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Game:Vali, Vala, & Vidar

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Vali, Vala, & Vidar

The Vali, Vala, & Vidar<span style="font-weight: normal">&#32;(<span class="t_nihongo_kanji" style="white-space:nowrap" lang="ja" xml:lang="ja">ヴァーリ&ヴォルヴァ&ヴィーザス</span><span class="t_nihongo_comma" style="display:none">,</span>&#32;<i>Vāri & Voruva & Vīzasu</i><span class="t_nihongo_help noprint"><sup><span class="t_nihongo_icon" style="color: #00e; font: bold 80% sans-serif; text-decoration: none; padding: 0 .1em;">?</span></sup></span>, lit. "Vali & Völva & Víðas")</span> boss from the Last Episode. Their other arms are missing in the game as well, it's probably a visual bug but I didn't want to manipulate the image by re-adding them.

Japanese ヴァーリ&ヴォルヴァ&ヴィーザル
Rōmaji Vāri & Voruva & Vīzaru
Translation Vali & Völva & Víðarr
Homeworld Scala ad Caelum
Game Kingdom Hearts Dark Road
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KHDR tracks
Battle theme - True Darkness
Episode LV BP
Last Episode 70 30000
Physical Magic
Normal Normal
Non-element Fire Water
Normal Normal Normal
Lightning Wind Light Darkness
Normal Normal Weak Normal
Poison Sleep Paralysis Blind
Normal Normal Normal Normal
Attack Physical
Passive Effects
Defeat 1 HP +1
Defeat 10 Strength +2
Defeat 100 Strength +10
Defeat 1000 Strength +10

Vali, Vala, & Vidar are the first bosses of the Last Episode in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road.