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Name Wolf5000 on freenode
A.K.A Spyro admin number 3
Date of Birth
Age 0
Height 5ft 4in
army Um I don't know do friends count? I have a lot of those.

If you like spyro and want to look up tips tricks or other stuff, or just wanna chat come on by here and have fun.

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Come, kupo!! Check out Mirage Arena's latest fight, kupo!!

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Kingdom Hearts Games I've Played


  • TNE is the best singer on the khw she makes all the war stop just by singing.
  • Hikari is one of the best by far at making Talk Bubbles.
  • OKH is a good friend to RP with best one yet.
  • DTN, Leads to nothing or something? Man i wish i had a key right now.
  • LA, So not going to Las Angeles nuff said.