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Hello. My name is Moonlight Soul. Yes I know I changed my name from Mikazuki Heart to this on but....still. I had another account but i forgot it. I think it was Mikazuki*cresentmoon*. Oh well. If you want to email me (no one if you want go ahead...) here is my email. I know I have 0 edits on a wiki page but people get to them before me and I have a lack of knowledge compared to the others...but that doesn't mean I don't know what is going on.

About Me

I love to read Fantasy Manga

In real life I can be very shy (but hurtfull!)

My sign is Virgo.

I have ADD

I can stay up all night for four nights.

I have 5 sibilings

More things...

My favorite song: We wish by ayumi hamasaki

Favorite food: Lemons

Favorite Type of book: Manga

Favorite book:...none of right now.

Talk Bubble

My Talk bubble:

Moonlight Soul - don't bother a Bakeneko
TALK - - "If you bother me I will hurt you..."

To whom it might concern

I am not always on. I have a life. So you who do not...please do not try to make me lose it. IF you do you shall perish. Anyway...


I am five feet and five inches. My hair is just plain black. When I brush it , it gets all fluffy.People tend to mess my hair up because of that. My hair is usally a mess so I do not care. I tend black but I am now wearing other colors...not pink though. That makes people think I am emo for I have so many scars on my arms and legs (It is from climbing and yes, giving cats baths >.<)


My personality seems to change every now and then. decide what my personality is.


"Why shall I tell you my name. You are a stranger. I don't want you to stalk me." Quote from my friend Zeus (yes that is his name) when we first met. But I will give you my first name. That is all. My name is Sabrina.


You will find me on the IRC as Mikazuki_Ghost or Mikazuki_Neko


Here are thing I tend to say. "Leave me be. I want to sleep"

"If you didn't notice. I am not nice."

"Why do you talk so much?"

"Right. Like I am going to fall for that."

"Ok. Will you just SHUT UP!"

"I don't like the feeling of here"


"No. I said no.I SAID NO!"

"Like I was going let you win"


"This is boring...nap time..."


Hello there. If you are reading this. Congrats. You have not been bored to death. You have made it this far...anyway on to random things. I like cookies. I discovered I can bake really well No cookies for you.   Template:User Nobody

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