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October 2010 featured User Medal.png

LapisScarab - Xemnas (card).png You accept darkness, yet choose to live in the light. So why is it that you loathe us who teeter on the edge of nothing? We who were turned away by both light and dark - never given a choice? Nobody.png
TALK - That may be... however, what other choice might we have had?
Interdiction KHD.png This is my talk bubble. Used for normal...talking. Changed from Xemnas to Marluxia on January 30th to commemorate my Wikiversery, then from Marluxia to Luxord for no particular reason. Finally back to basics with Xemnas.
LapisScarab - Xemnas (card).png Very good. You don't miss a thing. I cannot feel sorrow... No matter what misery befalls the worlds. No matter what you think, what you feel, or how you exist. Nobody.png
TALK - Come closer...
Interdiction KHD.png This is my happy talk bubble. Used for more casual talking, or when I'm in a particularly good mood.
LapisScarab - Xemnas (card).png Hearts quivering with hatred... Hearts burning with rage... Hearts scarred by envy... That fool Ansem said the heart's true nature was beyond his understanding. But it's not beyond mine! Hearts are the source of all power! Nobody.png
TALK - Anger and hate are supreme.
Interdiction KHD.png This is my angry talk bubble. Used when I'm anywhere from really annoyed to furious. I hope not to use this one much.
Infinity KHD.png This is my inverse talk bubble, made just for the heck of it. I'm fond of the original talk bubbles, but TNE's inverse ones look cool. I'll probably make a skinny one later too.
LapisScarab Xemnas (card).png Good tidings, friends. Today is a momentous day. I am pleased to announce that a new comrade has been chosen to wear the coat. — 04:27, March 17, 2010 (UTC)
No Heart KHBBSFM.png
LapisScarab Xemnas (card).png Embrace... nothing! — 04:37, March 19, 2010 (UTC)
Xemnas's Replica Data KHIIFM.png This is my skinny talk bubble, another of TroisNyxEtienne's creations. Consider this, my inverse talk bubble, and my normal talk bubble to all mean the same thing.

This is my signature when I feel that my talk bubble is not needed, or I just don't feel like typing it.--LapisLazuliScarab02:03, May 19, 2010 (UTC)

Users I consider friends

Along with a comment if there is anything unique about how I met/became friends with them. I like all of my friends, so not having a comment doesn't mean anything.


Sora_%28Sprite%29_KHCOM.png This user is male.
17 This user is 17 years old.
en This user is a native speaker of English.
es-3 Este usuario puede contribuir con un nivel avanzado de español.
tPC4jGx.png This user contributes using Google Chrome.
760n2Dk.png This user defeated Ansem and started the epic story of Kingdom Hearts.
qk6vzKA.png This user defeated Xemnas and restored peace to the worlds.
KZtjZrZ.png This user conquered Castle Oblivion and took down Marluxia.
viFYwhx.png This user took on Riku and discovered the secrets of Xion.
NyLVYjw.png This user has unlocked The King in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.
gOA7JF1.png This user has unlocked Sora in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.
weWh9JY.png This user has obtained Mission Crowns!
6LR24Jg.png This user has obtained Challenge Sigils!
6vqhXgC.png This user became the Lingering Will and completed Terra's story.
jArRktg.png This user dove to the heart and completed Ventus's story.
LiyFa5c.png This user destroyed the χ-blade and completed Aqua's story.
AquaCharm.png This user not only completed the trio's stories, but also completed the Final Episode.
zuD393l.png This user has taken on the Vanitas Remnant and won!
sNrGZMg.png This user did battle with the enigmatic Unknown and won!
Template:User Heartless
Template:User Unversed
Template:User Nobody
Template:User OXIII
YgfmCvP.png This user keeps forgetting not to mess with Keyblade wielders.
ernA4Zf.png This user wishes to live on forever. Get it memorized!
DobGD0s.png This user is no more eternal than that radiance of yours...
nr6F6Cx.png Xion is a valued member of the Organization, but she needs her rest.
yidmdso.png This user wonders if you've been a good boy.
Vfr6rba.png This user would like you to enlighten us about that pet project of yours.
vovomh3.png This user is a scientist... yes!
XOoNq4u.png You're only number 6! How dare you
JzCJIHh.png This user will not yield to the frail heart of an infantile coward!
frXZnOY.png Forgive me, Zexion. This was a fight I should not have started.
XarXPUo.png This user will make you see that your hopes are nothing... nothing but a mere illusion!
vsMYbO5.png When did that happen? You were always terrified of the dark before—
zpt3vzO.png This user is a master of the moon. Now move aside!
WFRCkjc.png Why, Xigbar... It almost sounds as though you know.
Axel1_zps9ufogdop.png This user wants to let the flames burn you! Got it memorized?
hTu6pjG.png Is that your shield? Won't do you any good, I'm afraid.
Bzyb62y.png This user is a master of water.
z4b0Dkq.png If the subject fails to respond, use aggression to liberate his true disposition... Right.
68TxGmg.png This user wonders if you know the rules.
8n91UuY.png I'd rather we just skip the formalities.
cjREgxg.png This user is a master of flowers.
Cka8FYn.png Vexen, the simple fact is that your project was a failure.
YY2MDE5.png This user should warn you that they are in an EXTREMELY FOUL MOOD!
Xis1TSL.png Yes, she's the one that gave you that tacky little good luck charm.
7MydijL.png This user is a fan of Roxas.
wCoh0TL.png Maybe... today we'll finally hit the beach!
SElHt8u.png Who is this user? What are they here for?
UserCreeper.png This user is a stealthy Creeper; can you predict his or her next move?
UserDusk.png The user you see before you is known as a Dusk.
UserAssassin.png This user is a paid Assassin.
Dragoon_zpsbi69h5on.png This user is a powerful Dragoon. You would do well to learn from him or her.
Gambler_zpsyu6xrvr7.png This user is a Gambler. Raise or Fold?
Berserker_zpsxrvxi22f.png This user is a mighty Berserker and warns you to move aside!
Dancer_zps1tw3iwb6.png Everybody dance! This user thinks Dancers are love.
UserSamurai.png This user is a noble Samurai, now draw your weapon.
Sorcerer_zpsylntasrz.png This user is an unstoppable Sorcerer. Dare you try to break his or her poise?
UserSniper.png This user is a Sniper and has got you in his or her sights.
UserTwilightThorn.png This user will be a thorn in your side for all eternity!
sbCu8fB.png This user is not interested in anything except Cloud.
knFHeVL.png This user is a fan of the One-Winged Angel.
iws5VfD.png This user is a fan of Auron, and would like to be part of his story.
R0D1ykY.png This user is a fan of Tifa, and begs pardon for bothering you.
cmh4lJY.png This user is a fan of Hades and DRIVES HIM CRAZY!

H0rfu.png This user is addicted to building in Minecraft!

Naminé's Drawoff

Naminé's Notebook KHII.png
I'm not supposed to be in this picture.
This symbols sketch has been awarded by Naminé for submitting
one piece of fan art to the 2009 Naminé's Drawoff competition.
This artist submitted "The Apprentices Celebrate 2010".
DTN Room Core.png YerMom is feeling jolly

Dissidia:Kingdom Hearts

When "He" Awakens 01 KHII.png
We're creating a brand new world, one heart at a time
The user LapisScarab has been acknowledged by Xelias as the Number IV as well as the Heartless Master of the Dissidia: Kingdom Hearts development team. This stands as an award for his precious contributions.


JFHavoc Stamp of Appreciation

JFHtalk.png Thank you for helping out the Kingdom Hearts Wiki. You've proven yourself a good editor and an even better person. Please accept this little token of my appreciation for all your hard work.


I sense great Darkness in you...

And for that you should be commended. Through your utilization of this pure, natural force, you have become a great and well respected editor. A gnome of gnomes, a user of users, I now present you with this, a small thank you for your contributions.

Invisible Sword.png Light, Darkness, and What Lies Inbetween... The_Inexistent 17:05, 27 February 2011 (EST)



Paopu Fruit.png Deal? The winner gets to share a paopu with Kairi.
This paopu fruit has been awarded for being nominated
for an admin or moderator position.
"We're werewolves, not swearwolves." (KrytenKoro) 21:28, 21 February 2011 (EST)

Audit Award

Promotional Art 02 KH3D.png

"This world has been disconnected. Severed from the darkness. As of now, no longer eclipsed."

As of today, June 11th, 2011, the audit resulting from the declared independence of the Kingdom Hearts Wiki from Wikia has been successfully completed! Thanks to work from users like you, all articles, images, templates, and other pages are now fully synced with the wiki, which has restored content that could have been lost forever during the move. Thanks to you, this wiki is now completely free from Wikia, as well as all of its forced skins, policies, and content that shunned encyclopedic content for contests and irrelevant material. Your invaluable work has forever separated the Kingdom Hearts Wiki, allowing us to reach higher, transcend the stars, pierce the heavens, and ultimately conquer the darkness, and shall never be forgotten. From the hearts of truly every user on this wiki: thank you.

Symbol Award

"We may profess to know the heart, but its essence is beyond our reach."
Thanks to you LapisScarab, we are one step closer.
--ShardofTruth 21:05, 5 October 2011 (UTC)