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Episode 33: Pirate Ship

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This article is about the chapter in the Kingdom Hearts manga. For other uses, see Pirate Ship (disambiguation).
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Episode 33: Pirate Ship
Episode 33 - Pirate Ship (Front) KH Manga.png
Episode 33 - Pirate Ship (Back) KH Manga.png
Japanese 第33話 海賊船
Rōmaji Dai 33-wa Kaizokusen

Episode 33: Pirate Ship is the thirty-third chapter in the Kingdom Hearts manga.

The front page shows Sora, Donald, and Goofy on the deck of a pirate ship. The back page shows Captain Hook's hook.


Riku orders Captain Hook to keep an eye on Sora, and leaves with Kairi. Captain Hook, annoyed at Riku giving him orders, decides to let the Heartless keep an eye on Sora. When Smee starts asking about Peter Pan, Captain Hook thinks he hears the sound of the Crocodile, and Smee leads him back to his cabin.

Belowdeck, Sora landed on top of Donald and Goofy. When looking for a way out, they notice Heartless everywhere. Perer Pan introduces himself, and says he knows a way out. Tinker Bell appears and tells Peter Pan where Wendy is. She also tells him there's another girl with her, and Peter Pan decides they'll have to rescue her too. Tinker Bell also found a way out through an overhead grate, and Peter Pan flies to it. When Donald asks how they are supposed to get out as they can't fly, Peter Pan sprinkles them with pixie dust. Donald tries flying, but falls, and Peter Pan decides to use a rope instead.

In Captain Hook's cabin, Riku informs him Wendy is not one of the seven princesses they need. Smee informs Captain Hook about the prisoners' escape, to which Captain Hook commands to bring the hostage to his cabin. Peter Pan and Sora find Wendy and Kairi on the other side of a grate, when Smee and the Heartless come in to take them away. Peter Pan manages to save Wendy, but Kairi is taken away. When Tinker Bell gets jealous of Peter Pan's attention to Wendy, she flies off, right into Captain Hook's bag.

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