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In our brief lives,
we've managed to meet.
Treasure this gift,
this precious time that we have.
Name UxieLover1994*
Japanese Name ユクシー恋人1994 (YukushīKoibito1994)
Birthday 6/1/1994
Currently playing Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance


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Things to know

What got me interested in such a franchise? A cousin let me play the original game at a family BBQ in 2005, and I was instantly hooked. That's what. Why am I a fan? The release of Kingdom Hearts II really caught my attention, and the minute I heard it from a friend at school, I wanted to play it. One month later, I did. What kept me from getting bored? At the time, I was also a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh, and the Virtual Arc (a filler, of course) caused me to instantly connect with Space Paranoids.

Despite the implication, that world didn't reach the top five until 2010. For a while, the Pride Lands is what kept me interested. But of course, I was just a teenage girl trying to cut off from what she loved as a child. I was stupid, and only wanted to be like the popular ones. The release of Tron: Legacy (and it's unfortunate ending that might NEVER be resolved, thank you Tomorrowland) helped me mature from the corrupted teenager into a mature young adult woman I am today.

Nowadays, I'm slowly embracing my childhood love, including Pokémon, and rejecting most of my stupid years. However, my love for Kingdom Hearts will never die. I'm currently looking forward to the next name: Kingdom Hearts III. For details on my love for Pokémon, visit my Bulbapedia page.

I'm still a fan of the franchise, but I've gained other interests over the past few years. For example, I've taken an interest in RWBY, Persona, and the occasional Japanese language film that Madman Entertainment releases in Australia. But what do you expect for a woman of only 24 years who wants to explore more on culture?

At this point, I consider Symphony of Sorcery as my favorite world, and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix as my favorite game in the franchise. Of the playable characters, Riku is my favorite, with Sora not far behind. Hey, there is a reason why I named the protagonist of Omega Ruby after the former, and a future Pokémon game (fingers crossed it will be announced at Jump Festa 2016) will be named after the latter. For forms, the ones for Halloween Town are topped (especially with Sora's), and for the minigames, it has to be Flick Rush. Why? Come on, would a Pokémon fan really make no jokes on Dream Eaters fighting in a Rotation Battle?

Please note that I have semi-retired from this wiki, though I can be found quite active on Reddit, Bulbapedia and the Bulbagarden Forums. Maybe the reason why I'm here is because the IRC channels are rarely active with others? Who knows...

Personal Info

I'm from Australia. I'm 24 years old (born June 1, 1994). I'm currently single, and I don't drink or smoke. I'm outgoing, somewhat a nerd, and my hobbies including photography, swimming, and going on adventures. I don't watch much television, or read non-manga. Currently, Age of Empires II is my favorite game, though I do occasionally play Sly Cooper.


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Obtained stuff relating to KH

This will be expanded upon later


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