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Cover for the KHWiki's Magazine Issue 4
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Contents Collage for Issue 4

Page 3 - The Ansem Reports

What's new in the Kingdom Hearts world? New games? New products? You'll find it all here!

Page 4 - Unlocking the Keyhole

Take a look at what's currently happening at The Keyhole!

Page 5 - The Door to Light

Check out what's going on at!

Page 6 - The Coliseum

See who's clashing in The Underdrome and in the Mirage Arena!
Plus, TheFifteenthMember and Draaek spar in a great Dearly Beloved VS Sanctuary debate!

Page 7 - The Keyblade Master

The Keyblade Master is written by a different user every month, and can be about almost anything!
In this issue, TheFifteenthMember discusses this year's April Fools joke.

Page 8 - Dive to the Heart

Having a hard time editing the wiki? Take a look at this issue's tutorial on signatures!
Also be sure to check out our guide to earning the Technician trophy in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded

Page 9 - The Round Room

The Round Room hosts the Wiki's podcast! In their latest edition of the podcast, Chainoffire and Neumannz talk about the many enemies of Kingdom Hearts.

Page 10 - Mark of Mastery Exam

Interviews, reviews and more! Find out what makes our users tick!

Page 11 - Naminé's Sketchbook

Like to draw? See some cool and inspiring fan art here!

Page 12 - The Grid

Puzzles, riddles and more! Do you have what it takes to make it through this test of skill?

Page 13 - Flick Rush

More wiki and game challenges than you can shake a Keyblade at!
Cover image provided by KeybladeSpyMaster
Magazine edited by Chainoffire
Title Image for the Ansem Report
by KeybladeSpyMaster

Kingdom Hearts Merchandise News as Novels Make their Debut in English

Kingdom Hearts merchandise, especially in the literature area, has been making up a huge chunk of the news in the Kingdom Hearts world. The Kingdom Hearts merchandise news has especially picked up over the last three months, thanks largely to Yen Press still making an effort to localize many of the Kingdom Hearts literature that have only seen the light of day in Japan, which had left many fans in the West out of the fun. Now, however, we continue to see the English localizations of these works, including the Kingdom Hearts novels. We now take a look at the news from the last three months in this area.
English cover of Kingdom Hearts: The Novel

First, on January 7, the cover art for the long-anticipated localization of Kingdom Hearts: The Novel was revealed, along with the release date for the novel. The novel, originally released in two parts in the summer of 2005, was published by YenPress's light novel brand, Yen On, in English on March 24, 2015. The novels take a more in-depth look at the character's personalities, adding to the story in ways not possible in the games. In addition to Kingdom Hearts: The Novel, YenPress announced on January 27 that it would be publishing Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories The Novel on September 20, 2015. This novel is set to give the same in-depth look at Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.

Cover image

In the manga world, the localization of the Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days manga was completed with the English release of the fifth volume to the series on January 20, 2015. In addition, Volume 9 of the Kingdom Hearts II manga released in Japan on February 21. The ninth book in the series covers Sora's arrival to The World That Never Was and his clash with Organization XIII. Currently, there are no upcoming releases in the West, though we can be sure that the next localization of the Kingdom Hearts II manga will be coming soon. Finally, we have music, t-shirts, and hand towels that were advertised in the last three months. A Kingdom Hearts Tribute Album, featuring various songs from the series, remade by various artists, was quietly announced in January. The album, made most-likely for the series' thirteenth anniversary, was released March 25, 2015. The songs (combined to just ten tracks) include “Dearly Beloved,” “March Caprice for Piano and Orchestra,” “Rage Awakened,” and “Traverse Town,” and were remade in various different styles. Teefury sold a special “Kingdom Krest” t-shirt in early February, featuring a Keyhole, Paopu Fruit, Keyblade symbol, and Roxas's symbol decorating a crest-of-sorts against a navy blue background. And finally, Square Enix sold hand towels at its ARTNIA store in Shinjuku, featuring artwork of the fun little Shadow Heartless, Dusk Nobody, and Flood Unversed enemies from the series.We as fans sure have been getting a lot of love from Square Enix in terms of merchandise. What do you think? Would you get all these Kingdom Hearts goodies?

Kingdom Hearts III Rumored for 2015

Kingdom Hearts III Logo KHIII.png

A rumor broke out on January 7, 2015, scarcely a week into the new year. Bill Farmer, the voice actor for the lovable and, well, goofy, companion of Sora's, Goofy, announced on Twitter that recording for the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts III had been completed. Like Shadows being given a heart, fans worldwide began to swarm and flood Bill Farmer's Twitter with questions about the game. Many of these questions were skeptical of the voice actor's claim; after all, it was understood that the development team was still choosing worlds just a month earlier. To top it off, in response to a question on whether work had started on the game, Farmer stated that recording had been going on for “the last few years” and that it “is supposed to come out later this year.”Mind you, Bill Farmer's claims should be taken cautiously, knowing what we know from other sources, including Square Enix themselves. Except for Farmer, there is no other evidence to the game's release in 2015. Then again, Square Enix didn't completely dismiss the possibility with their response to the situation; an official statement simply states that the release date for Kingdom Hearts III "remains unannounced". Perhaps it does release later this year…

Kingdom Hearts χ Updates Story: New Revelations, New Mysteries

An image of Ephemer as seen in Kingdom Hearts χ

The mysterious online game Kingdom Hearts χ has received some interesting updates to its story over the last three months. The new story updates continue to prepare us for Kingdom Hearts III as it delves into the mysteries of the Keyblade War. The first important update came on Christmas Day, December 25. The new mission introduced a new character, Ephemer, who is a Keyblade wielder from one of the opposing unions, but seeks to know the truth behind the gathering of Lux and the true structure of the world. We first run into him while he is battling an Invisible in Daybreak Town, to which the Player rescues him. After that rescue, Ephemer gives us some valuable information. Ephemer reveals that the Lux that was being collected was really all from Daybreak Town, and that the various worlds they had been sent to visit didn't truly exist, but were basically holographic images. This non-existent world was created to make it possible to visit all these worlds to collect the Lux, something that would be impossible to physically do because of the vast space between all the worlds. He proposes then that the Book of Prophecies is the source of the non-existent world, something that would explain why we could run into characters that Sora and the others would meet in the future. This aligns with Maleficent's revelation in “A Fairy Tale?”, one of the additional cutscenes to Kingdom Hearts Re:coded in Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX, where she says that one could conjure up worlds yet to exist using the Book of Prophecies. With all this information, Ephemer still is not sure why they are forced as Keyblade wielders to fight for the Lux, and with that, the Player recalls the strange dream from several episodes earlier where the Player saw the Foretellers and the cloaked figure. With that, Ephemer resolves to go to the Clock Tower where the dream took place.

The second update, which was added late January, continues on that venture to explore the clock tower in Daybreak Town in search of the truth. In that quest, however, Ephemer decides to stop for the day and continue the following day. The player agrees to meet up with Ephemer the next day, but after waiting the whole day, Ephemer does not show up. Noticing the Player's disappointment, Chirithy, the cute little creature that has been with the Player from the start, arrives to comfort the Player. The Player picks up Chirithy, which throws Chirithy's cape into the air, revealing a Dream Eater Spirit symbol on Chirithy's back.

With these two updates, we come closer to understanding the events that led to the Keyblade War. Still, despite how much closer we come to the truth, the story has gotten notably confusing, driving fans to the edge. What do you think is the truth behind Daybreak Town and the Foretellers? Are we in the Realm of Sleep? Or something entirely different? Tell us in the comments!

”Destiny is Never Left To Chance”: Voices of Xehanort Pass Away

Xehanort Voice Actor Compilation for Ansem's Report

The world has been left with great loss over the first two months of 2015, with two wonderful voice actors passing away. On January 15, 2015, Chikao Ohtsuka passed away of ischemic heart failure at the age of 85. Chikao Ohtsuka was the Japanese voice actor of both Master Xehanort and Captain Hook in the Kingdom Hearts series. He was also known for voicing popular characters in animated shows, movies, and other video games, including Wario from the Super Mario Bros. series and Doctor Eggman from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. His son, Akio Ohtsuka, plays Ansem, Seeker of Darkness in the Kingdom Hearts series.

Then, on the morning of February 27, 2015, Leonard Nimoy passed away of end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Leonard Nimoy was the English voice actor of Master Xehanort in the Kingdom Hearts series, but is best known for his role as Mr. Spock in the original Star Trek television series, which he starred in starting in 1966. He also played the role in various Star Trek movies, and was an actor in other popular movies. He recently began dedicating himself to photography, though he occasionally reprised the role of Spock. His final post on Twitter was a poem that read: ”A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory.”

We will greatly miss both these fine men, and their contributions to our beloved series, and are grateful to their many other contributions to society. They were more than just voices; they were the life and character of these characters. Whether you are a fan of Spock, Hook, or Xehanort, these men brought these characters to life, and it will not be easy to replace them, in the game and in our hearts. We will miss them dearly. Rest in peace to both of you.

Unlocking the Keyhole title image
by Chainoffire
Jiminy's Journal Title Image
Jiminy Cricket KHREC.png

Tumblr: The Keyhole recently reached 100 followers!

The Underdrome: We've started anew! The theme for this year is music, and we started in March with violins and this month we have moved onto pianos! Be sure to cast your vote!

What instrument will be featured next? Who will become Featured Article and featured media? Head on over to page 6 to learn more about our exciting battles!

Promotion: We have a new member joining The Keyhole's staff team! Ever since he joined, Aixon has wanted to help us out on the wiki. But he far succeeded his goal in helping us out. He has been a MAJOR help on The Keyhole. Heck, he's been handling The Keyole by himself for quite sometime now. He's kickstarted progress on the KH3D world articles, made the treasure lists for KH3D, he's the most active user on The Keyhole, he put the extra weight of Featured Article and featured media on his shoulders, he's vocal in the tea parties, both bringing up issues that need to be dealt with and helping resolve our own, he's helped out TREMENDOUSLY with the magazine, uploaded the DDD soundtracks and put them onto a table (something I've been procrastinating on for... ever.), and he made the best box anyone could ever hope for. I know that if he's FinalRest's favorite, he's defiantly #1 on my list. And since he's allergic to the colour fuchsia, owns a Lamborghini, makes a heck of a lasagna, and he smells like tulips that have been sprayed with the tears of a majestic rainbow, we are proud to announce that Aixon is now a moderator. Hop on by to his talk page and give him a congratulations and a hello!

Log Updates title image for Unlocking the Keyhole page

Deletion Log

  • The delete button has been hard at work, having eliminated a healthy number of recently uploaded .jpg images. Please remember that no matter their content, .jpg images are not allowed to be uploaded on the Keyhole, and they will be deleted! As outlined on our uploads page, "All files should have the .PNG extension, unless they are animated (these should be given .PNG or .GIF extensions) or music files (these should be given .ogg)."
  • Some files with bad names have been heavily featured in our deletion log, due to the Keyhole having a strict naming policy. When uploading an image, be sure to use a proper file name. To prevent the deletion of your images, be sure to check out our naming policy. If you are unsure about what to name an image, feel free to ask one of the staff because any pictures that don't fit our policy are prone to deletion. Alternatively, you can help out with our image cleanup project by checking out our Projects page
  • A few fan-made pages have also been spotted in the deletion log. All fan-made content should either go in your userspace or on the KHFanon Wiki. Before creating a page, please submit a request on our pages for creation page, and the one of the staff members will get to your request as soon as possible. Any unapproved pages will be deleted immediately.

Move Log

Other Logs

  • Unfortunately, some users have been banned from the Keyhole because of vandalism. We at the Keyhole have a very low tolerance for article vandalism and vandalizing an article will result in a block or, at the very least, an official warning. If you spot a vandal and would like to report it, let the staff know by visiting our Ban Requests page.
  • As always, the upload log is a popular place to be and we enjoy the steady influx of images we have added to our wiki every day. However, we would like our users to remember our categorization policy when uploading. Failure to upload files into the correct categories will result in deletion of your file.
New Users title image for Unlocking the Keyhole page
Our activity has been a bit low this season, but that doesn't mean that we can't give those who've joined a warm Keyhole welcome! All our new users are welcome to our wiki family, and here just one of our newbies that we'd like to shine the spotlight on.

We offer a big hello to him, as well as the new users who will be coming in the near future. We hope you enjoy your stay in the Keyhole/KHWiki universe!

Tea Parties title image for Unlocking the Keyhole
Each month the Keyhole hosts a tea party for all users to get together and discuss wiki related issues. We've had a lot of big issues recently, so we've kept to one forum for the last few months to prevent over archiving. Below are important policies we have discussed.
January 2015 – April 2015
  • Form sections will now be put on world pages, which will include a mini-gallery outline of the characters' general appearances. Form pages will also be made and will be split up by world. Users Aixon and Draaek have volunteered to head the project, so talk to them if you're interested in helping out!
  • Infoboxes for the minigame pages are in the works. Let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions in its design.
  • Taking inspiration from the FFWiki, we'd like to add a new aesthetic to our navigation bars. Unfortunately our desired effects are only accessible after making certain changes to the mediawiki pages and we haven't yet found someone confident enough to help us with this coding. If you can help us with this task, please leave a message at the tea party!
  • A war on red links has been declared! A template is in the works to replace templates that no longer serve a purpose, yet cannot be removed.
  • A Forecast page has been created! It features the different types of forecasts and has a section about Special Portals. We are also currently working on making a page for all four types of portals.
  • It's been brought to our attention that when we merged, some of the talk pages have been untouched and remain in the void. We are in the midst of discussing what should be done to them, so feel free to voice your opinion!
The Door to Light title image
by TheFifteenthMember
Trinity Archives title image for The Door to Light
What's the latest at the KHWiki? Check out all the recent happenings!
  • Staff: Unfortunately, one of our editors, UnknownChaser has declared his inactivity. Cheisa was a moderator here and previously managed the wikis' hugely enjoyable podcasts. We are sad to see him go!
  • Operation: Keychain: Akin to the hugely successful "MegaProject: Arise", we've launched a new operation that aims to strengthen the bonds between our sites and increase the traffic of our communities. Voice your two cents and remember to get involved!
  • Manual of Style: We're discussing changes to our policies! Although they are tiny in the grand scheme of things, minor things like grammar, punctuation and spelling improve the wiki's professionalism and consistency. Give us your opinion on the direction we should take image captions and check out the latest discussion on our naming schemes for articles.
  • Affiliates: We've formalised our friendship with the Final Fantasy Wiki. Welcome aboard to our crew of affiliates!
  • Mirage Arena: Round 5 has just ended, with Naminé and Oblivion as our winners! Round 6 will be starting soon, so be sure to get your nominations in!
  • Let's Play: Our Let's Play series is continuing on with Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. Tune in each week to see the latest episodes!

On top of that, we're still tackling all our projects, which you can see at Merlin's House and the Vacant House! Happy editing!

New Users title image for The Door to Light page
This is the spot where we show our appreciation to all the new editors that have joined us in the past three months. Who does the spotlight shine on this issue?
  • Natural yoghurt joined us in early January and in his time helpfully uploaded a number of high-quality BBS gifs onto the wiki! We love them so keep it up!
  • KeytoHope arrived during January. He is a Kingdom Hearts fan, like many of us, and has written a detailed user page about himself. Have a read!
  • TheFinalFormLover joined us late January and has thus far made a number of low-key, but very helpful edits. His hobby is to draw Keyblades and he is open to ideas!
  • Elfdemon made his account in March and began an interesting post on his theory on the reasons behind Axel's face paint. What's your take on it?

To all these newcomers and the ones that we haven't had the time to mention, we offer you a very warm welcome!

Roundtables Title image for The Door to Light
Care to join us in our next gathering?
Roundtables are meetings held on the #KHWiki-noticeboard IRC channel every 1st Friday of the month at 7:00 PM UTC. Below are important policies we have decided upon at our latest roundtable meetings.
January 2, 2015
  • Operation: Keychain will be further discussed on the wiki, once KeybladeSpyMaster finishes setting it up there.
  • Neumannz will talk to Cyberman65 to check if our affiliation is still standing, Master Riku the Bloody will talk to Erry about a potential revival to our affiliation talks with KHInsider.
  • The KHWiki:Let's Play page is fine as it is.
  • This is a reminder that the wiki's signature policy is still in force. Signatures should clearly state one's username, and images should be no bigger than 17px. Comments are still allowed, if desired, but usernames are a must.
  • Users will be involved with Neumannz in covering Kingdom Hearts coded.
  • The wiki's magazine title images will be hosted on the Kingdom Hearts Wiki to avoid problems with external sites moving image locations around (AKA Wikia).
  • Xion4ever and TheFifteenthMember will ask around for people to join in the Let's Play.
  • Xion4ever and EternalNothingnessXIII will make a forum to deal with a system on how to officially title articles on the wiki.
  • The Royal Radiance Award for the Mirage Arena will be postponed until any potential move of the Mirage Arena is resolved.
February 6, 2015
  • A forum will be created to decide if EternalNothingnessXIII should have his rights reinstated.
  • Walkthroughs will be restarted by those who can and are willing to create them.
  • When there is a short-enough subject, a navigation template may be created. Otherwise, a list page will be created. In regards to accessories, a list will be created for all accessories as opposed to a navigation template.
  • Reaction commands will be covered in appropriate enemy pages in tables with headers as follows: Reaction Command | Description | Trigger. Appropriate .gifs from the unused files will be added as well.
  • Users can and are encouraged to create guides for newer users and link them in the Moogle Workshop in Traverse Town. Guides that have already been made should be added as well.
  • Operation: Keychain will be worked on throughout the year. Please be sure to check with KeybladeSpyMaster, Chainoffire, or Xion4ever on what can be done.
The Coliseum title image
Banner created by Erry for use on the Coliseum page of the magazine.

Visit the Mirage Arena to see

Round 6, which is soon to start

and many more!
Visit The Underdrome to see

Rage Awakened - Destiny Islands - Xigbar - Tension Rising

and many more!
The Games title image for The Coliseum
Dearly Beloved vs Passion
Piano Collections Kingdom Hearts Cover.png
VS image used on the Games section of the magazine.
Passion Album Art.png

Passion is my favourite KH music because of the range of emotions it conveys. It begins with a sad effect, before transforming into a hopeful melody as it rises to a crescendo, whereas Dearly Beloved only radiates one atmosphere.



Shush who cares about emotions (when I wrote my review about emotions I'm a genius here) when you get a melody that has the same beat of a heart beat? What beats that when it comes to Kingdom HEARTS. yes?

Well...Dearly Beloved is certainly iconic, but then again so is Passion after memories are attached onto it



May I remind you that a certain someone lost his memories?

Unfortunately, the only music Sora has heard is the tracks at Atlantica (yes, poor child…)



xD Ok can we get back in track? Thanks. So, Dearly Beloved still beats Passion by a ton. You hear it every single game whereas Passion is only in what, one game? Oh and lets not forget about 358/2 version, its even better than Passion.

Ah, but don't forget that gold is found everywhere while diamonds are found far and wide.



Yea but… Err ok you got me there. I guess I can give some credit to that song (It's still one of my favorites)

Yup, and I do recognise Dearly Beloved as the series' most iconic piece (it's also pretty great to hear too).




AND THE WINNER IS... You decide!
Head on over to the magazine talk page to let us know who you think should win!

The Keyblade Master title image
Title Image for April Fools 2015
by TheFifteenthMember

Whoop-di-doo, it's April Fools, and what's the latest rue?

At the KHWiki and Keyhole, we decided to play a small prank on the KH community. After all, we spend the entire year dedicating ourselves to encyclopaedia so we thought we'd seize a moment of playfulness. Our grand plan was the announcement of the new Kingdom Hearts -3D HD ReMIX- - a completely made-up title that is definitely too good to be true. The article was unleashed onto the internet, where it had been interpreted by fans in their own ways. Venerable KH fans were commenting not only on the wikis, but also on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and even KH13! Let's take a look at some of the reactions: Note: All names are censored.

Beginning with our own Wikis, the comments above clearly show that the majority of our peeps weren't fooled with some even irked off. That's Chainoffire making his comment in the second panel and I agree. "What else is darkness but hate and rage?" Let's lighten up and have some fun. The last panel shows that we've managed to deceive one of our users at least, right to the extent that the game was conveyed to another wiki! That calls one success at the very least!


Over at our social networking sites, most people had their doubts but the guys at Google+ seemed convinced! In fact, they started a lengthy conversation on the topic; the comments above are merely a snapshot.


And over at the threads made at KH13, I've selected a few of my favourite comments in the montage above. There seems to be a varied range of opinions. Again, while the majority cast their suspicions (and rightly so), there were still a couple of believers in the crowd which is all we wanted.

Another thing we did for April Fools is lay out a special issue of the magazine with its own cover and article. It wasn't as large-scale as the other prank, but I still at least had someone sincerely asking me whether I'm leaving the wiki or not!

And that wraps up our April Fools! Apologies for those irritated souls, salutations to those who caught on quickly, and SUCKER to the losers who believed us.

Dive to the Heart title image
by TheSilentHero
Signatures are used to sign pages. They (usually) contain a link to your user page and talk page, as well as the current time. There are three ways to sign something.
  1. Using four tildes (~~~~); This will add your signature and a time stamp. It is used mostly.
  2. Using three tildes (~~~); This will only add your signature, without the time stamp. This can be used when signing up for something, where the time of posting doesn't really matter.
  3. Using five tildes (~~~~~); This will only add a time stamp. It is mostly used on talk bubbles, where your signature is already part of the code.

Now you know how to sign your posts! But of course, every user wants a... custom signature! To create your own signature, you have to follow three simple steps.

Step 1:
Create a page, called "User:<username>/Sig" (or whatever you want to call it) and fill it with your signature. You can use images, colored texts, symbols, almost anything as long as it meets the requirements of the signature policy. When you're finished with that, save the page and you have successfully created your custom signature.

But if you type "~~~~" on a page, it still shows the default signature. To have your custom signature show up, follow the next two steps.

Step 2:
Create another page, like "User:<username>/Sig1" or something. The only thing you should put on this page is the code to your signature, which is the name of the page in brackets, like this:


That's all you need to do. When you save the page, you'll see it looks identical to your signature page.

Step 3:
Go to your preferences (top-right of screen). On the first tab, User Profile, you'll see a box called "Signature". In the textbox next to "New Signature" (KHWiki)/"Custom signature" (Keyhole), add the code to your second page, like this:


Be sure to check the box saying "Treat signature as wikitext (without an automatic link)" (KHWiki)/ "I want to use wikitext in my signature" (Keyhole) and save.

Now, when you type "~~~~". your custom signature and a timestamp will show up automatically!

Drive_Gauge_KHII.png Shocking! The Drive Gauge exploited! Drive_Gauge_KHII.png
by TheFifteenthMember
Okay this tutorial isn't nearly as dramatic as the title suggests but if you're reading this, it must have done its job, eh? This section will teach you a trick whereby you can exploit the Drive Gauge in Kingdom Hearts II so that it never runs out, allowing you to use Forms and Summons indefinitely and speedily level them up which hopefully makes grinding less of a bore.
Disclaimer: If you're a hardcore gamer who is completely AVERSE to any exploits/cheats, I formally apologise for making your stomach churn at the thought of cutting corners and suggest that you stick to your laborious, laborious, manual techniques.

What's the trick? It's rather simple. As you may have noticed, the game mercifully restores your Drive Gauge after certain events or cutscenes, if you were using a Form/Summon beforehand. The reason for this is at points where the game temporarily disables combat while you were using the Drive Gauge, including non-hostile areas where your party members wander or particular cutscenes, Kingdom Hearts II doesn't want to waste your remaining Drive and being a wonderfully friendly game, it solves the problem by restoring your Drive Gauge to the max.

Note: Cutscenes are a muddy area; sometimes your gauge is refilled while other times you simply remain in your Form/Summon after the cutscene has ended. I haven't figured out why there's a difference. If you know, be sure to tell me in the comments page!

After finishing the game, there aren't many opportunities for this to happen but there will always be one way to eternally trigger this exploitation: Save Points.


Simply take to your Gummi Ship on the world map whilst in a Form/Summon and you'll be pleasantly surprised to see your Drive Gauge at MAX when you return to land.

I used this trick to grind my Drive Forms and Summons to get them to the maximum levels. I'd train in an appropriate world for the skill I was training and once my Drive Gauge fell to its last couple of bars, I'd rush to the nearest save point, exit onto the world map, return to the world, rinse and repeat.

However, I do recognise a weakness in this method of grinding. It's arguably quicker to use an item or fight enemies to restore your Drive Gauge than face two loading screens, bearing in mind that you had to waste a couple bars of your Drive Gauge to return to the save point. The loading screens also break up the action, possibly making it less fun.

What's your opinion on the matter? Tell us on the comments page!

The Round Room title image
In this Episode title image
Chainoffire apologizes for the lack of podcasts.

We apologize for the lack of episodes this issue, be sure to check out our past podcasts and let's plays on our youtube channel. Be sure to check out the next issue for future episodes of the round room!

Notes and Links

Due to some conflicting schedules and busy lives, The podcast will be on a hiatus for a time being. We are working to get another episode out this month, but for the time being, we don't have any episodes for February or March. Thank you for your patience.

The Mark of Mastery title image
Draaek's Review of Fragments of Sorrow

Music is a powerful tool that can convey a great amount of emotions through the use of instruments, appliance of certain beats and tones among others. Emotions can express themselves in the soundtracks of every game as they are what drive every scene, moment and action.

What better piece of music to portray this than Fragments of Sorrow. The instruments used and the few vocals that accompany them depict a feeling of rising tension, pressure and even fear; feelings that combine perfectly with the setting in which the song has been placed. The dark aura of the place mixes perfectly with the tune in order to evoke feelings that relate to the darkness as well as others that relate to the overall feeling of approaching a moment of great importance in which the decisions that are taken will heavily affect the outcome of the event.

Even without the visual support of the world in which the music is incorporated, it has the power of recreating a mental image of an evil place filled with elements that seek to stop the player from fulfilling their quest and bringing forth light and peace. Now put it together with all the visuals from End of the World and the result is just spectacular. There are a few minor points that could be improved but overall this is one of the most amazing tracks I've heard in the Kingdom Hearts Soundtrack.

TheSilentHero's Top Five Least Favorite Worlds

Monstro 01 KH HD.png

Monstro; For just one reason: lack of story. In Kingdom Hearts, you had to chase Pinocchio and find a way out. In Chain of Memories, you had to find Pinocchio and find a way out. (Okay, I admit, a lot of CoM Worlds have a similar story to that of KH). In KH3D, you had to find Pinocchio, AGAIN! Of course, there's not much you can do inside a whale, so just don't put it in the game! Or make it a boss fight, like in BBSFM.
NOTE: This doesn't apply to Sora's side of Prankster's Paradise. You still had to chase Pinocchio in Sora's version of the world, but I think they could do more with the world and therefore, I wouldn't mind it returning if they add a story.

A Heartless of Rage and Malice 01 KHII.png

Pride Lands; There were a couple of things I didn't like about the Pride Lands. First, the disabling of Drive Forms and other abilities. I understand that it would be almost impossible for a lion to hold two Keyblades at once, but they could have done something. (Also, the large swarm of Rapid Thrusters and no access to Wisdom Form is just unfair.) Second, the "battle" where you have to defeat Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed in the Elephant Graveyard is super annoying. It's not really a battle either, they don't even attack you. And finally, the Savannah is way too big and takes too long to cross.

100 Acre Wood KH 2.png

100 Acre Wood; Maybe I just don't like mini-games. Maybe I find it too much trouble to find a Torn Page before you can continue. I just don't like the world. I would prefer it if they scattered the mini-games throughout the other worlds. Besides, how often can a book be torn apart?
NOTE: I know Disney Town is also a mini-game world, but it also has normal battles and doesn't require something to advance in the story.

Blasted Gorillas! 01 KH.png

Deep Jungle; At first, Deep Jungle wasn't in my top 5. Until I played Kingdom Hearts again. During your time in Deep Jungle, you are basically going back and forth between the Tree House and the Tent. This also means that you have to go through the Jungle Slider mini-game, which gets boring pretty fast (especially considering the fact that the actual mini-game where you have to collect fruit and can go through different paths isn't available after you finish the world. I hated that mini-game so much that I never played it after finishing the world and discovered the extra levels only a year ago). Basically, I dislike everything about this world. The Heartless, the areas, the mini-game. Let's be grateful Square Enix didn't get to use Deep Jungle in Chain of Memories and any game since.

Song 5 - Wonderful Friends 01 KHII.png

Atlantica; In KH, the swimming mechanics were too much trouble. I'm still having trouble with it. (I know flying in Neverland works the same, but at least you can choose not to fly.) And when you think it can't possibly become any worse, KH2 keeps the swimming aspect, but replaces the Heartless battles with... musicals! The worlds are in danger, the Organization is collecting Hearts, what do you do? You sing, of course. It is just ridiculous. And if that wasn't enough, you need specific requirements to advance in the story. In fact, even when you have met those requirements, you get kicked out of the world anyway. And as IGN would say: "Too much water".

A Chat with KeybladeSpyMaster
Interview conducted by Byzantinefire


Byzantinefire When can we start?

KeybladeSpyMaster Ok, shoot

Byzantinefire Well i just heard of the new dubbed cutscenes for the 2.5 HD Remix.

KeybladeSpyMaster Yes. I actually heard them all this morning. Well, the ones posted by KHInsider.

Byzantinefire Well i don't want to be spoiled by i already saw the secret ending i don't want to spoil to much for myself.

KeybladeSpyMaster That's fine.

KeybladeSpyMaster The secret ending, you referring to the new one from HD 2.5 ReMIX?

Byzantinefire I think the one with Braig and Young Master Xehanort.

KeybladeSpyMaster Yeah, that's the one. I think it's interesting. I wonder what Xehanort was about to say....

Byzantinefire Well a PS3 or PS4 game for Dream Drop Distance i worry we might have to wait 2 years for Kingdom Hearts III.

KeybladeSpyMaster I don't think so. Tetsuya Nomura, first of all, is very determined to get the game finished soon. If they do Dream Drop Distance, I think it'll be soon. After all, it took them one year for each remaster, and that was three games.

Byzantinefire Good point but we can't be sure about it there is no guarantee.

KeybladeSpyMaster It'll be interesting to see how they do Dream Drop Distance, though. It's a 3DS game, requiring two screens. The other KH games with two screens, they were turned into movies

Byzantinefire I guess so, i haven't really thought of that.

KeybladeSpyMaster Logically, at least for me, they should make it into a game. Seeing as Attraction Flow is an upgrade of Flowmotion. Turning it into a movie takes that away. And I think fans should be able to try it out before they go to Kingdom Hearts III

Byzantinefire Of course. So speaking of movies have you seen any films recently?

KeybladeSpyMaster Not Disney films. Last one I watched was Frozen in November. The last film I watched in general was How To Train Your Dragon 2. That was a month ago.

Byzantinefire Well of course i have seen dozens of films this year. Is there any films this year or next you are looking forward to?

KeybladeSpyMaster I'm hoping to see Big Hero 6 sometime after it comes out. I'm really looking forward to Finding Dory, because the first is one of my favorite films.

Byzantinefire Well its probably coming out in 2016.

KeybladeSpyMaster I also watched Wreck-It Ralph again yesterday, which makes me hopeful for a sequel. And for its appearance in Kingdom Hearts III.

Byzantinefire For me its Avengers: Age of Ultron, Star Wars Episode VII, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, Big Hero 6. Oh and the Penguins of Madagascar. Got to love Benedict Cumberbatch.

KeybladeSpyMaster I'll be honest, I haven't even seen the third Madagascar. I wanted to, but then I didn't.

Byzantinefire Well i'm not sure whether its a prequel or sequel.

KeybladeSpyMaster And I don't really watch Marvel. I've seen parts of Iron Man 2, Thor, but that's it. I haven't even seen the Avengers. I'm really not that big a movie person.

KeybladeSpyMaster I watch some movies once in a while, mostly Disney and such, but not very often. Don't know why.

Byzantinefire Well you could always watch movies online.

KeybladeSpyMaster I know, I just don't do so anyways. It's not that I can't, I just don't.

Byzantinefire Fair enough. So have you been anywhere on vacation recently?

KeybladeSpyMaster No, not this year.

Byzantinefire Oh is there anywhere you would like to go?

KeybladeSpyMaster Last year, we went on a road trip up to Seattle and then came down the coast to Sacramento, then back home. It was cool. I really liked it, especially through Oregon.

Byzantinefire Well if i were to go on vacation i would have picked Europe.

KeybladeSpyMaster That would be cool, too.

Byzantinefire Yeah it would be mostly around the Mediterranean Sea. Any spots in Europe you would like to visit?

KeybladeSpyMaster England would be nice to visit. As would Paris. I know it sounds generic, but I'd like to visit those areas.

Byzantinefire But what about Istanbul?

KeybladeSpyMaster Istanbul....don't really know much about it. Isn't that in Turkey?

Byzantinefire Yes but a good portion of that city is in Europe as well as Asia. Its a transcontinental city.

KeybladeSpyMaster Eh, I don't really know. I've got little reason to visit Istanbul. But if I could travel a lot, it'd be cool to visit Istanbul, and other parts of Europe as well.

Byzantinefire Of course. Like Venice, Sarajevo, Athens, Cordoba, Florence, Granada, Marseille, Rome etc. Maybe also some of the Game of Thrones sets as well.

KeybladeSpyMaster Hey, what kinds of things do you hope to see in Kingdom Hearts III?

Byzantinefire Oh well Marvel of course.

KeybladeSpyMaster I honestly don't have an opinion on Marvel or Star Wars or such, though I can't say I expect it to show up, seeing as it's been 8 years since they acquired Pixar and nothing's happened with them, either. It'd be cool, though.

Byzantinefire And maybe some Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean as well.

KeybladeSpyMaster Pirates of the Caribbean, that'd be cool. I hope it comes back, but the way the second movie ends....I don't know if they can pull it off without Sora crying his eyes out.

Byzantinefire I'm not sure how they would work that out either. So is this good enough?

KeybladeSpyMaster I would like to see Wreck-It Ralph, like I said earlier. And Tangled. A ton of classic and animation films. Not sure about Frozen.

Byzantinefire Well Frozen is a bit overrated but it still highly recommended among Disney fans.

KeybladeSpyMaster It's a great film, don't get me wrong. I loved it, but I don't want to see it if it's only there to make money. They have to make it worth it, otherwise, it'll suck, the world and the whole game. It'd be great to bring Disney Castle back, too.

Byzantinefire Well Frozen characters did appear in Once Upon a Time.

KeybladeSpyMaster Well, yeah. And I'm not saying I don't want it at all. But they have to make that world epic, not just there because Disney wants it there. It has to be really good.

Byzantinefire Well some songs might be good.

KeybladeSpyMaster Oh, no. Don't turn it into Atlantica Kingdom Hearts II style world. It was ok, but I don't want to see that again. I much prefer the regular combat style world than a sing-along world.

Byzantinefire I was thinking of a more hybridized version. Both regular combat and singing. At the same time.

KeybladeSpyMaster Hmmm...that'd be interesting to see.

Byzantinefire I think they did it in Oogie's Revenge.

KeybladeSpyMaster Hmm...well, I guess we just have to wait. I truly hope it's ready by next winter. For the thirteenth anniversary.

Byzantinefire Yes that would be a good date.

KeybladeSpyMaster Well, I guess that's it.

Byzantinefire So we are done with the interview?

KeybladeSpyMaster Yeah, unless you have something else you want to discuss.

Byzantinefire Not really.

KeybladeSpyMaster Ok, then. I guess we're done.

Byzantinefire Alright.

Naminé's Sketchbook title image
Art compiled by Chainoffire

Cyber Yog Submission for Magazine

by Draaek
Artwork for Naminé's Sketchbook

by Draaek

To request an image, please contact Chainoffire
The Grid title image
Banish the Beast Title Image
A mysterious curse has been wrought upon the world of Kingdom Hearts! All the wicked foes that stand in the way of our favorite protagonists have been gifted with the power of invisibility!
Thankfully, our quick wiki editors who are skilled in the ways of magic - as all good editors are - have managed to capture some monsters, but they need your help identifying what type of beast they have found, so their un-invisiblity spells work correctly. Help us out!

Do you know who this beast is?
Puzzle for the Banish the Beast
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This issue's beast was captured by KeybladeSpyMaster.
The Cheshire Cat's Grin title image for The Grid

Both one and multiple.
Together, and sometimes apart.
Sometimes on its feet, and sometimes upside-down.
For the second time, it comes at the third.

Hover here for the answer!
Submitted by TheSilentHero

I can be made from odds-and-ends,
But usually I'm crafted out of shells.
I show the bond made between friends.
Now tell me what this rambling spells~

Hover here for the answer!
Submitted by TheFifteenthMember

I carry with me an eternal pain.
Always chased for riches and treasure.
The more they wait, the more they gain.
Now identify me at your leisure.

Hover here for the answer!
Submitted by TheFifteenthMember

Born from the darkness of men's hearts,
I dwell in the land of magic, gold, and thievery.
I have the ability to see what lies beyond this morning
even if it's a little later on.

Hover here for the answer!
Submitted by Chainoffire

Emotions of love and caring,
disguised as a melody of keys,
plucking the strings of the heart.
What am I?

Hover here for the answer!
Submitted by TheFifteenthMember
Title image for The Grid

Help add some color to this black and white image! Send your finished work to and we might feature it in a future issue!

Line art of the Kingdom Key for the Magazine Issue 4

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Submitted by Draaek
Light Cycle title image

You may have heard of Where's Wally?, but have you played...

Where's WALL-E?
A render of WALL-E for the Magazine's "Where's WALL-E"
This chap is WALL-E. Former waste-load lifter, WALL-E has been through a lot and today he's in trouble; poor WALL-E found himself lost in a foreign world. Are you able to spot him?

Light Cycle puzzle for Issue 4

Note: "Where's Wally" is known as "Where's Waldo" in the US and Canada apparently.

Click here to see the answers!
Click here for a printable version! (and printable answers)
Submitted by TheFifteenthMember and KeybladeSpyMaster
Flick Rush title image
The Mailbag title image for Flick Rush

Dear Draaek
Why do we care to have community projects?

It's very simple! How else can we keep the wiki community together and strengthen the friendship bonds if it isn't by doing projects where all of us can get involved?

Even though we all edit together, each of us only provides individual pieces where we have the knowledge of but we don't really bother on knowing who the other authors are. When we hold a community project everyone comes together and share their ideas as part of a big group, getting to know each other even more.

The magazine for example, it's a project done by the community for the community. Everyone can share their skills and thoughts as well as meet new people that may become good friends. I sent in an image a few issues ago and now I'm the (self-declared) official artist because my friends, whom I met while working in the magazine, liked my work!

I think that if we didn't have any of the community projects the wiki would be a very dull and boring place where only the editing fanatics could be doing something productive. So, what are you waiting for reader? Come and be part of one of our projects! Just remember that once you join it's very hard to part ways. What? That I shouldn't scare our victims editors? Um, sorry about that…

Here we go, my answer to one of the mailbag questions by petition of FM who convinced me to take a break from my work to do... you guessed it! more work! jk I'd be glad to help out the mag in any way I can. Hope you guys don't mind my minor humor at the end.

Love from Draaek and everyone at the KHWiki and Keyhole!

Symbol - Keyblade Master2.png
Dear TheFifteenthMember
Do you think Kingdom Hearts Χ will see a worldwide release?

I hope so! KHX has become a lot more important with the addition of the Foretellers and the Book of Prophecies that contain plot details for KH3. Especially since there's the whole time travelling fiesta, KHX seems to hold very important (canon) details necessary to understand KH3 in its entirety. Nomura himself stated that he wants more people to experience KHX so isn't that a hint towards international release? Especially since he wants to get everyone up to speed for KH3 with the HD remasters, he'd be wrong not to have KHX covered internationally in some way.

Love from TheFifteenthMember and everyone at the KHWiki and Keyhole!

Symbol - Keyblade Master2.png
Dear KeybladeSpyMaster
Do you think Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX and Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX will be released on the Playstation 4 or XBOX One?

Personally, no, I don't think so, though it would make sense for it to do so. See, Nomura has already said he aims to have the entire series so everyone can play it without having to get all these different game consoles (PS2, PSP, DS, and 3DS < PS3). Under that logic, they should port it to PS4 and XBOX One so that it's there with Kingdom Hearts III when that game comes out. However, it doesn't look like it's likely to port to XBOX One, and I feel that if they were to do so, they would have already done so. I mean, how hard is it to port a PS3 game to PS4?

But! Here's hoping that they do, for all of you that want it there!

Love from KeybladeSpyMaster and everyone at the KHWiki and Keyhole!

If you have a question for our mailbox about anything related to the Kingdom Hearts games, KHWiki or the Keyhole, send it to and it might be in our next issue! Be sure to make "Magazine" your subject title or else we may not notice your question!

To Do Lists title image for Flick Rush
by Chainoffire and KeybladeSpyMaster
Kingdom Hearts Wiki Logo.png

Challenge Sigil KHD.png Create at least one Music article
Challenge Sigil KHD.png Submit an item for the Magazine one and one-half months before the next publication date (No later than May 15)
Challenge Sigil KHD.png Nominate someone for the Featured User award.
Challenge Sigil KHD.png Expand on one stub article
Challenge Sigil KHD.png Upload an image for a Kingdom Hearts Re:coded article.
The Kingdom Hearts logo, for use on the Flick Rush page

KH1 icon.png Win the My Hero trophy in Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX.
KH1 icon.png Level up Wisdom Form to MAX Kingdom Hearts II.
KH1 icon.png Acquire the Multivortex shotlock in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.
KH1 icon.png Acquire Zolephant in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.
KH1 icon.png Use a Diamond Dust card with a value of 8.
The Keyholoe logo

Mission Crown KHD.png Cast a vote in the Underdrome!
Mission Crown KHD.png Replace an image with the {{betterpic}} template.
Mission Crown KHD.png Voice your opinion in the current Tea Party.
Mission Crown KHD.png Submit an image to an article that needs an image.
Mission Crown KHD.png Welcome at least 3 new users!
Poll Results title image for Flick Rush
Results compiled by KeybladeSpyMaster

In our last issue we asked you...
What is your favorite secret ending in the Kingdom Hearts series?
Here's what you said!

Poll Results, for use in Flick Rush in Issue 4

We've got a lot of fans of Terra, Ventus, and Aqua, as "The Gathering"/"Birth by Sleep", the secret endings of Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix won the most votes, with 13 votes, making up 41% of the total count.

Second place was "Another Guardian of Light" from Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance with 6 votes, taking 19% of the total votes.

Third place was a tie between "A Fragmentary Passage" from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix and "Destiny" from Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX, each taking 4 votes and 13% of the total.

In fourth place came "Another Side, Another Story..."/"Another Side, Another Story [Deep Dive]", the secret endings for Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts Final Mix respectively. The secret endings garnered 3 votes, making up 9% of the submitted votes.

Finally, "Signs of What's Next", the secret ending to Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, came in last place with only 2 votes, making up 6% of the total count. This seems to align with the consistent and general dislike for Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.

Least voted for at the Kingdom Hearts Wiki are "A Fragmentary Passage" and "Signs of What's Next", while least voted at The Keyhole, "Another Side, Another Story..."/"Another Side, Another Story [Deep Dive]", "Signs of What's Next", and "Destiny" garnered the least votes.

Thanks to all those that participated and we look forward to seeing what the results of our next poll will be!
Magazine FlickRushMedal.png
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We asked...

What is your favorite Final Mix exclusive secret boss?

See the next issue for the results

Question submitted by Chainoffire
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