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Chapter 7: What I Want to Know

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Chapter 7: What I Want to Know
Chapter 7 - What I Want to Know (Front) KHII Manga.png
Japanese 第7話 訊きたいことは
Rōmaji Dai 7-wa Kikitai Koto wa
Translation Chapter 7: What I Want to Ask
Tokyopop Chapter 7: What I Want to Ask Is...

Chapter 7: What I Want to Know, also called Chapter 7: What I Want to Ask Is..., is the seventh chapter in the Kingdom Hearts II manga.

The front page shows Kairi, standing on the beach, looking out over the Destiny Islands.


Kairi regains consciousness, and runs to the beach. There, she thinks back on the conversation she had in her mind with Roxas while being unconscious. When Roxas tells her he has seen her in his dreams with two boys, Kairi begs him to tell her their names. Suddenly, a different voice scoffs at her for forgetting his name, but gives her the hint that it starts with an "S".

As Selphie catches up to Kairi, Kairi throws a letter in a bottle into the ocean, for the boy she can't remember. When Selphie asks if it will reach him without a name, Kairi tells her she remembered the name: Sora.

Roxas wakes up in his bed, confused as to how he got there, thinking back on his fall from the clock tower, and the conversation with Kairi. He looks in his pockets for the Crystal Orb, but can't find it. While walking to the Usual Spot, Roxas figures the past day must have been a dream, but Hayner and Pence both stare at their Crystal Orb. Olette asks Roxas if he thinks they should do their homework, and he agrees. The four decide to explore the Old Mansion, which is said to be haunted. A girl is said to appear at one of the windows, which makes Roxas think of Naminé. Hayner tries to climb the gate, but gets zapped, making Roxas feel relieved. Seifer and his gang appear, claiming they also came to explore the mansion. Seifer orders his gang, who brought a hammer and saw, to open the gate, but Roxas tries to stop them by kicking Seifer. When Seifer prepares to strike back, Roxas suddenly finds himself inside the mansion. He spots several drawings in the room, one of which resembles him. Naminé explains it is a drawing of him and his best friend, Axel. Naminé explains she has power over the memories of Sora and those around him. When Roxas asks her to tell him everything, Naminé explains how she took apart Sora's memories, and is now putting them back together. She tells Roxas she needs him, as he holds half of what Sora is, and tells him he was never supposed to exist.

Outside the mansion, Roxas is awoken by his friends, who fought off Seifer's gang. As they prepate to leave, they see Naminé standing at the window, but the next moment she is gone. Hayner writes it off as the curtains moving.

In the computer room, the man in the black coat is playing with Roxas's Crystal Orb, as DiZ tells him to dispose of Naminé.

Worlds and characters[edit]

Story changes[edit]

  • Roxas, Hayner, Pence, and Olette only explore the Old Mansion, instead of exploring all Seven Wonders.
  • Roxas, Hayner, Pence, and Olette do not visit the Sunset Terrace area.
  • Roxas visits Naminé in the Old Mansion while fighting Seifer, instead of while just staring at the window.