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Episode 7: The Man Called Leon

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Episode 7: The Man Called Leon
Episode 7 - The Man Called Leon (Front) KH Manga.png
Episode 7 - The Man Called Leon (Back) KH Manga.png
Japanese 第7話 レオンという男
Rōmaji Dai 7-wa Reon to Iu Otoko
Translation Episode 7: A Man Named Leon
Tokyopop Episode 7: The Man Named Leon

Episode 7: The Man Called Leon, also called Episode 7: The Man Named Leon, is the seventh chapter in the Kingdom Hearts manga.

The front page shows a Moogle and Cid, with Cid holding a tray of burned cookies. The back page shows a Moogle polishing their pom-pom.


The man knocks Sora out with a single blow. When Sora regains consciousness, he finds himself in a room with the man, Leon, and Yuffie. Meanwhile, Donald and Goofy continue to search the town for Leon and the "key". In the room, Leon explains the Heartless are after Sora's Keyblade, but before he can explain more, they are found by the Heartless. Leon tells Sora to find the boss, and leaves. On a ledge above Sora, Donald and Goofy face a bunch of Soldiers, but fall down, right on top of Sora. They see they found the "key", but they are immediately walled in, and the Guard Armor appears. By working together, the three manage to defeat the Guard Armor.

After the battle, Donald and Goofy explain they have been looking for Sora, and ask him to come with them. Leon encourages him to accept in order to find his friends. Sora accepts, looking a bit glum, but Donald tells him their ship runs on happy faces. Sora makes a funny face, causing them to laugh, which cheers him up. The three properly introduce themselves and put their hands together.

Worlds and characters[edit]

Story changes[edit]

  • Donald and Goofy do not meet Aerith.
  • Donald already knows how to use Cure magic.