can actually something from them.
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Q) What is your favourite section(s) of the Twilight Times that you like to read?

The Keyblade Master, primarily. To a lesser extent, Dive to the Heart. I like to check out the Sketchbook and the games corner just to see what people have put in, as well.

Q) What is your favourite section(s) of the Twilight Times that you like to contribute?

For me, it'd be the Keyblade Master, Dive to the Heart, Flick Rush, Light Cycle/The Cheshire Cat's Grin and Namine's Sketchbook. Unfortunately, I haven't made a contribution to Light Cycle or The Cheshire Cat's Grin just yet, but I do have a few ideas and I've listed them down because they're bound to appear with my own puzzles at some point. ^_-

Q) What accomplishments have you made on your time at the wiki?

Uh. What accomplishments have I done, again? No, seriously, I don't even pay attention to what I do. Maybe someone can speak for me; I personally cannot speak for myself.

Q) What retired/inactive editors inspired you to become the editor you are today?

The one editor whom I don't see any more on the wiki, who inspired my work ethic, was BebopKate. She had great responsibility as an admin, as well as a modicum of common sense which allowed people to have fun on the wiki besides simply editing. She was friendly with people whom others were quick to dismiss as noobs, and she even forgave someone who had been banned from the wiki previously, and allowed them to return and gave them the chance to be a better person.

Q) What is/was your biggest project here on the wiki?

If I remember correctly, for me, in the past, my biggest project was the assembly of data for the Puzzle minigame for Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, back in the day when that game didn't have an English translation. I had II Final Mix and noted down the locations of puzzles, but I wasn't the only one who did so. There was also another user by the name of HeartofOblivion (HOO for short) who also did this. We gathered our findings together, and I don't know just how we got others to help us with formatting. I wasn't good at tabs back in the day, and I'm still rubbish at them. I think it was KrytenKoro or someone equally good with wikimarkup who helped us present it properly on the page. It took us a good few months, maybe longer, I don't know, but it's done.
My current big project is the Userboxes. On occasion I've had EternalNothingnessXIII and TheFifteenthMember help me out, but the bulk of the work has been done by yours truly. With TheFifteenthMember's help we managed to get Porplemontage, the developer behind, to double the template space. A lot of them are bright and colourful, and when I last checked on Photobucket I had like 1,000+ images for the purposes of the Userbox project. Is it safe to say that the number has doubled…?

Q) Did you imagine the wiki to be like it is now when you first started?

Heavens, no. We all started on Wikia and it did look similar to the new domain of, but we didn't think that there would be many poor, shoddy decisions beyond our control that would cause the wiki to split, so to speak. Nor did we imagine that both domains would still be going strong despite its relative lack of active members.
Personally, I speak for rather than The Keyhole – it really is a thousand times better than I had imagined it to be. Greater template space, greater fluidity to do things to pages and split them to sub-pages, greater customisation, and an otherwise more professional-looking space than I had previously imagined possible.
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Q) What accomplishments have you made on your time at the wiki?

One my favourite things to do on the wiki is identify areas of the wiki that is nearly barren in proper information, make a project out of it, complete that section of the wiki and then move onto a new project. As such, I founded Project: Recoded in my early, inexperienced days and eventually, that was all-in-all finished. Ever since, I've been moving onto various other gameplay elements and documenting them, including Limits, key items and party members.

Q) What is your favourite section(s) of the Twilight Times that you like to contribute?

Definitely the puzzles. I like to get creative with them and also improve my fledgling Photoshop skills when I make the graphics.

If you have a question for our mailbox about anything related to the Kingdom Hearts games, KHWiki or the Keyhole, send it to and it might be in our next issue!
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by Chainoffire
Kingdom Hearts Wiki Logo.png

Nobody.png Find a home for an unused image
Nobody.png Nominate a fight in the Mirage Arena.
Nobody.png Replace at least three unsatisfying images.
Nobody.png Fix a mistake on a Featured Article.
Nobody.png Participate in an unresolved discussion.
The Kingdom Hearts logo, for use on the Flick Rush page

KH1 icon.png Defeat Xemnas' first Data Battle of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix without taking any non-nil damage.
KH1 icon.png Activate Ghost Drive in battle with Terra-Xehanort from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.
KH1 icon.png Hold at least 99,999 munny at once in any game.
KH1 icon.png Defeat Riku while playing as Roxas in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days while wearing the Casual Gear.
KH1 icon.png Obtain every staff for Donald in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix.
The Keyholoe logo

Mission Crown KHD.png Bring up a topic in our quarterly tea party.
Mission Crown KHD.png Vote for our next featured media.
Mission Crown KHD.png Expand on an ability stub.
Mission Crown KHD.png Add information related to Kingdom Hearts χ to the correct articles.
Mission Crown KHD.png Add heartless images to our Kingdom Hearts χ section of the List of Heartless!
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Results compiled by TheSilentHero

In our last issue we asked you...
What Final Fantasy spell do you want to see in a Kingdom Hearts game?
Here's what you said!

Magazine Issue 8 PollResults.png

After a total of 18 votes, the most wanted Final Fantasy spell is... Ultima, with 33% of the votes!
Water(a) comes in second with 22% of the votes!
Tied for third place are Dark(ra/ga) and Toad with 16.5% of the votes each.
Stona(ra/ga) and Flare both get one vote, which makes up 5.5% of the total votes.
And finally, Dia(ra/ga) gets zero votes.
Conclusion: We'd like to blast enemies away with the ultimate magic spell, and really don't care about using light to damage the undead.
Thanks to everyone who voted, and please vote for the next poll, which you can find below.
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Submitted by TheSilentHero

Do you plan on staying on the wiki until it reaches its 15th anniversary?

Share your opinion on the comments page.
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Birthday title
Dates compiled by TheSilentHero

In the coming three months, the following users will celebrate their birthday:
April 1: NinjaSheik
April 7: TheSilentHero
April 10: LegendAqua
April 12: Troisnyxetienne
May 29: Chainoffire
June 1: UxieLover1994
June 3: SilverCrono
June 26: Byzantinefire
June 29: Xion4ever
Also, April 1 marks the anniversary of not only our own wiki,
but also Square Enix with its 13th!