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Card:03 Organization XIII

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Card:03 Organization XIII
Card-03 Organization XIII (Front) KHCOM Manga.png
Japanese Card:03 XIII機関
Rōmaji Card:03 XIII Kikan
Tokyopop Card 03: Organization XIII

Card:03 Organization XIII, also called Card 03: Organization XIII, is the third chapter in the Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories manga.

The front page shows closeups of Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Axel's faces, and a silhouette of Axel's Chakram.


Axel fights Sora, while Donald and Goofy try to help. When Donald is set on fire by Axel, he rapidly casts Blizzard, causing the entire hall to freeze. Goofy slips, and takes Sora and Donald with him. The three of them perform a Trinity attack, but miss and hit a wall. Axel congratules Sora on "passing", and hands him a card. Axel asks if Sora is sure he's looking for the person most important to him, and says he'll find out if he procees through the castle. When he offers Sora a hint, Sora says he want to find out for himself. Before leaving, Axel warns Sora he may no longer be himself once his sleeping memories awaken.

Axel meets up with Larxene, another Organization member, who questions why Axel is so interested in Sora. Axel explains it is because he held on to his heart when he became a Heartless in Hollow Bastion. When Axel states he wants to find out what is deep inside Sora's heart, Marluxia appears and reminds him that unlocking the mysteries of the heart is the purpose of the Organization. Larxene wonders when Sora will remember Naminé, who is seen drawing in a sketchbook.

Sora, Donald, and Goofy continue through Castle Oblivion, when Goofy asks them if they remember the other castle they explored, but Sora and Donald don't remember. When Goofy says Sora turned himself into a Heartless, Sora remembers it, but not the place where it happened. Jiminy decides to check his journal, but is shocked to find the pages are all blank.

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