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Decisive Pumpkin

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Kingdom Hearts II
Decisive Pumpkin
Decisive Pumpkin
Decisive Pumpkin
Decisive Pumpkin
Decisive Pumpkin

"The greater number of combos landed, the more damage is dealt, leading to a strong finishing move!"

Decisive Pumpkin Keychain KHII.png
Japanese ホーリーパンプキン
Rōmaji Hōrī Panpukin
Translation Holly Pumpkin
Strength Magic Length
+6 +1 126
Combo Boost
Defeat The Experiment.

The Decisive Pumpkin is a Keychain for Sora's Keyblade which appears in Kingdom Hearts II.


Similar to the theme in The Nightmare Before Christmas, Decisive Pumpkin sports a Christmas motif with a tint of Halloween. The main hand guard is designed with Dr. Finklestein's skeleton reindeer, with the emblem of Jack Skellington wearing a Christmas Hat at the central part. The blade's body resembles the giant snake seen in the film The Nightmare Before Christmas swallowing presents and Christmas trees, but could also be a version of Halloween Town's dragon-like fountain with a candy cane pattern. The chains sport a Jack-o-Lantern motif, symbolizing Jack's image as the Pumpkin King, and the token is Zero. The symbols that appear when the Decisive Pumpkin makes contact with an enemy are Jack-o'-Lanterns, furthering the Halloween motif. It makes jingling sounds when it hits an enemy, completing the Christmas theme.

Like other Keyblades, the Decisive Pumpkin has a monochrome scheme while in Timeless River, a darker, ashen scheme while in Halloween Town, and a blue neon scheme while in Space Paranoids.

The name alludes to Jack's position as the Pumpkin King. "Decisive" references Jack's internal conflict between Halloween and Christmas.


The Decisive Pumpkin is among the best Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts II. It has amazing Strength, bad Magic, and decent reach. While its Strength stat is on-par with Keyblades such as Ultima Weapon and Oblivion, its Combo Boost ability boosts the damage delivered by ground combo finishers, effectively making Guard Break and Explosion stronger. This makes the Decisive Pumpkin the strongest grounded Keyblade, assuming you have access to Finishing Plus (otherwise, Rumbling Rose will be able to output more damage in a combo thanks to the second finisher). Decisive Pumpkin is an excellent choice for Limit Form, as it makes Zantetsuken and Ripple Drive extremely deadly against enemies.


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