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Name Riku's Love
A.K.A RL or Rae
Hometown Arizona
Date of Birth Jan. 3rd
Age 14
Height 5,1 and 3/4 of a inch!
IQ I'm smart! ^_^
Fave type of Music Anything but jazz and rap
Fave Song Fave song changes!
Hair tone Red
Skin Tone White


Do throw a message my way, ok? And tell me if you got a skype or not.

<Blackheart> RL: Shy girl who was initially scared to come onto the main channel. Now she's one of us, and she's awesome.

My User Boxes

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More about Myself

Hello.....I'm Riku's Love...( Betcha already figured that out). Many users call me RL and others call me Rae as in Rachel but I'm not to big of a fun of my name. I'm 14. I love country music. My favorite song is by Taylor Swift and it's 'Today was a fairy tale' . I live in Arizona, USA. I do not like it here. I wish to move to California or who knows where as long as its not arizona . I am short. I am smart. I am awesome! You can agree with me or you can go off and disagree. I don't care. I love English Class. I am currently writing a couple books. If you want to know what they are about, ask me on the irc. I don't bite. I do love proper grammar, though I can't spell to well. Proper grammar in my opinion shows that you are smart! So I would appreciate it if you use proper grammar on my talk page. I love to read! My favourite book series is NOT Twilight! It use to be my favorite and I do know everything and anything about I like the Uglies series or the Dairy Queen series. Fun Fact: My eyes change color! It' s pretty cool to me! The color they change to depend on my mood and what I wear. I don't come on a ton. I am a very busy person with school and all. I do have a temper, and I hate it when it gets the better of me. Please don't get me mad. I am Mormon. I do not like cursing / cussing/whatever you call it. I am just asking if you would cease to curse while I am around, that would be appreciated, too. I trip on my feet a lot.....That's why I always look down at my feet and mentally say "Don't trip me, me." Everyone in my family says I am funny. I don't think I'm funny. I have a poll at the bottom about if I'm funny or not. I have red that use to be blonde hair. I can be VERY boring if I let myself me, so. I really don't bite.I like to talk a lot. I own pairs of shoes. I like flats so I own a lot of those. I am both sighted. What I mean is one eye is near and the other is far. I love my glasses. I think I look weird without them. I have worn glasses since 4th grade. And I have the inability to sleep, so weekends I'm with my mom, you'll see me on the IRC late, till about 4am because I will crash then. Yeah. See ya later!

My Not so Newly Added Friend's List! ^_^ (Not in any order) Isn't updated much

Sora-Avatar50px-1.png _This user is a good friend of
_Dan da Man36.

roxas4roxas.jpg This user sits on top of the Clock Tower to eat Ice-Cream with their good friend Roxas.

icrnightray.png This user is a great friend of an ice cream fan, and loves ice cream just like him.

This user battled their way through the End of the World to reach FinalRest.

My talk bubbles

Riku's Love - "This battle isn't over. And until it is, I still need the power of darkness."
TALK - I didn't want to be found.
I will use this one when i am indifferent about something! Thank you Xion4ever!
Riku's Love - "You're right. Light and Darkness are eternal. Nothing probably goes forever, too.
TALK - Nah, I guess I'm just sad.
I will use this one if i am disappointed in something or someone.Thank you Xion4ever!
Riku's Love - "So what? Darkness is my enemy!"
TALK - How am I supposed to face everyone?!
When I am shocked.Thank you Xion4ever!
Riku's Love - "Take care of her."
TALK - No. Its the road to dawn.
When I am happy.Thank you Xion4ever!
Riku's Love - Got it memorized?
TALK - Hey, wait... I'm enjoying this... — 23:24, September 20, 2009 (UTC)
Just another Axel fan for when i feel like being fire-y. Thank you Havoc!
Riku's Love My name is Master Aqua! — 02:06, June 22, 2010 (UTC)
Well this one is in honor of BbS.Thank you SilverCrono

Riku's Love Talk! - I'm comfortable not having a girlfriend!

I mean I'm like the only dude in the series to not have a girlfriend, but I'm comfortable! *sob* — {{{time}}}

A wikiversery gift from Cal!


Look at what Roxas made me! 85560685.jpg


<Mikazuki_Ghost> Never shall they be not! They shall be annoying! About the boys on the irc :) we love ya guys anyways

My Dream

Somehow we all met and we were in ireland, i think the Inexistent couldnt make it and we all were skyping with him....some other stuff happened too but i cant remember it. So weird!


<poll> Do you think I'm funny? Yes! No... Don't know you well enough to know. </poll>

Terriffic Fail

[23:14] <MerryCrono> Ya know what else is a terrific fail?

[23:14] <Sove> Though I could easily buy a shotgun from black market too >_>

[23:14] <RikusLove> eating a box of lucky charms then a liter of pepsi?

[23:14] <MerryCrono> NO

[23:15] <RikusLove> and being sick for 6 days

[23:15] <MerryCrono> THAT WAS ONE TIME

[23:15] <MerryCrono> DAMMIT, RL

[23:15] <MerryCrono> YOU GO TO HELL! YOU GO TO HELL AND DIE!

[23:15] <MerryCrono> I was saying...

[23:15] <BakaKidd> ._.

[23:15] <RikusLove> I am laughing so hard

[23:15] <BakaKidd> XD

[23:15] <MerryCrono> ..I forgot what I was saying.

[23:15] <MerryCrono> ...

[23:15] <Sove> Crono, get over it

[23:15] <MerryCrono> DAMMIT, RL

[23:15] <MerryCrono> IT'S YOUR FAULT