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Chapter 1: Twilight Town

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Chapter 1: Twilight Town
Chapter 1 - Twilight Town (Front) KHII Manga.png
Japanese 第1話 トワイライトタウン
Rōmaji Dai 1-wa Towairaito Taun

Chapter 1: Twilight Town is the first chapter in the Kingdom Hearts II manga.

The back page shows Roxas taking off one of the Crystal Orbs from the Struggle Trophy.


Roxas wakes up from a dream, when his friends call him to come outside. Roxas thinks about his dreams, in which he is a different person, hanging out with friends he doesn't know. In The Usual Spot, Hayner, Pence, and Olette explain how things have been stolen recently, and that Seifer and his gang blames them for the thefts. Hayner prepares to go and fight Seifer, but Roxas suggests finding the real culprit to clear their names. When Pence wants to grab his camera, he notices something has been stolen from them as well. The group also discovers they can't say the name of the item that got stolen, either.

They plan to ask Seifer's gang if they know anything, but while they are spying on them from around a corner, Seifer comes up behind them and ambushes them. When Seifer tells Roxas to return his stolen item, Roxas claims he's innocent, and Seifer challenges him to a fight with Struggle Bats. Roxas manages to disarm Seifer and win. Pence takes a photo of them, but a Dusk appears and steals Pence's camera. Roxas chases the Dusk to the Old Mansion. There he finds the Dusk, which claims it has come for him. Roxas tries hitting the Dusk with his Struggle Bat, but it has no effect. More Dusks appear and surround Roxas.

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