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Nickname ANX
Homeworld Destiny Islands
Origin Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Birthday September 8
Favorite Character besides ANX Riku
Favorite Song Kairi (III) from KHI
Favorite Color Blue

This user is currently: watching a KH3 stream.

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ANX219 Or when I'm by the sea... When I look at the water, and hear the waves lapping against the shore... it's almost like I can hear another voice. — {{{time}}}
2YTDwh4.png Hello! My job here is to eradicate jpgs, organize and edit media, and cheer on fellow editors. ANX stands for Aqua, Naminé, and Xion, my favorite characters in KH and 219 is just a number. The preferred way to say my name is ay-nicks two-nineteen - [but ɛɪnks] is commonplace.
"In your hand, take this Key. So long as you have the makings, then through this simple act of taking, its wielder you shall one day be. And you will find me, friend—no ocean will contain you then. No more borders around, or below, or above, so long as you champion the ones you love."
—Terra to Riku in Birth by Sleep

to-do list[edit]

wiki space
project wise
  • retrieve ultimania scans
  • transparency the scans for the command board project and upload to imgur in the right album
  • merge dream eater attack project w project dream

About Me[edit]

Hi. I am ANX. I've existed on the wiki since June 26, 2010. This website rocks. R.I.P Keyhole.

Known for:

  • image gnoming
  • making the only hand-done edits on KHWikibot
  • quitting Re:coded in Agrabah
  • kpop

IRC/Discord stuff[edit]

animatednaminewheart.gif ANX219 on the KHWiki Discord.

My Userbox[edit]

Original design/creating of page was done with the help of Lapidothtill but I revamped it :-)

XionArtTalk_zpsc9015712.png This user said her name wrong again...

Important Birthday List[edit]

Apple (Aixon): January 17

Coldasfire: February 17

Dan da Man36: February 17

Erry: February 27

Nezzy: March 16

Sora1995: March 25

TheSilentHero: April 7

TroisNyxEtienne: April 12

Chainoffire: May 29

UxieLover1994: June 1

SilverCrono: June 3

Sove: July 6

HikariKH: August 24

LightMouse: August 29

RikuTheBloody: September 5

Satoru123: September 9

Chitalian8: September 15

Pea14733: September 15

the17master: September 19

TheFifteenthMember: October 7

Keyblade0: October 15

Draaek: October 26

KSM: December 18

FM's ~wikiversary~: December 21

"About the question, well I figured since Riku was a Keyblade Master, I was one too."
—Master Riku the Bloody
"Thanks, ANX."
—TheFifteenthMember rhymes
"[20:04] <FM|Phone> everyone else must've been like wth are they on about"
—FM reminds us he is british

My friends[edit]

The best people on the wiki.

SER Dan da Man Hangon Xion
Roxas-X-Namine OathkeeperKH Uxie Lapidothtill
Roxas Chit Sora Random
Sato DEX Darkheart3 IceCreamRockz
LightMouse Erry HKH Sove
KeybladeSpyMaster FM Riku Pea
Chain Key Aix Draaek
Crono this is you?


ANX219 ...dango daikazoku~ — {{{time}}}
A gift from TheFifteenthMember kouhai as we share our love for CLANNAD, the anime!
ANX219 - "Valor to me!"
TALK - Yeah, I guess he does say that a lot... {{{time}}}
Valor_zpslpqld8es.gif Created by Draaek, color scheming by me...the Valor talk bubble! Valor-1_zpsrrqorz8j.gif

The wonderfully funny comic strip FM made for my birthday. Thank you, Sir Puns-A-Lot.

A cross-stitch of one of my favorite champions in League of Legends, Ahri! Done by Draaek for my birthday. Much love for you <3 1pe1xlF.png

The Hall of Fame[edit]

Wayfinder_KHII.png An unbreakable connection.
This Wayfinder has been awarded to ANX219
for being part of Team Éclair, who were the winners of
the user trivia contest of the 2014 End of Year Event.

September 2014 Featured User Medal.png
User of the Month Trophy made by KeybladeSpyMaster! I AM SO HONORED
The write up:
September's Featured User is ANX219! She's made 2,656 edits on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki, and she's been a driving force behind several of our recent projects here! She's been a huge help with uploading and replacing several of the sprites for Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, and she's helped with Project: Music too. Currently, she's been helping out with a mass replacing of incorrectly-named categories on the wiki. She loves watching animes and drawing, and she's a great friend to have! She's probably younger than most of us, but she sure knows this wiki like the back of her hand!


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