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Air Combo Boost

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Air Combo Boost (エアコンボアップ Ea Konbo Appu?, lit. "Air Combo Up") is an ability that appears in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts III. It allows the user to deal greater damage with increasingly longer aerial combos.


In Kingdom Hearts II, Air Combo Boost is a support ability that costs 3 AP to equip, 4 AP in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. It increases the damage of air combo finishers by (maximum combo x 10)%, (maximum combo x 20)% with two copies equipped. It has no effect on Magic.

In Kingdom Hearts III, Air Combo Boost is a support ability that costs 5 AP to equip. From the second hit of a combo on, it increases the damage of each hit in an aerial combo by (number of hits) x 5%. The number of hits only goes up when an attack hits. For attacks with multiple hits, the number increases by the amount of hits dealt, even if some miss. Magic increases the number by 1, even if it hits multiple times, but will also count if it misses. Most attacks during Drill Punch, Twin Yo-Yos, and Clock Drill, and some of the attacks during Agile Claws and Blizzard Claws only increase the number of hits by 1, even if they hit multiple times. Attacks during Berserk Charge, Double Arrowguns, and Hunny Blasters, Magic Launcher and Hunny Launcher's Artillery, Mirage Staff's Avatar Barrage, and Magic during Endless Magic do not increase the number of hits.

Learning Air Combo Boost[edit]

Kingdom Hearts II[edit]

Kingdom Hearts III[edit]

  • Sora learns Air Combo Boost at level 24 with the Power of the Warrior, level 50 with the Power of the Mystic, and level 42 with the Power of the Guardian.
  • The Ultima Weapon has Air Combo Boost as its equipment ability.

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