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Welcome one, welcome all to the Mirage Arena nominations! Please read the rules below before nominating or voting.
The Mirage Arena Staff is in charge of the Mirage Arena. Please take any issues to them.


Nominations will open two weeks before the start of the next bracket. Nominations are posted and users can vote on the battles they would like to see. When the nominations end, five fights will be chosen to be used in the bracket. The chosen fights will not be announced, and the order will be randomized, to add an element of surprise.
At the end of a bracket, a poll will be held where users can vote on the most interesting, exciting, or fun battle. The winners of these polls will fight again in a poll at the end of the Tournament Bracket, alongside the Tournament finale. The user who nominated the winning fight will receive a medal.
Try and keep it fresh, people! Nobody wants to see expected battles over and over again. Try something different, crazy, out there, or all of the above! Who knows, your Leon vs. Roxas nomination might just be our next battle.

  • You must be active for at least one week before you can vote and/or suggest, and have at least 100 total edits before voting. Check your editcount here by typing in your username.
  • Nominations should follow the bracket's format.
  • Nominators and voters must be signed in.
  • No talk templates are allowed on this page. Sign your suggestions/votes with your sig.
  • Don't vote for your own suggestion; you automatically vote for it if you suggest it.
  • All fight suggestions will be archived after the nominations end.
  • A user can only suggest three fights (for example, you may not suggest 4 fights at one time). However, if your nominations are deemed ineligible, feel free to re-nominate. Just make sure your new nomination isn't ineligible too.
  • Post your nominations at the bottom of the page.
  • Past fights cannot be fought again. However, it is still possible to have the fighters from a past fight take part in a "Trinity battle" or "Double battle".
  • Forms of characters cannot battle other characters (No Mummy Donald vs. Larxene, but Mummy Donald vs. Turtle Goofy is okay).
  • Battles must remain in their main category (see below).
  • Battles containing fighters from a future game are not allowed.
  • It is allowed to vote on multiple nominations.

Breaking any of these rules may result in your Nomination being removed, and eventual loss of privileges.

Vote/Nomination Policy:[edit]

Please follow these guidelines when removing votes and taking away vote privileges.

  1. The vote/nomination is removed.
  2. The vote/nomination is removed and 1st warning message is sent to the talk page.
  3. The vote/nomination is removed, 2nd warning message is sent and loss of voting/nomination privilege to the next fight.
  4. 3rd warning message is sent and loss of vote/nomination privileges for one month.
  5. Loss of voting/nomination privileges permanently with a message announcing it.

Category Breakdowns[edit]

The bold text defines the main category, while the numbered lists are breakdowns of the main category.


  1. Original Characters
  2. Disney Characters
  3. Final Fantasy Characters
  4. The World Ends With You Characters


  1. Worlds
  2. Places
  3. Realms


  1. Keyblades
  2. Staves
  3. Shields
  4. Organization XIII Weapons
  5. Ally Weapons
  6. Other Weapons (Like Wooden Sword or Leon's Gublade)


  1. Items
  2. Key Items
  3. Synthesis Materials
  4. Accessories
  5. Armor


  1. Commands
  2. Magic
  3. Abilities
  4. Summons
  5. Drive Forms
  6. Limits
  7. D-Links
  8. Command Styles
  9. Link Attacks
  10. Link Styles
  11. Other gameplay elements


  1. Heartless
  2. Nobodies
  3. Unversed
  4. Dream Eaters


  1. Music
  2. Cutscenes


  1. Strategy Guides
  2. Manga
  3. Novels


  • Games
  • Mini-games
  • Plot elements
  • Merchandise
Closed for the Regular Bracket.
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