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Somewhere in between inactive and retired. Currently, in the real world, studying medicine on the East Coast. It is very cold. Might make a few edits here and there. If you remember me - nice to chat again, old pals. Call me Doorsey.

Oh, and happy KHIII Day. We made it, after all this time. Pre-ordered it even without owning a PS4 - I'll figure it out. I hope you all love the game. --DTN Room Core.png 18:49, 28 January 2019 (UTC)

Some updates:

I'm a pleasant medical student who spent the greater part of his adolescence immersed in the KHWiki community.

I'm also a huge nerd and love this place and the memories it left me with. 'Kingdom Hearts' has without a doubt changed my life. It led me to this site, where I met my first online friends several years ago, some of whom I'm still in touch with. I still listen to the music to study and always have my copies of BBS and 358/2 Days and coded waiting in the closet, for the nonexistent time when I will be free enough to play them.

Former admin, it's been a long while. Drop me a line.