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About me
Birthday 26 October
Currently playing Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited
KH Stuff
Favorite Character Tie: Roxas & Axel
Favorite Keyblade Two Become One & Way to the Dawn
Title Blazing Dragon of Light
Favorite KH game 358/2 Days
Games to play Re: CoM - Finish Riku story

Re: Coded

Wiki Stuff
Userbox {{User Draaek}}
What is League without bugs... Better nerf Irelia

Draaek - "May the Ancient Dragons keep you safe"
TALK - The Unversed logo from the Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Ultimania.Blazing Dragon of LightThe Unversed logo from the Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Ultimania. 04:22, September 16, 2014 (UTC)
Hey everyone welcome to my page! As you may have noticed the name is Draaek, got it memorized?

While there is no need to read anything here you are free to do so if you want to know me better. If anything catches your attention feel free to message me on my talk page. Other than that see you around!

About me

So you wish to know more about this dragon don't you? Well I'm afraid that you have come to a dead end. Just kidding! Of course you can get to know more about me but in order to do so you will have to come to me in order to know. I'm not the kind of person that just tells everyone who this dragon is. Then again I can let you know some other things about myself that don't really require you to meet me THAT much.

  • Like most of my friends here I tend to play League almost 24/7
    • I'm a top lane player with Renek being my main champion, aside from that I tend to play most top champs.
    • I have the bad luck of ksing people without doing a single thing. aka using Braum's E and getting a kill.
    • Willing to die just to let my friends live even if my death causes us to lose.
    • I'm proud to be called Madlife most of the times I thresh. I have also been called SoloRenektonOnly! This one is proud of such achievement!
  • Totally a dragon fan but I suppose you could guess that by looking at my page right?
  • Somewhat of an artist because I only draw dragons, or dragons for my friends. You really don't want to see me try something else.
  • This one plays Elder Scrolls Online and Skyrim. Draaek thinks that the accent gives it away, yes?
  • If you end up in my friend list you will be protected to the very end by this dragon. Its real, you can ask those in the list. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED
  • New to the wiki but gladly helping a lot of people with graphics I'm looking at your EoTYE badges FM
  • Known for over-thinking things into the worst scenario possible. If this happens to you let me know and I'll fix what I said.
  • Also known for breaking wiki codes while following instructions. Then again I also manage to fix certain broken codes which were NOT broken by me.

The Friend List

My closest friends that happen to be in the wiki. If your name is not here all you have to do is become a close friend of mine. Soon to have a very nice table because I broke the code with my placeholder one! Also this list is in no particular order


Wayfinder from Riku


The userboxes of all my wiki friends. If yours is missing here let me know and I'll add it ASAP

This user is a proud master and Dragon Rider.
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