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Episode 3: Light in the Hand

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Episode 3: Light in the Hand
Episode 3 - Light in the Hand (Front) KH Manga.png
Episode 3 - Light in the Hand (Back) KH Manga.png
Japanese 第3話 手の中の光
Rōmaji Dai 3-wa Te no Naka no Hikari
Translation Episode 3: Light in Hand

Episode 3: Light in the Hand is the third chapter in the Kingdom Hearts manga.

The front page shows Riku sitting on the paopu tree. The back page shows Pluto sleeping next to his food bowl.


Riku, envelopped by darkness, invites Sora to join him, claiming Kairi is coming as well. When Sora is surrounded by darkness, a bright light appears, and Sora finds himself at the Secret Place. There, he sees Kairi standing in front of a door. Suddenly, the door opens and a gust of wind sends Kairi flying. When Sora tries to catch Kairi, she passes through him. The darkness tries to swallow Sora again, but he hears the voice from his dream again, and summons a Keyblade.

Meanwhile, Donald and Goofy leave Disney Castle in the Gummi Ship, accompanied by Pluto and Jiminy Cricket, while Minnie and Daisy see them off.

Worlds and characters[edit]

Story changes[edit]

  • Sora finds Kairi before obtaining the Keyblade, instead of the other way around.