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This is a list of editors who were once staff members on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki. They are now retired or inactive, thus they will no longer be able to handle requests for help. If you need a question answered, please contact a member of our active staff.


StaffKairiIcon.png Staff Icon Bluerfn.png Staff Icon Dark-EnigmaXIII.png Will handle issues related to the pic directly. Again, pas touche! Staff Icon Erry.png Staff Icon EternalNothingnessXIII.png Staff Icon KeybladeSpyMaster.png
Staff Icon KrytenKoro.png Staff Icon Maggosh.png Staff Icon Neumannz.png Staff Icon NinjaSheik.png Staff Icon Soxra.png StaffSoraIcon.png Staff Icon Urutapu.png


Chainoffire's staff icon Staff Icon Chitalian8.png Staff Icon FinalRest.png StaffXeHIcon.png Staff Icon LegendAqua.png
Staff Icon LevL.png StaffRikuIcon.png Staff icon for TheFifteenthMember Staff Icon Troisnyxetienne.png Staff Icon UnknownChaser.png

Off-site staff[edit]

Red Gummi Block (Ball) KHX.png Blue Gummi Block (Cube) KHX.png Yellow Gummi Block (Wedge) KHX.png link-User talk:Xion4ever
Pea14733 Troisnyxetienne Unbirth Xion4ever

Inactive accounts[edit]

Card Medal SR KHX.png Card Medal SR+ KHX.png
UnknownChaser Troisnyxetienne
Magic Gem KHX.png Speed Gem KHX.png Power Gem KHX.png
Pea14733 Troisnyxetienne Xion4ever