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Chapter 5: No. XIII

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This article is about the chapter in the Kingdom Hearts II manga.
You may be looking for Number XIII in Organization XIII.
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Chapter 5: No. XIII
Chapter 5 - No. XIII (Front) KHII Manga.png
Japanese 第5話 NO.XIII
Rōmaji Dai 5-wa NO. XIII

Chapter 5: No. XIII is the fifth chapter in the Kingdom Hearts II manga.

The front page shows Roxas in a black coat, holding the Kingdom Key.


The final match of the Struggle tournament is about to begin, between Roxas and Vivi. Before the match officially starts, Vivi attacks Roxas. Roxas manages to block Vivi's attacks. Then, Vivi turns around, and transforms into a Dusk. Once again, everyone is frozen, and a man in a black coat appears. The man appears to know Roxas, but when Roxas asks who he is, he lowers his hood and introduces himself as Axel. Roxas still shows no sign of recognition, and Axel attacks. Roxas's Struggle Bat transforms into the Kingdom Key, and he blocks the attack. However, Axel managed to pin Roxas down, and calls him Organization XIII's No. 13, the Keyblade's chosen. In the computer room, DiZ locates Axel. Axel releases Roxas, who is confused about his identity. When he tries to toss the Keyblade away, it reappears in his hand. Just as Axel is about to comment on the town, DiZ appears before them, telling Roxas to wake from the dream. Axel tries to stop DiZ and attacks, but DiZ summons a shield to block it, and uses data to ensnare Axel. DiZ reminds Roxas of the promise he made his friends, and transforms the Keyblade back to a Struggle Bat. Axel tells Roxas to remember who his best friend is, but is swallowed by the data. DiZ disappears again, leaving Roxas behind on his own. In desperation, he calls out to his friends.

Roxas sees memories of Sora's adventures, from leaving the Destiny Islands to fighting Riku at Hollow Bastion.

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