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"Alas, it is but the sun setting on a tumultuos day."
Title The Guardian of Discord
True Name Unknown
Date of Birth 5/20/1996
Home World Chaotic Abyss
Alliance Discord
Weapon Mind
Attribute Discord, Mojo, Thunder
Ability Power summoning, Magic
Gender Male

Randomnessity, the Guardian of Discord, is the person who wrote this.

Ahem, excuse me, you over there! Yes, you. I would just like to say that your vest is very tacky. Okay, now that that is out of the way, I'd just like to say that I will likely be more active on the Wiki and IRC if things all go right for me. So, if anyone ever needs me (no one will) I'll be easily contactable. That's pretty much it.

Oh, wait, not quite. You know that feeling you get when a chill runs up your spine and you just shiver? You know how when you look out of the corner of your eye you think you see something or someone, but when you look there's nothing there? You know how when you hear creaks in your house that you have never heard before and they keep you awake at night? You know how odd it is when your pets make whatever noises they make at something you're not sure is there or not?

Who helped the Egyptians build the pyramids? Who was the first man to really walk on the moon? Who stole the Oratory of Sanlorenzo and currently has it? Who? Who? Who?


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Journal Entry

The most stalwart guardian of the Discord who wishes to end everything normal, and bring all into the grasps of Chaos.

His power is great, but his mind is greater. Known my some, an enigma to all. He may not be what he seems.

With such a great and fierce mind, it could be thought there is something beyond the realm of possibility in the works. What is the truth behind the guardian of Discord?


  • I'm a villian.
  • I can be nice, but I can also be rude and narcissistic. But mainly on the nice side.
  • I'm random. (Redundant)
  • I'm a likable person, surprisingly enough... Stop staring.
  • I love dramatic speeches.
  • I like things that go in certain orders.


  • I'm tall.
  • My hair is brown, and it's sexy.
  • My eyes are blue.
  • I have facial hair.
  • I'm sexy.

Other Info

  • I was born in May. My favorite month.
  • My favorite color is green.
  • My favorite food is my grandmother's meatloaf with mashed potatos and gravy.
  • Despite me being the King of Maryland, I live in Illinois.
  • My favorite song is "Kashmir," by Led Zeppelin.
  • I hate songs that are stupid and suck.
  • I am homeschooled.

Interesting Tidbits

  • Literally, 75% of the time I look at the time it is 11:11 o' clock.
  • Whether it is interesting or not, I tend to be repetitive when I write or type to someone.
  • I have a dimple on one cheek, but not the other. The story behind this is that my great-grandfather had a small incident with a nail and it gave him a small dimple-like crater on his face. Coincidence?
  • I rarely ever sit completely still, and either have some limb of mine twitch or bouncing, or even more commonly have something in my hands to fiddle with. I used to use a tiny, plastic, multi-colored slinky until it snapped in half. I still have the slinky. :(
  • In my opinion Yaoi destroys the characters of Kingdom Hearts. I mean, XemSai? Whoever first came up with that couple I will personally hunt down myself. Nice way to be classy, fangirls.

Kingdom Hearts Favorites and Least Favorites

Game Elements

Category Best Second Best Worst
Game Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Hearts II Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Story Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Hearts II
Graphical Style Kingdom Hearts II Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Kingdom Hearts:Chain of Memories
Soundtrack Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Kingdom Hearts II Kingdom Hearts Re:coded
Cast Kingdom Hearts II Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
World Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden The World That Never Was Atlantica
Heartless Invisible Infernal Engine Emerald Serenade
Nododies Dragoon Berserker Creeper
Boss Riku Xemnas Maleficent (Dragon)
Boss Music Unbreakable Chains Forze del Male Ursula's Revenge
Keyblade Kingdom Key Keyblade of People's Hearts Mysterious Abyss


Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Male Protagonist Mickey Mouse Sora Terra Aladdin
Female Protagonist Kairi Minnie Mouse Aqua Ariel
Overall Protagonist Mickey Mouse Sora Terra Aladdin
Male Antagonist Saïx Braig/Xigbar Vanitas Zexion
Female Antagonist Maleficent The Queen Larxene Ursula
Overall Antagonist Saïx Braig/Xigbar Vanitas Zexion
Disney Hero Mickey Mouse Pluto Jack Skellington Aladdin
Disney Villain Captain Hook Hades Master Control Program Ursula
Final Fantasy Character Moogle Auron Cid Sephiroth
Overall Character Isa/Saïx Mickey Mouse Braig/Xigbar Sephiroth

Kingdom Hearts series experience

Below is the list of games in the Kingdom Hearts series and my experiences in them. Currently, I own and have beaten every Kingdom Hearts game that has been released in the U.S.A.

Kingdom Hearts

Beat: First
Mode: Expert
Well, years ago on my older brothers birthday, my grandparents bought him Kingdom Hearts. As my brother played through the storyline, my brothers and I watched him everytime he played. We were all infatuated with the storyline, but things came to a crashing halt when my brother reached the epic battle in the Grand Hall of Hollow Bastion against Riku-Ansem. Despite how awesome the whole confrontation was my brother couldn't defeat him and eventually stopped playing because of how long the cutscene before the fight was. And of course there was no skipping the cutscene.

Eventually I decided that I should try playing the game for myself, and began a new file. I don't remember to much of the tribulations I played through as I was younger. I do remember that it was difficult at some points. Such as the second Parasite Cage battle and the second Ursula battle to name some of the harder ones to me. I enjoyed the experience as I played through the game, and then I finally reached Hollow Bastion. It took me forever to get travel up the castle, but it was an amazing world. Far better than any other one in the series to me. It was more Dungeon-like than the other worlds, as it recquired you to travel up mostly in a straight path to the top, making you solve puzzles along the way. I had minimal trouble in the Entrance Hall and no trouble against Maleficent in the Chapel. I was no fan of Maleficent on Dragon form, however. It took me forever to defeat her, but I did with luck and the Metal Chocobo.

Then came the moment of truth. Riku-Ansem awaited in the Grand Hall and the epicness of the whole confrontation was still evident. Eventually I perservered and did what my brother could not. Riku-Ansem was defeated and I watched the following cutscene in shock of what was happening. I did enjoy playing as a Shadow no matter how short the time was. I was also disappointed that a Heartless as fearsome looking as the Beheomth was the easiest battle since Oogie Boogie.

Then, as you should know, I had to travel to the End of the World to confront Ansem, the Seeker of Darkness. I battled throgh the ravaged world, all the way to Chernabog. Although I have now learned he can be fairly easy, he was freaking hard to me then! I eventually did beat him though, and confronted Ansem. The first two battles of the sequence were a piece of cake, but the second battle against Ansem elevated to a much higher difficulty level. I think I died several times, but eventually beat him and entered the final battle against World of Chaos. This was difficult alone, but once I gathered up Donald and Goofy and fought Ansem on the last part of the sequence I kicked his (insert whatever you wish here).

So I had beaten the game, but I wasn't done yet. I returned to all of the secret battles and attempted to beat them. You have no idea how much it scared when Kurt Zisa popped out of the desert. And the Phantom wasn't exactly welcoming. I think the first alternate challenge I beat was the Hades Cup. And eventually the alternate versions of it. Next, I finally defeated Kurt Zisa after an insane battle. I almost had a heart attack. The Phantom went down shortly after. Then I melted the Ice Titan. I had all of the secret weapons except for the Ultima Weapon at this point. I attempted Sephiroth so many times, but I couldn't defeat him. I leveled up to level 100 and still had trouble. So I decided it was time I tracked down those White Mushrooms and synthesize the Ultima Weapon. I played into the early hours of the morning, achieving the Ultima Weapon and beating Sephiroth the first time I tried. And that, as they say, is that.


This is my signature for when I don't want to use a talkbubble.--Random!to a point! 05:57, January 22, 2010 (UTC)

Talk Bubbles

And it's all because of Garland that this bubble exists.
Randomnessity I, Garland, will knock you all down!
Don't mistake this for me being mad. I may be a little chaotic though.
Randomnessity But I will be reborn once more. So even if you die, again and again, I shall return. Born again in this endless cycle I have created!
Look at me! I'm an undead earth-sucker!
Randomnessity The Fiend of Earth, who drains and decays the soil itself.
I'm really good at multi-tasking.
Randomnessity The Fiend of Fire, who uses the many limbs of her serpentine body to wield deadly weapons.
Look at my sexy cape.
Randomnessity Ho, Ho, Ho.... How foolhardy you are to dare challenge me, KRAKEN the FIEND of the Water!
It's a shame I have no wings. What kind of dragon am I?
Randomnessity The Fiend of Wind, who dominates the heavens from her lofty perch

My thanks to JFHavoc for this scrumdiddlyumptious talkbubbles.

Friends List

These are users I consider friends:

If you want to be my friend feel free to ask!


I also have an account at, going by the name of invinciblemuffins, although I haven't gotten around to writing anything yet. Sad but true.

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