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Card:07 Memories

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Card:07 Memories
Card-07 Memories (Front) KHCOM Manga.png
Japanese Card:07 思い出
Rōmaji Card:07 Omoide
Tokyopop Card 07: Memories

Card:07 Memories, also called Card 07: Memories, is the seventh chapter in the Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories manga.

The front page shows a young Sora, Riku, Kairi, and Naminé on Destiny Islands.


Vexen appears before Riku on basement level ten, telling Riku to come with him.

On the fifth floor, Sora suddenly remembers another girl he grew up with. He says she was quiet, and always drawing, but he can't remember her name. Meanwhile, Axel and Larxene are observing Sora, and Larxene prepares to head off to "play" with him. Axel tells Larxene to be careful, as they'll need Sora to take over the Organization.

One floor higher, Sora still can't remember the girl's name. Larxene appears and taunts him. She tells him the girl is in the castle, held by the bad guys. Then she attacks Sora, knocking away a star-shaped good-luck charm. Looking at the charm, Sora slowly remembers Naminé's name. Larxene threatens to destroy the charm, but Sora protects it, despite not remembering what it was before. Larxene gives Sora a card and leaves. When Larxene returns to Axel, Vexen appears and offers to perform an experiment, revealing Riku is with him.

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