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There's no escape! Darkness waits!
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Name Macose
Affinity Neutral
Union Leopardus
Keyblade (Main) Combined Keyblade
Keyboard (Sub) Void Gear

Favorite Heartless:

  1. Black Costume
  2. Ansem, Seeker of Darkness
  3. Scar and Scar's Ghost
  4. Malicious Reindeer
  5. Sora's Heartless
  6. Darkside
  7. Dark Hide
  8. Shadow Stalker
  9. Neoshadow
  10. Shadow

Favorite Nobodies:

  1. Dusk
  2. Creeper
  3. Assassin
  4. Samurai
  5. Sorcerer

Favorite Unversed:

  1. Flood
  2. Vanitas Remnant
  3. Shoegazer
  4. Jellyshade

Favorite Dream Eaters:

  1. Meow Wow
  2. Meowjesty
  3. Tama Sheep
  4. Chirithy
  5. Anti Black Coat
  6. Armored Ventus Nightmare
  7. Ursa Circus

Favorite KH Games:

  1. Kingdom Hearts X (Chi)
  2. Birth by Sleep Final Mix
  3. Kingdom Hearts Final Mix
  4. Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix
  5. Dream Drop Distance
G7kotH9.png This user loves hanging out and eating ice cream in Twilight Town.

ZsLZmBa.png This user is a servant of Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, and knows that darkness conquers all worlds!

B4IZ985.png This user is a fan of slave to Vanitas.

SElHt8u.png Who is this user? What are they here for?
UseriShadow.png iLove the iShadowHeartless.
UseriUnversed.png iAm an iUnversed.
S6Wz4OI.png This user is a fan of the OLD loon.
UseriHearltess.png iAm an iHeartless.
C67aCxq.png C:\Users\Macose > run TRON.exe
UseriNobody.png iAm an iNobody.
lJOMokj.png This user answers to Gula.
kuvfANz.png iAm an iDreamEater.
KlrYiWs.png This user is a fan of Yen Sid, and admires his humility.

BMdaYVP.png This user is a fan of Terra-Xehanort.

BlRCZBQ.png This user is a fan of Roxas.

DobGD0s.png This user is no more eternal than that radiance of yours...

bhUAyLb.png This user is a fan of Kairi.

6ADLvEY.png This user loves the Chirithy and thinks they are cute!

2Ux2GmM.png This user is intrigued by Ephemer.

7jSGSbY.png This user is intrigued by the Lingering Will, and hopes that one day he may set things right.

yidmdso.png This user wonders if you've been a good boy.

RoV2M4i.png This user trusts Naminé.

yET0AAD.png This user is a fan of Quorra, and is all for diversity over racial purity.

PGSt9ol.png Is this user a fan of the Cheshire Cat? Or not? That's for you to figure out.

f9MEcvJ.png This user program is a fan of the MCP and is bent on world domination.

eEDv3hv.png C:\Users\Ansem> run DEREZZ.exe

PurpleShadow_zpsnaphdtdy.png This user will chase their prey till the bitter end.

Gigasshadow_zpsfapzxbtw.png This user is overgrown...

GargoyleFM_zpsmyh5kfab.png This user loves to slink away without notice.

ShadowSora_zpshf3t4c6g.png This user is a mere shadow of a newborn warrior...

Neoshadow_zpshhl3lgpe.png This user is the next evolution of the dark being.

Strafer_zpssyz3wbwf.png C:\Users\Ansem>run ELECTRIFY.exe

Devastator_zpsgb5qnboi.png C:\Users\Ansem>run ERADICATE.exe

Darkplant_zpsk7epnwu9.png This user knows what it's like to be a blight on an otherwise perfect world.

DarksideMobile_zps9pbxecki.png The closer this user gets to the light, the greater their shadow becomes.

DarksideSubsp_zpssvpiaic5.png This user's shadow manifests a little... differently.

AntiSora_zps7z9m2nds.png This user needs to confront their shadowy doppelganger once and for all...

Phantom1_zpsxaul305p.png This user is here to steal your heart...

Possessor_zpskzuo8aha.png This user is tiny, but causes a lot of mayhem.

Shadowstalker_zps0iqj94dr.png This user uses their boundless energy to break free of their chains.

Illuminator_zps8wbxplwp.png This user exists to snuff out the light.
UserDusk.png The user you see before you is known as a Dusk.
UserCreeper.png This user is a stealthy Creeper; can you predict his or her next move?
Shoegazer2_zpshzdixios.png This user only wants to hop around and defend! Leave this user alone!

TS4FH9z.png This user is a doggish cat-thing.
UserMeowjesty.png This user is a fan of Meowjesty.
MJJAfPq.png This user's identity remains a secret.
SwTZdmz.png This user loves Valor Form.
lMQm4N6.png This user thinks that Sora should have just stayed as a Heartless!
JiePItC.png This user loves the PlanitB Remix of Hikari.
WPuM7qS.png This user loves the song Passion.
fx0rSiF.png This user loves Roxas's character theme.
3u4SbQd.png This user loves the song Musique pour la tristesse de Xion.
88L2GI8.png This user loves the song Dark Impetus.
OZSoTof.png This user loves the song Deep Drive.
0cTFzTM.png This user loves the song Destati.
LCYOMOk.png This user loves the song Dismiss.
cRlM2jV.png This user loves the song End of the World.
IvwyUA9.png This user loves the song Enter the Darkness.
SHvLnf9.png This user loves the song The Key.
wMKLInP.png This user loves the song Organization XIII.
4Dq1gQV.png This user loves the song The Other Promise.
bgCqoyA.png This user loves the song Sinister Sundown.
4p3lLuc.png This user loves the song Vector to the Heavens.
CiNYeam.png This user holds in their possession a memento of Kairi.

b8hDkdF.png This user has a Keyblade of heart and should not be taken lightly.

PbYhyz5.png Is this user a Heartless? An Unversed, perhaps? Or maybe something even worse...?
One Down Trophy KHBBS.png One Down
This user has completed one story in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep!

Destati (Drammatica)
Destati KH
Dive into the Heart -Destati
Dive into the Heart
End of the World KH
End of the World KHHD
Enter the Darkness
Fragments of Sorrow KH
Fragments of Sorrow KHHD
Fragments of Sorrow KHII
File:Hikari -KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version- KHHD.ogg
Hikari -KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version - KHHD
Hikari -KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version - KH
Hikari -PLANITb Remix
Hikari KH
L'Eminenza Oscura II KH3D
L'Impeto Oscuro KH3D
Musique pour la tristesse de Xion - KHD
Musique pour la tristesse de Xion - KHHD
Passion -KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version
Passion -Opening-
Passion -After the Battle
Roxas KHII
Sanctuary -Opening
Sinister Sundown KHII
Sinister sundown KHIIHD
The Other Promise (Drammatica)
File:The Other Promise (Piano Collections).ogg
The Other Promise (Piano Collections)
The Other Promise KHIIFM
Vector to the Heavens KHD
Vector to the Heavens KHHD
Vector to the Heavens Memoria!
Xehanort -The Early Years
Organization XIII
Xigbar (Organization XIII Spedup)

"By choice or chance, you cannot control what you are not aware of."