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Chapter 10: Tears of a Nobody

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Chapter 10: Tears of a Nobody
Chapter 10 - Tears of a Nobody (Front) KHII Manga.png
Japanese 第10話 ノーバディの涙
Rōmaji Dai 10-wa Nōbadi no Namida
Tokyopop Chapter 10: Nobody's Tears

Chapter 10: Tears of a Nobody, also called Chapter 10: Nobody's Tears, is the tenth chapter in the Kingdom Hearts II manga.


Roxas remembers being born as a Nobody in front of the Old Mansion. There, a hooded man gave him a name, a black coat, and welcomed him into Organization XIII. In the Organization, he worked together with Axel to take out Heartless. One day, he came across Hayner, Pence, and Olette fighting Seifer and his gang, and felt jealous of the friendship they had.

Back in the present, Axel appears before Roxas. Roxas finally remembers him, but Axel claims he is too late, and attacks. Roxas's Kingdom Key transforms into the Oblivion, and he summons the Oathkeeper as a second Keyblade. Roxas and Axel fight, and Roxas manages to move behind Axel and strike him down. Before he disappears, Axel promises to meet again in the next life.

Roxas enters the Pod Room, where DiZ waits. He tells Roxas he has to return his existence to Sora, and disappear. Roxas attempts to hit DiZ with his Keyblade, but since DiZ is just a data projection, he slashes right through him. Roxas cries due to his hatred for DiZ, and reluctance to disappear. As he questions how he can feel anything as a Nobody, and thinks back on the memories in his dreams, the pod opens, revealing Sora sleeping inside.

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