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Page 3 - The Ansem Reports

What's new in the Kingdom Hearts world? New games? New products? You'll find it all here!

Page 4 - Unlocking the Keyhole

Take a look at what's currently happening at The Keyhole!

Page 5 - The Door to Light

Check out what's going on at!

Page 6 - The Coliseum

See who's clashing in The Underdrome and in the Mirage Arena!
Plus, Aixon and TheFifteenthMember debate "Chill Clawbster vs. Wargoyle".

Page 7 - The Keyblade Master

The Keyblade Master is written by a different user every month, and can be about almost anything!
This issue,Troisnyxétienne reflects upon our last April Fools' prank, she continues her Xehanort series, and TheFifteenthMember analyses how to be whole.

Page 8 - Dive to the Heart

New to Kingdom Hearts or the wiki? See TheSilentHero's tutorial on "magic words" and Chainoffire's introduction to KH magic guide.

Page 9 - The Round Room

The Round Room hosts the Wiki's podcast!

Page 10 - Mark of Mastery Exam

Interviews, reviews and more! Find out what makes our users tick!

Page 11 - Naminé's Sketchbook

Like to draw? See some cool and inspiring fan art here!

Page 12 - The Grid

Puzzles, riddles and more! Do you have what it takes to make it through this test of skill?

Page 13 - Flick Rush

More wiki and game challenges than you can shake a Keyblade at!
Cover image provided by SilverFlight and Byzantinefire
Magazine edited by TheFifteenthMember
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by Byzantinefire and TheFifteenthMember

New 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue and Kingdom Hearts III trailers at Jump Festa 2016!

Square Enix unveiled a brand new trailer for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue at Jump Festa 2016!

  • The trailer began with a new cutscene from Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep, set in the Mysterious Tower. In it, Yen Sid instructs Riku, Kairi, and Mickey (interestingly, Sora is absent) to retrieve Terra, Ventus, and Aqua to complete the "seven guardians of light". Mickey reveals that he met Aqua in the Realm of Darkness. Aqua is briefly shown standing there.
  • Next, a cinematic Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover, is shown. The Foretellers discuss the "Lost Page" of the Book of Prophecies, questioning whether there is a traitor amongst them. While none of the characters are seen, we take a look at the interior of a clocktower (presumably Daybreak Town), along with the Foretellers' Dive to the Heart.
  • Lastly, we see footage of cutscenes and gameplay segments from Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD, showing off the game's new and improved graphics.

At the end of the trailer, new footage from Kingdom Hearts III is shown. New information related to the game has been revealed:

  • More of the Tangled-based world, Kingdom of Corona, is explored.
  • The Mysterious Tower returns.
  • There is a new, scythe-wielding Nobody who appears in a flurry of petals. This is a likely confirmation that Nobodies will appear in the game as enemies and also raises the possibility of Marluxia returning.
  • Several new Heartless are introduced, including a flying Heartless in armor, a Red Nocturne-like enemy, and a Yellow Opera-like enemy.
  • Sora uses two Shotlock-like attack. One has him surging into enemies, bouncing off walls, and spinning around enemies, while the other fires projectiles.
  • A new Attraction Flow attack is used, where Sora, Donald, and Goofy ride a bumper car and shoot at enemies.
  • New magic is shown, including firebolt and tornado spells.
  • Sora falls in a river and is forced along the current, suggesting new environmental physics.

New world for χ
Kingdom Hearts chi Logo KHX.png
The PC browser game Kingdom Hearts χ finally has revealed the addition of a new world, Beast's Castle, based off Beauty and the Beast, with new story developments.

Utada Hikaru Return?
Magazine Issue 7 Utada.png

Back in August 2010, Japanese pop sensation Utada Hikaru, known by Kingdom Hearts fans for 'Simple and Clean' and 'Sanctuary', announced that she would be going on hiatus for an undetermined period of time in pursuit of "human activities".

Utada also revealed that she had been working on a new album during her pregnancy, indicating that her return may be on the horizon. According to Sports Hochi, Utada is aiming to release her new album next Spring, and not only will it be chock-full of big tie-ins, but one of her new songs will also be the theme for a big drama/news program starting in April.

Utada has yet to comment on this news.

Naturally, her return raises a lot of questions for the Kingdom Hearts community, most notably being the possibility of a new theme for Kingdom Hearts III. If what Sports Hochi says is confirmed to be true, do you think it's possible that she will be returning to the franchise? What if one of the big tie-ins in her album may be for the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts title?
Unlocking the Keyhole title image
by Aixon and Chainoffire
Jiminy's Journal Title Image
Jiminy Cricket KHREC.png
  • Mini-game Infoboxes: The snazzy new mini-game infobox template has now been added to all the appropriate pages on The Keyhole. Soundtrack files have been used to complete the “music” section of the infoboxes.
  • Affiliates: The Keyhole has recently undergone a review of its current Affiliates. Inactive sites were removed from the list, and active sites with an unknown status were directly contacted to request re-affiliation. The full list has now been updated! Should your site wish to affiliate with The Keyhole, please contact either Chainoffire or FinalRest.
  • Keychain: With The Keyhole having now decided on a purpose for itself, that of a simplified Kingdom Hearts wiki., a forum has been opened to decide on the revised structure of articles and the extent of information which the wiki will hold in its new form.
  • Tumblr: Our official_Tumblr_site has been continuing its relentless reblogging and posting of Kingdom Hearts-related content in this past quarter! Be sure to head over to the site in order to subscribe and keep up with the latest posts!
Tumblr Updates title
As the Keyhole tumblr enjoys sharing the creative, funny, and intriguing ideas the Kingdom Hearts fandom has to offer, we also take the opportunity to share some of our own original content. Here's what we've posted since the last issue:

Our most popular post of the past quarter is...

When the D23 embargo finally lifts

Magazine Issue 7 Tumblr Updates.gif
New Users title image for Unlocking the Keyhole page
We have had a slow stream of new users joining the wiki over this quarter. Be sure to head over to the user creation log to check everyone out and give them a warm Keyhole welcome! All our new users are welcome to our wiki family, and here just a few of our wiki gnomes that we'd like to shine the spotlight on.
  • RhapsodosRixe joined on 10th November and has created an exciting blog post. Be sure to go and check it out!
  • TwilightParagon joined The Keyhole on 1st November and has been very active in the creation of a talk bubble template. They have also created a user page with a list of their top 10 favourite Kingdom Hearts characters and Keyblades.

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to these users and the others who joined during this past quarter. We are always looking for new editors to come and help us out on the wiki. If you are thinking of signing up, we would highly recommend it!

Tea Parties title image for Unlocking the Keyhole
Each quarter, the Keyhole hosts a tea party for all users to get together and discuss wiki related issues. Below are important policies we have decided upon in our latest tea party forums.
October 2015 – December 2015
  • Removal of red links is still being discussed. We are in need of someone to step in and take charge of a potential project.
  • A page has been created for the Flowmotion gameplay mechanic, and one now need to be created for Reality Shift. If you would like to help out with the creation of this page, please contact either Aixon or Draaek
  • Longer topics held in the Tea Party thread will be moved to a separate forum at the discretion of the staff. Original posters are welcome to move their topic at any time.
  • An update to the "What's New" slider on our main page will be made after the English language release of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ.
  • Aixon has volunteered to take over the running of Jiminy's Journal.
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by TheFifteenthMember
Trinity Archives title image for The Door to Light
Check out our latest wiki shenanigans:
  • We launched the long-awaited End of Year Event 2015 with many Keyhole and KHWiki editors taking part. See page fourteen for the results!
  • With our wiki's 10th anniversary coming up in April, we've planned a handful of events to celebrate this milestone. Everyone's welcome so join in the fun!
  • A staff discussion is being held. Don't be afraid to throw in your two pennies!
New Users title image for The Door to Light page
We've had a subtle boost in activity this quarter and now's the moment where we shine the spotlight on a just a few of our new recruits:
  • Lustre joined us in October and wrote a detailed user page about himself. He has also added a high-quality .gif to the wiki, which we are all very grateful for!
  • Rex Ronald Rilander has been contributing to the wiki for a few months already as an anon. He finally made an official account in November in preparation for the End of Year Event.
  • Adv193 signed up in December and is clearly a strategist, offering many tips on 358/2 Days' mission articles. Keep them coming!
  • Pennsylvania Jones also made an account in December and has been a great help in completing last issue's featured projects on the Reaction Command article. We look forward to more of your edits!
  • Last but not least, Samcrux arrived in mid-December, making many edits on pages here and there. Keep up the good work!

The KHWiki offers all of these users -and the ones who we unfortunately did not have the time to mention- a very warm welcome!

Keep up to date with the latest changes in policies:
  • We've nailed down a format for Dream Eater attack articles. Dream Drop Distance information is sparse on our wiki so this is a big step for us in covering the game's content. Do help out if you have the spare time!
title image
Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Logo KH3D.png

For this issue, we're working on Project: Dream, set up to tackle Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. The ultimate aim is to cover every aspect of the game extensively, but the tasks listed on the forum are a good place to start. We're looking for people to fill out Design sections of Dream Eater articles, add stats from the Ultimania guide, fix broken links and add categories. All the necessary instructions are described so if you're a fan of the game, come and help out. Don't be afraid to ask questions on the forum page!

The Coliseum title image
Banner created by Erry for use on the Coliseum page of the magazine.

Visit the Mirage Arena to see

Round 7

and many more!
Visit The Underdrome to see

the Paradox Cup

and many more!
The Games title image for The Coliseum
Chill Clawbster vs Wargoyle
Chill Clawbster KH3D.png

VS image used on the Games section of the magazine.
Wargoyle (Sora's Side) KH3D.png



So, here we are, FM! The battle to end all battles! Prepare your mighty forces for war! I present to you my champion warrior, Chill Clawbster!

...It's a lobster. That should be boiled in butter but never mind, stand before my villainous hero, the Wargoyle! Complete with machine-gun arms.



Villainous? I would describe your Wargoyle to be more...lacklustre, when compared against my fantastic champion! With bright colors to announce its presence on the field, and coloured projectiles to destroy its enemies, who would not fear the might of the Chill Clawbster?

It's hard to fear the Clawbster when all I could think about when fighting it is, "Why is Sora playing with food?" Fear is even in the Wargoyle's name: War-goyle, a machine bred for battle. That's a much better portmanteau than Clawbster. Claw-Lobster, I'M SORRY BUT LOBSTERS ALREADY HAVE CLAWS - that name tells me nothing new.



As far as I am concerned, "War-goyle" sounds far too similar to "Gar-goyle", which certainly takes its name power down a few notches. If battle is what is to be had, then Chill Clawbster is bound to dominate! Have I yet mentioned the rotating scissors? A fearsome attack capable of eliminating enemies with a mighty snip!?

Okay, Wargoyle may not have rotating scissors, but does he need them? Wargoyle can smash you with his fists of steel and last time I checked, rock beats scissors.



Whilst it may be true that rock beats scissors on a regular day, rock certainly does not stand a chance of succeeding against powered-up scissors! Chill Clawbster's powered-up mode is more than capable of dealing with anything Wargoyle has to throw at it!

You may have a point there but combat aside, doesn't the Wargoyle have much better plot relevance than a giant lobster who spontaneously decides to freeze a giant whale? The Wargoyle is explained through Judge Frollo's darkness and anger, which really makes it a spawn of evil.



Score! Nightmares exist throughout the Realm of Sleep; it is only natural that some will be bigger than others. Chill Clawbster decided to inhabit the cold waters of Prankster's Paradise. A gigantic whale is a threat to its dominance. Why then would Chill Clawbster not take it upon itself to eliminate the threat? I see Chill Clawbster's appearance as being very relevant, and though Wargoyle has a more developed story behind it, Chill Clawbster for me takes the excitement factor. How about battle themes? Surely no other boss theme in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance can compare to Ice-hot Lobster in terms of grandeur?

No other theme, except for Majestic Wings, that is! The two themes are actually quite similar but I find that Majestic Wings takes a more medieval, epic tone, which perfectly matches the setup of Sora battling a giant monster atop one of the most iconic buildings in the world, the Notre Dame. That's a unique experience altogether.



I can agree with you there. Both themes are quite grandiose, and the setting for Majestic Wings is very unique. However, the setting for Ice-hot Lobster is equally unique. Not only is the battle held below the waves of the mighty ocean, but the frozen Monstro acts as the centerpiece for it!

I suppose it's a matter of subjectivity, which experience makes a longer-lasting impression. For me, the Wargoyle was a delight to fight.



Indeed. Subjectivity certainly comes into play in a debate such as this. On my part, Chill Clawbster was a unique and exciting boss to fight. I certainly hope that we are able to experience such fantastic boss fights in future Kingdom Hearts titles!

AND THE WINNER IS... You decide!
Head on over to the magazine talk page to let us know who you think should win!

The Keyblade Master title image
Magazine Issue 7 FoolsTitle.png
by Troisnyxetienne
Some of you may perhaps remember our April Fools' Day joke, where we wrote about a Kingdom Hearts 3D HD Remix. We thought that such a thing was improbable and warranted a place on our April Fools' repertoire of pranks. And a lot of sites including KHInsider believed us. And we all thought of them as suckers for falling for our well-orchestrated prank.

Oh, how the recent announcement of Kingdom Hearts II.8 Final Chapter Prologue has put us to shame. Square Enix turned our hilarious prank into a seemingly prophetic article.

But this is not the only time that our dismissals have been met with a similar reaction by Square Enix.

Magazine Issue 7 Fools1.png

Back when Birth by Sleep was released, we thought the PlayStation Portable had absolutely no means of supporting a Final Mix version of that game. We were proven wrong shortly after, when Tetsuya Nomura announced BBSFM for the PlayStation Portable, and we found out that it was jam-packed with new content, including new boss battles, new collectibles, and even a new Command Style. We were also keen to dismiss the working title of Birth by Sleep Volume 2 when the title drop was given to us at the end of Aqua's Secret Episode. (Clarification here: I personally didn't dismiss it, but I know many users who had.) Nomura dropped KH0.2 on us like a ton of hot bricks, as part of the II.8 Final Chapter Prologue.

Our lesson has indeed been learnt: never dismiss a rehash of an already existing title, especially when it concerns Kingdom Hearts.
Magazine Issue 7 HeartTitle.png
by TheFifteenthMember
Let's get right to it. In Dream Drop Distance, it was revealed that an incomplete being with a body and mind could "grow" a heart in order to be whole. The goal of this piece is to pinpoint what it is that enables an emotionless construct to grow a heart.
Xion's End 02 KHD.png

First of all, let's examine the Nobodies (people of only body and mind) and how they acquired hearts. The most obvious case is Roxas, who displayed intense emotions throughout his dedicated sidegame. We've seen Roxas laugh, tear, and glower, all of which are feelings that only a heart could provide. The other members of the trio also display emotion; Axel sacrificed his life due to his close bond with his friend and Xion, despite being a replica, still had episodes of guilt, shame and longing. A more subtle case is Lexaeus, who was sincerely remorseful and guilty when he died with his last words being an apology to his comrade, Zexion.

While the Nobodies may seem to be the only entities that have gained hearts, we can find multiple examples of this hidden in the data world. Data has a special place in the Kingdom Hearts series. Seeing as Sora's Heartless was bolstered by the bodies and minds released from the slain bugs in the datascape, we can presume that a normal data construct possesses both a body and mind, exactly like a Nobody. Bearing this in mind, the heartless Data-Sora wielded an artificial Keyblade made from data but this was easily broken by Maleficent. It was only further into the game when he acquired a real Keyblade, which could have only been possible if Data-Sora had a heart with which to summon the weapon. Thus, it must be that Data-Sora grew a heart between the events of his fake Keyblade breaking and the attainment of his new one.

Tron is another noteworthy case. Being a data construct, he should have only possessed a body and mind. Yet after his journey with Sora's gang in Space Paranoids, Tron displayed strong affection towards Sora in the form of a hug and in the closing credits, he was seen dancing happily. As further confirmation that Tron had grew a heart with which to feel emotion, take a look at the reprogrammed Rinzler, whose data had been greatly messed with by CLU (a process that actually isn't exclusive to data; Naminé did essentially the same thing when she scrambled Sora's memories in Castle Oblivion). Rinzler sacrificed himself to save Sora in The Grid, which is a blatant display of friendship hidden deep in the heart.

Magazine Issue 7 Heart2.png

Now that we've examined all the cases of a person growing a heart, what do they all have in common? Friendship is what I believe the answer to be: Roxas, Axel, and Xion all began feeling after they became an intimate trio, Lexaeus was friends with Zexion since he was the only Organization member Lexaeus trusted, Data-Sora grew close to Donald and Goofy in Hollow Bastion, and Tron became pals with Sora, Donald and Goofy. Friendship is what all of these cases have in common and I believe it is the secret to growing a heart. It could also be that I got the causal relationship the wrong way round and friendship is simply a result of growing a heart, and not the cause. However, not everyone who has a heart makes friends (e.g. Xehanort, Clayton, Ursula and every other villain) so I think this possibility is less likely. It is more apt that the series' core theme -friendship- is how you gain a heart.

The moral of the story is if you're ever feeling a tad heartless, go out and make a friend.
mag image
by Troisnyxetienne
This is part two of an ongoing series on Xehanort. Catch up on part one in Issue 6 before continuing!

The Years In Between

Magazine Issue 7 Xehanort1.png

We come to understand that Xehanort is found by Ansem the Wise, ruler of Radiant Garden, who takes him under his wing. Xehanort proves to be the most intelligent of Ansem's apprentices, and hastens the pace of Ansem's research on the human heart, and the effects of darkness on it. The Heartless are inevitably created as a result of it, and lives are quite needlessly lost. Ansem has enough of this, and forbids Xehanort from continuing this research. Xehanort bows in fake respect – we all know he's going to disobey Ansem anyway – and rips out the hearts of the rest of the apprentices. Whether directly by his Keyblade, or with some sort of machine, we understand that Xehanort is directly responsible for turning the other apprentices into Heartless.

Magazine Issue 7 Xehanort2.png

I do not know whether this happens before or after the others' hearts are lost, but at some unknown point in the story, Xehanort rips out his own heart too. All of them become Heartless and their remaining bodily shells become Nobodies, and they all expel their former chef-d'oeuvres from Radiant Garden. Because Ansem the Wise ends up in the Realm of Darkness for the first time as a result of this, I have reason to believe that he would have been sent there by means of execution, or summoning a Corridor of Darkness which Ansem himself cannot reopen (the latter seems far more plausible).

If I were to continue on the vein of Xehanort being the satanic figure of the Kingdom Hearts series, I should think he certainly has the disobedient and rebellious nature to back this up. In the previous issue I mentioned that Xehanort disobeyed his master while he was still an apprentice at using the Keyblade. I do not claim to know what kind of master he had, but judging by the way Eraqus and Yen Sid have turned out, I have reason to believe that this master would not have meant or done any harm. Xehanort, on the other hand, was rebellious because he wanted power. He wanted more power as soon as he felt that little bit of power for the first time. And that is pretty much the allegory I wanted to draw with the Biblical tempter: Satan, the personification of evil, was once an angel, created for the purpose of good, but rebelled against God because he wanted the praise and worship that God was given, and fell into the darkness that he now embodies. (You could substitute the name with “Lucifer,” bearer of light, and perhaps it would make the allegory even stronger considering Xehanort's original purpose was to defend the light, in accordance with his master's actions.) Xehanort, for all intents and purposes, pretty much embodies this too. Xehanort's intelligence is described as superhuman by Ansem, which echoes the kind of angelic intelligence that Satan has.

Xehanort and the apprentices plunge Radiant Garden into darkness – they discover the world's Keyhole and send Heartless into it, breaking down the world's barriers and reducing it to nothing but a twisted castle. At some unknown point in time Xehanort himself sends a girl from Radiant Garden across the sea of stars, to see if his plans would fall into place. That girl is Kairi, and the person he is aiming to target is someone who would have within him a remnant of his foes – Terra, Ventus or Aqua. Kairi would be sent to the Lanes Between – the very same place where darkness is prevalent – and yet come out unscathed, due to her heart being filled only with light. It can be presumed that Xehanort did predict this too.

The persons Kairi comes into contact with are Sora (who holds within him Ventus' heart) and Riku (who was given the power to wield the Keyblade by Terra). Incidentally, she comes into contact with Sora and Riku at their home island… Xehanort's home island, that which can be compared to an idyllic paradise.

Speaking of “idyllic paradise,” I cannot help but think that Destiny Islands is the allegory of paradise itself. Was Xehanort's decision to never return to the Destiny Islands an equivalent to the fall from heaven of Lucifer and the other dark angels?

His final act of treachery towards his former master involves usurping his former master's name. Xehanort now becomes known as “Ansem,” prompting everyone who once lived in Radiant Garden to remember him as the wise ruler who was responsible for studying the Heartless. Of course, Radiant Garden is not a liveable place now, so the good people who survived the destruction of that world fled and sought refuge in Traverse Town and elsewhere. In the face of a seemingly insurmountable darkness, Traverse Town becomes a hub for asylum seekers, and the people who are in charge of affairs there seem to be the very same people who left Radiant Garden in the first place. They form a resistance of sorts, which would prove to be successful as long as they have the right people on their side…

Yellow eyes are synonymous with over-exposure to darkness in the Kingdom Hearts series.

It is always said that it is never the will of a benevolent higher being that evil should exist in this world. Religious or not, people have been grappling with this idea for such a long time. In my understanding, it'd be worded more like, “it is never God's will that evil and suffering should happen,” and true to the function of a demonic figurehead in a video game, Xehanort causes suffering not only to the protagonists of this game, but also to thousands more whose names we may never know. The destruction of the worlds, the displacement of thousands of people, the losses of family members, the deaths of so many Keyblade wielders and other people besides, the possessions of Ansem's apprentices, the banishment of Ansem himself, are all the work of Xehanort. And without the knowledge of Xehanort's true intentions, it would be hard to suspect that something, or someone, is behind all this. But like any other evil being, Xehanort would have his downfall…

(To be continued)
Dive to the Heart title image
Magic Words
by TheSilentHero
Mickey Mouse SoS KH3D.png
In this tutorial, I'll be teaching you about "magic words", not to be confused with incantations like "Hocus Pocus". Magic words are special wiki tools that can provide a variety of different uses. Let us begin!

The first set of magic words will influence the Table of Contents. Every page will automatically add a Table of Contents just above the first section once the page contains more than three sections. However, sometimes you want to move the Table of Contents somewhere else. That's something you can do with magic words! By adding __TOC__ to a page, you can force the Table of Contents to appear at that spot on the page. If you don't want to have the Table of Contents at all (who really needs it, anyway?), you can remove it completely by adding __NOTOC__ anywhere on the page.

And that's just one of the things magic words can do! Another useful thing magic words can do is automatically display the current date and time. By using a combination of {{CURRENTDAY}}, {{CURRENTMONTH}}, and {{CURRENTYEAR}}, you can easily create the current date. {{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} and {{CURRENTDAYNAME}} will function the same, but will display the name of the month/day, instead of the number, and {{CURRENTMONTHABBREV}} will show the abbreviated name of the month. Additionally, {{CURRENTTIME}} can be used to create your very own clock, like this:

It is now 04:02 on Feb 22, 2024.

If you combine these with switch tags, you can really create something interesting that can change based on the time of day or the season, for example.

And now, my final magic trick word: {{DISPLAYTITLE:(title)}}, where (title) is replaced by whatever you want. This magic word will let you change the title of the page! So, instead of "User:(username)", you could have something like "My super awesome user page" shown at the top of the page. Keep in mind that this doesn't change the actual name, but only the name displayed.

So far my tutorial on magic words. Hopefully, they can be of use to you.
Intro to... The Magic of Kingdom Hearts
by Chainoffire and Aixon
Welcome to Intro to..., the Twilight Times' newest column! The purpose of Intro to... (yes, the ellipses are mandatory) is to educate! Each Intro to... will delve into a chosen Kingdom Hearts topic and dissect it in a possibly informative, possibly entertaining, and possibly nonsensical way. It's the beginner's guide to Magic!
Symbol - Heart1.png

To kick things off for the new year, I've decided to introduce the basic magics of the Kingdom Hearts series! Why you may ask? Because I thought that an exploration of the magical properties would be perfect to begin a magical year! Or I clicked the “Random Page” button on the side and it brought me to the magic page.

Magic Gauge KHII.png

Most magic comes in three tiers, the first tier just uses the base word, the second tier adds the suffix “-ra”, and the third tier uses the suffix “-ga” When you use magic, it takes up portions of the little blue bar next to your health. Certain armor and accessories can power up your magic, or guard you against the magic of enemies. So, without further ado, Let the lesson begin!


One of the first forms of magic you are introduced to in the series, Fire is most useful for doing massive damage to a single enemy. In most games, using Fire shoots a single flaming ball towards an enemy causing them to either burst into flames or take some damage.

However, in Kingdom Hearts II, Fire takes the form of flaming rings surrounding you. This form of Fire is best used when surrounded by enemies. When levelled up to Fira and Firaga, the flaming rings become much larger for increased flaming carnage.


When casting Blizzard in Kingdom Hearts, it shoots as a burst of ice crystals that can hit multiple enemies at a time. It is best utilized when wanting to damage that large crowd of heartless that's charging towards you.

In Kingdom Hearts II, Blizzard take the form of a singular ball of ice headed in one forward direction. Blizzard is best used for a single, yet more powerful enemy. If those fat bandits are giving you trouble, Blizzard is ideal for cooling down those hot heads.

Thunder (card).png


While its name is “Thunder”, the actual effect of this magic is more reminiscent of lightning. One of the more unique forms of magic found throughout the Kingdom Hearts series, Thunder is most certainly a fan favorite! From bolts cascading from the sky to a surrounding field of lightning around the protagonist, thunder is one of the most variable magic out there.


The most loved magic among players, Cure comes in handy just when players wish they hadn't spent that last potion. Cure is there to prevent yourself from dying by restoring some of your HP gauge. The higher the spell, the more of your HP replenishes. After casting this spell, Sora looks above seeing the flower rain down. Despite Cure being one of Donald's most prominent abilities, he never seems to cast it at quite the right time. When potions don't quite do the trick, Cure is always there to save the day!


Like every short person's dream, Gravity is ideal for obtaining those hard to reach items that are floating high above Sora's head. (Like those chests in Hollow Bastion.) Gravity takes the form of a giant orb of darkness that rains down on unsuspecting enemies and squashes them right to the ground. Higher forms of Gravity can even do some damage to those darkness-flavored pancakes! No matter the intentions of this ground-breaking magic, Gravity is sure to bring down the house!


While most magic is used offensively, Reflect turns the tables around and is used as a major form of defence. If an foe tries to attack you, Reflect will negate the attack and if the enemy is in range, will deal a bit of damage to them. If timed correctly, this magic can save your life, but with poor timing, it could be the reason you lost to Data-Marluxia when he only had 1 hit point left.

Magazine Issue 7 DivetotheHeart 1.gif


Another defensive magic, Kingdom Hearts' Aero provides a temporary wind shield to Sora that halves any damage he takes. Other levels of Aero can also deal damage to enemies if they are close enough to Sora. Chain of Memories' version utilizes the power of wind can be used to literally blow enemies away and deal some damage. In 358/2 Days and Birth By Sleep, Aero calls the wind around the user to lift up any enemies and send them flying. Any form of wind you choose to use will surely exceed your expectations and blow you away!


Magnet employs the power of the force to suck in enemies and bring them closer to Sora. If you're ever surrounded by enemies and the horde seems endless, this swirling vortex of polarity may help you cut down the danger. Like some of the other spells, the higher the tier, the more damage it can do.


We all wish we could stop the flow of time, whether it's to finish that last page of a 5 page report you forgot to do until the last minute, or just to take a breather from life. While stop magic doesn't quite work that way, it still can be rather useful.

When cast, Stop temporarily freezes a locked-on enemy in place. In the other tiers, Stop can freeze multiple enemies for longer periods of time. Stop magic can be very useful to stop the hoards of enemies that may seem like too much at once.

However, this magic can be extremely tedious when attempting to do the Hades' Cup time trial mode, and Donald won't stop casting this on enemies, causing the match to be elongated, and ultimately fail the 50-seed cup by three seconds. (I still hold a grudge to this day.)

Now that you're aware of the various types of magic, be sure to see if an enemy you come across is susceptible to a certain element and use what you now know about magic to overcome them. Keep in mind that if you use the wrong element on the wrong bad guy, it can spell disaster for you and your friends.

In conclusion:If you use your elements correctly, you're sure to have a magical journey.
The Round Room title image
In this Episode title image
Again, the roomies are away.
You'll have to keep your excitement at bay.
Although there's no episode for today,
The sorry folk still have bios to say:

title image for a "Round Room" section

Neumannz: Hey there, guys! This is your friendly neighborhood Neumannz, welcoming you to Round Room Corner! ... What do you mean a round room has no corners?! ... You get outta here! ... *door slam* ... Okay, guys, now that Chain is gone, let me say a few words. I've been kicking around on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki since Fall 2009, back in the days of Days, and I've been bureaucrat since February 2011, when we decided our landlord was being kind of a jerk and moved out. When we decided we were doing a podcast, I jumped at the chance to get involved on this kick-awesome project!

Chainoffire: Hey Hey! It's your friendly neighborhood Ch- HEY! NEZZY TOOK MY LINE! Well, it's Chain! I was “coded” onto the Keyhole back when Re:coded was the latest game to hit the shelves in April 2011. I became an admin back in December 2013, and have been going back and forth between The Keyhole and the KHWiki ever since. When I heard about the podcast, I happily decided to volunteer my efforts to get more acquainted with some of the other users. Thus… here I am!

The Mark of Mastery title image
The IRC Regulars's Review of the Xehanorts
Xehanort: the main antagonist of the Kingdom Hearts series, taking plenty of shapes and bodies along the way. This is a collection of mini-reviews on each of Xehanort's main forms.
Magazine Issue 7 Review.png
SilverCrono on Master Xehanort

Master Xehanort is the crotchety original version of the evil dude we all love to hate, taking the spotlight of antagonist in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. This big baddie is the main antagonist of the Dark Seeker Saga, which encompasses all of the currently released Kingdom Hearts games. True to his influence, he is sufficiently conniving, manipulating, and sinister. (His haircut is kind of weird, too.) He's also called Master for a reason - he's a incredibly powerful Keyblade Master with specialization in his magic. What makes him so dangerous (and so lovably easy to despise!) is his malicious possession of Terra, which leads to the creation of Terra-Xehanort! It's hard to actually like Master Xehanort, but there's little more enjoyable than finally beating the tar out of a really bad guy, in my opinion.

TheFifteenthMember on Ansem, Seeker of Darkness

Ansem is the darkness-wielding, Heartless-commanding, teenager-possessing antagonist of the original Kingdom Hearts. He's one of the few villains with a unique costume rather than the standard Organization coat, and that makes him appear powerful and intimidating. If he's still not scary enough, watch out for the demon that sprouts out of his back like good guardians do. He also has some nice fatherly conversations with Riku, despite the revelation that Riku finds Ansem to be quite smelly. To top off, Ansem is one of the few dark-skinned characters in the Kingdom Hearts series, which helps to balance a cast of predominately-white characters.

Byzantinefire on Xemnas

Xemnas is the leader of the original Organization XIII and presumably the first human Nobody. He is callous, cold and emotionless, even for a Nobody. He uses Ethereal Blades as his main weapons, which are reminiscent of lightsabers. Xemnas is great for the most part - a mysterious villain and a challenging boss. However, I dislike how hard his data battle is and how he does not wield a Keyblade when he should be able to wield one. But overall, he is great villain, very manipulative, and I hope to see the re-completed Terra-Xehanort soon.

Aixon on Young Xehanort
Young Xehanort: Mysterious, suspicious and time manipulating! First seen in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, this youthful version of Xehanort was a breath of fresh air to the series. Not only did his appearance as a character reveal a whole new dimension in the form of time travel to the series, but his emergence as a main antagonist, and also as a member of the True Organization XIII have added much excitement to the Kingdom Hearts games. I am certainly looking forward to seeing more of Young Xehanort in the imminent Kingdom Hearts III.
Troisnyxetienne's Top Five Pieces of Music from the Kingdom Hearts Series
This is a continuation from the last two issues. If you haven't seen them already, catch up before you continue!
Marking criteria:

How melodic or atonal a piece is. Does it sound harmonious or discordant?

Whether it matches the specific event, environment or setting for which it is written. If it is a character theme, does it associate well with the character for which it is written?

Does it evoke emotions or is it monotonous? What kind of emotions does it raise?

Just how much, as fans, do we remember the song? Do we associate it with a character, or place, or game in general?

Number Three

The Key, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

Some of the background music pieces in the Kingdom Hearts games can be quite short, or just simply about a minute in length, tops. However, what determines how good a piece of music is, is not how short or long it is, but how well it carries its significance for its length. In my mind, few other pieces do this apart from The Key, a piece that appears towards the end of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.


This piece is a beautiful blend of old and new, of the traditional and the modern. There are orchestral sounds, vocalisations, synthesised drums, and an ordinary piano seemingly blended with an electric piano. There is even a pipe organ thrown in for good measure, as if any awesome piece of music depicting villains or cataclysmic events is not complete without one. A twisted version of the Kingdom Hearts title theme, Dearly Beloved, is the centrepiece of this piece of music. However harmonious it sounds, the various instruments in this piece are played such that we hear and imagine discord.

Shimomura has blended orchestral and electronic sounds into many of her pieces, particularly in the Kingdom Hearts series. This is easily one of my favourite applications of this technique, ever.


The events which Master Eraqus and his pupils had tried so hard to prevent have now taken place. The χ-blade has been forged, and Kingdom Hearts has been summoned. Terra, Ventus and Aqua, our three heroes, are just a hair's breadth away from letting all worlds fall into darkness under Xehanort's grasp. By this point, Terra's body has been possessed by Xehanort, Ventus' body has been possessed by Vanitas, and Aqua is almost despondent.

Ventus-Vanitas facing Aqua, holding the newly-forged χ-blade in his hand.

Ventus-Vanitas, as this entity is officially called, enters into battle with Aqua, the only one who can physically stop him. She seems outmatched, having only her own Keyblade, a mere shadow of the χ-blade in her opponent's arms. Meanwhile, the light within Ventus' heart does battle with the darkness of Vanitas' heart. No one but Ventus knows what is going on inside his heart.

Aqua is easily bested by Ventus-Vanitas, and he takes to taunting her in order for her to give up hope. However, if there is one thing Aqua has that Vanitas does not have, it is the strength gained from friendship. Aqua pulls out her Wayfinder and calls upon Terra and Ventus to lend her strength. It feels almost like a desperation move, as there is no sign of their whereabouts, or how conscious they are. Yet, as soon as the Wayfinder glows in response to Aqua's invocation, we know that Terra and Ventus are as alive as ever.

Ventus-Vanitas speaks, saying that Aqua is merely wasting her energy, but Aqua leaps into battle once again, her Keyblade strengthened by the wills of her two friends. It still does not seem probable that Aqua could even make a dent in that χ-blade of his, but she is more than willing to try anyway. The existence of all the worlds is at stake; any move, however desperate it seems, must be considered!

Magazine Issue 7 TopFive2.png

With Aqua's physical strength, and the wills of the three heroes, the χ-blade is damaged, against all odds, and is destroyed in a massive explosion. As it turns out, Ventus has also won his internal conflict with Vanitas, destroying all the darkness in his heart. Vanitas' grip on Ventus finally loosens, and Ventus loses the bodysuit that came with Vanitas. The explosion blows Ventus far away, and Aqua follows him, hoping to take his hand. The two of them wind up in the Lanes Between, and Aqua manages to grab hold of Ventus.

All the while, this music plays, highlighting the drama of salvation played out in the end of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, from start to finish. What Xehanort has initiated in this game is no mere re-enactment of the original Keyblade War; the risk of harm to the worlds is just as great as it was in the first Keyblade War. And just like any battle, this Keyblade War left scars that are yet to be healed. Ventus is found comatose as soon as the X-blade is destroyed. There is no sign of Terra or Xehanort. The Keyblade Graveyard, an already battle-scarred world, suffers even more battle scars as a result of this dramatic clash.


The Key evokes a mixture of emotions. It begins solemn and awe-inspiring, and at the same time, frightening. The inclusion of the pipe organ and choirs makes this piece sound apocalyptic too. Contemplating being in a situation like this is not pretty, to say the least. As soon as this piece breaks out with the Dearly Beloved fragment, I put myself into the characters' shoes and I begin to fear that now that Kingdom Hearts has been summoned and the χ-blade forged, Armageddon is drawing near.


I think it memorable, by virtue of it featuring a twisted fragment of Dearly Beloved. Perhaps others may remember it for the same reasons as I do. I've had this piece playing in my head for a good half-hour…

Next time:

Like we'd tell you! In your dreams!

A Chat with TheSilentHero
Interview conducted by Byzantinefire
Byzantinefire interviews TheSilentHero to talk about his likes and hobbies.
Symbol - Heart3.png

Byz: Let's begin! What brought you over to Kingdom Hearts in the first place?

TSH: Well, when I was younger, I got a PS2 with Kingdom Hearts for my birthday. And since then I've been playing every game in the series. Except chi.

Byz: Are you interested in Kingdom Hearts III?

TSH: Yes and no. I would like to play the newest installment in the series, but I don't currently own a PS4 or Xbox One, so I won't be able to play it anyways.

Byz: I'm sure you have plenty of time! I bought mine six months ago for Arkham Knight. Any new characters in the series you are hoping for?

TSH: As this is the final entry in the Xehanort Saga, I think they shouldn't add too many new original characters. I would like to see more Final Fantasy characters, though.

Byz: Any in particular?

TSH: I don't know. Maybe Jecht...

Byz: What about Disney, Pixar, Marvel or Lucasfilm characters?

TSH: I don't really know that many Disney films that they haven't used yet and I would wait for the next saga before using Pixar worlds. As for Marvel and Lucasfilm, I'm not sure they would fit in the Kingdom Hearts series.

Byz: Well, what's life with no risk? Anyway, have you seen any new trailers or shows recently?

TSH: No.

Byz: Ah. I saw the first trailer for Star Trek Beyond today. Have you been to any theme parks?

TSH: Yes. But not any Disney theme park, though.

Byz: What about Universal?

TSH: No, just a local theme park.

Byz: Ah well, I have only been to Disneyland once and I did see a lot of adds for Universal Studios Hollywood. I saw ads for Transformers: The Ride, Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem and Fast & Furious: Supercharged. And of course the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is coming to Hollywood. Would any of those attractions interest you?

TSH: I think the Wizarding World of Harry Potter would be really great to see, except it's so far away.

Byz: How far away do you live?

TSH: I live in the Netherlands.

Byz: Ah. Well i hope they build a Universal Studios in Europe like did with Disneyland. Though there used to be one in spain. Have you seen The Force Awakens yet?

TSH: No. I'm not really a fan of Star Wars.

Byz: Seriously who isn't a fan of Star Wars.

TSH: Well, me.

Byz: It is still very hard to believe considering how much this new film made at the box office.

TSH: It's not that I don't like the movies, I just haven't seen them. I think I only saw one.

Byz: Well, I saw all seven and the Clone Wars film. I even founded the Lucasfilm Wiki.

TSH: I do have a lightsaber, though.

Byz: Is it Anakin's or Luke's? Or is it Obi-Wan's.

TSH: I don't know. It has a green light-blade-thing.

Byz: Then it's Luke's. So how is the Netherlands?

TSH: It rains a lot.

Byz: Like Seattle, I'm guessing.

Symbol - Heart3.png
Byzantinefire and TheSilentHero can be found at the KHWiki.
Naminé's Sketchbook title image
Art compiled by TheFifteenthMember
Magazine Issue 7 Sketchbook1.png

by Troisnyxétienne
Magazine Issue 7 Sketchbook2.png

by Draaek
If you want to submit an image, please contact or TheFifteenthMember. We might feature your work in a future issue!
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Title image for The Grid
If you enjoy user contributed colored lineart, why not send us one of your own? Help add some color to this black and white image and then send your finished work to and we might feature it in a future issue!
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Magazine Issue 7 BlankLineart.png

Click here for a printable version!
Submitted by TheFifteenthMember
The Grid title image
Banish the Beast Title Image
A mysterious curse has been wrought upon the world of Kingdom Hearts! All the wicked foes that stand in the way of our favorite protagonists have been gifted with the power of invisibility!
Thankfully, our quick wiki editors who are skilled in the ways of magic - as all good editors are - have managed to capture some monsters, but they need your help identifying what type of beast they have found, so their un-invisiblity spells work correctly. Help us out!

Do you know who this beast is?
Magazine Issue 7 BanishtheBeast.png
Hover here for the answer!

This issue's beast was captured by TheFifteenthMember
The Cheshire Cat's Grin title image for The Grid

If my heart was lost away
And I cloaked myself in black,
"Joxens" would be my name,
But what is my name right now?

Hover here for the answer!
Submitted by TheFifteenthMember

Inflicting damage is my job.
I keep the torment going; again and again
In a purple wave of evil
Above your head, my bubbles bring the pain.

Hover here for the answer!
Submitted by ANX219

Hidden truths.
Image of their backs, preserved in memory.
Two who were never meant to meet.
All the pieces lie where they fell.
Where they wait for him.

Hover here for the answer!
Submitted by TheFifteenthMember

We are beams of light
Soaring in the sky; on the prowl for some prey.
My brothers hit in succession
We pierce the armor; strength whittles away.

Hover here for the answer!
Submitted by ANX219

"Inkmdgo Eky"

Hover here for the answer!
Submitted by TheFifteenthMember
Light Cycle title image

Magazine Issue 7 Puzzle.png

Can you fit all these words onto the grid above?
Jazz | Blues | Elegy | Metal | Opera | Tango | Ballade
Caprice | Requiem | Concerto | Nocturne | Rhapsody | Serenade

Click here to see the answers!
Click here for a printable version! (and printable answers)
Submitted by TheFifteenthMember and Draaek
Flick Rush title image
The Mailbag title image for Flick Rush

Dear TheSilentHero
What task are you most proud of accomplishing on the Keyhole or KHWiki?

It's not really a specific task, but I'm most proud of the templates I coded. When I first came here, I had no coding skill at all, and by studying the templates and making small edits to them, I learned to code. Now, almost three years later, I can create templates from scratch, and they work too! (Well, most of the times).

Love from TheSilentHero and everyone at the KHWiki and Keyhole!

Symbol - Keyblade Master2.png
Dear TheFifteenthMember
What other video games would you recommend to fans of Kingdom Hearts?

The Kingdom Hearts experience is unique and it is difficult to find any game that captures the same mood. While it would be easy for me to recommend other Square Enix JRPGs, such as Final Fantasy, Secrets of Mana, and Dragon Quest, the truth is that liking Kingdom Hearts does not mean you're a fan of the JRPG genre. Personally, I enjoy Kingdom Hearts mostly for the story so I suggest good, plot-driven games to fans of Kingdom Hearts. In this regard, my favourites include Portal, BioShock, and Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Love from TheFifteenthMember and everyone at the KHWiki and Keyhole!

Symbol - Keyblade Master2.png
Dear Aixon
Who's a Kingdom Hearts character that you just don't understand the hype for?

Sora. Whilst I realise that this will undoubtedly be an unpopular answer, I truly have never understood why fans of the Kingdom Hearts series adore the guy so much. He may be the main protagonist, but his cheery and optimistic personality seems to me to be so unrealistic that I could never take him seriously as a person…

Love from Aixon and everyone at the KHWiki and Keyhole!

Symbol - Keyblade Master2.png
Dear Troisnyxetienne
What Disney property do you never want to see in the Kingdom Hearts series?

STAR WARS. STAR SODDING WARS. NO. There's been enough hatred for George Lucas taking it away from its original path; I don't want Tetsuya Nomura to do worse.

While I have seen fan art of Riku in Jedi costume, I will only accept Star Wars in Kingdom Hearts if it is actually well done and Abrams-esque in feel. But this is going to be a tall order anyway, considering Sora's and Riku's first order of things is to meddle in the affairs of the worlds if Xehanort is going to be defeated.

Love from Troisnyxetienne and everyone at the KHWiki and Keyhole!

If you have a question for our mailbox about anything related to the Kingdom Hearts games, KHWiki or the Keyhole, send it to and it might be in our next issue!
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To Do Lists title image for Flick Rush
by TheFifteenthMember, Chainoffire and Aixon
Kingdom Hearts Wiki Logo.png

Nobody.png Correct at least five spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors.
Nobody.png Vote in the Mirage Arena.
Nobody.png Fix at least ten inappropriately capitalized category links.
Nobody.png Nominate a Featured Article or Featured Media.
Nobody.png Enhance an article in need of improvement.
The Kingdom Hearts logo, for use on the Flick Rush page

KH1 icon.png Defeat Lexaeus' Data Battle of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix without the use of Quick Run.
KH1 icon.png Defeat Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts or Kingdom Hearts II without equipping scan.
KH1 icon.png Complete a floor in Chain of Memories without having a non-premium attack card in your deck.
KH1 icon.png Defeat Xion in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days while wearing the Extreme Ring.
KH1 icon.png Acquire one of every type of magic command in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance for both Sora and Riku.
The Keyholoe logo

Mission Crown KHD.png Contribute to the article reworking discussion.
Mission Crown KHD.png Vote for a featured article.
Mission Crown KHD.png Offer your help to finish off the treasure chest lists for Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.
Mission Crown KHD.png Add information related to Kingdom Hearts χ to the correct articles.
Mission Crown KHD.png Add relevant images to our articles in need of images!
Poll Results title image for Flick Rush
Results compiled by TheFifteenthMember

In our last issue we asked you...
What's your favourite Kingdom Hearts trio?
Here's what you said!

Magazine Issue 7 PollResults.png

The most popular choice was the Wayfinder Trio (Terra, Ventus, Aqua) with six votes, which makes up 43% of the total.

Tied for second place, we have the Destiny Trio (Sora, Riku, Kairi) and Sea Salt Trio (Roxas, Axel, Xion) with three votes each or 21% as a percentage.

In joint third, the Trinity Trio (Sora, Donald, Goofy) and Destiny Islands Trio (Tidus, Wakka, Selphie) both received one vote, equivalent to 7%.

Sadly, there were no fans for the Destiny Castle Trio (Mickey, Donald, Goofy) and Twilight Town Trio (Hayner, Selphie, Olette).

Thanks to all those that participated and we look forward to seeing what the results of our next poll will be!
Magazine Title Discussion Topic.png
Submitted by TheFifteenthMember

Will Frozen be in Kingdom Hearts III?

Share your opinion on the comments page.
Poll Title image for Flick Rush

We asked...

What Final Fantasy spell do you want to see in a Kingdom Hearts game?? See the next issue for the results!

Question submitted by TheSilentHero
Birthday title
Dates compiled by Chainoffire

These users will be celebrating their birthdays in the next quarter-year:

Jan 17: Aixon
Mar 16: Neumannz
Spare a thought and wish a happy birthday when the day comes around!

Magazine Issue 7 Page14Title.png

by Chainoffire
Welcome to 2015's End of Year Event results page, brought to you via a special one issue only page!

For the unaware, the KHWiki and The Keyhole launched an End of Year Event last year, and we had so much fun that we decided to do it again this year! For 2015 we wished to recreate something similarly exciting but we also wanted something fresh. This time, the contest was in the form of a Roleplay, reminiscent of the old project back in 2012.

The event happened over December and, in this article, I will announce the results and winners of the contests!

Team Unchained χ win with 77.5%!
Team Azure Mercenaries finish at 73.75%!
Team Hawtasfiyah finish at 72.5%!

In the roleplay contest, members of our community were split into teams based on their skills, and then as a team, they came up with an original character Keyblade wielder and each submitted a piece about their character. Some people drew their characters, some gave their characters theme music, and others chose to submit written pieces for their character. After all the pieces were submitted, Chainoffire, the man in charge of handling the responses, handed it off to the five judges, NinjaSheik, Byzantinefire, Chitalian8, and TheSilentHero, to score each piece. The team with that pleased the judges the most would claim the crown!

The groups also chose team names, leading to the formation of "Team Unchained χ" , "Team Azure Mercenaries", and "Team Hawtasfiyah".

After a month of drawing, writing, and playing, here is the breakdown of this year's contest:

Team Unchained X
”Well drawn and a fun design.”
”The design for the Keyblade is very beautiful and cool!”
”I like how the character is an old woman in a tracksuit, since I think it's very original.”
”I adore the concept of a strange old lady taking up a Keyblade 'because it's good exercise'.”
”Fairly good description.”
” Original and fresh.”
”Sounds like it belongs in a game for sure. Love the high-pitched flute(?) part of the song.”
”An interesting choice to go with a composition.”
”This music piece is amazing! :D It sounded very much like a music track from a game.”
  • Variety and Connectivity:
Variety:”Points for having the only musical submission. The idea behind the character is lovely and original.”
Connectivity:”The drawing and the description go hand in hand. The song befits a weird old lady.”
Congratulations to Team Unchained X for their win with a total of 124 points!
Team Azure Mercenaries
”Very well drawn, good originality.”
”Very well made illustration.”
”The best artwork out of the three, and using an animal design instead of a human one is very cool! The coloring and details were very well done! :)”

”Nicely written.”
”Gives insight into character.”
”The poem was good :)”

”Interesting idea.”
”It's funny in its own way.”

  • Variety and Connectivity:
Variety:”Very original character design.”
Connectivity:”First and second pieces go well together.”

Congratulations to Team Azure Mercenaries, who earned a total of 118 points!
Team Hawtasfiyah
”I like the design of the Keyblade, particularly the color scheme.”
”I think the Keyblade's design is pretty basic.”
”The Keyblade design is cool.”
”Fascinating story.”
”A nice long story.”
”The story is interesting! It's the longest of the three 2nd pieces, which shows how much thought was put into it.”
”I like the character design.”
”Some decent illustrations for the most part.”
”The outfit design is good.”

  • Variety and Connectivity:
Variety:”Two nice looking drawings with an original writing piece makes this an interesting submission.”
Connectivity:”The design for the Keyblade, the character's background, and the character herself is very well connected. ”
Congratulations to Team Hawtasfiyah, who earned a total of 116 points!
Now we conclude the End of Year Event 2015! With twelve users involved and a month of team conversation, I'd call it a success! Special thanks to TheFifteenthMember for coming up with the wonderful idea and applause for everyone who took part! All of us at the KHWiki and the Keyhole wish you a happy 2016!
Let's look forward next year's conte-*mic suddenly turns off*