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DoorToNothing Heartless Emblem.png — I dreamed last night... I got on the boat to Heaven!

And by some chance, I had brought my dice along! — 05:52, 20 November 2011 (UTC)~

Keyblade-Blk.png It is required that you listen to this song while reading this forum.

As requested, I have respectfully returned the +o flag to ErryK, resolving this stalemate-locked issue plaguing the IRC and Roundtables. However, this opens the door to a resolution of the conflict: a judging of whether or not Erry has the ability or even deserves to remain in the spot of channel operator.

Now, as many of you remember, I wrote a MASSIVE GIGA WALL O' TEXT THE SIZE OF TWO UNIVERSES about this subject earlier, and if you are serious about contributing to this forum, it is of the utmost importance that you go and read it. It is long but if you do not read it, you are giving a blind opinion, which is exactly what we are trying to avoid in this forum's discussion. (scroll down until you see it)

Now, for the evidence. As I said, I am able to provide evidence of of Erry's actions on the IRC that make him absolutely unfitting to be in any leadership position there. Below is a collection of log excerpts that display this behavior of his—and this is not even all of it, just some of it. Regrettably, a lot of the confessionals took place in Erry and I's PM memo, which I unfortunately did not have set to log. I apologize for that, and I know that I've let you down; I've been a fool to myself, but hopefully what is below should be PLENTY to show you what we are dealing with. Logs are in chronological order and contain both relevant and non-relevant material, but have been cut/abridged to show only material that pertains to the situation. (Originals available on request, though there is no difference in all but perhaps a few cases, if any) These logs serve two purposes: expose Erry's inappropriate, rude, and violent behavior as well reveal the support from a large community of users who support the removal of his channel operator flag.

Erry K criticizing users for fun, then being sarcastically rude.
[2011-07-01 23:26:35] <ErryK> You guys remind me of some little gi-oh wait...
[2011-07-01 23:26:36] <Crono|Anime> DOO EET
[2011-07-01 23:26:44] <LegoAlchemist> keep watching c:
[2011-07-01 23:26:45] <LegoAlchemist> Damn lag.
[2011-07-01 23:26:58] <LegoAlchemist> Erry: If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.
[2011-07-01 23:26:59] * DoorToNothing is pausing every few seconds.
[2011-07-01 23:27:09] <ErryK> It is nice, to me. :)
ErryK makes typical rude and offensive comments and then leaves instead of solving the problem.
[2011-07-01 23:33:36] * DoorToNothing cries "Havoc", and lets slip the Crono of WAr.
[2011-07-01 23:33:41] <DoorToNothing> Go Crono, use Tackle!
[2011-07-01 23:33:52] <LegoAlchemist> WHO THE FRIG IS THAT?
[2011-07-01 23:34:02] <DoorToNothing> I DON'T KNOW, BUT CRONO WON'T USE TACKLE ON IT.
[2011-07-01 23:34:04] <DoorToNothing> Crono, Return!
[2011-07-01 23:34:07] <DoorToNothing> Go, Legosey!
[2011-07-01 23:34:11] <DoorToNothing> Legosey, use Tackle!
[2011-07-01 23:34:15] * Crono|Anime disobeys!
[2011-07-01 23:34:16] * sugarhoneyhoney nibbles on Tackle
[2011-07-01 23:34:19] * Crono|Anime uses Hyper Beam!
[2011-07-01 23:34:32] <DoorToNothing> Good Crono. Biscuit.
[2011-07-01 23:34:37] <Crono|Anime> c:
[2011-07-01 23:34:41] * DoorToNothing wonders why Legosey does not Tackle.
[2011-07-01 23:35:22] <ErryK> It's a good thing I ignored the trio of fools. :)
[2011-07-01 23:35:35] <Pea|InstantNoodl> o.o
[2011-07-01 23:35:39] <sugarhoneyhoney> Who did you ignore?
[2011-07-01 23:36:11] * LegoAlchemist is working on Slendy pic
[2011-07-01 23:36:23] <LegoAlchemist> These actually aren't very good shots.
[2011-07-01 23:36:28] <ErryK> Lego, Crono and DTN.
[2011-07-01 23:36:33] <Crono|Anime> D:
[2011-07-01 23:36:39] <LegoAlchemist> You can't get a very good still of his face.
[2011-07-01 23:36:40] <Pea|InstantNoodl> >.>
[2011-07-01 23:36:42] <ErryK> They were getting on my nerves.
[2011-07-01 23:36:55] <DoorToNothing> Hah, as if.
[2011-07-01 23:36:55] <LegoAlchemist> At least we're having fun.
[2011-07-01 23:36:59] <LegoAlchemist> Unlike you.
[2011-07-01 23:37:03] <Crono|Anime> We're having fun.
[2011-07-01 23:37:06] <Crono|Anime> Like bosses.
[2011-07-01 23:37:11] <Crono|Anime> ...BIG bosses.
[2011-07-01 23:37:14] <Crono|Anime> With eyepatches.
[2011-07-01 23:37:18] <Crono|Anime> c:
[2011-07-01 23:37:29] <Crono|Anime> ....Do you get it?!
[2011-07-01 23:37:36] <sugarhoneyhoney> Why didn't you ignore me?
[2011-07-01 23:37:49] <DTN> ErryK: If you have nothing nice to say, I'm going to ask you politely to refrain from saying it. You've developed a habit of bashing and publicly making fun of users and their habits. Be it called for or not, that's rude and is not showning a good example from an active editor, a STAFF MEMBER, and an IRC moderator. Consider this a verbal warning.
[2011-07-01 23:37:50] <LegoAlchemist> I might have to download this video and import it into Imageready, then make a GIF.
[2011-07-01 23:38:08] -->| KrytenKoro_ ( has joined #KHWiki-social
[2011-07-01 23:38:10] <Crono|Anime> oh
[2011-07-01 23:38:11] <Crono|Anime> snap
[2011-07-01 23:38:12] <LegoAlchemist> Examine the frames it produces.
[2011-07-01 23:38:12] <DoorToNothing> Word.
[2011-07-01 23:38:14] <Crono|Anime> ,
[2011-07-01 23:38:14] <Crono|Anime> son
[2011-07-01 23:38:19] <ErryK> ...
[2011-07-01 23:38:21] |<-- ErryK has left freenode (Quit: You suck. ಠ_ಠ)
[2011-07-01 23:38:42] <DoorToNothing> If he wants to run and pout that he got called out on disobeying the rules, that's his fault.
[2011-07-01 23:38:53] <DoorToNothing> I've had it with his attitude lately.
[2011-07-01 23:39:02] <KrytenKoro_> who?
[2011-07-01 23:39:12] <LegoAlchemist> ragequit'd.
[2011-07-01 23:39:14] <LegoAlchemist> Agreed, Doorsey.
[2011-07-01 23:39:30] <LegoAlchemist> He's been a real douche lately.
[2011-07-01 23:39:52] <sugarhoneyhoney> He didn't seem any different.
[2011-07-01 23:40:02] === sugarhoneyhoney <d07bf059@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> `` - http://web''
[2011-07-01 23:40:03] === sugarhoneyhoney: member of #KHWiki-social
[2011-07-01 23:40:03] === sugarhoneyhoney: attached to ``Corvallis, OR, USA''
[2011-07-01 23:40:03] --- End of WHOIS information for sugarhoneyhoney.
[2011-07-01 23:40:12] * DoorToNothing has no clue who this sugarhoneyhoney person is.
[2011-07-01 23:40:21] <Crono|Anime> ^
[2011-07-01 23:40:32] <Crono|Anime> Yeah, Erry has been a douchesickle lately.
ErryK overasserts himself and does not listen to reasoning from a designated leader.
[2011-07-17 23:44:26] <DoorToNothing> ErryK|ReCoM
[2011-07-17 23:44:33] <ErryK|ReCoM> Yes?
[2011-07-17 23:44:36] <DoorToNothing> That is the correct format for the Trinity Archives. 
[2011-07-17 23:44:42] <DoorToNothing> Please stop trying to change the format.
[2011-07-17 23:44:50] <DoorToNothing> Continuing to do so will be considered vandalism.
[2011-07-17 23:45:08] <ErryK|ReCoM> So let's see, I can post something under April in today's date?
[2011-07-17 23:45:14] <ErryK|ReCoM> IF it had to do with that topic?
[2011-07-17 23:45:37] <DoorToNothing> The news would not be relevant. Let me make myself clear, ErryK, those news updates had not yet been posted and I had every intention of adding them, they simply came late.
[2011-07-17 23:46:07] <DoorToNothing> The time of posting does not have any affect as to what day of news we are covering; accuracy is not changed at all by being HONEST ABOUT THE TIMESTAMP.
[2011-07-17 23:46:51] <ErryK|ReCoM> Sure, whatever. -_-
[2011-07-17 23:47:23] <PhilosopherSDC> You were going to post them,but Erry did that instead. Is there anything wrong with him doing so?
[2011-07-17 23:48:00] <ErryK|ReCoM> HOLD ON
[2011-07-17 23:48:20] <ErryK|ReCoM> "I've decided this is the proper format." YOU DECIDED, THAT IS BIASED. That's it, next roundtable, I'm bringing this up.
[2011-07-17 23:50:02] <DoorToNothing> PhilosopherSDC: No, you totally missed the point.
[2011-07-17 23:50:20] <DoorToNothing> Those are updates that never got published that I meant to publish but never did.
[2011-07-17 23:51:07] <DoorToNothing> ErryK: Miscommunication, I've been using that format for quite some time. I mean to say I decided, as the executive editor and almost SOLE EDITOR of the news, what format to use based WHAT WAS BEING USED BEFORE I EVEN STARTED. This is the format not only used by myself, but also by TNE, Xion, and oh year, YOU.
[2011-07-17 23:51:53] <ErryK|ReCoM> WHAT FORMAT?!
[2011-07-17 23:52:01] <DoorToNothing> ASDFJKL;
[2011-07-17 23:52:15] <DoorToNothing> == Month <sup>NUMBER</sup> ==
[2011-07-17 23:52:23] <DoorToNothing> ~~~~ TRANSCLUDED WHEN THE POST IS WRITTEN
[2011-07-17 23:52:27] <DoorToNothing> [text]
[2011-07-17 23:52:30] <DoorToNothing> THAT FORMAT.
[2011-07-17 23:52:41] <ErryK|ReCoM> Yes, that is when you post it IN THAT TIME.
[2011-07-17 23:52:46] <ErryK|ReCoM> YOU POSTED THEM JULY 4TH
[2011-07-17 23:52:56] <DoorToNothing> YES, CLEARLY.
[2011-07-17 23:52:57] <ErryK|ReCoM> NOT JUNE 25TH
[2011-07-17 23:53:00] <DoorToNothing> THAT WAS THE WHOLE POINT, ERRYK.
[2011-07-17 23:53:07] <DoorToNothing> JUNE 25TH IS WHEN THE NEWS WAS ANNOUNCED BY SQUARE ENIX.
[2011-07-17 23:53:18] <DoorToNothing> THE SIG DATE IS THE DATE OF THE NEWS BEING WRITTEN.
[2011-07-17 23:53:23] <BakaKidd> huh? what news?
[2011-07-17 23:53:39] <ErryK|ReCoM> So? You put it under July 4th, not 25th.
[2011-07-17 23:53:42] <Sapharus> Why must everyone argue all the time? D:
[2011-07-17 23:54:04] <DoorToNothing> NO, I DIDN'T.
[2011-07-17 23:54:18] <DoorToNothing> THERE IS NOT A JULY 4TH SECTION ON HERE AT ALL.
[2011-07-17 23:54:35] <ErryK|ReCoM> Then you make a damn 4th July section.
[2011-07-17 23:54:42] <DoorToNothing> OH MY GOSH.
[2011-07-17 23:54:49] <DoorToNothing> THIS IS SO FACEPALMINGLY STUPID.
[2011-07-17 23:56:18] <ErryK|ReCoM> It doesn't matter when the news was posted, you post it when YOU WROTE IT.
[2011-07-17 23:56:23] <DoorToNothing> NO.
[2011-07-17 23:56:43] <DoorToNothing> THE SIGNATURE IS WHEN THE AUTHOR WROTE IT.
[2011-07-17 23:56:52] <DoorToNothing> I DON'T KNOW WHY I HAVE TO EXPLAIN THIS SO MANY TIMES, ODION.
[2011-07-17 23:57:14] <DoctorReeves> Sora's model in KH1 is hideous.
[2011-07-17 23:58:25] =-= Mode #KHWiki-social +o DoorToNothing by ChanServ
[2011-07-17 23:58:32] <TaBzEe> ...
[2011-07-17 23:58:37] <Sapharus> I baked you a pie!
[2011-07-17 23:58:38] <Sapharus> Oh boy, what flavor?
[2011-07-17 23:58:39] <TaBzEe> Wait, you didn't even say them out loud.
[2011-07-17 23:58:40] <Sapharus> PIE FLAVOR.
[2011-07-17 23:58:53] <DoorToNothing> TaBzEe: This whole argument is screwing with my sanity.
[2011-07-17 23:58:55] <ErryK|ReCoM> Whatever, I'll wait until the roundtable.
[2011-07-17 23:59:03] <DoorToNothing> For some reason I feel called to ban someone/something. 
[2011-07-17 23:59:12] <TaBzEe>
[2011-07-17 23:59:22] <DoorToNothing> I HAVE AN IDEA.
[2011-07-17 23:59:26] <DoctorReeves> (Erry, you're an op too)
ErryK gets called out for his rude behavior by Sapheta, leaves in rage without solving the problem, instead making it worse. Then Sapheta sums up the ErryK situation.
[2011-08-05 22:17:31] <Sapheta> ErryK: He's away.
[2011-08-05 22:17:40] |<-- Keyblade0 has left freenode ()
[2011-08-05 22:17:58] <ErryK> The use of going into the IRC to go away.
[2011-08-05 22:19:49] <FlyingRagnar> f
[2011-08-05 22:19:51] <Sapheta> Stop complaining for once. He had something important to do, as with most reasons to be idle. Nobody needs to talk every second they're in here.
[2011-08-05 22:20:51] <DoorToNothing> ^
[2011-08-05 22:21:29] * KARTABS is doing very important work.
[2011-08-05 22:21:42] * DoorToNothing is doing very important work
[2011-08-05 22:35:06] <ErryK> Blah, I'm not talking so I'm leaving.
[2011-08-05 22:35:30] <ErryK> And Saph, don't tell me what to do. K.
[2011-08-05 22:35:32] |<-- ErryK has left freenode (Quit: You suck. ಠ_ಠ)
[2011-08-05 22:35:48] * Sapheta will do what she wants.
[2011-08-05 22:36:21] <Sapheta> It's not like he can come to my house and order me around like some sorta uppity higher-up. >:D
[2011-08-05 22:42:52] -->| Silversey ( has joined #KHWiki-social
[2011-08-05 22:43:18] =-= Silversey is now known as Guest36741
[2011-08-05 22:45:11] |<-- SilverCrono has left freenode (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[2011-08-05 22:45:40] |<-- Mikazuki_Neko has left freenode (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[2011-08-05 22:47:56] <DoorToNothing> ErryK keeps making IRC dramallamadingdong. >>
[2011-08-05 22:48:26] <FlyingRagnar> In my experience
[2011-08-05 22:48:33] <FlyingRagnar> most people in IRC don't talk
[2011-08-05 22:48:35] <FlyingRagnar> heh
[2011-08-05 22:48:43] <Baka|Cloud>'s dead here sometimes
[2011-08-05 22:49:04] -->| Mikazuki_Neko (475c654e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #KHWiki-social
[2011-08-05 22:49:15] <Baka|Cloud> wb Mika-chan~ ^-^
[2011-08-05 22:49:58] <Mikazuki_Neko> Thank you Baka-sempai ^-^
[2011-08-05 22:50:04] <Baka|Cloud> welcome~
[2011-08-05 22:53:05] <Sapheta> This is a very good representation of Erry:
[2011-08-05 22:53:06] <Sapheta> Is there something you like about IRC?
[2011-08-05 22:53:41] <Sapheta> If her were in charge of an IRC network, saying something would get you auto-permabanned by the Errybots hellbent on bringing the world onto it's knees.
[2011-08-05 22:53:48] <Sapheta> Well, maybe not.
[2011-08-05 22:54:15] <Sapheta> Also, I made all of that stuff up as satire. Sometimes people get irked if they don't know that.
[2011-08-05 22:58:37] <LegoAlchemist> Hear hear, Saph >>
[2011-08-05 22:59:01] <Sapheta> I hope you guys don't mind claiming this space in the name of ranting while I continue.
[2011-08-05 22:59:12] <LegoAlchemist> No, I agree.
[2011-08-05 22:59:13] <LegoAlchemist> Go on.
[2011-08-05 23:01:33] <LegoAlchemist> KKD is here :O
[2011-08-05 23:01:41] <Sapheta> For example, if I didn't say it was satire, somebody (most likely Erry) would be all like "this is heresy and blasphemous and what-have-you" and raise a stink about it at the next round.
[2011-08-05 23:01:42] <Sapheta> Disputes would arise, and then we would have achieved nothing when we could have done something more productive
[2011-08-05 23:01:44] <Sapheta> It's also easier to say this sort of satire stuff if said person (Erry in this case) because other people won't be afraid to speak up and a good time wouldn't be had.
[2011-08-05 23:01:44] <LegoAlchemist> Hi KKd!
[2011-08-05 23:01:45] <Sapheta> Which, if I'm not mistaken, is the point of the IRC?
[2011-08-05 23:01:50] <Sapheta> </walloftext> </rant>
[2011-08-05 23:01:52] <LegoAlchemist> *KKD
[2011-08-05 23:02:17] <Sapheta> if said person isn't around*
[2011-08-05 23:02:59] <LegoAlchemist> I suppose, but it's worse for Erry in this case because no one would say anything like that to his face.
[2011-08-05 23:03:06] <LegoAlchemist> Except, perhaps, you.
[2011-08-05 23:03:10] <LegoAlchemist> And me.
[2011-08-05 23:03:13] <LegoAlchemist> And everyone.
[2011-08-05 23:03:16] * KARTABS probably would if he felt like it.
[2011-08-05 23:03:20] <LegoAlchemist> Okay, just forget I said anything.
[2011-08-05 23:03:24] <Sapheta> I do because he needs to hear stuff like that.
[2011-08-05 23:03:24] <KARTABS> But it's not really worth my time. :P
[2011-08-05 23:03:39] <Sapheta> Because he honestly complains about too many things and needs to chill
[2011-08-05 23:03:49] <LegoAlchemist> Yes. Dramalammadingdong is quite the time-waster U_U
[2011-08-05 23:03:51] <Sapheta> Wait, a step below chill.
[2011-08-05 23:03:52] <Sapheta> Or five.
[2011-08-05 23:03:57] <LegoAlchemist> We could be focusing on sammiches.
[2011-08-05 23:04:08] <Sapheta> HE NEEDS TO FREEZE TO DEATH IN ANTARCTICA
[2011-08-05 23:04:22] <LegoAlchemist> He also has moments where he's really rude >>
ErryK rudely insults SilverCrono over a memetic joke of his, and I point out for the millionth time that this is not acceptable behavior.
[2011-08-13 18:54:41] -->| SilverCrono (~ENUO@unaffiliated/silvercrono) has joined #KHWiki-social
[2011-08-13 18:56:14] <ErryK> Thanks KB0 AND NO TO CAPTAIN PLANET.
[2011-08-13 18:56:21] <ErryK> Just for you, Crono <3
[2011-08-13 18:56:36] <SilverCrono> go fuck yourself Erry. </3
[2011-08-13 18:57:03] <ErryK> Make me.
[2011-08-13 18:58:24] <DoorToNothing> ErryK:
[2011-08-13 18:58:45] <DoorToNothing> Stop aggravating every user on the IRC, it's clearly making them upset with you. This is certainly not the first time I've had to mention this.
[2011-08-13 18:59:07] <ErryK> ...
[2011-08-13 18:59:20] <DoorToNothing> SilverCrono: Please have appropriate behavior for an example user/OP. Clearly, insulting ErryK will not help anything.
[2011-08-13 18:59:27] <DoorToNothing> THANK YOU HAVE A NICE TODAY.
ErryK ignores Rule #1 and essentially claims he is above being punished for it by using the channel to gossip about the leadership of our former sister wiki.
[2011-08-25 17:14:40] <ErryK> I personally think some people at the FF wiki do not deserve their positions or authoritative powers.
[2011-08-25 17:15:12] <HikariKH> ?
[2011-08-25 17:17:58] <Sove> Who?
[2011-08-25 17:21:48] * DoorToNothing thinks this is not a good discussion topic.
[2011-08-25 17:21:53] <DoorToNothing> Take it elsewhere please.
[2011-08-25 17:29:18] <ErryK> I'm not saying, I'm just saying that I don't think they deserve the position they have.
[2011-08-25 17:44:35] <HikariKH> ?
[2011-08-25 17:44:35] |<-- KrytenKoro has left freenode (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[2011-08-25 17:44:36] <Sove> Only two of their admins are inactive
[2011-08-25 17:44:36] <Sove> And how about our wiki
[2011-08-25 17:44:36] * Sove lost count
[2011-08-25 17:44:36] <HikariKH> Gotta go
[2011-08-25 17:44:37] <HikariKH> Night all!
[2011-08-25 17:44:37] <Sove> Bye HKH
[2011-08-25 17:44:37] |<-- HikariKH has left freenode (Quit: And FYI, today was mah birthday!)
[2011-08-25 17:46:28] =-= SaphIsNotHere is now known as Sapheta
[2011-08-25 17:57:59] <ErryK> The current admins are sort of on-and-off
[2011-08-25 17:58:26] <ErryK> There were a few who I found totally pointless for the job, as of recent. Not saying any names.
[2011-08-25 17:58:43] <ErryK> And like I said, recent, not currently.
[2011-08-25 18:00:21] =-= Sove is now known as SleepSove
[2011-08-25 18:00:34] <Sapheta> Erm... What happened to "Please take this elsewhere?"
[2011-08-25 18:03:04] <ErryK> It went into input and output unchanged. :)
[2011-08-25 18:08:57] <DoorToNothing> LET'S NOT SAY ANYTHING MORE ABOUT THIS TOPIC.
ErryK absolutely, massively abuses his operator abilities. At this point, I remove the +o flag, after discussing with other channel operators in a side-channel.
[2011-08-25 18:09:06] =-= Mode #KHWiki-social +o DoorToNothing by ChanServ
[2011-08-25 18:09:14] =-= Mode #KHWiki-social +m  by DoorToNothing
[2011-08-25 18:09:18] <DoorToNothing> QUIET TIME.
[2011-08-25 18:09:44] =-= Mode #KHWiki-social +o Sapheta by ChanServ
[2011-08-25 18:09:47] <Sapheta> YAY QUIET TIME
[2011-08-25 18:09:50] =-= Mode #KHWiki-social +o ErryK by ChanServ
[2011-08-25 18:10:10] =-= Mode #KHWiki-social -ooo DoorToNothing Sapheta ErryK by DoorToNothing
[2011-08-25 18:10:18] =-= Mode #KHWiki-social +o ErryK by ChanServ
[2011-08-25 18:10:20] <ErryK> Boo quiet time
[2011-08-25 18:10:36] =-= Mode #KHWiki-social -o ErryK by ChanServ
[2011-08-25 18:10:45] =-= Mode #KHWiki-social +o ErryK by ChanServ
[2011-08-25 18:10:53] =-= Mode #KHWiki-social -o ErryK by ChanServ
[2011-08-25 18:10:58] =-= Mode #KHWiki-social +o ErryK by ChanServ
[2011-08-25 18:11:00] =-= Mode #KHWiki-social -o ErryK by ChanServ
[2011-08-25 18:11:01] =-= Mode #KHWiki-social -o ErryK by ChanServ
[2011-08-25 18:11:05] =-= Mode #KHWiki-social +o ErryK by ChanServ
[2011-08-25 18:11:06] =-= Mode #KHWiki-social -o ErryK by ChanServ
[2011-08-25 18:11:08] =-= Mode #KHWiki-social +o ErryK by ChanServ
[2011-08-25 18:11:11] =-= Mode #KHWiki-social -o ErryK by ChanServ
[2011-08-25 18:11:13] =-= Mode #KHWiki-social +o ErryK by ChanServ
[2011-08-25 18:11:14] =-= Mode #KHWiki-social -o ErryK by ChanServ
[2011-08-25 18:11:16] =-= Mode #KHWiki-social -o ErryK by ChanServ
[2011-08-25 18:11:21] =-= Mode #KHWiki-social +o ErryK by ChanServ
[2011-08-25 18:11:22] =-= Mode #KHWiki-social -o ErryK by ChanServ
[2011-08-25 18:11:24] =-= Mode #KHWiki-social +o ErryK by ChanServ
[2011-08-25 18:11:25] =-= Mode #KHWiki-social +o DoorToNothing by ChanServ
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[2011-08-25 18:11:38] =-= Mode #KHWiki-social -o ErryK by ChanServ
[2011-08-25 18:11:40] =-= ErryK was booted from #KHWiki-social by YOU (Unprofessional channel operator behavior will not be tolerated any further. I've had enough of this.)
[2011-08-25 18:11:41] -->| ErryK (~ErryK@ has joined #KHWiki-social
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[2011-08-25 18:11:49] =-= Mode #KHWiki-social -o ErryK by ChanServ
[2011-08-25 18:12:08] =-= ErryK was booted from #KHWiki-social by YOU (Unprofessional channel operator behavior will not be tolerated any further. I've had enough of this.)
[2011-08-25 18:12:09] -->| ErryK (~ErryK@ has joined #KHWiki-social
[2011-08-25 18:13:40] >ChanServ< flags #KHWiki-social ErryK -o
[2011-08-25 18:13:41] *ChanServ* Flags �-o� were set on �ErryK� in �#KHWiki-social�.
[2011-08-25 18:15:10] -->| UnknownEnigma ( has joined #KHWiki-social
[2011-08-25 18:17:20] =-= UnknownEnigma is now known as Hi_Everybody_UE
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[2011-08-25 18:21:05] <Sapheta> I dun think we need moar quiet time.
[2011-08-25 18:21:11] =-= Mode #KHWiki-social -m  by Sapheta
Vestige displays typical sarcastic behavior instead of politely trying to solve the issue at hand.
[2011-08-27 17:46:03] <Vestige>
[2011-08-27 17:46:33] <Vestige> If you want to rephrase and paste your talkbox ontop of mine like you did with Trinity Archives, be my guest.
[2011-08-27 17:47:28] <KARTABS> I'm not going to say anything on the matter because someone thinks I shouldn't talk to them
[2011-08-27 17:47:32] <KARTABS> :}
[2011-08-27 17:47:49] <SilverCrono> I wasn't here yesterday, so...yep
[2011-08-27 17:47:52] <SilverCrono> not posting, whee~
[2011-08-27 17:49:02] <DoorToFeferi> Vesitge, this is exactly what I mean.
[2011-08-27 17:49:13] <DoorToFeferi> You are overly sarcastic and rude and clearly you hold quite a grudge.
[2011-08-27 17:49:52] <Vestige> But you make it look like I do that to EVERYONE.
[2011-08-27 17:50:17] <DoorToFeferi> How. How do I even begin to do that Vestiger?
[2011-08-27 17:50:28] <SilverCrono> ...cuz you do, Vestige/Erry 
Vestige ambiguously alludes to me rudely with insults and is called out once more by Sapheta.
[2011-08-29 16:49:00] <Vestige|XIII> ¬_¬
[2011-08-29 16:49:43] <Sapheta> Okay Erry, that's nice.
[2011-08-29 16:50:07] <darkfalcon3274> you read it, huh?
[2011-08-29 16:54:21] <Vestige|XIII> No, it's something, rather someone, else.
[2011-08-29 16:54:30] <Vestige|XIII> But I'm not going to step into that territory.
[2011-08-29 16:54:36] * Vestige|XIII goes back to FFXIII
[2011-08-29 16:54:58] <Sapheta> ...Okay Erry, that's nice.
[2011-08-29 16:56:01] <Vestige|XIII> Saph, I know you're trying to push my buttons... it's not working. :)
[2011-08-29 16:56:19] <Sapheta> ...That also happens to be nice.
[2011-08-29 16:56:35] <Sapheta> (And nope, I'm not. c:)
[2011-08-29 16:56:41] <Vestige|XIII> I know someone who's not nice. ;)
[2011-08-29 17:01:57] <Vestige|XIII> DoorToNothing, your input is needed on this:
[2011-08-29 17:04:27] * DoorToNothing finds Vestige's hints rather ambiguous enough for Sapheta to be correct in stating the obvious perception innocently.
Vestige ignores the rule of language and nonsensically tries to deny punishment for it.

[2011-09-05 19:12:19] <Aradooria> Vestige, language. 
[2011-09-05 19:12:51] <Vestige|TS3> I didn't use any language, though.
[2011-09-05 19:13:06] <Tabzee> "that damn inside joke that pisses me the fuck off"
[2011-09-05 19:13:14] <Aradooria> Thank you Tabzee.
[2011-09-05 19:14:14] <Vestige|TS3> Oh that? That was against the joke, it's not a 'regular user' nor is it a 'staff member'.
[2011-09-05 19:14:18] <Vestige|TS3> So it wasn't breaking the rules.
[2011-09-05 19:14:55] <Aradooria> ... No, you used profane language in an unnecessary statement of exaggeration. 
[2011-09-05 19:15:20] <Aradooria> Using profane language is ANY context is a warnable and disciplined offense. It's in the rules. 
[2011-09-05 19:15:43] <Vestige|TS3> Well you unnecessarily annoyed me.
[2011-09-05 19:15:54] <Vestige|TS3> So it evens out.
[2011-09-05 19:16:16] <Aradooria> An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. I am not justifying what I was doing as right at all.
[2011-09-05 19:16:38] <Vestige|TS3> Well I'm not justifying what I did was wrong, either.
[2011-09-05 19:16:43] <Aradooria> I am merely insinuating that while you are trying to build a case to raise yourself back to the position of channel operator, threatening and swearing will not get you there.
[2011-09-05 19:17:05] <Aradooria> Actually, you are. You are trying to justifying using language as defensive and called for.
[2011-09-05 19:17:54] <Vestige|TS3> Threatening and swearing was from one cause; you and Tabs.
[2011-09-05 19:18:06] <Vestige|TS3> So I'm not the one to blame in this case.
[2011-09-05 19:18:13] <Vestige|TS3> Because I was just simply speaking.
[2011-09-05 19:18:14] <Keyblade0_> That's just evil.
[2011-09-05 19:18:35] <Vestige|TS3> [03:36]	Vestige|TS3	throws pillows
[2011-09-05 19:18:36] <Vestige|TS3> [03:37]	Tabzee	catches pillo-- OOPS RESPONDING SORRY
[2011-09-05 19:18:45] <Vestige|TS3> That annoys me, and I asked; more than once for it to stop.
[2011-09-05 19:18:50] <Vestige|TS3> And it didn't.
[2011-09-05 19:18:57] <Aradooria> If "speaking" involves using language that THE RULES OF CHANNEL STATE ARE WRONG, you are acting against the rules.
[2011-09-05 19:19:00] <Vestige|TS3> So I think that gives me the right to get your attention by swearing.
[2011-09-05 19:19:11] <Aradooria> I refuse to put a user who is deliberating acting against the rules channel operator rights.
[2011-09-05 19:19:17] <Aradooria> I will say that much now.
[2011-09-05 19:20:07] <Vestige|TS3> Yes well I'm not the only one who does that, Door.
[2011-09-05 19:20:15] <Vestige|TS3> We're not all robots, you know.
[2011-09-05 19:20:32] <Aradooria> I never asked you to be one. 
[2011-09-05 19:20:37] <Aradooria> I am not asking ANYONE to be one.
[2011-09-05 19:20:56] <Aradooria> But when you admit to KNOWING WHAT YOU ARE DOING IS AGAINST THE RULES THAT EVERYONE AGREES TO FOLLOW and yet you do it anyway, it is simply illogical.
ErryK avoids me instead of approaching me to actually try and solve this. This situation occurs many times in the near future after this log.
[2011-09-09 22:47:00] -->| YOU (DoorToNothing) have joined #KHWiki-social
[2011-09-09 22:47:01] =-= Topic for #KHWiki-social is ``Welcome to #KHWiki-social, the official socialization channel for the independent Kingdom Hearts Wiki! Please abide by the simple rules that can be found on the wiki's central page. The channel for wiki discussion is #KHWiki-noticeboard.''
[2011-09-09 22:47:01] =-= Topic for #KHWiki-social was set by ErryK|TS3! on Saturday, July 02, 2011 4:51:25 PM
[2011-09-09 22:55:07] <ErryK|ACB> Oh, gross.
[2011-09-09 22:55:08] <--| ErryK|ACB has left #KHWiki-social
[2011-09-09 23:05:14] <DoorToNothing> I'm gross.
[2011-09-09 23:05:16] <DoorToNothing> ...
[2011-09-09 23:05:17] <DoorToNothing> Yay?
[2011-09-09 23:05:21] * DoorToNothing earns +1 Gross.
Sove and wolf5000 agree than ErryK is not worthy of the channel operator position, showing support from other users than just myself and other operators.
[2011-09-10 20:46:04] <Sove> I can pretty easily see whether or not a person deserves to be opped, didn't take long to see that ErryK isn't worthy
[2011-09-10 20:46:51] <wolf5000> Yea
Sove and maggosh expand on the concept of Erry not deserving the +o flag, suggesting higher punishment than simply removing his position.
[2011-09-10 21:24:36] <Sove> If what DTN said about his behaviour is true, the deopping was right
[2011-09-10 21:24:58] <maggosh> But wasn't enough.
[2011-09-10 21:25:09] <Sove> But again, his personality isnät suitable for op rights
[2011-09-10 21:25:17] <Sove> isn't*
[2011-09-10 21:25:32] <Sove> He shouldn't have got them in the first place
[2011-09-10 21:25:49] <maggosh> He shouldn't be on the chat in the first place.
[2011-09-10 21:26:13] <Sove> Most of the time he used his op rights, they were abuse of some kind
ErryK, again, immaturely avoids me in a childish game of peek-a-boo.
[2011-09-09 22:47:00] -->| YOU (DoorToNothing) have joined #KHWiki-social
[2011-09-09 22:47:01] =-= Topic for #KHWiki-social is ``Welcome to #KHWiki-social, the official socialization channel for the independent Kingdom Hearts Wiki! Please abide by the simple rules that can be found on the wiki's central page. The channel for wiki discussion is #KHWiki-noticeboard.''
[2011-09-11 02:47:24] -->| ErryK (~ErryK@ has joined #KHWiki-social
[2011-09-11 02:47:28] <ErryK> STILL HERE.
[2011-09-11 02:47:30] <--| ErryK has left #KHWiki-social
[2011-09-11 02:58:51] <DoorToNothing> YES, STILL AM.
[2011-09-11 03:00:13] -->| ErryK|Android (~ErryK@ has joined #KHWiki-social
[2011-09-11 03:00:23] |<-- ErryK|Android has left freenode (Client Quit)

I hope you could identify the a few themes in the logs above. Firstly, Erry does not solve problems with log or fairness. Instead, he avoids you by leaving the IRC whenever you log on, abuses his channel operator rights, or breaks the rules knowing that he is doing so. A channel operator should be able to mediate and take care of problems rather than be stubborn. Secondly, Erry likes to skate right on the edge of rule-breaking when he is not doing so absolutely. A channel operator should not be playing so close to the fire that we are trying to prevent from kindling, figuratively speaking.

So therefore, with all things considered, I believe that Erry does not deserve the +o flag and should have it removed immediately.

maggosh The steel is forged... "Souls as far as the eye can see..."

"If you want light to rule over all, then you must rid the world of everything else."

Aren't you dead?

17master - Hey, guys, check out my new camera!
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Oh wow, that song is good.

*ehem* that aside, I believe everyone has a second chance. So without any intention of insulting or favoring anyone, I believe we should give his OP right for the time being. If he succeeds in showing proper behavior as an OP this time, then let him has the right until something came up that requires him to be de-opped again.

And by all honesty, I don't really like seeing people cursing, insulting or whatever bad attitude they're showing so can we please just get along and be all sunshine and rainbows?

Sove Talk to Me! — "I dunno. I can't... just look inside. But I figure... If there is something in there - inside us - then we'd feel it, wouldn't we?"

"No one would miss me." — 10:30, 20 November 2011 (UTC)

I agree with 17m for now, Erry's behaviour has changed positively since these incidents. If he can prove to be worthy, I won't have a problem with him having OP privileges. If he keeps breaking the rules or abuses the OP privileges again, I will have to support his re-deopping. As much as I hate to do this to people I consider friends, I can't defend them in everything, like in this case.

And I really meant what I said about his opping in the first place. While Erry is nice towards me and many others, I still saw that opping him is probably not a good idea. Yes, I have a sixth sense, I saw the abuse coming. Still, nothing personal on Erry, I still like him, but I just can't tolerate his past actions.

Where did I mention a higher punishment? o.O Maggosh made that suggestion, not me. I might have somewhat supported it, but not to a ban (and if I did mention that, I didn't actually mean that. The problem with the bans is that it might lead to more harm than good, and in this case, it almost certainly would. Ban is not the right solution.

maggosh The steel is forged... "Souls as far as the eye can see..."

"If you want light to rule over all, then you must rid the world of everything else."

Not to mention I made that suggestion out of pure mockery and sarcasm.
Chitalian8 Say... — And here's me, playing the world's tiniest violin.

Your face is priceless. — 17:24, 20 November 2011 (UTC)

20px-Pin_000.png I agree with most of Sove's points. Although he is an excellent user, I just don't see him being a responsible OP on the IRC channel. To be perfectly blunt, Erry's far too antagonistic, and as DTN put it, "sarcastically rude", to be trusted with OPship.

Tron KHII.png
LightRoxas - "I fight for the Users!"
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I vote we give him one more chance. If he does any of this again, we can deop him for good.

It is pitch black...
You are likely to be eaten by a grue...
You are standing alone in the room.

Beneath your right foot is something. When you move your leg, you can hear it crunch, like old paper.

>take paper


>examine paper

It appears to be an ancient letter, from someone known as "The_Inexistent".

>examine message from The_Inexistent

The message reads:

No, we will not drop this, even if that is the sensable and rational thing to do.

And apparently my comments on your gigantic paragraph link also did not exist.

  1. The context of this before hand would be nice... as it seems a tad... purposelly edited.
  2. I'll give you that one.
  3. I really don't have an opinion on this one... confusion can sometimes be a terrible beasty.
  4. I would recognize the valid points in there, but there is far too much hyperboly. True, Erry can be a tad extreme and antagonistic, but Saph is suddenly his superior in all manners? Hardly.
  5. I'll give you that one as well.
  6. That is... meh. It's about as inappropriate as the time I said that our walkthroughs would be better if they were hosted here than Strategy Wiki Inadvertantly making Prod rather angry.
  7. Yes, bad.
  8. Erry's last line is somewhat true. I've seen plenty of times where he is nice and helpful. However, only the times when he was being inappropriate are shown. It's like saying that Caesar shouldn't have been considered Roman because his power thirst was unpatriotic... he still built up the republic.
  9. It's easier to blame the king than the parliament... ...of course, in this case, the "king" was really the only one actually enoforcing (and making) the decision...
  10. Murder of passion. True, he broke a rule (which he should have realized), but only in defense of his own annoyance.
  11. Aside from the fact that I'm pretty sure his intent was because you joined, you're making the assumption that he was avoiding you. I truly hate it when I have to leave just as someone joins, as it makes me feel... rather... rude.
  12. I respect Sove's opinion.
  13. Meh.
  14. Yes, still inappropriate.

...take care of problems rather than be stubborn.

Both of you have brought this up how many times?

And I must say, I appreciate that this time the instigator (I tried to find a more euphamistic word, but I couldn't think of one) actually came to the community first as opposed to just outright doing it and then remaining ignorant to the communities wishes. I also appreciate that his opship was restored.

SilverCrono Well, I can tell who you are. "Looks like you're prepared."

"What is with you and picking up stray puppies?" — 21:31, 20 November 2011 (UTC)

Isa_bbs.png Kill it with fire. Nobody messes with Captain Planet.

If Erry's been getting better, then yeah, let him keep the OPs. However, he has a history of returning to his bad ways, so I say get somebody trustworthy to keep logs of him (Sapheh?), and he if exhibits behavior like this again, take dem ops away. Forever and ever and ever and the end.

...captain planet

NOOOOOOOO!! THAT GODTEXT. IT HAUNTS MY NIGHTMARES. Oh, looky. I've appeared twice in the logs and I was mentioned once

So anyway.... Everyone deserves a second chance. I'm sure EK will be better-behaved this time around. SMG2_Starbit.pngKeyblade0 11t5t1g.png

Ark - Eternal Darkness
TALK - 05:40, 22 November 2011 (UTC)
I shall present my view as an 'outsider' to this wiki.

To a casual user this situation looks unprofessional. Having a volatile and unpredictable user in a position of power is off-putting. It is amateurish to have a user unsuitable for a position of power installed in that position of power; it is what one might expect from a small forum with a few dozen users, not from a wiki as well established and authoritative as this.

The logs presented above show a user who regularly behaves in a puerile and jejune manner and is unrepentant about this behaviour. Is this really the type of user who should be in a position of prominence?

ErryK may be a useful user, but he is quite simply unsuitable for the position of operator and really should not have gained the position in the first place. freenode provide a guide on what makes a good 'catalyst' - a desirable series of traits in any user but vital in an operator. ErryK meets pretty much none of these criteria.

The level of professionalism and type of conduct expected from an operator are considerably stricter than those expected from a normal user. An operator is in a position of power and is looked to by many as an ambassador to the wiki. Bluntly, ErryK reflects poorly on the wiki in his current position, and the high levels of professionalism that the wiki prides itself on are compromised as a result.

As such, it is my opinion that, whilst ErryK should never have gained operator status to begin with, this situation should be resolved with the permanent removal of his operator rights. A 'last chance' should not be given again. Doing so would demonstrate a very poor regard for the values that make this wiki the authoritative resource that it currently is.

The position of operator is a badge of honour; a badge that ErryK does not deserve to wear.

LegoAlchemist - They changed "Snipe Magnet" to "Magnet Grab"? Who's translating this game, 4kids?
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Vsymbol.png Ark provides an interesting perspective to the situation. I am in agreement with him and Doorsey.

maggosh The steel is forged... "Souls as far as the eye can see..."

"If you want light to rule over all, then you must rid the world of everything else."

Very well, I'll have him banned within the hour.