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Chapter 2: Intruders

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Chapter 2: Intruders
Chapter 2 - Intruders (Front) KHII Manga.png
Japanese 第2話 侵入者
Rōmaji Dai 2-wa Shin'nyū-sha

Chapter 2: Intruders is the second chapter in the Kingdom Hearts II manga.


Roxas tries fighting the Dusks, but can't hit them. Realizing he can't beat them, he decides to run away, but the Dusks grab him. The Dusks form a cage and slowly drag Roxas towards a Corridor of Darkness. Suddenly, Roxas's Struggle Bat changes into a Keyblade, causing the Dusks to back off. The Keyblade moves on its own to hit one of the Dusks. Seeing he can now hit them, Roxas defeats the Dusks. As the last of the Dusks disappears, a bunch of photos appear, and the Keyblade vanishes.

Back in The Usual Spot, Olette places their stolen photo back in the frame, and the group realizes they can say the word "photo" again. Looking at the recovered photos, Pence notices that they all have Roxas in them. They bells at the clock tower sound, causing the group to realize the day is almost over. With only one week of summer vacation left, Olette tells the group they will do their homework the next day. The group separates and heads home, when Roxas suddenly collapses.

In a room with several monitors, DiZ and a man in a black coat discuss the attack of the creatures. DiZ reveals he scattered photos of Roxas around town, as they can't tell the difference between the real Roxas and a photo. DiZ tells the man in the black coat to keep an eye on Roxas. High on a rooftop, Axel keeps getting photos of Roxas from the Dusks.

Roxas once again dreams of the boy. In the dream, the boy obtains the same Keyblade Roxas used. With a jolt, Roxas wakes up in his own bed, wondering how he got home.

Worlds and characters[edit]

Story changes[edit]

  • Axel is seen controlling the Nobodies that stole the photos.