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Just another average human.
Name Namefound (What did you expect?)
Birth Date 07/06/99
Age 16
Hometown Born in California, Living in Wyoming
Occupation Student
Favorite Bird Crows, they're pretty neat.
Favorite KH Game Likes 'em all.

Hiya there, the Name's Namefound! I'm really just some dork with messy hair and glasses who loves birds, for some reason. Not much to say about me... I tend to joke around a bit, and to be honest, I can be pretty dang casual, or laid back, something like that.. I enjoy talking with people, and I do enjoy cheering someone up if they're feeling down! Although, I can be nervous at times, (Well, more like, a lot of times.) and sometimes I may do something stupid every once in a while.

When it comes to Kingdom Hearts, I basically grew up with the series, man. I remember playing it way back when I was just a small child, and even now I'm still playing the games! I have played all of the games at least once (Excluding 2.5) and even though I still dont know much about it, I do hope I could at least contribute my knowledge to this wiki! At the most, I'll probably fix some minor spelling errors or something, Maybe once I get a capture card, I could try adding some needed images, or something.

For now, That's about it. I'll probably improve this later once I get a hang of how things work around here, I'm pretty excited to join the community, and do all sorts of cool things! Until then, See ya!