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Page 3 - The Ansem Reports

What's new in the Kingdom Hearts world? New games? New products? You'll find it all here!

Page 4 - Unlocking the Keyhole

Take a look at what's currently happening at The Keyhole!

Page 5 - The Door to Light

Check out what's going on at!

Page 6 - The Coliseum

See who's clashing in The Underdrome and in the Mirage Arena!
Plus, Xion4ever and Aixon spar in a great Roxas VS Xion debate!

Page 7 - The Keyblade Master

The Keyblade Master is written by a different user every month, and can be about almost anything!
In this issue, Chainoffire rants about capes and KeybladeSpyMaster discusses the Realm of Sleep.

Page 8 - Dive to the Heart

Having a hard time editing the wiki? Take a look at this issue's tutorial on creating pages!
Also be sure to check out our guide to earning the Technician trophy in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded

Page 9 - The Round Room

The Round Room hosts the Wiki's podcast! In their first second podcast, UnknownChaser, Chainoffire, and Neumannz talk theories, differences, Nomura and missing editors.

Page 10 - Mark of Mastery Exam

Interviews, reviews and more! Find out what makes our users tick!

Page 11 - Naminé's Sketchbook

Like to draw? See some cool and inspiring fan art here!

Page 12 - The Grid

Puzzles, riddles and more! Do you have what it takes to make it through this test of skill?

Page 13 - Flick Rush

More wiki and game challenges than you can shake a Keyblade at!
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Magazine edited by Chainoffire
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by KeybladeSpyMaster

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX releases October 2, 2014 in Japan

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Logo KHIIHD.png

The anxiously-awaited Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX is set to release this week in Japan! The high-definition remaster includes the highly-famed Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix alongside over three hours of cutscenes from Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. The game will also provide the first opportunity for fans outside of Japan to play Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix.

No Heart KHBBSFM.png

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix is the sequel to the critically-acclaimed Kingdom Hearts, and is set one year after the events of that game. In addition to the wonderful story that it lays out, the Final Mix includes various additional features and story tid-bits, including new fights against Roxas, Organization XIII, and the Lingering Will, challenges from the Mushroom XIII, all new Keyblades, and cutscenes that reveal how certain events in the original release came to be. Journeying through several Disney worlds, Sora, Donald, and Goofy continue their fight against the darkness to find King Mickey and Riku and return home.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix is a prequel to Kingdom Hearts, set ten years before the original game. It delves into the origins of the Keyblade and its ties to Sora, Kairi, and Riku. It also introduces Master Xehanort as the true antagonist of the series. In addition to its equally wonderful story, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix has additional battles in the Mirage Arena, including battles against Master Eraqus and Xehanort's Armors, new Keyblades, and a special interactive secret video. Play as Terra, Aqua, and Ventus and unlock the secrets of Xehanort and the Keyblade War!

The final title in this collected trilogy is Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, which is set right after Kingdom Hearts II. In it, a digital version of Sora is sent through the events of the original Kingdom Hearts that are deep within Jiminy's Journal to help King Mickey learn the origins of a secret message in the Journal. The remake is set to have three hours of cutscenes, two hours of which will be completely new. It even has a brand new secret video in addition to Signs of What's Next, that will be unlockable upon viewing the entire custcene catalog. The Re:coded representation is also set to have better fighting scenes, and will venture into tying the entire series together in time for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance and Kingdom Hearts III.

But why listen to our accounts when a trailer highlighting all the new features can be seen below?

With the game releasing this week in Japan, and in two months in North America and Europe, there is a lot to be excited for! Which game are you most anxious for? Tell us in the magazine's comments page!

Kingdom Hearts manga release dates, and the first Kingdom Hearts novel!

Ever since YenPress has acquired the rights, we've seen fast translating and publishing of the Kingdom Hearts manga. Some of you may remember that publishing company Tokyopop originally translated the Shiro Amano illustrated manga series, but Tokyopop lost the rights, halting the series after Volume 2 of the Kingdom Hearts II manga. Thankfully YenPress of North America won the publishing rights, and, in May 2013, they began republishing the entire manga series. Since then, YenPress has published the Kingdom Hearts Final Mix manga in two volumes, Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories in one volume, and the Kingdom Hearts II manga in two volumes.

Three of the five volumes that make up the Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days manga have also been released and, as a result, fans of the manga in North America have anxiously awaited the complete localization of the Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days manga, and the next release of the Kingdom Hearts II manga. Over the summer, we received great news concerning this. The 3rd volume of the Kingdom Hearts II manga, containing the content of volumes 6 and 7 from the original Japanese release, will release December 16, 2014, just in time for the Christmas holiday! In addition, the 4th volume of the Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days manga will release this month on October 28, 2014, and the 5th and final volume will release on January 20, 2015!

File:Kingdom Hearts II Manga 7.pngKingdom Hearts 358-2 Days Manga 4.pngKingdom Hearts 358-2 Days Manga 5.png

As if that isn't enough, on September 19, 2014, Yen Press announced that it would publish Kingdom Hearts: The Novel, a 300-page localization of the two Kingdom Hearts novels based on the first game, originally written by Tomoco Kanemaki. The novel will feature illustrations by Shiro Amano, illustrator and writer of the Kingdom Hearts manga. The novel is set to release in March 2015.

We are now just awaiting the release of the 8th and final volume of the Kingdom Hearts II manga, which released last July in Japan. In addition, the Kingdom Hearts community anxiously hopes to hear the further localization of the rest of the Kingdom Hearts novels. So, will you be getting the next volumes of the manga? Do you think Shiro Amano will continue with the rest of the series? Which game can't you wait to read in the manga? Tell us on the comments page!

Kingdom Hearts χ turns 1!

Kingdom Hearts chi Logo KHX.png

Over the summer, Kingdom Hearts Χ held its first anniversary event! The online game is set in the time leading up to the Keyblade War, though it's largely considered non-canon. The anniversary event included several new cards and Heartless, as well as a story in which Chip, Dale, King Mickey, Donald, and Goofy make a stop in Daybreak Town! The mini-story deals with Gummi pieces, and some of the new Heartless are actually made up of Gummi parts!

While the game is still not available in English, many have gone on to attempt to take part in the fun and adventures of the online game. Perhaps soon, we'll see an English version? Several reports do hint at the idea that that is certainly a possibility! What do you think? Would you play the game?

Mickey Mouse KHX.png Donald Duck KHX.png Goofy KHX.png Chip KHX.png Dale KHX.png

Famitsu Interview reveals update on Kingdom Hearts III, Kingdom Hearts Χ, and Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX!

There has been little news on the progress of Kingdom Hearts III, Kingdom Hearts Χ, and the future of Kingdom Hearts after the release of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX, but, thanks to a fascinating interview with series creator Tetsuya Nomura that was featured in popular gaming magazine Famitsu recently, we now have some more news to report!
Kingdom Hearts III Logo KHIII.png

The interview started with Tetsuya Nomura noting that in response to the fans' reactions to the Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days cinematic cutscenes (in the Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days that was presented in Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX, the battles were not seen, and events in Disney-themed worlds were seen as text), Kingdom Hearts Re:coded cutscenes would include cinematics for battles and Disney-themed worlds. In addition, the game would feature narration by Mickey, who opens and closes Kingdom Hearts Re:coded in its original release. He also mentioned that an episode in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded was related to the Foreteller's Script, a plot point in Kingdom Hearts X, and tied to Kingdom Hearts III. He also admits that Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep was meant to have multiplayer capabilities, but instead was reworked as a single-player title to cut down on time and work.

Teaser 03 KHIII.png

Nomura also shared that his favorite Disney film is The Lion King and he admitted to enjoying Frozen, which he clarifies is not confirmed for Kingdom Hearts III, as previously reported in interviews with series producer Tai Yasue. Mr. Nomura also expresses his hopes that now that John Lasseter, executive director at Pixar, is Chief Creative Officer at Disney, he will grant Nomura permission to use the Pixar films in future Kingdom Hearts titles. He also says that he's looking forward to the upcoming Disney film Big Hero 6.

Talking about Kingdom Hearts III, Tetsuya Nomura began by stating that the opening section of the game was designed to be something that would grab the attention of all players, new and old, and would be something completely new. A portion of that opening is seen in the final minute of the Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX trailer that was shown at the E3 2014 event in June. Mr. Nomura went on to say that the full version of the cutscene actually lasts for over two full minutes. He wouldn't, however, elaborate on the meaning of the "Lost Masters" that were also mentioned in the trailer.

My Friends Are My Power! 02 KH3D.png

Regarding the development of Kingdom Hearts III, Nomura shared that the game is coming along on schedule, but that the development team was having problems with the game engine as of late. He also admitted that the game had accidentally been developed in a way that Sora was invincible to all enemies by the end of the game, without needing to do much more than move. In addition, he announced that they were planning out the game's scenario and selecting worlds, though he wouldn't say which ones. He's also drawn new clothes from Sora, Riku, and the other characters.

On the topic of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, Tetsuya Nomura said he didn't like leaving it as the odd one out of the HD remasters and said it was an issue that required consideration. As for Kingdom Hearts Χ, Mr. Nomura said that its story was being written alongside the story for Kingdom Hearts III, and that's why its plot has been on hold for some time now. He also announced that they were investigating ways to allow more people to experience the game, a sign of hope for fans outside of Japan.

Future news may not be far away as Tetsuya Nomura is keeping busy and will be attending New York Comic Con in October on behalf of Square Enix.

What do you think? Are you excited for Kingdom Hearts III? How do you think the future of Kingdom Hearts will play out? Tell us your thoughts on the comments page!

Unlocking the Keyhole title image
by FinalRest
Jiminy's Journal Title Image
Jiminy Cricket KHREC.png

The Underdrome: Things are heating up in the Underdrome! The Heroes and Villians of this year's tournament have faced off and now we're ready for the next stage! Right now, over at the Paradox Cup, the winners of the Underdrome are competing to become the overall champion of 2014's Underdrome! The losers aren't down for the count just yet, as they've headed off to the Second Chance Bracket, where they're competing for the chance at a runner's up crown!

Remember that the winner of the Paradox Cup becomes our first featured article of the next year, while the Second Chance Bracket winner gets to be next year's first featured media! Head on over to page 6 to learn more about our exciting battles!

Affiliation: We're also lucky enough to welcome two new affiliates to the Keyhole family! KHPlanet is yet another fantastic Kingdom Hearts news site that we are happy to welcome to our list of affiliates! Check them out and give them a friendly hello!

Have you ever heard the expression "Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver the other's gold"? Well, if that saying is anything to go by, then we've just made our first gold affiliate! Although our two communities have been synonymous for a while now, we're happy to announce that the Keyhole and are now officially affiliated! We're super excited that, after all this time, we can count our awesome sister wiki as a proper affiliate. Let's look forward to even more exciting things coming from both the joint and solo work of our two spectacular communities!

Log Updates title image for Unlocking the Keyhole page

Deletion Log

  • The delete button has been hard at work, having eliminated a healthy number of recently uploaded .jpg images. Please remember that no matter their content, .jpg images are not allowed to be uploaded on the Keyhole, and they will be deleted! As outlined on our uploads page, "All files should have the .PNG extension, unless they are animated (these should be given .PNG or .GIF extensions) or music files (these should be given .ogg)."
  • Videos have been heavily featured in our deletion log, due to the Keyhole having a strict no video policy. Because of a recently implemented policy by wikia, videos are now automatically uploaded to the wiki if linked on any page. To prevent the unwanted uploads of videos to the Keyhole, users must use the video template. Any videos will be deleted upon upload.
  • A few duplicate files have also been spotted in the deletion log. Before uploading, please check that an already existing copy of your file does not already exist on our wiki! Duplicate files will be deleted immediately.

Move Log

  • Hundreds of images are still being renamed thanks to the effort of those involved in the image cleanup project. To make these helpful users' jobs a little easier, please make sure that you are familiar with the Keyhole's Naming Policy before you upload images in the future. Failure to adhere to our naming policy will result in the deletion of your images. Alternatively, you can help out with the image cleanup project by checking out our Projects page.

Other Logs

  • Unfortunately, some users have been banned from the Keyhole because of vandalism. We at the Keyhole have a very low tolerance for article vandalism and vandalizing an article will result in a block or, at the very least, an official warning. If you spot a vandal and would like to report it, let the staff know by visiting our Ban Requests page.
  • As always, the upload log is a popular place to be and we enjoy the steady influx of images we have added to our wiki every day. However, we would like our users to remember our categorization policy when uploading. Failure to upload files into the correct categories will result in deletion of your file.
  • .ogg files were popular in our upload log this past quarter, thanks to the effort of our great editor Aixon! We'd like to give a big shout out to Aixon who helped make our Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Original Soundtrack page look so fantastic! If you'd like to follow Aixon's lead and help out, you can find a lot of fun tasks on our Helping Out page.
New Users title image for Unlocking the Keyhole page
We've had a steady influx of users the last couple of months, so make sure you head over to the user creation log to check everyone out and give them a warm Keyhole welcome! All our new users are welcome to our wiki family, and here just a few of our newbies that we'd like to shine the spotlight on.
  • Haru u- joined August 20th to make her presence known on our teen girl forum. She's looking for suggestions on KH blogs, so head over to her talk page if you can help out!
  • Feleciataycher, who joined on the 25th of August, is hoping for a Princess and the Frog world in Kingdom Hearts III! Who else is hoping for a boss battle against Doctor Facilier?
  • UncleBoggy, joined on the 16th of September. He's written a great top 10 of new world ideas at this forum, so check them out when you stop on by to say hello!

We offer a big hello to those users, as well as all the others we didn't have the time to mention! We hope you enjoy your stay in the Keyhole/KHWiki universe!

Tea Parties title image for Unlocking the Keyhole
Each month the Keyhole hosts a tea party for all users to get together and discuss wiki related issues. Below are important policies we have decided upon in our latest tea party forums.
August 2014
  • After some discussion, we decided not to create a Keyhole specific email address, as we felt we do not have the need for one just yet.
  • We have decided to create a Keyhole tumblr, which will be set up shortly. Talks are still open regarding other social media avenues, so drop by our discussion if you have anything you wish to add.
  • It's time for more template updating! Aixon has requested a change in our Gallery template, which we've decided to go ahead with. If you have any suggestions for the update, head on over to the discussion.
  • Speaking of updates, staff member Chainoffire has brought some awesome FFWiki templates to our attention and suggested we try to make our navs look just as awesome! If you want to help out with this beautification, let us know.
The Door to Light title image
by KeybladeSpyMaster
Trinity Archives title image for The Door to Light
The wiki has been really busy in the last three months! Check out what's up and get involved!

Staff: We'd like to give a fond farewell to another one of our site administrators, Erry. Erry announced his temporary retirement from the Kingdom Hearts Wiki in August. We hope he enjoys whatever he is now pursuing, and anxiously await his return.

Affiliation: We are now affiliated with Square Enix Origin. We are also now officially affiliated and in partnership with The Keyhole! Stay tuned for our brand new partnership-banner!

Twitter: Our wiki's official Twitter page has been revived! It's now being maintained by Pea14733, Xion4ever, and KeybladeSpyMaster. We've started brand new daily games, so be sure to follow us @KHWiki!

Site Theme: The Wiki's site theme has been updated for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX. Be sure to check it out, and give us any feedback or problems on the theme forum!

Mirage Arena: The fifth round of the wiki's infamous Mirage Arena has started! Now maintained by a staff of users, currently made up of Pea14733, KeybladeSpyMaster, and TheFifteenthMember, the Mirage Arena is running smoothly. Be sure to vote in the latest fights, as there's a new one every week! And be sure to nominate, as well! Head on over to page 6 to learn more about our exciting battles!

MegaProject: Arise: The community project that intends to revive interest at the Kingdom Hearts Wiki and in the Kingdom Hearts franchise has seen great progress over the last quarter! Check out what's been done, and get involved with what remains!

  • The Traverse Town Reconstruction: The wiki's community portal has been reconstructed. Now featuring five districts instead of three, the portal's been expanded to better help new users and editors get involved in the wiki. In addition, it's been reorganized to help even veteran editors find things like projects and work. The wiki's Cleanup of the Month has returned, and is also featured in Traverse Town.
  • Home Page: The wiki's Home Page has finally seen a much-needed facelift. It now features three columns of content, and far less text. A new game portal is featured at the top of the page, packed with information and links to the important pages for each game. In addition, Traverse Town has its own space in place of the Command Board! Check out the brand new Home Page!
  • Projects: The final part of MegaProject: Arise is the many projects left over from the past. Notable projects on the wiki include:
    • Project: Image Renovation: One of the biggest projects on the wiki remaining. We need help getting all the images transparent and matching the wiki's naming schema.
    • Project: Music: One of the projects that's seen the greatest involvement recently. We need help identifying where all the songs play in each and every game.
    • Project: Items: A project that's gone a little slower; could you help us out with it? We need to write up the articles for all the items in the series.
Check out these and other projects in Merlin's House in the new Traverse Town!
New Users title image for The Door to Light page
We have a ton of new and active users! We welcome all of them to the wiki, and hope they feel comfortable during their time here! Here are some of those great users:
  • Master Riku the Bloody joined us July 7. He's been a big help on the wiki, getting involved with removing double links and working hard on the Incorrect Capitalization Project in August. He's also created a great user page, and has already become a featured user for the month of October!
  • Ricky TheKeyBladeWarrior joined us July 11, and has created an awesome user page.
  • Tanira joined us July 19, and made a significant effort to remove red-links from the wiki's pages, as well as general cleaning up of the wiki's pages.
  • Lunadivin3r joined us August 3, and she has also made an awesome user page.
  • NumberXIIIEdwin joined us September 15, and has made a great user page, as well as having uploaded several images for the wiki within the couple days of joining.

We welcome all of you who have joined us during the last three months, and thank you all for coming aboard to help us on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki!

Roundtables Title image for The Door to Light
Care to join us in our next gathering?
Roundtables are meetings held on the #KHWiki-noticeboard IRC channel every 1st Friday of the month at 7:00 PM UTC. Below are important policies we have decided upon at our latest roundtable meetings.
July 04, 2014
  • Talk sprites for Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories will be handled the same way as the sprites for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. They will be named the following way: File:Character (Talk sprite) # GAME.png.
  • A forum will be created for people to sign up as staff to manage the Mirage Arena. Currently part of the staff is Pea14733 and KeybladeSpyMaster.
  • The Chain of Rewards will be added to Traverse Town and go about as follows (NOTE: Chain of Rewards counts total edits):
    • 100 edits = Mirage Arena
    • 150 edits = Featured media
    • 200 edits = Featured articles
    • 250 edits = Featured user
    • 300 edits = Magazine
    • 350 edits = Trinity Archives
August 08, 2014
  • A forum will be opened to collect ideas for the End of Year Event. The event will be done in conjunction with the Keyhole.
  • Staff that will be temporarily inactive must notify the remaining wiki staff and community beforehand. Inactivity will result in loss of staff rights. Staff Members who go inactive for unexcused reasons must be active on the wiki for two months before recovering rights. Staff members whose inactivity is excused or who notify the wiki beforehand can recover their rights immediately upon returning to the wiki.
  • Any issues with the mobile version of the site should be posted on the mobile issues forum.
  • We will accept all sprites from Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories. They will be added to their appropriate galleries. In addition, the sprites EternalNothingnessXIII asked about on this forum will also be added.
September 05, 2014
  • A forum will be opened to determine whether the wiki needs additional staff to help with projects and the release of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX.
  • The Kingdom Hearts Wiki will assist the DisneyWiki in attributing any articles and images on the DisneyWiki taken from the Kingdom Hearts Wiki. While the Kingdom Hearts Wiki does not oppose to the rewriting of said articles, it will not pursue said task. However, any user from the wiki that chooses to help in the rewriting of said articles is free to do so.
  • The staff policy as currently outlined in the staff policy is accepted as-is. The items in question were determined by TheFifteenthMember and accepted.
  • Logo 5 (as proposed in Forum:Kingdom Hearts Wiki Theme 2014) will be the wiki's default logo. The Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX theme can be implemented immediately.
The Coliseum title image
Banner created by Erry for use on the Coliseum page of the magazine.

Visit the Mirage Arena to see

Aura Lion - Kingdom Hearts II - Master Xehanort - χ-blade

and many more!
Visit The Underdrome to see

Maleficent - Ventus - Twilight Thorn - Terra-Xehanort

and many more!
The Games title image for The Coliseum
Roxas vs Xion
Roxas KHD.png
VS image used on the Games section of the magazine.
Xion 2 KHD.png

Just as a general notice, it's obvious who I was gonna root for.

Final boss form. 'Nuff said.

Xion KHD.png

Roxas (Black Coat)

Roxas is my favorite Kingdom Hearts character, so I suppose that was fairly obvious too...

Final boss form is good, and the theme to that battle too, but Oathkeeper and Oblivion are just...supreme.

This has never been shown, but what's to stop Xion from wielding such Keyblades? She does originate from the Keyblade wielder...

Anyways, what about the character themes? "Musique pour la tristee de Xion" clearly reflects Xion's troubling life. "Vector to the Heavens," wow! Where to start? As if fighting against one of your best friends wasn't enough, this piece switches between a driving battle theme to a more relaxed, yet strong interpretation of Xion's theme. Throughout the piece and battle we are reminded of everything that has happened in the game thus far.

Xion KHD.png

Roxas (Black Coat)

I can't say for certain that Xion would never be able to wield the Keyblades in question, but the fact remains that it's Roxas that did wield them, and it's him that Kingdom Hearts fans relate these symbolic weapons to.

As for character themes, well, I have to agree that both of those named by you are full of the intense emotions reflected throughout Xion's life. However, the theme, "Roxas" is just as, or perhaps even more memorable and, more importantly, emotional than "Musique pour la tristee de Xion". His theme reflects the loss and confusion that is a huge part of his life in both 358/2 Days and Kingdom Hearts II.

"The Other Promise" is equally touching, as it is in this melodious battle theme that we can feel the full extent of Roxas' emotions.

Ah, yes, The Other Promise. Curses that you would use my favorite piece against me! Both characters had fitting music pieces indeed.

How about story? I mean, Roxas later gets amnesia, that's fair. But what about their actual existence? Roxas is a Nobody, but still "naturally" exists. Whereas Xion was created. Xion leads most of her life unable to remember anything about her past (like Roxas), but also learns that her life was never actually a life. She was nothing more than a project created by Organization XIII. A weapon or tool to be used as they deemed fit.

Xion KHD.png

Roxas (Black Coat)

How could I not bring that one in? I had to give in to temptation eventually!

Well, my sympathies here do go out to Xion. While Roxas knows nothing of his past life, but later discovers that he does come from somewhere, the trauma that Xion's discovery caused rouses my deepest sympathy for her plight.

Roxas though, not only has to go through the confusion once, but after he gets amnesia, he is once again confused about the events occurring around him! Even when Axel tries multiple times to reach his friend, Roxas doesn't understand... Later on though, when he does at last remember, the knowledge of what he had lost must have hurt him deeply...

We could rant debate all night and still be in the same position. What do you say we wrap this up?

Xion KHD.png

Roxas (Black Coat)

That's likely a good idea! They are both worthy to be described as...'awesome', but Roxas will always hold that special place in my heart.

AND THE WINNER IS... You decide!
Head on over to the magazine talk page to let us know who you think should win!

The Keyblade Master title image
by Chainoffire

Terra, Aqua, and Ven's Armors KHBBS.png
Hey hey, Chainoffire here! With Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX being released in Japan soon, I thought it'd be appropriate to talk about an issue I have with the upcoming game. More specifically, I will be talking about the Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep portion of the game.

First of all, let's give a bit of backstory: Back in 2007, a Japan-exclusive game titled Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix was released. It took the 2006 game Kingdom Hearts II and made some changes, added some new content. With this new, updated version of Kingdom Hearts II, a secret trailer was added, featuring three unknown armored warriors, dawned with capes, fighting two mysterious new enemies. This secret movie, unbeknownst at the time, was a trailer for Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, a game that was released four years later.

With the release of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, the capes, unfortunately, were taken from the character models, due to the PSP's engine not being able to handle their physics, as it would slow the frame rate. Fans and cosplayers alike were devastated to hear about the exclusion of capes on the Keyblade Armor. This lead many fans to leave the franchise altogether.

Six years after the release of Birth by Sleep, Square Enix announced an HD remaster of Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix, packaged along with two other games and called Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMIX for PlayStation 3. Fans were excited about this new release, especially since American and PAL audiences were able to play both Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix for the first time. This gave international fans the chance to explore the Cavern of Remembrance, fight their favorite Organization XIII members, and see the heroes of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep don their capes for the first time.

About two months before its release in Japan, the game's lead developer Tai Yasue had an interview where he gave some devastating news. Due to time constraints and the fact that the team that was working on Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMIX happened to also be the ones working on Kingdom Hearts III, three key aspects had been removed from the upcoming remaster: Mirage Arena multiplayer, Kingdom Hearts Re:coded gameplay, and capes. The lead reason behind the cape removal was that the team would have had to create entirely new renders in order for all three characters to appear with cape attached. This, sadly, was an extra effort that they chose to forgo during the development process.


Now, look at those last couple lines closely. They had to create all new renders for the characters. CHARACTERS THAT THEY ALREADY FLIPPING HAD. Now, I'm no videogame designer, but doesn't that last line sound just a tad... I don't know... LAZY?! I mean, it's not like they have to start from scratch and redesign the characters altogether; they just had to update the ALREADY EXISTING CHARACTER MODELS. BUT NOOOOOOO, THEY SAID: "since capes weren't in the last game..." EVEN THOUGH THE PLAYSTATION 3 CAN HANDLE THE PHYSICS OF THE DARN CAPES, "...I guess they really don't matter at all."

Birth by Sleep 09 KHIIFM.png

But alas my esteemed KH fanatics! They DO MATTER. Capes are what make the Keyblade Armor so special! They are the PINNACLE of the design. Without the capes, it just looks like a bunch of metal lazily strapped to their bodies. It's not the armor actually pertains to the story; it's just there to give the characters a unique look. Why, without the capes, the armor seems... useless.




So that's my rant. Do you feel as strongly as I do? Of course you do and if you don't you're lying. Feel free to share your thoughts on the magazine's talk page.

Author's note: I don't actually feel this way. I have a lot of respect for Square Enix and Tai Yasue. This article was for entertainment purposes only.

by KeybladeSpyMaster

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Logo KH3D.png

In Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, Master Yen Sid tasks Sora and Riku with going to the Realm of Sleep and unlocking seven sleeping keyholes as part of their Mark of Mastery Exam. Right from the start, however, Xehanort knew what they were planning, and he used this opportunity to secure his thirteenth vessel. Throughout their journey, both Sora and Riku encounter Ansem, Xemnas, and a younger version of Xehanort, all taunting them about their true location. Despite this, Sora and Riku push forward. But, how far off from their Exam were they really? Here, I'll explore the truth of the nature of the worlds they visited, and why they may have never been in the Realm of Sleep to start with.

Right from the Start

A world that has gone to sleep is a world that, following the defeat of Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, was not able to return to the Realm of Light. This establishes a crucial detail that affects the nature of the first world Sora and Riku visit: the world must first have fallen to the darkness. And that's where Traverse Town comes in.

Traverse Town Logo KH3D.png

See, Traverse Town was never taken by the Heartless; in fact, Sora sealed its Keyhole in Kingdom Hearts so that it wouldn't fall to the darkness. Thus, Traverse Town couldn't have been in the Realm of Darkness, and thus would not have had to come to the Realm of Light. Not to mention, as Ienzo noted, Traverse Town is a world in the Realm Between; it wouldn't be going to the Realm of Light, anyways. So, right from the start, we see Sora and Riku didn't make it to the Realm of Sleep.

The King's Role

King Mickey, in one way, plays into this discussion. According to Master Yen Sid, a world that is trapped in the Realm of Sleep becomes stuck in a dream, repeating the events leading up to its destruction. Even though they are no longer there, the dream can fill in the blanks, painting "a fuller picture". To fit in this definition, in the world of the Country of the Musketeers, Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Minnie, and Pete would all have to have been there just before the world is taken by the Heartless.

The same is true with Symphony of Sorcery: Mickey would need to have been there when the world was taken by the Heartless. He doesn't need to be there afterwards, just in the events leading up to its invasion. In addition, the worlds would have to have to go to the Realm of Darkness sometime in the nine years after Maleficent invaded Hollow Bastion. We know from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep that the entire cast wasn't in these worlds, because these worlds' events would align chronologically before Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. Thus, through Mickey, we're able to show that these two worlds don't belong to the Realm of Sleep.

The Grid Logo KH3D.png

The Sleep Command

Obviously, with this one, we're going technical, and digital, and so it may or may not be true. Xemnas noted, however, that this world cannot sleep because of its nature. Indeed, we cannot say that computers dream, so can we really say that The Grid really is a sleeping world. After all, data cannot dream, as Xemnas noted. But... if you own a Windows PC, specifically a laptop running Windows, you know that you can put your PC to "Sleep", a state where your PC is still running, but on low power. So... if a PC can sleep, then (smearing the universe of reality and Kingdom Hearts together) can the data inside sleep? And, if so, does it dream?

Sea of Clouds (Art).png

The nature of computers and data, in the real world, would side with Xemnas: data cannot dream, so The Grid is not a world in sleep. The world of Kingdom Hearts leaves a small hole to object to that. And seeing the way Tron: Legacy ends, both in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance and in the real movie, with Tron overriding his repurposing, it would suggest that perhaps there is a chance that The Grid is not as different from any other world in the series.


It's interesting to see how the worlds Sora and Riku visit are not from the Realm of Sleep. Three of the worlds, we can see, do not fit under the definition of a sleeping world. Two of them (La Cité des Cloches and Prankster's Paradise) fit quite perfectly under the definition. And The Grid, well, that depends on whether you believe Tron is a true story and the programs in your PC can dream; it's really up to you.

But this does raise an interesting question: where were Sora and Riku? We could make the claim that they were in the Realm of Light the whole time, but Country of the Musketeers, Symphony of Sorcery, and Prankster's Paradise would counter that, because they're in the past. At the same time, we can't make a complete claim that they're in the past, because The Grid couldn't be too far in the past, or else it predates when Ansem would have found it and copied it, so they couldn't have been more than ten years before Kingdom Hearts (since Xemnas remembers when Ansem found The Grid, and Xemnas, as Xehanort, wasn't there before Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. One explanation, perhaps, is that the Organization had them in a little secluded time-traveling realm. Thus, they could be in multiple points in time.

What do you think? Where do you think Sora and Riku were throughout Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance? Tell us in the comments!

Dive to the Heart title image
Creating Pages the Right Way!
by RoadToDawn
Sure, most people know how to make a page appear on the wiki; there's lots of ways that make it easy for you! This tutorial, however, is going to go over what you have to do to make sure the pages you create, apply to the wiki's rules and regulations. We'll also be going over some helpful tips to make your page creating experience both pleasant and stress-free. Read on to make sure you never break a create-a-page rule again!

If you wish to create a personal page in your userspace, there are very few rules that apply to its content. In a userspace page, you can do competitions, arenas and many other things! The userspace does not follow any sort of pattern, so speak to an admin and explain what your page is about if you are unsure about the space you want to create.

Things are a little different when you want to create a mainspace article, though! Before creating any article you need to be sure that your new page is about the Kingdom Hearts series and does not revolve around information that has been written before. If you are not 100% sure if your article obeys both of these simple rules, you can talk to an admin for advice. A list of Keyhole staff can be found here and the list of KHWiki staff can be found here. If you want to create a page on the Keyhole, you can offer a proposal here.

If your idea is a-okay, create the page! This can be done in a variety of ways, depending on your skin and which wiki you are editing on. Let's take a look at these different methods below:

Creating a page on the Keyhole using the Oasis (wiki default) skin

You can do so by going to Contribute on the right corner of your screen just below your username and your message box. Then click Add a Page.


You can now choose whether you want to edit in the standard layout or on a blank page. Blank page is the method we recommend.

Creating a page on the Keyhole using the Monobook skin

You can find lots of options for creating pages here.

Creating a page on the KHWiki

You can find helpful instructions for creating pages here.

Once you've found the appropriate method, it's time for a name! The naming of your page depends on what page you want to create. If you want to create an article, simply put the name of what you want your page to be about. For example, if you are creating a page about Aqua, name the page Aqua.

If you want to create a userspace page, name the page User:YOUR-USERNAME-HERE/YOUR-PAGE'S-NAME. For example, if I was creating a personal gallery for my favourite images, I could call my page User:RoadtoDawn/Gallery.

The edits you'll make to your page will depend on what your page is about. Userspace is open for your imagination, but articles follow similar formats. With an article, a good place to start is by following the template presented by an already existing page that matches the subject of your page. If you're creating a character article, check out an already existing character article for ideas on what type of information you can add!

Fill your page with information about its subject, and if you don't know what to put in one of the sections, you can always leave it blank and hope another editor will help your page grow.

Here are a few more tips to help you get by:

  • You can also look to already existing pages to help you with coding you may be unfamiliar with.
  • To add sections to your page, use the following format:
Information goes here
  • Categories are essential, as they help other readers find the page and keep the wiki nice and tidy. Category links go at the bottom of the page. You can find a list of categories here.
  • To learn more about how to add categories and linking in general, check out TheFifteenthMember's super useful guide in Issue 1 of the Twilight Times!

And that's how you do it! Now you can create a page whenever necessary!

Earning the Technician trophy in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded
by TheFifteenthMember
Technician Trophy KHREC.png Technician: Clear every world with Sora at or below Lv.15.

Getting your hands on this Kingdom Hearts Re:coded trophy may sound daunting at first. However, some forward-planning, careful caution and handy tricks will have you admiring it in your cabinet in no time.

Triple Firaga is a great way to damage enemies from afar. Yep, I let Triple Firaga worm its way into the magazine again!

First, you'll need to spend time configuring your Stat Matrix. Ideally, you'd like to tackle this trophy shortly after completing the storyline so that you don't have too many Level Up chips already installed. Otherwise, you might be faced with the trouble of not having enough chips to replace your Level Ups, preventing you from downgrading to Level 15. If you do find yourself in this situation, the best way out is repeating "Hollow Bastion I: System Sector B" and redeeming the stat chips at the end. Focus on installing HP, Strength and Magic chips to compensate for your lack of base stats. Any Trophy Chip KHREC.png trophy chips you have should be placed between two CPUs for maximum benefit.

Next off, you'll want to check out your deck. At a low level, you'll have lower health so you'll have to be wary about taking damage. To prevent getting hit, use magic commands that can be used at a range, including Triple Firaga, Triple Persuit, Thundaga and Cyclone Tracer. Additionally, Magnet, Stop, and Slow commands can be used to interfere with enemy movements, making it easier to dodge attacks and avoid taking damage. It goes without saying that you should have one or two Cure commands equipped.

Lionheart KHREC.png

Lastly, you need to consider your cheat tuners. Obviously, you'd want to set your loot multipliers to zero and difficulty to Standard (unless you're wanting to play hardcore). Besides that, you have the viable option of reducing the HP Cheat. Since your enemies will also have extremely low health like you, it'll allow you to smash through enemies with a single blow each. Of course, the cost is that enemies can kill you with a single blow! Hence, you need to consider your own level of skill when deciding whether you want to play around with your HP Cheat.

Battles will become a test of speed; are you capable of landing the first blow? If you decide that this is something you want to do, set your HP Cheat at 2% so that with Second Chance and Once More two hits will be required before you go down. Additionally, you'll want to equip a fast-striking Keyblade such as Lionheart, which also has the useful Auto-Dodge in its clock tree. Be warned: bosses' health are not affected by the HP Cheat so remember to dial back your health before each boss fight!

Stat Matrix HP Cheat KHREC.png

In terms of your approach to gameplay, super-glide from objective to objective, only taking part in fights that are required to advance. A special shoutout is required for Olympus Coliseum, which forces the player into a turn-based system that prevents the player from dodging any damage taken. For this world, chock your deck full with restorative commands and focus on dishing out damage by using normal combos, which often end up being more effective than compiled commands when special attacks are taken into account. Recruiting Cloud is heavily advised as the single fight required for him to join your party is worth the extra damage he deals as a party member.

Taking these tips into account, you should be able to snatch away that "Technician". Happy trophy-hunting!

For more Kingdom Hearts Re:coded trophy tips, see the trophy walkthrough page.

The Round Room title image
In this Episode title image
UnknownChaser, Chainoffire, and Neumannz sit down and talk about crazy Kingdom Hearts theories, the differences between the east and the west, why Nomura hates us and "Where In The World Is UnknownChaser"?

Notes and Links
Below are links to the topics we discussed in this episode.

The Mark of Mastery title image
FinalRest's Review of Kingdom Hearts' Wonderland

Let's start things off with a bit of random trivia: I, FinalRest, am completely obsessed with all things Alice in Wonderland. I've got books, clothes, posters, movies and everything in between. If it's related to Alice in Wonderland, I want it!

So, going back a few years, imagine how excited I was to find out that there was a video game that contained a playable version of my favourite story! You know what game I'm talking about, right? Yep, Kingdom Hearts!

Kingdom Hearts Boxart EU.png

Today I'm going to go back to the game that started it all to share with you my thoughts on how well the first Kingdom Hearts game translated Wonderland into gaming format. On the off chance that you haven't played Kingdom Hearts yet, I shall warn you that spoilers are abound.

World Building

If you're anything like me, you spent many hours of Kingdom Hearts falling off platforms and trying to figure out how to get back to where you were before. The complicated world maps of the first game made it easy to get lost and even easier to miss certain treasures, which made some worlds *cough* Agrabah *cough* Hollow Bastion *cough* absolute hell for me to navigate through. Yet in Wonderland, this is what makes the world so much fun!

The Tea Party Garden of Wonderland

The shrinking and growing aspect of the world was also great and allowed for inventive new ways to hide things or introduce enemies. Bribing flowers, jumping through puddles and rooms that flip in different directions were just a few of the highlights of this world. Return with High Jump or Glide and you had new hedges to climb, new hidden passages to open. This was the one world where I felt the twists and turns of the map fit like a glove. If you're gonna get lost, doesn't it make sense to do so amongst the colourful insanity of Wonderland?

Battle Skills

If you weren't much of a magic user beforehand, you were sure to be one after Wonderland, thanks to the encouraged use of a variety of spells. I think Wonderland was a sly way to teach players about the full range of their battle arsenal, the lessons starting with the variety of elemental Heartless in the Bizarre Room, leading to using magic to unlock certain treasures and a tricky (pun not intended) boss that forces you to strategize and get friendly with your combo attacks.

I learnt a lot in Wonderland and this world became a favourite for me to return to when in need of some levelling.

Cheshire Cat KHREC.png

And by story, I mean lack of one. Sora and the gang are told to find some evidence to help clear Alice's name when she is accused of stealing the Queen of Hearts' heart, which sends you through the Lotus Forest to get searching. Out of all of the worlds in Kingdom Hearts, I was dismayed to discover that Wonderland was the one with least connection to its source material. The interaction with the characters from the book I love was minimal, and the Cheshire Cat was the only one that really got to shine.

In a similar vein, the player's journey in Wonderland felt disconnected from its surroundings. With the other worlds I felt like Sora had been plonked in the middle of all too familiar stories: Aladdin/Jack Skellington/Peter Pan needed help, and I was eager to jump at Jafar/Oogie Boogie/Captain Hook. Wonderland, however, lacked any of these familiar points, so I felt as though this wasn't really Alice in Wonderland, but really a random Kingdom Hearts exclusive world dressed in a Wonderland coat. What I would have done to follow Alice down the rabbit hole and help her overcome a Heartless Queen of Hearts! Instead, the focus was on the Heartless only, which was a disappointment.

World Building

Although I did enjoy the nearly endless exploration of Wonderland, I wish they had made each area a little less static. Other worlds painted realistic worlds with their layouts: I walked the streets of Agrabah, swam the seas of Atlantica and swung through the trees of Deep Jungle. In Wonderland, sadly, things felt more like big themed rooms stuck together, as if the entire world was some sort of amusement park instead of an actual world. I really wish Wonderland had been a little less "large room decorated with different things" and more "small areas slotted together to build a cohesive domain".

The (not so) Final Battle

Cards and a Tower, really?

Gameplay for Wonderland

You've got one of the most famously insane villains in all of literary history and you choose a tower as the big bad? Why? Imagine the Queen of Hearts summoning Card Guards and throwing Hedgehog bombs, all while swinging a big axe! Okay, that last idea might be a little too hardcore for a PG game, but you get the point.

I mean, her motive is right in her name! She's the Queen of Hearts, so make her try to steal Sora's heart using the Heartless! *Sighs* Such a disappointment...

KH3D icon.png

Although I was happy to have a game include my all-time favourite story amongst its already awesome narrative, I'd be a liar if I said I was satisfied with the Wonderland that Kingdom Hearts presented. Unfortunately, I don't think Wonderland will get the chance to redeem itself with a new, exciting representation (à la Olympus Coliseum), although I think this world could turn into something special with the right ideas. But, at the end of the day, I really have little to complain about. The Wonderland world was, after all, the reason I was able to fall in love with the Kingdom Hearts series in the first place, and for that, this world shall remain one of my favourites.

This has been FinalRest, forcing you to read the ramblings of an Alice in Wonderland fangirl.

Xion4ever's Top Five Music pieces

One critical part in every game is the music. Without it, a certain degree of emotion is lost.

Note from the user: This was really tough. Aside from being a fan of Yoko Shimomura's work, the series as a whole has some truly incredible pieces. Some of my personal favorites include... (Pardon the "big name" pieces.)

Roxas (Cloaked) (Art).png
1. "The Other Promise" – As if we weren't already a fan of Roxas, Yoko Shimomura gives us another reason to love this character. A remake of the original character theme, The Other Promise served as the battle theme for Roxas in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. The piece expands upon Roxas' plight in a stronger, deeper fashion that perfectly illustrated just how troubling the Nobody's life was. Although very pleased with the in-game version, the orchestral remake from the Drammatica album was "the icing on the cake."
2. "Vector to the Heavens" – Across the board, the Kingdom Hearts series is known for having incredible final boss music. This piece continues that trend, easily describing the feelings encountered in the battle against Xion. What's more, having snip-its of "Dearly Beloved" and "Kairi" mixed in is just awesome.
3. "Fate of the Unknown" – This was the piece that got everyone riled up for Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. Normally described as epic, Fate of the Unknown brought us many different levels of emotion: we sat mouth wide open at the unfolding action; we cried during the misfortune of Ventus; we wanted to punch faces during the remaining seconds - truly incredible stuff. It is unfortunate that the complete piece never made it over to the actual game. We were, however, given a brief snippet during "Dismiss" and Terra's theme.
Xion Final Form KHD.png
4. "Missing You" – Appearing in both Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, this piece... did not play that often. Still, when it did, we certainly listened. Combined with Naminé in the first piano collections CD, this beautiful yet sad song still reminds us of time spent first playing the games.
5. "Dearly Beloved" – We all knew this one was coming. If I did not include this piece somewhere on this list I would never hear the end of it. One of the most iconic pieces in the series, Dearly Beloved is for many fans pure nostalgia. No matter what variation you listen to, be it the piano solo from the original Kingdom Hearts or the 'choppy' version from Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, this piece manages to tug at the heart strings at some point.
A Chat with EternalNothingnessXIII
Interview conducted by Byzantinefire


Byzantinefire: Alright, lets begin.

EternalNothingnessXIII: Indeed

Byz: Hmm... where to start.

ENX: Hmm

Byz: How about: How was Disney world, from which you are freshly returned?

ENX: It was okay, really crowded though. I wish I could've continued to contribute to the wiki while I was gone. Alas, I had no internet access, save for through my phone.

Byz: Well I would probably go mad if I was away from my laptop for too long! I edit on more than one wiki. While there, were there any new attractions that caught your eye?

ENX: Yeah, I couldn't do anything on any of the wikis I edit on. It really stunk. I could only read articles from my phone, keep track of the Recent Changes, that sort of thing. As for new attractions, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train just opened before we went on our trip (I went with my mom and little sister), so I wanted to check that out.

Byz: Well the dwarf ride does seem interesting, but if I was there I would have gone to see the 15 minute preview of Guardians of the Galaxy currently playing there.

ENX: I've never really been a fan of the Marvel franchise. Never was much into superheroes of any kind, really. Though I was a fan of the Thor movies (and The Avengers for one reason alone: Loki).

Byz: Thor: The Dark World might fit in well with the Kingdom Hearts universe easily, especially with the vast universe, dark elves and the aether.

ENX: I've never really been able to picture Marvel and Kingdom Hearts meshed together. I suppose it could work, but there's just something about the feel of the two franchises that doesn't mix too well in my opinion.

Byz: Marvel is officially owned by Disney. Plus no one would have thought that Disney characters would mix so well with Square Enix characters!

ENX: That's true. I suppose they could make anything work, really. That's the beauty of Square Enix: they can make even the most ridiculous thing epic. My personal opinion, though, has always been that Marvel and Star Wars should stay out of Kingdom Hearts.

Byz: Disney Infinity 2.0 is coming out soon and will be full of Marvel characters.

ENX: I never played Disney Infinity. I'm not interested in that type of game, where you collect real-world things and then just run around aimlessly. I prefer games that tell a story, like Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy, even.

Ansem the Wise

Byz: I do too but I do like getting PSN trophies.

ENX: Yes, it's always satisfying to get trophies. I, however, feel like sometimes the requirements for some games' trophies are ridiculous.

Byz: True. So, onto a different topic, what brought you back to the KHWiki and the Keyhole? For those who are unaware, ENX has recently returned from a long hiatus from wiki work.

ENX: I think I mostly came back because for such a long time, the wiki was a large part of my life. I sorta lost touch with the community and the affairs there, so I decided to get back into the swing of things.

Byz: And returning when Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX and Kingdom Hearts III are coming out so soon?

ENX: Oh yeah, I definitely came back to help the wiki in preparation for those games.

Byz: Well I predict a late 2015 date for Kingdom Hearts III, almost around the same time that Star Wars: Episode VII will premiere.

ENX: I'd say more like 2016 for KHIII, myself. I want Square to spend a long time developing and fine-tuning this game. After all, it IS the conclusion of the Xehanort Saga, and I feel that, plot-wise, KHD was very weak. I want a game at least on Kingdom Hearts II or Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep's scale.

Byz: I hope Leonard Nimoy will still be alive to voice Master Xehanort.

ENX: Same here! He's one of those voices you can't replace. If he does pass away though, I really hope they get a better voice-double than Corey Burton. I swear that guy replaces everyone and sounds the same no matter what character he plays (Yen Sid and Ansem the Wise sound exactly the same thanks to him).

Byz: I do miss Christopher Lee as Ansem the Wise.

ENX: Once again, same here! I was especially annoyed that Corey Burton dubbed over his lines in Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX's version of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

Byz: Same here, but I suppose it's because Christopher Lee is getting old. Though he did appear as Saruman in the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

ENX: Yeah, it'll be a sad day when we lose Christopher Lee. He was such an iconic actor; his voice was especially unique. Corey Burton doesn't hold a candle to him as Count Dooku or Ansem the Wise.

Byz: So, do you edit any other wikis outside KHWiki and the Keyhole?

ENX: Well, I edit the Final Fantasy Wiki occasionally. I'm also on a few Pokémon Wikis and pretty much any other wiki that covers an interest of mine.

Byz: A while ago there was an issue regarding the integration of Kingdom Hearts articles onto the Disney wiki. Do you remember me asking for KHWiki editors to help on Disney Wiki?

ENX: Yes, I've been going to the Disney Wiki from time to time. I've never edited there, but I follow it for Disney news and such.

Nice to Meet You Queen Minnie 01 KHII.png

Byz: Well, that's good to hear! So how would you go about the KHWiki and Disney Wiki issue?

ENX: I honestly agree with what people have said: only have the articles you really need and link to the KHWiki for the rest.

Byz: Well, you know my stance.

ENX: Yes, I agree it's a daunting task, and I know it can be hard to delete articles you create, but it really is best to make sure both Wikis can co-exist happily and peacefully.

Byz: Well I think this just about wraps up the interview! Anything more you would like to say?

ENX: Not really. Anything more you would like to ask?

Byz: Not really.

ENX: Well, I'm honored you asked to interview me. Thank you.

Byz: You're welcome.

Naminé's Sketchbook title image
Art compiled by Chainoffire


by TheFifteenthMember

by Steven Centeno

by Draaek

To request an image, please contact Chainoffire
The Grid title image
Banish the Beast Title Image
A mysterious curse has been wrought upon the world of Kingdom Hearts! All the wicked foes that stand in the way of our favorite protagonists have been gifted with the power of invisibility!
Thankfully, our quick wiki editors who are skilled in the ways of magic - as all good editors are - have managed to capture some monsters, but they need your help identifying what type of beast they have found, so their un-invisiblity spells work correctly. Help us out!

Do you know who this beast is?
Hover here for the answer!

This issue's beast was captured by KeybladeSpyMaster.
The Cheshire Cat's Grin title image for The Grid

Eventually you might wander here
After the destruction you've faced
A haven for many, you're welcomed here
Welcome to the town's gates

Hover here for the answer!
Submitted by Xion4ever

I am one of three-
You certainly know me
I am from the past
Trapped in the darkness, you saw me last
I, too wait to be freed
Don't you know me?

Hover here for the answer!
Submitted by Xion4ever

Originally created, but not meant to be
I went often down to the sea
Although I am gone, I still live on
Do not forget our promise

Hover here for the answer!
Submitted by Xion4ever

Seek me out, if wisdom is what you seek
By train or by Gummi- both will work for thee
Although old, I am wise
Still a master, immeasurable in size
Come to me when guidance is key

Hover here for the answer!
Submitted by Xion4ever

A world from days long passed
Dull in color, but full of a funny cast
I am the start and original, and most certainly not the last
Can you name this world?

Hover here for the answer!
Submitted by Xion4ever
Title image for The Grid

Help add some color to this black and white image! Send your finished work to and we might feature it in a future issue!


Click here for a printable version!
Submitted by Draaek
Light Cycle title image


Spot the difference!
There are thirteen differences to find!

Click here to see the answers!
Click here for a printable version! (and printable answers)
Submitted by TheFifteenthMember and KeybladeSpyMaster
Flick Rush title image
The Mailbag title image for Flick Rush

Dear Xion4ever
Is there anything left to contribute to the Kingdom Hearts Wiki?

Absolutely! We have a TON of projects going on right now. I'll briefly mention a few below...

For music fans: Alright you Yoko Shimomura fans, we need your help! Over here is a list of all music pieces for each game. We could use some help going through and adding/checking the tracks.
For the manga fans: We could really use some writers for the summary sections of each chapter. More information can be found here.

But these are not the only projects we can use your help with! Other edits, even simple ones such as fixing grammar are welcomed and appreciated! There is always work to be done on both wikis, even if we're at a standstill for games. If you have any questions please ask other users or staff on how you can get involved. Thank you!

Love from Xion4ever and everyone at the KHWiki and Keyhole!

Symbol - Keyblade Master2.png
Dear ANX219
What do you think will become of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, now that all the other games are in HD?

Once Kingdom Hearts III comes out, I think it will be bundled as 3.5 Remix in later years, seeing as both the titles have a 3 in their title. Maybe another "3" game will come out to join this duo and turn it into a 3 trio! I would really enjoy more high-quality cutscenes from Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance!

Love from ANX219 and everyone at the KHWiki and Keyhole!

Symbol - Keyblade Master2.png
Dear ANX219
Why do we care to have community projects?

It helps the wiki out, and you can also get credit for contributing to the projects! I got user of month for helping out on Project:Image Renovation by re-uploading a bunch of images and changing links.

You not only get honors, but you meet new people, collabing to make the wiki more of a wikipedia. Even you can use the info you and your teammates collect to beat your Kingdom Hearts game! (*is shot* That sounds like an advertisement...)

Love from ANX219 and everyone at the KHWiki and Keyhole!

If you have a question for our mailbox about anything related to the Kingdom Hearts games, KHWiki or the Keyhole, send it to and it might be in our next issue! Be sure to make "Magazine" your subject title or else we may not notice your question!

To Do Lists title image for Flick Rush
by Xion4ever and FinalRest
Kingdom Hearts Wiki Logo.png

Challenge Sigil KHD.png Write a synopsis section for a Kingdom Hearts II manga episode article. You can learn more about our Manga project in the mailbox questions above.
Challenge Sigil KHD.png Completely remove double links from at least one article.
Challenge Sigil KHD.png Vote for the next Cleanup of the Month.
Challenge Sigil KHD.png Upload a better quality image from the unsatisfying images category.
Challenge Sigil KHD.png Greet a new user! You can find a list of new users here.
The Kingdom Hearts logo, for use on the Flick Rush page

KH1 icon.png Complete all coliseum cups in Kingdom Hearts.
KH1 icon.png Defeat the Dustflier in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.
KH1 icon.png Obtain max CP for both Riku and Sora in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.
KH1 icon.png Level up all drive forms to the highest levels possible in Kingdom Hearts II.
KH1 icon.png Clear the Mirage Arena in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.
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Results compiled by FinalRest

In our last issue we asked you...
What is your favorite Kingdom Hearts game?
Here's what you said!


Kingdom Hearts II received the most support, with a total of 37 votes that earned it 52% of the poll's total. In second place was a tie! Both Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance received 9 votes, earning them 13% of the total each.

Lower on the totem pole was Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, with 8 votes and 11%. Following this was the debut title for the series, Kingdom Hearts, with 6 votes and a solid 9%.

The stragglers of the pack were Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts X, who only got 1 vote each, leaving them with 1% of the the total score. The least popular game was Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, which received no votes.

Thanks to all those that participated and we look forward to seeing what the results of our next poll will be!
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We asked...

What new content are you most looking forward to in Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX?

See the next issue for the results!

Question submitted by Chainoffire